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Redemption Instructions: Unless otherwise specified, coupons must be redeemed online at time of checkout. To redeem, input valid coupon code during checkout in field provided. Discount should appear before inputting your credit card number. If discount does not appear, coupon may not be valid or system may be malfunctioning. Note: If you proceed with order and discount does not appear, you will not receive the discount. Be certain discount appears properly before inputting your credit card number. Note: For links to shopping cart, click here.

Note: When submitting requested ad content, treat applicable items as if they were paid even though a coupon was used for payment [e.g. for coupon for a 'free ad repeat', do complete desired category for ad repeat field (as applicable), even though it may say "Leave this field blank unless you paid the additional required processing fee for an Ad Repeat" - for purposes of this field, your ad repeat request may be considered as paid (e.g. it was 'paid' for using the coupon)]

Coupon Use Terms:

* Coupons good only on item(s) indicated

* Unless otherwise indicated, coupons good for online payments only

* Coupons not valid on free ads

* Coupons may not exceed the value of the associated item(s)

* Coupons not valid with other discounts unless otherwise stated

* Valid coupon code (or valid coupon, if applicable) must be provided at time of payment

* Coupon not valid for previously submitted requests

* Unless otherwise indicated, limit one coupon per customer

* Same coupon may not be used more than once per order unless otherwise stated

* Limit one coupon (total) per order unless otherwise stated

* Coupons not valid after expiration date

* Unless otherwise stated, discount is off processing fee for one single qualifying item

* Customer is responsible for paying all required tax (if any)

* We reserve the right to reject any coupon(s) at any time (even after credit card authorization) [Note: In such a case, your credit card may not be charged and the coupon - if a single-use coupon - would no longer be valid.]

* Certain coupons may be limited to certain persons / groups

* We reserve the right to place any additional limitations whatsoever on any coupon(s) whatsoever

* When applicable, rounding may occur (e.g. for % off coupons)

* We are not responsible if valid coupon(s) are not accepted or if the system malfunctions in any way

* We are not responsible for typos / errors / inaccuracies / omissions / etc.

* Payment of processing fee does not assure appearance of ad / sponsorship / renewed ad / repeated ad / etc. on site

* Coupons have no cash value

* No refunds on processing fees or on sponsorships

* All offers subject to change without notice

* Other requirements / limitations may apply

* All ads / sponsorships / etc. subject to our terms [Note: All applicable terms apply to all items - ads / sponsorships / renewals / ad enhancements / at repeats / gift notifications / etc. (free & discounted ads / sponsorships / renewals / ad enhancements / ad repeats / gift notifications / etc. are subject to all applicable terms regarding paid ads / sponsorships / renewals / ad enhancements / ad repeats / gift notifications / etc.)] 

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