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Emphasis may be added to excerpts below. Reference #'s are to Faustina's diary.

Did you know...?

* Faustina claims that Jesus unites himself more closely with the person of Faustina than Jesus does with anyone else (#587)

* Faustina claims that Jesus unites Himself with Faustina "so intimately as with no other creature" (#707) and that His gaze "rests kindly upon [her] BEFORE ANY OTHER creature." (#1700)

* Faustina is supposedly "the honor and glory" of Christ's Passion! (#282)

* Faustina claims Jesus gave her "FIRST PLACE among the virgins" (#282)

* Faustina claims that Jesus told Faustina (a human female after the Fall) that her love is "PURER than that of the angels" (#1061)

* Faustina claims that "ALL things, willing or not, MUST serve me [Faustina]." (#1720)

* Faustina claims Jesus said to her: "You are My Heart" (#1666). Supposedly, Faustina's heart is also God's "heaven" (#238)

* Faustina claims that when Jesus left Himself in the Blessed Sacrament on Holy Thursday, Faustina was "very much on [Jesus'] mind." (#1774)

* Faustina says she's been given the grace of omnipotence: "And although I [Faustina] am weak and small, You [God] grant me the grace of Your omnipotence." (#2)

* Faustina feels as though "the WHOLE WORLD serves me and depends on me." (#195)

* Faustina claims Jesus said she was "on a great stage where ALL heaven and earth" were watching her (#1760)

* Faustina made the unthinkable claim that "in one moment", she came "to know the ENTIRE ESSENCE(!) of God" (#770)

* Faustina says she felt she was being "lifted up above earth and heaven into the inner life of God (!)" (#734)

* Faustina claims that the Blessed Virgin Mary said that "at God's command [she is] to be, in a SPECIAL and EXCLUSIVE way [Faustina's] Mother" (#1414)

* Faustina claims the small crucifix on her chest came alive (#669). She also claims to have seen very disturbing images of Jesus (#312, #347, #846)

* Faustina claims to receive physical embraces from Jesus and the Blessed Virgin Mary (#853, #928, #1053, #449, #1415, etc.)

* Faustina strangely claims that the Blessed Virgin Mary handed off the child Jesus to Faustina, after which the Blessed Virgin disappeared! (#608) (also #1442)

* Faustina claimed that Jesus offered to instantly(!) "create a new world, MORE beautiful than this one" for Faustina to live in (#587)

* Faustina claims Jesus said to her: "You [Faustina] are a sweet grape in a chosen cluster; I want others to have a share in the juice that is flowing within you." (#393)

* Faustina claims to have heard a voice (in her soul) that said: "From today on, do not fear God's judgment, for you will not be judged." (#374)

* Faustina claims there is "one mystery which unites me with the Lord, of which no one - not even angels - may know" and that this mystery "distinguishes me from every other soul here on earth or in eternity" (#824)

* Faustina admits to misrepresenting herself to superiors "often" at the beginning of religious life (#1503) [at the time, she thought it was good to do this]

Did you also know...?

* Faustina's 'greatest supporter' admitted that Faustina "frequently" could not distinguish between her imagination and reality (see Fr. Sopocko's memoirs)

* Faustina's diary contains false prophecies that she attributes to Jesus (e.g. #438, #776, #1263, etc.)

* Faustina said she 'constantly' smelled like a corpse while she was alive (#1435) (also #1430)

* Faustina's writings may favor Protestantism, feminism, and modernism

* Faustina's writings contain factual & theological errors, and contradictions

* Faustina's writings impossibly attempt to impose new doctrines (e.g. requirement to adore/worship mercy under pain of hellfire - #965, #998, #1572)

* There are apparent contradictions between Faustina's writings & the apparitions at Fatima, and also between Faustina's writings & Holy Scripture

* Faustina's writings may encourage presumption by underemphasizing repentance/penance and overemphasizing mercy—Faustina even claims sinners have a "right" to mercy!

* Faustina's devotion is associated with a strange/non-traditional, dark image with troubling 'promises'. Note that the image was based on a muse (Fr. Sopocko posing as Christ)

* Faustina uses exaggerated speech [e.g. "I cannot keep this happiness locked in my own heart alone, for His flames burn Me and cause my bosom and my entrails to burst asunder" (#491); "I would like to hide from people and cry endlessly" (#943); "I must do violence to myself in order to live" (#899); "my soul dissolved from the pain" (#1060); etc.], reproaches a saint (#448), and even claims that the horrific sufferings of the martyrs "are NOT greater" than her (bloodless!) sufferings (#1116)

* There are MANY more issues with Faustina's writings, but we can NOT be required to believe in or practice her devotion. In fact, it can be dangerous to do so (e.g. by fostering presumption of mercy; by causing Catholics to wait for an annual plenary indulgence instead of regularly obtaining plenary indulgences; etc.)


* Any approval of her devotion is NOT infallible. In fact, her writings were REJECTED before the revolutionary Second Vatican Council (for good reasons, not translation errors!)

* We should be guided by facts, not feelings. For those sincerely seeking truth, consider the following quotation: "God has seemingly left clues about this devotion for those who are truly seeking the truth (e.g. false prophecies [on this point, refer to Deut. 18:21-22], errors, contradictions, Faustina's 'constant' stench of death, the supposed 'first among the virgins' having a corrupt body after death, denying Faustina's twice-predicted 'crown of martyrdom' to the priest-promoter of the devotion, etc.). What more do we need?" ["What's Up With Faustina's Divine Mercy Devotion (2)? Another Approach For Getting To The Truth", MyCatholicSource User-Submitted Article (Catholic Controversy Series Book 5)]

* Remember that: "Jesus Christ is the same yesterday, today, and forever. Do not be carried away by all kinds of strange teaching." (Heb. 13:8-9) And remember that we are obliged to reject falsities: "But though we, or an angel from heaven, preach a gospel to you besides that which we have preached to you, let him be anathema." (Gal. 1:8)

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