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MCS Bumper Stickers

Price: $3.00 / each sticker + SASE

Minimum Order Qty.: 1 Sticker

Maximum Limit: 20 Stickers

Bumper Stickers

MCS Pencils

Price $7.95 / set of 10 + SASE

Minimum Order Qty.: 1 Set

Maximum Limit: 10 Sets


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       B.F.S., P.O. Box 4292

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Bumper Sticker





1 oz. (ea.)

Note: Sticker size may be 3" x 10". If applicable, sticker will be folded to fit inside envelope. To prevent folding, be sure to send large enough envelope. Be sure postage is sufficient to cover large size envelope + weight of item(s).


(limit 20)



 Set of 10




3 oz. (ea. set)

Note: Be sure postage is sufficient to cover weight of item(s) & envelope + thickness of filled envelope. Padded mailing envelope may be recommended.


(limit 10 sets)


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