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Listing of Possible Dissenters

Notice: The following is only a "small list" of possible dissenters (sadly, there many more dissenters - and there may be new ones each day). Please do NOT send us information regarding other dissenters.

IMPORTANT NOTICE: The following is provided for informational purposes only and is not comprehensive. We do not guarantee that any group / organization / movement / etc. actually dissents, even if that group / organization / movement / etc. is listed herein. Some groups / organizations / movements / etc. which do promote or assist dissent may object to being considered a "dissenter". All items herein may be subjective, may be disputed, may be temporary, etc. If a group / organization / movement / etc. dissents, it does necessarily mean that all (or even many) of its members / adherents similarly dissent. Note that members may also be unaware of dissent or their participation in dissent may be unintentional (it is said that "true dissenters may appear truthful, combining 90% truth with 10% errors and lies"). Problems with groups / organizations / movements / etc. may not trace from their origin, and may not be officially sanctioned by the group / organization / movement / etc. Some groups / organizations / movements / etc. may not actually dissent, but they may have aligned themselves with dissenters, or they may have lent support to dissenters, etc. Even if a group / organization / movement / etc. does dissent, it does not necessarily mean that all of their activities / teachings / etc. are problematic. On the other hand, dissenting groups may 'package' harmful teachings with pleasant sounding terms (e.g. love, tolerance, acceptance, etc.). Groups / organizations / movements / etc. indicated herein may dissent on one or more points (commonly, dissenters may object to the Church's teaching / practices regarding homosexuality, the male-only priesthood, the hierarchical priesthood, divorce, abortion, contraception, celibacy, etc.) or they may promote certain unacceptable practices (e.g. New Age, feminist, sinful behaviors, sinful actions, etc.), or they may promote one or more activities / goals, etc., such as: pushing for change, promoting disobedience, teaching against doctrine / discipline, subversive activities, unorthodox teaching, propagation of modernism, etc. Groups / organizations / movements / etc. may have various locations (even if not listed below). All information herein is subject to change at any time without notice. Some groups / organizations / movements / etc. indicated herein may have some diocesan acceptance / approval. Groups / organizations / movements / etc. may no longer be active, may have changed names, may go by alternate names (or acronyms), etc. Groups / organizations / movements / etc. indicated herein may no longer be active or dissenting (or others may have assumed their name). This list may favor well-known / influential organizations / movements / groups / etc. of a progressive / liberal nature, which appear (or may appear) to be Catholic and which are located in the U.S. May exclude some or all individuals, colleges, religious orders, diocesan groups, publications, various conferences, etc. This list may favor liberal / progressive dissenters (and may therefore omit some or all schismatic / sedevacantist dissenters). Various non-dissenting organizations / groups / movements / etc. may exist with the same or similar names (or acronyms) as those of dissenting organizations / groups / movements / etc. Locations and other identifying information may be inaccurate, incomplete, and subject to change. Not all acronyms may be listed. We do not guarantee accuracy or completeness of any item herein and we are not responsible for updating any information herein, even if we know it is outdated / inaccurate / etc. We have relied on various sources to compile the list herein. We do not guarantee that any source is accurate / reliable or that any source is not out of date. We are not passing an official judgment on any group / organization / movement / etc. - rather we leave that to the proper, orthodox Church authorities. We make no guarantees regarding any item herein. We are not liable for any occurrence which may result from using this site. Use of this site is at your own risk. Reminder: By using this site you agree to all terms. For more terms information, click here.

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"False messiahs and false prophets will arise and will perform signs and wonders in order to mislead, if that were possible, the elect. Be watchful! I have told it all to you beforehand." (Our Lord Jesus Christ, Mk. 13:22-23)

"I know that after my departure savage wolves will come among you, and they will not spare the flock. And from your own group, men will come forward perverting the truth to draw the disciples away after them." (St. Paul, Acts 20:29-30)

"Remember your leaders who spoke the word of God to you. Consider the outcome of their way of life and imitate their faith. Jesus Christ is the same yesterday, today, and forever. Do not be carried away by all kinds of strange teaching." (St. Paul, Heb. 13:7-9)

"After a first and second warning, break off contact with a heretic, realizing that such a person is perverted and sinful and stands self-condemned." (St. Paul, Ti. 3:10-11)

"There were also false prophets among the people, just as there will be false teachers among you, who will introduce destructive heresies and even deny the Master who ransomed them, bringing swift destruction on themselves. Many will follow their licentious ways, and because of them the way of truth will be reviled. In their greed they will exploit you with fabrications, but from of old their condemnation has not been idle and their destruction does not sleep." (St. Peter, 2 Pt. 2:1-3)

In the wake of the Second Vatican Council, the Church has been plagued with widespread dissent. Many seek to change doctrines and practices that they simply do not like (or do not agree with). In many cases, this is done "by infiltration and stealth". Often dissenters may appear truthful, "combining 90% truth with 10% errors and lies". Catholics must be careful not to support true dissenters, as they may poison one's faith and endanger one's soul. Further, true dissenters may be considered "enemies of Christ and of His Church".

While the following groups / organizations / movements / etc. may be dissenters, we can't guarantee that any particular group / organization / movement / etc. listed herein actually is a dissenter (we leave official judgments regarding dissenters to the proper, orthodox Church authorities). In any event, one should use an additional degree of caution with regard to potentially suspect groups / organizations / movements / etc. [Note: One must be especially careful when evaluating groups / organizations / movements / etc. in this confused age since materials may be deceptive and it may be rather easy to become "taken in unaware" (2 Cor. 11:14-15: "...for even Satan masquerades as an angel of light. So it is not strange that his ministers also masquerade as ministers of righteousness. Their end will correspond to their deeds."). One must also remember that even if a group / organization / movement / etc. has some diocesan "approval", this does not necessarily guarantee that the group / organization / movement / etc. is "safe".]

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A - B

ACLN - See "American Catholic Lay Network"

Adrian Dominican Sisters (Adrian, MI) [Source: Clowes, 1997]

American Catholic Church [Source: Clowes, 1997]

American Catholic Lay Network (ACLN) [Source: Clowes, 1997]

Aquinas Institute of Theology (St. Louis, MO) [Source: Clowes, 1997]

ARCC - See "Association for the Rights of Catholics in the Church"

Association for the Rights of Catholics in the Church (ARCC) [Source: Clowes, 1997]

Association of Pittsburgh Priests (Pittsburgh, PA) [Source: Clowes, 1997]

Bear & Company [Source: Clowes, 1997]

Bear Tribe [Source: Clowes, 1997]

Benedictine Sisters of Erie (Erie, PA) [Source: Clowes, 1997]

Black Sister's Conference (BSC) [Source: Clowes, 1997]

Bread for the World (Detroit, MI) [Source: Clowes, 1997]

Bread Rising (Minneapolis, MN) [Source: Clowes, 1997]

Brothers for Christian Community (Warren, MI) [Source: Clowes, 1997]

BSC - See "Black Sister's Conference"

BVM Network for Women's Issues [Source: Clowes, 1997]


C - D

Cabrini Mission Corps (Radnor, PA) [Source: Clowes, 1997]

CAE - See "Catholic Advocates for Equality"

Call for Dialogue on the Future of Priestly Ministry [Source: Clowes, 1997]

Call to Action (CTA) [Source: Clowes, 1997]

Canon Law Society of America (CLSA) [Source: Clowes, 1997]

Carmelites of Indianapolis (Indianapolis, IN) [Source: Clowes, 1997]

Catholic Advocates for Equality (CAE) [Source: Clowes, 1997]

Catholic Coalition for Gay Civil Rights [Source: Clowes, 1997]

Catholic Common Ground Center (Long Beach, CA) [Source: Clowes, 1997]

Catholic Gay and Lesbian Family Ministry [Source: Clowes, 1997]

Catholic Organizations for Renewal (COR) [Source: Clowes, 1997]

Catholic Parent's Network (CPN) (Baltimore, MD) [Source: Clowes, 1997]

Catholic Pastoral Committee on Sexual Minorities (CPCSM) [Sources: Various, 2006]

Catholic Reform (Albert Lea, MN) [Source: Clowes, 1997]

Catholic Theological Society of America (CTSA) [Source: Clowes, 1997]

Catholic Women for Reproductive Rights (CWRR) [Source: Clowes, 1997]

Catholic Women's Network (Sunnyvale, CA) [Source: Clowes, 1997]

Catholics Act for ERA [Source: Clowes, 1997]

Catholics Against Capital Punishment (Arlington, VA) [Source: Clowes, 1997]

Catholics for a Free Choice (CFFC) [Source: Clowes, 1997]

Catholics for Renewal (Saverton, MO) [Source: Clowes, 1997]

Catholics for the Common Good [Source: Clowes, 1997]

Catholics for the Spirit of Vatican II [Source: Clowes, 1997]

Catholics Speak Out (CSO) (Hyattsville, MD) [Source: Clowes, 1997]

CATT - See "Central American Telephone Tree"

CCC - See "Coalition of Concerned Catholics"

CCCC - See "Creation-Centered Catholic Communities"

CCCC - See "Cross Cultural Christian Concerns"

CCL - See "Conference for Catholic Lesbians"

CCW - See "Chicago Catholic Women"

CEE - See "Center for Education and Enlightenment"

Celibacy Is The Issue (CITI) [Source: Clowes, 1997]

Center for Action and Contemplation (Albuquerque, NM) [Source: Clowes, 1997]

Center for Arts & Spirituality (Hudson, NH) [Source: Clowes, 1997]

Center for Education and Enlightenment (CEE) (Lexington, KY) [Source: Clowes, 1997]

Center of Concern (COC) (Washington, DC) [Source: Clowes, 1997]

Central American Religious Study Group [Source: Clowes, 1997]

Central American Telephone Tree (CATT) [Source: Clowes, 1997]

CFFC - See "Catholics for a Free Choice"

Chicago Catholic Women (CCW) [Source: Clowes, 1997]

Chloe's People (Hayward, CA) [Source: Clowes, 1997]

Christian Faith Committee (Washington, DC) [Source: Clowes, 1997]

Christic Institute [Source: Clowes, 1997]

Church of Reconciliation [Source: Clowes, 1997]

Church Women United (CWU) [Source: Clowes, 1997]

CITI - See "Celibacy Is The Issue"

CIWPC - See "Committee for Incorporation of Women's Perspectives into Curriculum"

Clare's Well [Source: Clowes, 1997]

CLSA - See "Canon Law Society of America"

Coalition of Concerned Catholics (CCC) (United States) [Source: Clowes, 1997]

COC - See "Center of Concern"

College Theology Society (CTS) [Source: Clowes, 1997]

Committee for Incorporation of Women's Perspectives into Curriculum (CIWPC) [Source: Clowes, 1997]

Communitas (Washington, DC) [Source: Clowes, 1997]

Communities of Peace and Friendship [Source: Clowes, 1997]

Communities of the Christian Spirit (Blue Bell and Noble, PA) [Source: Clowes, 1997]

Community of the Anawim (Denver, CO) [Source: Clowes, 1997]

Companions of Chiara - Vestments for Women [Source: Clowes, 1997]

Conference for Catholic Lesbians (CCL) (New York, NY) [Source: Clowes, 1997]

COR - See "Catholic Organizations for Renewal"

Corps of Retired Priests United for Service (CORPUS) (Morris, NJ) [Source: Clowes, 1997]

CORPUS - See "Corps of Retired Priests United for Service"

CORPUS - See "National Association for a Married Priesthood"

CPCSM - See "Catholic Pastoral Committee on Sexual Minorities"

CPN - See "Catholic Parent's Network"

Creation-Centered Catholic Communities (CCCC) (St. Louis, MO) [Source: Clowes, 1997]

CREDO Liturgical Dance Company of Boston [Source: Clowes, 1997]

Cross Cultural Christian Concerns (CCCC) (Oak Park, IL) [Source: Clowes, 1997]

CSO - See "Catholics Speak Out"

CTA - See "Call to Action"

CTS - See "College Theology Society"

CTSA - See "Catholic Theological Society of America"

CWRR - See "Catholic Women for Reproductive Rights"

CWU - See "Church Women United"

Dignity/USA [Source: Clowes, 1997]

Domestic Catholic Church [Source: Clowes, 1997]

Dromenon Center for Sacred Psychology (Boca Raton, FL) [Source: Clowes, 1997]


E - F

Ecumenical Catholic Communion [Sources: Various, 2006]

Ecumenical Feminist Roundtable [Source: Clowes, 1997]

Eighth Day Center for Justice (Chicago, IL) [Source: Clowes, 1997]

Emmaus Communities [Source: Clowes, 1997]

Esther House Groups [Source: Clowes, 1997]

European Conference for Human Rights in the Church [Source: Clowes, 1997]

European Network [Source: Clowes, 1997]

Family Life Ministry (Rockaway Park, NY and Brooklyn, NY) [Source: Clowes, 1997]

FCM - See "Federation of Christian Ministries"

Federation of Christian Ministries (FCM) (Upper Darby, PA) [Source: Clowes, 1997]

Fellowship of Southern Illinois Laity (FOSIL) (Belleville, IL) [Source: Clowes, 1997]

Feminism and Faith (Indianapolis, IN) [Source: Clowes, 1997]

Feminist Action Coalition (Jersey City, NJ) [Source: Clowes, 1997]

Feminist Liturgy Group [Source: Clowes, 1997]

FOSIL - See "Fellowship of Southern Illinois Laity"

Freelance Faith Group (Chicago, IL) [Source: Clowes, 1997]

Friends of Creation Spirituality (Oakland, CA) [Source: Clowes, 1997]

Friends of the Third World (Fort Wayne, IN) [Source: Clowes, 1997]

Future of the American Church Conference [Source: Clowes, 1997]

FutureChurch [Source: Clowes, 1997]


G - H

Gathering for Rituals of Women (GROW) [Source: Clowes, 1997]

GOD'S CHILD Project (Bismarck, ND) [Source: Clowes, 1997]

Good Tidings (Canadansis, PA) [Source: Clowes, 1997]

Grail, Grailville and Grailville Conference [Source: Clowes, 1997]

Grail Women Task Force (Loveland, OH) [Source: Clowes, 1997]

Green Nation (San Jose, CA) [Source: Clowes, 1997]

Greenhouse Experiment (Greer, SC) [Source: Clowes, 1997]

Groundwork for a Just World (Detroit, MI) [Source: Clowes, 1997]

The Group (Vacaville, CA) [Source: Clowes, 1997]

GROW - See "Gathering for Rituals of Women"

HELIX (Silver Spring, MD) [Source: Clowes, 1997]

House-Church [Source: Clowes, 1997]


I - J

ICCS - See "Institute for Culture and Creation Spirituality"

Immaculate Heart Community, Los Angeles [Source: Clowes, 1997]

Institute for Culture and Creation Spirituality (ICCS) [Source: Clowes, 1997]

Institute of the Blessed Virgin (Wheaton, IL) [Source: Clowes, 1997]

Institute of Women Today (IWT) (Chicago, IL) [Source: Clowes, 1997]

International Thomas Merton Society [Source: Clowes, 1997]

IWT - See "Institute of Women Today"

James Markunas Society (San Francisco, CA) [Source: Clowes, 1997]

Justice Campaign [Source: Clowes, 1997]


K - L

Kairos Community (Rochester, NY) [Source: Clowes, 1997]

Keryx (Morris Plains, NJ) [Source: Clowes, 1997]

Koinonia Community (Lake Oswego, OR) [Source: Clowes, 1997]

Latin American North American Church Concerns (Notre Dame, IN) [Source: Clowes, 1997]

Lay Conference of Women Religious (LCWR) [Source: Clowes, 1997]

LCWR - See "Lay Conference of Women Religious"

LCWR - See "Leadership Conference of Women Religious"

Leadership Conference of Women Religious (LCWR) [Source: Clowes, 1997]

Let Live [Source: Clowes, 1997]

Life and Light Ministries (Houston, TX) [Source: Clowes, 1997]

Limina [Source: Clowes, 1997]

Listen to the Voices of the People [Source: Clowes, 1997]

Looking Toward the Light (Natuck, MA) [Source: Clowes, 1997]

Loretto Women's Network (St. Louis, MO) [Source: Clowes, 1997]

Love Happens (Monte Clare, PA) [Source: Clowes, 1997]


M - N

Magdalene Group (Oshkosh, WI) [Source: Clowes, 1997]

Mary's Pence [Source: Clowes, 1997]

Matrix (Oshkosh, WI) [Source: Clowes, 1997]

Mercy Justice Coalition Committee (Omaha, NE) [Source: Clowes, 1997]

Miriam's Circle (Waldwick, NJ) [Source: Clowes, 1997]

Miryam Community (Highland Park, IL) [Source: Clowes, 1997]

Moveable Feasts [Source: Clowes, 1997]

NAPR - See "National Association for Pastoral Renewal"

NARW - See "National Assembly of Religious Women"

National Assembly of Religious Women (NARW) (Chicago, IL) [Source: Clowes, 1997]

National Association for a Married Priesthood (CORPUS) (Morris, NJ) [Source: Clowes, 1997]

National Association for Lay Ministry [Source: Clowes, 1997]

National Association for Pastoral Renewal (NAPR) [Source: Clowes, 1997]

National Association of Catholic Diocesan Lesbian and Gay Ministries [Source: Clowes, 1997]

National Association of Parish Coordinators and Directors of Religious Education [Source: Clowes, 1997]

National Black Sister's Conference (NBSC) (Washington, DC) [Source: Clowes, 1997]

National Catholic Education Association (NCEA) [Source: Clowes, 1997]

National Center for Evangelization and Parish Renewal (NCEPR) [Source: Clowes, 1997]

National Center for Pastoral Leadership (NCPL, formerly Time) [Source: Clowes, 1997]

National Coalition of American Nuns (NCAN) (Chicago, IL) [Source: Clowes, 1997]

National Federation of Priest's Councils [Source: Clowes, 1997]

NBSC - See "National Black Sister's Conference"

NCAN - See "National Coalition of American Nuns"

NCEA - See "National Catholic Education Association"

NCEPR - See "National Center for Evangelization and Parish Renewal"

NCPL - See "National Center for Pastoral Leadership"

NETWORK: A National Catholic Social Justice Lobby [Source: Clowes, 1997]

New Jerusalem Community (Cincinnati, OH) [Source: Clowes, 1997]

New Visions (Mount Prospect, IL) [Source: Clowes, 1997]

New Ways Ministry (Mt. Rainer, MD) [Source: Clowes, 1997]

NEWoman (Luxemburg, WI) [Source: Clowes, 1997]

North American Conference of Separated and Divorced Catholics [Source: Clowes, 1997]

Nova Community Women's Groups [Source: Clowes, 1997]


O - P

Ocean of Glory (Crofton, MD) [Source: Clowes, 1997]

Oecoumin (Walton, IL) [Source: Clowes, 1997]

Old Catholic Church [Sources: Various, 2006]

One Catholic Voice for Action [Sources: Various, 2006]

Open Window (Dallas, TX) [Source: Clowes, 1997]

Pallottine Apostolic Association (Milwaukee, WI) [Source: Clowes, 1997]

PAM - See "Performing Arts Ministry"

Pandora's Circle (Tuxedo, NY) [Source: Clowes, 1997]

Parish Renewal Consulting Services (PRCS) (San Francisco, CA) [Source: Clowes, 1997]

Pathfinder Community of the Risen Christ [Sources: Various, 2006]

Pathfinder Renewal Weekend (Palm Desert, CA) [Source: Clowes, 1997]

Pax Christi USA (Erie, PA) [Source: Clowes, 1997]

People of the Promise [Source: Clowes, 1997]

Performing Arts Ministry (PAM) [Source: Clowes, 1997]

PPMP - See "Priests and People for a Married Priesthood"

Prayerfulness Support Group (PSG) (Bastrop, TX) [Source: Clowes, 1997]

PRCS - See "Parish Renewal Consulting Services"

Priests and People for a Married Priesthood (PPMP) (Minneapolis, MN) [Source: Clowes, 1997]

Priests for Equality [Source: Clowes, 1997]

Project Search, Inc. (Burbank, IL) [Source: Clowes, 1997]

Promises (Alexandria, VA and Englewood, CO) [Source: Clowes, 1997]

PSG - See "Prayerfulness Support Group"


Q - R

Quest and Vision Study Groups [Source: Clowes, 1997]

Quixote Center [Convergence Task Force] (Hyattsville, MD) [Source: Clowes, 1997]

Rainbow Sash Movement [Sources: Various, 2006]

Renewal Coordinating Community (Garden City, NY) [Source: Clowes, 1997]

Rent-A-Priest [Source: Clowes, 1997]

Response-Ability (Rosemont, PA) [Source: Clowes, 1997]

Roncalli Connection (Sterling, IL) [Source: Clowes, 1997]

Roncalli Society (Bloomington, IL) [Source: Clowes, 1997]

Ruah (Holyoke, MA) [Source: Clowes, 1997]


S - T

SAIM - See "Student Advocates for Inclusive Ministry"

Sarah's Circle (Midland, MI and Binghamton, NY) [Source: Clowes, 1997]

Sarah's Sisters [Source: Clowes, 1997]

SAS - See "Sisters Against Sexism"

Save Our Sacrament (SOS) (Re: Annulments) [Sources: Various, 2006]

Sea of Faith Network (San Francisco, CA) [Source: Clowes, 1997]

SFCs - See "Small Faith Communities"

Shalom Center (Splendora, TX) [Source: Clowes, 1997]

SHEM Center for Interfaith Spirituality (Oak Park, IL) [Source: Clowes, 1997]

Sinsinawa Network on Women's Issues (Atlanta, GA) [Source: Clowes, 1997]

SIS - See "Sisters in Solidarity"

Sisters Against Sexism (SAS) [Source: Clowes, 1997]

Sisters for Christian Community (Freehold, NJ) [Source: Clowes, 1997]

Sisters in Solidarity (SIS) [Source: Clowes, 1997]

Sisters, Servants of the Immaculate Heart of Mary (Monroe, MI) [Source: Clowes, 1997]

Small Faith Communities (SFCs) [Source: Clowes, 1997]

SOFIA - See "Spirituality of the Feminine in Action"

Solinox (Reston, VA) [Source: Clowes, 1997]

Sophia House [Source: Clowes, 1997]

SOS - See "Save Our Sacrament"

Spirit (Columbus, OH) [Source: Clowes, 1997]

Spiritual Directions (South Euclid, OH) [Source: Clowes, 1997]

Spirituality of the Feminine in Action (SOFIA) [Source: Clowes, 1997]

Spiritus Christi Church [Sources: Various, 2006]

SteppingStone (Milwaukee, WI) [Source: Clowes, 1997]

Student Advocates for Inclusive Ministry (SAIM) (Notre Dame, IN) [Source: Clowes, 1997]

Table Talk (Libertyville, IL) [Source: Clowes, 1997]

TAU Volunteers (Chicago, IL) [Source: Clowes, 1997]

Thomas Merton Center (Palo Alto, CA) [Source: Clowes, 1997]

Time Consultants (Annapolis, MD) [Source: Clowes, 1997]

TWO - See "The Women's Option"


U - V

United American Catholic Church [Sources: Various, 2006]

United States Catholic Biblical Association (USCBA) [Source: Clowes, 1997]

Upper Room Community (TX) [Source: Clowes, 1997]

USCBA - See "United States Catholic Biblical Association"

VOCA - See "Voices of Catholic Action"

Voice of the Faithful [Sources: Various, 2006] (Controversial: Organization may vigorously dispute being a dissenter)

Voices of Catholic Action (VOCA) (Altadena, CA) [Source: Clowes, 1997]

Volunteer Missionary Movement (Greendale, WI) [Source: Clowes, 1997]


W - X

WATER - See "Women's Alliance for Theology, Ethics and Ritual"

We Are Church [Sources: Various, 2006]

Weavers of Change (Grand Junction, CO) [Source: Clowes, 1997]

Wellstreams Center (Chicago, IL) [Source: Clowes, 1997]

WICL - See "Women in Church Leadership"

WIT (Lincoln, NE) [Source: Clowes, 1997]

WOC - See "Women's Ordination Conference"

Womanchurch or Womenchurch [Convergence] [Source: Clowes, 1997]

Womanspirit [Source: Clowes, 1997]

Women at the Well (San Jose, CA) [Source: Clowes, 1997]

WoMen Gathering (Lacon, IL) [Source: Clowes, 1997]

Women in Church Leadership (WICL) [Sources: Various, 2006]

Womenprayer [Source: Clowes, 1997]

Women's Alliance for Theology, Ethics and Ritual (WATER) [Source: Clowes, 1997]

Women's Eucharist Groups [Source: Clowes, 1997]

Women's Institute on Religion and Society [Source: Clowes, 1997]

Women's Liturgy Group (West Palm Beach, FL) [Source: Clowes, 1997]

The Women's Option (TWO) (Dayton, OH) [Source: Clowes, 1997]

Women's Ordination Conference (WOC) [Source: Clowes, 1997]

Women's Ordination Worldwide (WOW) [Sources: Various, 2006]

Women's Spirituality Groups [Source: Clowes, 1997]

Women's Worship (Circle) [Source: Clowes, 1997]

The Woodlands (Osseo, WI) [Source: Clowes, 1997]

WOW - See "Women's Ordination Worldwide"


Y - Z

YFN - See "Young Feminist Network"

Young Feminist Network (YFN, a project of WOC) [Source: Clowes, 1997]


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