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Now we can be sure

If there was any doubt over Sotomayor's pro-abortion position, it may now be put to rest based on the following...

* Pro-abort President Obama is 'comfortable' with Sotomayor's abortion views

* Pro-abort Senator Boxer is also "comfortable" with Sotomayor's abortion position

* A former colleague of Sotomayor "guarantees" that Sotomayor is "for abortion rights"

* The president of a major abortion provider (PP) called Sotomayor's nomination a "strong signal" that Obama wants Supreme Court justices who "respect precedent"

* A large pro-abort organization (NOW) "celebrated" Sotomayor's nomination and will campaign for her "swift confirmation"

Did anyone really doubt that Obama would put forth a nominee who would overturn Roe v. Wade, especially in light of comments he made during his campaign? 

References: Obama 'comfortable' with Sotomayor's abortion views | Pro-abort Senator Boxer "comfortable" with Sotomayor's abortion position; Former colleague "guarantees" Sotomayor is "for abortion rights" | Pro-abort groups praise Sotomayor nomination


Civics 101: Breaking the law is not okay

Many bishops seem to have lost sight of a basic fundamental duty of all individuals: don't break the law. Persons whose first act on U.S. soil is to sneak into the country illegally have already showed contempt for our laws. And, these same persons must continue to lie & break laws in order to remain here. The facts clearly show that illegals burden law-abiding citizens with immense costs. They force the closure of hospitals, raise insurance and healthcare prices, drive down wages, clog jails and courts. They drive without insurance, take our jobs, use up our resources, burden and overcrowd the state-run education, justice & welfare systems, and cost law-abiding citizens huge amounts to support them. These illegals are responsible for much crime - including violent crime - and saddle society with incalculable societal and financial costs.

The illegals themselves have no sense of respect for the law (they have repeatedly shown contempt for it) and no sense of patriotism (how can you be a patriot of a country when you refuse to honor its laws?). They often reject our culture (even the good parts), bring disease, increase racial tension, and cause offense to others (e.g. by urinating on walls, housing multiple families in overcrowded, unsanitary & unsafe dwellings, bearing numerous children out of wedlock, littering, loitering, vandalism, etc.). Some illegals use stolen identities. Frequently, illegals fail to pay taxes, drive without licenses, and refuse to learn our language. Some even fly their country's flags on our soil. Many have the attitude that we "owe them". They are not citizens of our country, but invaders.

Apparently, however, some bishops think we should "look the other way" and treat them as if they are just regular 'citizens'. But this is not true. They are trespassers - even robbers. One could say they "steal" taxpayer money - your money. A country is not obligated to support anyone who shows up on its soil any more than a Catholic man is obligated to welcome into his home anyone who shows up at his doorstep. Rather, it is the Catholic man's duty to prevent the invasion of his home in order to protect those who live there. Likewise, it is a country's duty to protect her citizens. Charity yes, anarchy & robbery no.

The United States already gives billions in aid to countries all over the world and allows thousands of LEGAL immigrants to enter the country every year - we are far more generous than any other country on the face of the earth. We are certainly not lacking in charity. However, we should not reward those who break into our country illegally and show contempt for our laws. Rather, we should send them home. And we should bill them for it.

However, some bishops do not seem to see it this way. Instead, they apparently want U.S. citizens to cough up even more money for "comprehensive health care" for illegals. Have they completely lost sight of the fact that taxpayers are already at their limit? Do they really think it is right to overwhelm our medical system with millions of persons who show no regard for our laws and make us pay for it? Do they really fail to see the injustice in this? Or, is the real truth that many bishops back illegals because they "fill the pews" and add to the collection box?

It's time for Catholics to take a stand. Tell your bishops that you resent their supporting illegals' breaking of our just laws. Remind them charity must be voluntary, not forced - and that it is your right to determine who to direct your charity towards. Ask them to stop scandalously disregarding basic laws & justice. Tell them you want to be protected from lawbreakers, cheaters & thieves. Tell them you want illegals sent back to their own country for "comprehensive health care". Tell them you reject amnesty for lawbreakers. Tell them you don't want to support foreigners' children who are born here at your expense (children who should rightly be considered illegal, not 'citizens' to reward with your tax dollars). And then remind them that you lovingly welcome immigrants who come here legally and who respect our laws.

And finally, when they accuse you of not being "charitable", remind them that it is not a duty of charity to aid persons to break laws, cheat, lie, and (essentially) steal. Furthermore, ask them if they are the ones who are not being charitable by their wrongly disregarding the just laws of this country and the common good of its law-abiding citizens as well as their potentially endangering innocent persons.

Should they dispute this, consider offering to take them on a trip to jails, courthouses, welfare offices, closed hospitals, crime-ridden border cities, etc. to see the cost to others of their supposed "charity".


Obama nominates "judicial activist" to Supreme Court

Obama has nominated a 'divorced' Hispanic female who was raised Catholic to the Supreme Court to replace retiring Justice Souter. His nominee, Judge Sotomayor has...

* Stated on video that courts are the place "where policy is made"

* Said that: "I would hope that a wise Latina woman with the richness of her experiences would more often than not reach a better conclusion than a white male who hasn't lived that life" (If a white man said something like this, wouldn't he be blasted for racism & sexism?)

* Reportedly ruled to discard the results of an exam for firefighters "because few minority firefighters qualified for promotions", leaving one critic to state that she "reads racial preferences and quotas into the Constitution, even to the point of dishonoring those who preserve our public safety."

* Called for special rights for Puerto Rico if they pursued U.S. statehood

* Has been called "a liberal judicial activist of the first order" 

* Has been charged with a "terrible record" of reversals

* Has been criticized for her temperament  

Unfortunately, some fear Republicans may not try to block her nomination because she is a Hispanic woman. Now there's a good reason, eh? 


Obama not pro-abortion?

The Editor-in-chief of the Vatican newspaper, L'Osservatore Romano has gone on record stating that Obama, the "most pro-abortion president in history" is "not a pro-abortion president." This comes as news to pro-lifers - and probably to Obama as well who has made no secret of his position on abortion. This puzzling statement would have been odd enough coming from a liberal newspaper's editor, but coming from the editor of the Vatican newspaper, it is even more shocking. If Obama is "not a pro-abortion president", then please explain why Obama...

* Repeatedly places persons with radical pro-abortion records in key positions

* Issues statements supporting abortion

* Forces American taxpayers to fund pro-abortion organizations

* Has taken steps to overturn conscience protections for health care workers who oppose abortions

* Funds embryonic stem cell research with taxpayer money

* Funds organizations which promote abortion overseas

* Allows an FDA ruling to stand which allows minors to purchase the abortifacient "morning after pill" over the counter, without parental notification

* Forces taxpayers to pay for abortions in the nation's capital

* Eliminates federal funding for abstinence-only education

* Etc.

In light of the above, what exactly would it take for the editor of the Vatican newspaper to consider Obama a pro-abortion president? [story here] [5/21]

A thing of beauty

Truths and strong words from Archbishop Chaput's statement concerning the ND scandal are a 'thing of beauty'. Highlights include:

* We "have the duty to avoid prostituting our Catholic identity by appeals to phony dialogue that mask an abdication of our moral witness."

* "Notre Dame did not merely invite the president to speak at its commencement. It also conferred an unnecessary and unearned honorary law degree on a man committed to upholding one of the worst Supreme Court decisions in our nation's history"

* "[T]here was no excuse - none, except intellectual vanity - for the university to persist in its course."

* "Father Jenkins compounded a bad original decision with evasive and disingenuous explanations to subsequently justify it."

* "Notre Dame's leadership has done a real disservice to the Church, and now seeks to ride out the criticism by treating it as an expression of fringe anger. But the damage remains, and Notre Dame's critics are right."

* "[T]he most vital thing faithful Catholics can do now is to insist - by their words, actions and financial support - that institutions claiming to be 'Catholic' actually live the faith with courage and consistency."

[story here] [5/19]

The good & the bad, and the ridiculous

The following is a short summary of certain good & bad elements from Notre Dame's controversial commencement ceremony & the events surrounding it...

The Good

* Some pro-life students boycotted their own commencement ceremony

* Bishop D'Arcy boycotted the graduation ceremony & spoke to pro-lifers at a Notre Dame pro-life rally [story here]

* Around 100 pro-life students attended the graduation wearing a pro-life symbol; These students remained seated while Obama received standing ovations

* Courageous individuals risked arrest in support of the pro-life cause. Those arrested included an elderly priest, Alan Keyes, and Norma McCorvey (the "Roe" of "Roe vs. Wade")

* Pro-life hecklers disrupted Obama's speech on several occasions

* The pro-life rally held at ND was attended by thousands [story here]

* Bishop D'Arcy called the pro-life students who boycotted their commencement "heroes" [story here]

* A selfless lady declined a prestigious ND honor [see previous news brief]

The Bad

* The "most pro-abortion president in history", Obama, received an honorary law degree from the nation's "most prestigious Catholic university", causing great scandal

* ND's president disregarded the bishops' statement, his own bishop's condemnation, and the public scandal to go forward with his "pet project". Despite this, students seem to support him overwhelmingly.

* Obama enjoyed the support of thousands of students & received a standing ovation; Attendees even chanted Obama's campaign slogan in response to pro-lifers' heckling

* Radical pro-abortion Obama received ND's honor & affirmed his pro-abortion stance while wearing a robe containing an inscription to the Holy Mother of God, "symbolizing dedication of all Notre Dame's activities to the Virgin Mary" [story here]

* There was no formal condemnation of ND's honoring Obama from Pope Benedict XVI (Archbishop Burke criticized the decision, but this is obviously not the same as if a condemnation had come from Pope Benedict himself)

* Some fear that "Notre Dame will become symbol of Catholic dissent" [story here]

The Ridiculous (pathetic, absurd)

* Obama's ridiculous call to find "common ground" over the murder of the unborn. Would he advance "common ground" on racial matters or would he reject racism outright?

* Hypocrisy of Obama on "respecting" each others views on abortion considering that he has shown no respect to the views of pro-lifers (and, of course, it isn't possible for pro-lifers to "respect" the views of those who advocate the killing of children) [story here]

* Hypocrisy of Obama concerning "conscience rights"; on one hand he claims to honor conscience rights, but on the other he works to remove protections already in place [story here]

* Fr. Jenkins' laudatory treatment of Obama; Embraces him, pats him on the back, almost seems to campaign for Obama

* The Vatican newspaper's response to the event fails to include a condemnation of the scandal; instead claims Obama seeks "common ground" on baby killing [story here]


What is surprising

It's no big surprise to many that a certain disgraced former archbishop is gay. It is also not surprising to learn that he will be publishing a memoir that will make some people "angry". But what is surprising is that a man who served as archbishop would have the nerve to publicly question whether or not homosexual acts are immoral. Did he miss his catechism lessons that sodomy is one of only 4 sins that "cry out to heaven for vengeance"? Did he not notice the passages in Scripture condemning homosexuality - including the one where the all-loving God condemns the sodomites to suffer eternal hellfire (see Jude 1:7)? Does he claim the bible and the Church have erred? Does he really think that because certain people may have an inclination to a certain sin that it is therefore "not sinful"? By his reasoning, is adultery also not sinful? Murder? Fornication? And, golly, apparently we shouldn't use "bad words" that are "pejorative" like "objectively disordered" because someone might get their itty bitty feelings hurt. Okay, one more thing is surprising - that such a man could have been given charge over Catholic souls. [story here (warning: may contain offensive terminology)] [5/15]

More Clarity: Head of Catholic 'Supreme Court' Tells Obama Supporters to Get to Confession

The Prefect of the Apostolic Signatura ("Chief Justice of the Church's Supreme Court") has stated that Catholics who knew Obama's "clearly announced" anti-life, anti-family agenda could not have voted for him "with a clear conscience". He further stated that if a Catholic "knowingly and deliberately" voted for a candidate who was in favor of "the most grievous violations of the natural moral law" (i.e. Obama), then he has "formally cooperated in a grave evil and must confess his serious sin". Finally, some straight talk. For those who couldn't bring themselves to vote for McCain, don't fret. Americans are always free to write in a pro-life candidate (or they can choose one of the independent pro-life candidates already on the ballot). At least that's one freedom we haven't lost. [story here] [5/13]

Blind Sheep

In the good ol' days, if you showed a Catholic risqué pictures of a "famous priest" frolicking around on the beach, kissing and fondling a 'divorced' mother in a bathing suit, the person you showed them to would have been outraged. Unfortunately in our days, the 'diabolic deception' is so entrenched that certain Catholics instead held a rally in support of the aforementioned photographed priest, even slapping & knocking down a counter-demonstrator in attendance.

Further, the ignorant and enemies of the Church are using the opportunity to call for an end to celibacy, apparently clueless to its great value (click here for refresher on reasons for celibacy). They also appear to lack concern for the serious sin of fornication, for which Scripture says...

"Do not be deceived; neither fornicators nor idolaters nor adulterers nor boy prostitutes nor practicing homosexuals nor thieves nor the greedy nor drunkards nor slanderers nor robbers will inherit the kingdom of God." (1 Cor. 6:9-10)

"Now the works of the flesh are obvious: immorality, impurity, licentiousness, idolatry, sorcery, hatreds, rivalry, jealousy, outbursts of fury, acts of selfishness, dissensions, factions, occasions of envy, drinking bouts, orgies, and the like. I warn you, as I warned you before, that those who do such things will not inherit the kingdom of God." (Gal. 5:19-21)

"Immorality or any impurity or greed must not even be mentioned among you, as is fitting among holy ones, no obscenity or silly or suggestive talk, which is out of place, but instead, thanksgiving. Be sure of this, that no immoral or impure or greedy person, that is, an idolater, has any inheritance in the kingdom of Christ and of God." (Eph. 5:3-5)

And they also appear unconcerned over the possibility that their spiritual leader may have broken his solemn vows to God, even though Scripture says...

"When a man makes a vow to the LORD or binds himself under oath to a pledge of abstinence, he shall not violate his word, but must fulfill exactly the promise he has uttered." (Num. 30:3)

"When you make a vow to the LORD, your God, you shall not delay in fulfilling it; otherwise you will be held guilty, for the LORD, your God, is strict in requiring it of you." (Deut 23:22)

"You had better not make a vow than make it and not fulfill it." (Eccl. 5:4)

Given the above, one may have reason to fear that a "Rally for Judas" would be well-attended in our day and age. Poor blind sheep. Wish they would keep in mind Jesus' words: "If a blind person leads a blind person, both will fall into a pit." [Related Links: 'Rally turns violent' | Bad examples do not invalidate the value of priestly celibacy] [5/8]

Let's be clear: NO

What seems obvious to countless laity is apparently "ambiguous" to certain persons in higher Catholic education. The President of the Association of Catholic Colleges and Universities claims that the 2004 USCCB statement which reads: "The Catholic community and Catholic institutions should not honor those who act in defiance of our fundamental moral principles. They should not be given awards, honors or platforms which would suggest support for their actions" is ambiguous. He claims that "greater clarity is needed." Perhaps a simple "DON'T DO IT" would be more clear. Or would that also be too ambiguous for a person holding such a lofty position? Excuses, excuses. [story here] [5/11]

Thank a ND student

The scandal over Notre Dame's commencement, which will feature & honor Obama, "the most anti-life president in U.S. history", has not been entirely devoid of 'signs of hope'. Although ND's President continues to act in defiance of the U.S. Bishops - not to mention basic Catholic common sense - and, unfortunately, also with some backing of ND students, many others have been strongly on the side of truth and life. Since the news first broke, dozens of bishops have spoken out against the decision, the area's bishop will be boycotting the commencement, another bishop has already held a Mass of reparation, one lady selflessly turned down a prestigious ND honor, donors have withheld millions in donations, and there has been "national outrage". And, in the course of events, Obama's anti-life policies have been exposed to those who might otherwise have been unaware of them.

One thing this country typically suffers from is apathy. In this case at least - thankfully - apathy has not been as readily apparent. Although it appears that the commencement plans will, unfortunately, go as planned, many pro-life students at ND are not taking this lightly. Recently, they have announced plans to hold a protest at their commencement. Also, many ND students are expected to boycott their own graduation. Some students may confront Obama over his pro-abortion position. Images of aborted babies may be draped along the way. Although this should be a special day - a day of joy - for these students, a cloud will be put over the event because their leader has chosen to betray Catholic principles and would not back down even in the face of condemnation by his bishop & public outcry.

In spite of this, it is good to see that there are courageous ND students who still hold sacred their Catholic values. Any student who boycotts the graduation for which they worked so hard to achieve in order to defend their Catholic beliefs is deserving of respect. This shows great character and gives hope and inspiration to others. May God bless and guide all ND students. And may all people support and thank those who do what is right, even at a high personal cost. [story here] [5/5]

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Irish government to demand additional compensation for abuse victims; Christian Brothers have already agreed to provide additional funding [5/27]

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'Billionaires club' chooses "population control" as their main cause to fund [5/26]

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Vatican Radio to air advertising for first time in order to raise funds [5/26]

After criticism, Vatican newspaper publishes second story critical of Obama's pro-abort policies [5/26]

New papal website targeted at youth receives nearly 500,000 visits on first day [5/26]

Connecticut Supreme Court orders diocese to unseal documents related to abuse lawsuits [5/26]

Pope to open diocesan congress in Rome [5/26]

Protestants beat & kill "first Catholic they could find" in North Ireland; Mob kills man, injures wife and neighbor [5/26]

Archbishop 'slams' Catholic orders in Ireland; Calls for additional compensation for abuse victims [5/25]

One more reason to homeschool: CA school district calls for compulsory 'LGBT' lesson for kindergartners [Warning: Article covers offensive topic] [5/25]

Cardinal George 'grateful' for Obama's ND remarks re: conscience protection; Looks forward to advancing goal that abortion opponents not be forced to subsidize abortion with their tax dollars [5/25]

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Beatification of Pope John Paul II "hits snag" [5/23]

Papal nuncio investigating low turnout for papal Mass in Jerusalem [5/23]

Prominent theologian says Christopher West misrepresents JP II's thought "significantly"; Calls West's approach "vulgar and in bad taste"

[Warning: Article contains some offensive material] [5/23]

Conviction of Mother Teresa's former spiritual advisor upheld by court [5/22]

Vatican newspaper "finally" reports on some of the ND criticism [5/22]

FSSP asks for personal parish in Toronto [5/22]

That makes five: Another poll shows Americans shifting to pro-life position [5/22]

Catholic Church in Ireland said to welcome abuse report: Cardinal expresses profound sorrow and shame; Victims praised for their courage [5/21]

Honduran president to allow sale of abortifacient "morning after pill" in his country despite fact that abortion is illegal in Honduras [5/21]

Most "pro-abortion president in history" is not pro-abortion according to editor of Vatican newspaper [5/21]

Fordham University's response not apologetic; Comments considered contemptuous of authority of U.S. bishops and its own local bishop [5/21]

Fourth poll confirms more Americans are shifting to pro-life position [5/21]

Shocking report released: Physical & s*xual abuse said to have been "endemic" in Church-run institutions for boys in Ireland [5/20]

Vatican newspaper criticized for recent Obama coverage; One author says "It has become apparent that the paper needs a new editor" [5/20]

Pro-life congressmen challenge Obama to live up to statements made at ND concerning conscience protection [5/20]

New bishop named to diocese of Saginaw [5/20]

Catholics in Maine to launch grassroots effort to overturn state's new sodomite "marriage" law [5/20]

Thanks for the warning: Pelosi & Sebelius said to be good examples of Trinity University's 'Catholic' education; University president calls ND critics "Catholic vigilantes" & "grand inquisitors" [5/20]

Fordham University said to have concealed its decision to honor NY pro-abort mayor from Archbishop Dolan; Bloomberg received an honorary degree from the University which has history of honoring pro-abort figures [5/20]

Pope's encyclical has been completed; "Should be published by the end of June" [5/19]

Expect lawsuits: Omaha archdiocese forbids boy to come to Catholic school as a "girl" [5/19]

"Catholic" governor expands rights of married persons to sodomites [5/19]

Pro-life advocates "should expect a fierce battle over abortion with virtually any of the leading candidates" for US Supreme Court [5/19]

Second poll confirms more Americans claim to be pro-life [5/19]

Republicans sounding defeatist on Supreme Court nominee; Pro-life groups may need to lead battle against pro-abort nominees [5/19]

Leader of "alternate commencement ceremony" at ND, Fr. Pavone, speaks regarding his day at ND; Says "We have to stop trivializing abortion" and reflects "Open minds, yes, but for the purpose of eventually firmly closing upon the truth! And isn't that supposed to be the purpose of Catholic universities?" [5/19]

Ads show radical records of potential Supreme Court nominees; Frontrunners are "hard-left activists who would decide cases based on their feelings and their personal political agendas" [5/19]

Vatican not included on Obama's itinerary [5/19]

You've got to be kidding: Weakland says he had "no understanding" of the criminal nature of s*xual abuse of minors; Claims he "accepted naively the common view that it was not necessary to worry about the effects on the youngsters: either they would not remember or they would 'grow out of it'" [5/19]

Vatican to launch new website on May 24 targeted at young persons; Site will include iPhone and Facebook applications [5/19]

Poll shows Catholics have overwhelmingly positive view of Pope Benedict; Want the Church to speak out on life and marriage issues [5/19]

After declining prestigious ND honor, Mary Ann Glendon graciously received award from ND pro-life student group for her "extraordinary witness to the faith and service to the Church" [5/19]

Archbishop Chaput speaks out: Calls Fr. Jenkins' comments regarding Obama "embarrassing"; Says we "have the duty to avoid prostituting our Catholic identity by appeals to phony dialogue that mask an abdication of our moral witness" [5/19]

President of Latin American Bishops' Council affirms celibacy "is not up for debate at this assembly nor in the Church in general" [5/19]

So it's a race thing? Liberals support ND Obama honor, take out full page ad; Remind of racial hatred but fail to address Obama as "most pro-abortion president in history" or whether it is appropriate for Catholics to confer an honorary LAW degree on a man who rejects the most fundamental right of every person (life) [5/16]

Catholic commentator claims a "political game" is being played over ND Obama invite [5/16]

Conservative writer charges ND with "bowing to political correctness"; Claims ND president "seems very proud of himself for what he regards as a stirring profile in PC courage"

[Warning: Article contains some offensive terminology] [5/16]

Bishop opposes "circus-like" pro-life efforts at ND, advises "Catholics and others of goodwill to stay away from unseemly and unhelpful demonstrations" [5/16]

Elderly priest, Alan Keyes & others arrested at ND; Keyes ordered to remain in jail until Monday after ND commencement [5/15]

Pope leaves Holy Land; Appeals for peace [5/15]

CNA to offer "exclusive coverage" of events at Notre Dame this weekend [5/15]

Give it up: Fr. Jenkins again defends decision to honor "most pro-abortion president in history" even against bishops' criticism & public outrage [5/15]

Obama administration pulls report calling pro-life activities "rightwing extremism"; Claims report was sent out by an employee "without authorization" [5/15]

Attempted assassin of Pope John Paul II says he wants to be baptized at the Vatican; Past behavior has raised questions about his mental health [5/15]

Political party in Spain says Spanish government is violating parents' rights; Calls for withdrawal of measure to allow "morning after" pill to be sold to minors without a prescription [5/15]

Chilean government official says Chile should not "bow to pressure" of U.N. to legalize abortion [5/15]

Glimmer of hope: More Americans reported to be pro-life; It is speculated that Obama's anti-life policies may have fueled the change [5/15]

Bishop charges ND on national television of "ignoring their Catholic identity"; Says decision to honor Obama sends a "very mixed message" and gives an appearance of supporting Obama's ideas [5/15]

ND chairman says Fr. Jenkins has "full support" of the board of trustees [5/15]

Some parishes "gearing up" for changes to Novus Ordo Mass; Translations supposed to be "more faithful" to the original text [Related link: The Traditional Latin ('Tridentine') Mass vs. the New (Novus Ordo) Mass Novus Ordo (New Order) Mass] [5/15]

Obama appoints "Dr. C*ndom" director of the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention; Appointee distributed millions of free c*ndoms when NYC health commissioner [5/15]

Assisted suicide bill introduced into Canadian Parliament [5/14]

Cardinal Newman Society lists Catholic colleges that "Notre Dame could learn a valuable lesson from" [5/14]

No respect: Church unveils 7 foot tall 'Jesus in baggy jeans' statue [5/14]

White House responds to ND uproar: Criticizes pro-lifers, minimizes critics [5/14]

Spanish government approves plan to expand abortion [5/14]

Oregon Bishop who refuses to adopt "safe touch" program offers "family-based" alternative; "Safe touch" program containing "explicit references to s*xual issues" is mandatory in most American dioceses [5/14]

What about the unborn? Text of ND honorary degree for Obama released; Says Obama is "inspiring this nation to heal its the audacious hope for a brighter tomorrow" [5/14]

Colombian Catholic hospital which refused to perform abortion to be fined over $5,000 [5/14]

Huh? Rabbi says Pope agreed to end missionary activity to Jews [5/14]

Alan Keyes sends letter to Fr. Jenkins' superior seeking redress of grievances [5/14]

Donor funds withheld from ND up to nearly $14 million; ND graduate claims "A shrinking percentage of Catholic faculty and the efforts of secular-minded board members has long been eroding the Catholic heritage and foundation that makes Notre Dame great" [5/13]

NY Senate Assembly passes sodomite 'marriage' bill [5/13]

Hilary Clinton fails to produce evidence to support her claim regarding botched abortions in Brazil; Unclear whether she will retract statement [5/13]

Head of Catholic 'Supreme Court' says Catholics who knew Obama's "clearly announced" anti-life, anti-family agenda could not have voted for him "with a clear conscience"; Says if a Catholic "knowingly and deliberately" voted for a candidate who was in favor of "the most grievous violations of the natural moral law," then he has "formally cooperated in a grave evil and must confess his serious sin" [5/13]

Pope tells Palestinians he supports an independent Palestinian State [5/13]

Islamic leader disrupts meeting with Pope: Calls on Pope to denounce "crimes of Israeli occupation" [5/12]

Even rabbi gets it: "No matter what [the Pope] does, they will always attack him" [5/12]

Plenary Indulgence announced for Year of Priests [5/12]

After "grave abuses", Italian Archbishop bans Communion in the hand in three parishes; Asks priests to watch for Eucharistic abuse [Refresher: Communion in the Hand: Why Not?] [5/12]

Disgraced former archbishop admits he's gay; Publishing a memoir that will make some people "angry" [5/12]

Well-known pro-life priest says pro-life ND students "should exercise their right not to attend the graduation ceremony"; Says event "will only serve to obscure rather than highlight the Church's pro-life teaching and the true spirit of Notre Dame" [5/12]

Von Hildebrand "slams" TOB promoter Christopher West; Says his approach "totally lacks reverence" and that "he has derailed and is doing a lot of harm"; Says she is "shocked and horrified" by his words [5/12]

Bishop & Catholic politicians in RI effective in warding off sodomite 'marriage' [5/12]

Islamic terrorist organization denounces papal visit to Israel [5/11]

You've got to be kidding: Rabbi calls on Pope to state publicly that Jews need not convert; Claims V2 says so [5/11]

[Reality check: "Jesus said to him, 'I am the way and the truth and the life. No one comes to the Father except through me.'" (Jn. 14:6); "There is no salvation through anyone else, nor is there any other name under heaven given to the human race by which we are to be saved." (Acts 4:12) (more...)]

Bishop of Maine warns of "tragic consequences" of sodomite 'marriages', says "calling same-sex relationships marriage doesn't make them so" [5/11]

Dangerous, abortifacient "morning after pill" to be made available over the counter "to anyone who wants it" in Spain [5/11]

Photographed priest unrepentant, publicly declares his love for a woman; Blind sheep continue to support priest [5/11]

Alan Keyes and other protesters arrested at ND for trespassing; Activist says: "We have people sitting in jail who defended human life on Notre Dame's campus and Notre Dame is going to honor someone that takes human life" [5/9]

Man charged in stabbing of TX priest [5/9]

Diocese answers questions over termination of dissenting catechist [5/9]

Papal trip to Holy Land has begun: Complete schedule released [5/8]

CNA provides special coverage of Papal trip to Holy Land [5/8]

Head of Apostolic Signatura criticizes ND Obama invite; Says Catholic universities not willing to accept suffering necessary to witness to the faith "are not worthy of the name Catholic"; Receives standing ovation for his remarks [5/8]

AZ Bishop excommunicates renegade, openly homosexual priest (Warning: Article contains highly offensive quotations) [5/8]

Your tax dollars at work: Obama's proposed budget ends funding for abstinence education; Calls for 'contraceptive-only' education, including "mandatory c**dom grants" to states [5/8]

Cardinal Cañizares on MP [5/8]

USCCB launches campaign against embryonic stem sell research [5/7]

Taliban tells Pope to take action to stop 'proselytism' by US soldiers in Afghanistan [5/7]

Prominent American priest leaves Legion for NY Archdiocese [5/7]

Author Judy Blume barraged with criticism over her unconscionable comments; PP calls for help [5/7]

Republicans file special resolution calling for probe into Obama administration documents which associate pro-lifers with terrorism [5/7]

Infant photographed in womb 10 years ago now a pro-life advocate; Photograph changed heart of photographer and others; Boy in photo says he's thankful to be in the picture [5/7]

Control of Holy Land sites not to be transferred to Church [5/7]

Director of Holy See's Press Office calls for prayers for Pope's visit to Holy Land [5/6]

Catholic Pro-life activist & former presidential candidate Alan Keyes "going to Notre Dame to be arrested" [5/6]

PA bishop criticizes ND Obama invite: Refers to "a pathetic trivialization of Notre Dame's Catholic identity", "toxic residue from this scandal"; Asks Fr. Jenkins to "cease and desist from pursuing the deconstruction and division he has embarked upon" [5/6]

Unbelievable: Vatican newspaper gives mixed review to 'Angels and Demons' film; Calls anti-Catholic movie "gripping", with "splendid" camera work, and "dynamic and alluring" direction [5/6]

Elderly Italian Bishop "deeply shocked and disturbed" over contents of 'Angels and Demons' film; Says movie contents are "highly denigrating, defamatory and offensive for the values of the Church and the prestige of the Holy See"; Calls on fellow bishops to denounce film "for attacking the faith of missions [and for] spreading obscenity" [5/6]

Shocking: Children's author Judy Blume invites donations to major abortion provider to "honor" mothers on Mother's Day [5/6]

Maine 'legalizes' sodomite 'marriages' [5/6]

The craziness continues: Swiss Guards commander considers admitting women [5/6]

[Papal sanity check: "It is well to repeat this warning here; for in these days there is spreading a spirit of nationalism which is false and exaggerated, as well as dangerous to true peace and prosperity. Under its influence various excesses are committed in giving a military turn to the so-called physical training of boys (sometimes even of girls, contrary to the very instincts of human nature)..." (Pope Pius XI, "Divini Illius Magistri", emphasis added)]

FL Archbishop "deeply saddened" over photo scandal involving well-known priest [5/6]

Former Vatican ambassador who declined ND award will receive pro-life award [5/6]

Experts present evidence to Congress showing that abstinence programs "outperform 'comprehensive' s*x education programs" [5/6]

Nicaraguan Bishops refute presidential advisor's article which accused bishops & priests of corruption; Says the accusations are fictitious and "a product of his imagination" [5/6]

U.S. Commission on International Religious Freedom recommends 13 nations be designated "countries of particular concern" over "egregious violations" of religious freedom [5/5]

NCR calls on Clinton to support her claim regarding botched abortions in Brazil [5/5]

Federal judge rules that teacher who berated creationism violated First Amendment [5/5]

Swiss Guard to swear in 32 new members [5/5]

ND compared to dissenting 'Catholic' politicians by MN Bishop [5/5]

Pope requests prayers for his visit to Holy Land [5/4]

Australian "Doctor of Death" considering moving to the U.S.; Says U.S. looks like "a less hostile environment" for his euthanasia promoting efforts [5/4]

Archdiocesan website in Sri Lanka hacked; Government allies suspected [5/4]

Mass of reparation celebrated by FL Bishop over ND Obama invite [5/4]

Here we go again; Catholic university in Philadelphia to honor pro-abort 'Catholic' [5/4]

"Ironic twist of fate": Specter's party change may aid pro-lifers in Supreme Court nominations [5/2]

Survey says Mass attending Catholics less likely to support ND Obama invite [5/2]

'Jane Roe' of Roe vs. Wade speaks out against ND Obama invite [5/2]

Archbishop Dolan blesses site of new tunnel in NY [5/2]

Liberal Supreme Court Justice Souter to retire in June [5/1]

'Catholic' Senators to blame for radical pro-abort Sebelius' confirmation; 19 'Catholic' Senators voted to confirm, including 'pro-life' Sen. Brownback [5/1]

English Diocese instructs priests to wear gloves, mask for anointing those with flu; Advises that public worship may need to be suspended during height of a pandemic [5/1]

Note: Dates in brackets may refer to date link was added to MCS news page


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