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Vocations Questionnaire For Catholic Priests, Bishops, Brothers, Sisters & Nuns

As you know, Christ's Holy Roman Catholic Church is in great need of vocations. This is a serious issue which will greatly affect our future. We hope you will take a few moments to answer the following questions. Your answers may be published on our website(s), newsletter(s), etc. Our hope is that your response may help others to answer the call that God has given them, as you have so generously done. Thank you for your participation.

Note: Please see below for online & offline instructions.

Questions (answer as many or as few as you like):

1.  When and how did you know you had a vocation/calling?

2.  What did you do when you first learned (or suspected) that you had a vocation/calling?

3.  How did you confirm your vocation/calling? How did you deal with any doubts?

4.  Was it difficult for you to respond to your vocation/calling? Please explain.

5.  What are the most rewarding parts of the priesthood/religious life?

6.  What are the most difficult parts of the priesthood/religious life?

7.  Describe a typical day.

8.  How can parents (or others) encourage children to respond to a calling to the religious life?

9.  If you could do things over again, would you do anything differently?

10.  List good characteristics of those in religious vocations.

11.  Was religious life much different than expected? Please explain.

12.  Other Comments:

Background Information

Name: ___________________________________________   May we publish your name? (circle one):      yes      no

City, State: ___________________   Phone Number: ________________   Your Order: _______________________

I am a (circle one): Bishop, Priest, Nun, Brother, Sister, other: _____________  Your Country of Birth: _____________

How long have you been in religious life? _________________  Age Range (circle one): under 30, 30-50, 51-70, over 70

I am a (circle one):     Cradle Catholic     Convert to Catholicism     Re-vert to Catholicism

Thank you for your generous service & for your participation! May God bless you always.

OFFLINE INSTRUCTIONS: Print and complete this form (use additional sheets as necessary), then send your response in an officially printed envelope - e.g. parish, diocese, religious order envelope (to help ensure authenticity) - to: Vocations Questionnaire, B.F.S., P.O. Box 4292, Rancho Cucamonga, CA 91729-4292. Please write legibly. Thank you!

ONLINE INSTRUCTIONS: If you would like to participate via e-mail, please send your response to the e-mail address indicated below (remove any spaces which may appear). Please do NOT send your response as an attachment or include any images. Please indicate in your response how we might be able to confirm authenticity of your e-mail. Thank you!  E-mail to:

vocations_feedback      @

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