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Ever wish you were the interviewer?

Comments of Nancy Pelosi, a supposed 'Catholic', on abortion

Nancy Pelosi, Catholic, abortion, 'free will'



"Even George Bailey would be astonished"

An unfortunate incident in a Louisiana parish has resulted in a touching display of Christian charity

Christian charity, Violet LA, Louisiana, stolen Christmas gifts, donors, presents, donations, theft





Fr. Jenkins would do it again

Despite the scandal, public protests, graduates' boycotts, criticism from bishops, and the flagrant disregard for the 2004 USCCB statement, Fr. Jenkins says he would do it all again

Notre Dame scandal, Fr. Jenkins, pro-abortion President Obama, 2009 commencement




Details regarding the security incident at St. Peter's

Details regarding the security incident on Christmas Eve at St. Peter's Basilica where a woman knocked Pope Benedict to the ground as he walked down the isle before Midnight Mass

St. Peter's, Christmas Eve, security incident, Pope Benedict XVI, mentally ill woman, Cardinal Roger Etchegaray, Vatican, Susanna Maiolo



Controversial theologian dies at 95

Death of controversial liberal theologian Edward Schillebeeckx

Controversial liberal theologian Edward Schillebeeckx, death, Second Vatican Council



'Rigid censors' or faithful Catholics?

Vatican newspaper's commentary on 'The Simpsons'

Vatican newspaper, L'Osservatore Romano, The Simpsons, animated irreverent television series, 20 year anniversary, 'rigid censors', duty of watchfulness



Priest telling people to shoplift?

The supposed 'priest' who condoned violations of the 7th commandment is no priest at all

'Priest', shoplifting, theft, stealing, Anglican



'Poker playing priest' wins $100K

A South Carolina priest wins $100K in a televised poker tournament

South Carolina priest, televised poker tournament, church's building fund



Pope Benedict on Reconciliation & Penance

Highlights from Pope Benedict's annual pre-Christmas address to the Roman Curia and cardinals in Rome

Pope Benedict XVI, annual pre-Christmas address to the Roman Curia and cardinals in Rome, Reconciliation, Penance, Confession



Was Shakespeare Catholic?

The "leading English seminary in Rome" has revealed documents which may lend support to the theory that the famous playwright William Shakespeare was Catholic

English seminary in Rome, William Shakespeare, playwright, Catholic, guest books, cryptic signatures, Arthurus Stratfordus Wigomniensis, Shfordus Cestriensis, Gulielmus Clerkue Stratfordiensis, lost years



Update on kneeling in Illinois

The bishop of Belleville has reportedly sent another letter instructing parishioners to follow the liturgical norms of kneeling during Mass

Bishop of Belleville, letter, Illinois, liturgical norms, kneeling



Update on former Archbishop Milingo

The rebellious former Archbishop Milingo reportedly "rejects" the Pope's recent decision to defrock him and is demanding pension from the Vatican

Former Archbishop Milingo, defrock, excommunication, pension



Catholic - Jewish Relations

Topics: Pope Benedict's decision to declare Pope Pius XII venerable upsets Jews; Archbishop Dolan has made waves by lighting a candle on a menorah at a Jewish temple marking the beginning of Hanukkah

Pope Benedict XVI, Pope Pius XII, venerable, Jews, Jewish, Roman synagogue, Archbishop Dolan, candle on menorah, Jewish temple, Hanukkah, scandal



Kneeling in Illinois: Some Good News

Belleville's Bishop Braxton has instructed parishioners who attend at Corpus Christi that they must kneel during the consecration

Belleville's Bishop Braxton, Corpus Christi, kneeling, consecration, violation of liturgical norms, Eucharistic Prayer, standing



Update on the Holy Father's 2010 U.K. Visit

The Holy Father has declined to stay at Buckingham Palace during his 2010 visit to the UK and has also rejected the customary "palace banquet and procession in a gold carriage" on his historic visit

Pope Benedict XVI, 2010 visit to the U.K., Buckingham Palace, Apostolic Nuncio in Wimbledon, palace banquet, procession in a gold carriage, historic visit, Ireland



USCCB's website: Some good news

Repeated experiment on USCCB website

Experiment, USCCB website, environment, sin, search keywords



Blasphemy in New Zealand & Jerusalem

Topics: Offensive billboards in New Zealand; Defacement of walls in Jerusalem

Blasphemy, New Zealand, Jerusalem, vandals, defacement, disrespectful image, Cenacle, site of the Last Supper



Pardon me, your bias is showing

Bias in CNS article

Liberal bias, CNS article, news service of the U.S. bishops, Catholic journalism, Catholic news service



Incoming Milwaukee Archbishop responds to dissident 'Catholic' group's ad campaign

The incoming Archbishop of Milwaukee has responded to a dissident 'Catholic' group's scandalous ad campaign which promotes c*ntraception and abortion for Catholic youth, as well as advancing the homosexual agenda

Incoming Milwaukee Archbishop, dissident group's ad campaign, contraception, abortion, Catholic youth



Pro-lifers: Please stop insulting the Blessed Virgin Mary

Pro-lifers offensive references to the Blessed Virgin Mary

Pro-lifers, Blessed Virgin Mary, pregnancy



Top News of 2009

Top religious news stories of 2009 according to an annual CNS poll

Top religious news stories of 2009, annual CNS poll, top newsmakers



Advent reflections from Pope Benedict

Advent reminders from Pope Benedict XVI

Pope Benedict XVI, Nativity scene, crèche, Nativity, Advent, Jesus



Brazilian Archbishop on Pro-Abortion Politicians

The Brazilian Archbishop Emeritus who tried to prevent a nine-year old girl from undergoing an abortion has spoken out against politicians who support abortion and those who support such politicians

Brazilian Archbishop Emeritus, abortion, politicians, human laws, legislators, public office, silence, citizens, voting, divorce, violations of the law of God, moral direction



Once again, blame the 'Catholics'

'Catholic' Senators who voted against an amendment that would have limited taxpayer funding of abortion in pending healthcare legislation are the reason the amendment was defeated

Catholic Senators amendment, abortion, healthcare legislation, taxpayer funding of abortion



Importance of Priestly Prayer

A letter from the Prefect of the Congregation for Clergy has reinforced the importance of priestly prayer

Letter from the Prefect of the Congregation for Clergy, importance of priestly prayer, priests



Misguided & Rebellious Catholics

Topics: Parishioners call for removal of tradition-minded priest; New survey reveals that "many" respondents hold beliefs "in conflict with basic Christian doctrines", and a large percentage have adopted "elements" of (harmful & dangerous) New Age thinking

Michigan Catholics, petition for removal of tradition-minded priest, survey, Christian doctrines, New Age, religious indifferentism



'Catholic' college provides abortion referral

A 'Catholic' college in Montana is referring students to Planned Parenthood or "any health care provider" for abortions

Carroll College, Catholic college, Montana, Planned Parenthood, abortion, referral, mortal sin



News from the pro-life front

Topics include: Undercover video shows PP giving false & misleading information; Dissident nun thanks those who voted against a pro-life amendment; Senator thinks it's "morally correct" to use pro-lifers tax dollars to pay for insurance that covers abortion

Planned Parenthood, undercover video, deception, false & misleading information, abortion, dissident nun, taxpayer funding for abortion, California Senator Dianne Feinstein, taxpayer funds, abortion coverage



Wrongful Suppression of TLM Masses in Calgary Has Ended

TLM Masses in Calgary, Alberta have been restored

FSSP, TLM Masses in Calgary, Alberta, restored, restrictions lifted, Priestly Fraternity, Traditional Latin Mass, 'Tridentine' Mass



Pope's health: "There is no cause for alarm"

A Vatican spokesman says the unusual scheduling of the Pope's 'Midnight' Mass at 10:00 p.m. was not to tire the Pope and says that there is no cause for alarm regarding the Pope's heath

Pope Benedict XVI, Vatican spokesman, health, midnight Mass, 10:00 p.m.



Satanic Deception

A "family planning center" in Michigan has produced a video promoting abortion - the murder of the unborn in the womb - as a "sacred work" ordered by "good women"

'Family planning center'. Michigan, abortion, 'sacred work', murder, deception, video, women



Disobedience brewing over new Mass translation

A liberal magazine has published an article which calls for disobedience with regard to the proposed new (Novus Ordo) Mass translation

New Mass translation, Novus Ordo, disobedience, Latin, translation errors, liberals, more accurate translation, strategies, Vatican II, Second Vatican Council, liturgy



Strange, strange world

Controversial rap song included in "Vatican's MySpace playlist"

Music, Vatican's MySpace playlist, rapper Tupac Shakur, Changes, explicit lyrics



Midnight at 10 o'clock?

Pope Benedict's Midnight Mass to begin at 10:00 p.m.

Midnight Mass, Pope Benedict XVI, 2009, 10:00 p.m.



Yet another reason to ditch the TV

Dissenting Catholics to air television commercials which promote "emergency contraception" for young Catholics

Dissenting Catholics, television commercials, 'emergency contraception', 'morning after pill', contraceptives, sin



Unpleasant, but important reading

New study "catalogs" ways that p*rn harms marriages, communities, children, and individuals

Study, harm from pornography, marriages, communities, children, individuals, 'relational and emotional poison'



'News Quiz': Which of the following are false?

Topics: Pope to meet with Russian President; Cardinal Egan's comments regarding number of priests involved in abuse cases; Cardinal quotes St. Paul, stating that practicing homosexuals "will never enter the kingdom of heaven"; Melrose woman claims to see an "image of Mother Theresa" on her cutting board; 'Catholic' university in Kentucky posts job opening at PP; 'Tax evader' priest apologizes for his remarks; More American corporations are on the "nice" part of the annual "naught & nice" list for including Christmas in seasonal campaigns

Russian President Dmitry Medvedev, meeting with Pope Benedict, Cardinal Egan, abuse cases, Diocese of Bridgeport, homosexuals, heaven, Melrose woman, 'image of Mother Theresa', cutting board, Catholic university, Kentucky, job opening at Planned Parenthood, 'tax evader' priest, Ireland, Revenue Officials, 'naughty & nice' list, Christmas, corporations, seasonal marketing, ad campaigns



The meeting that didn't happen?

The deacon who believes he was miraculously healed after praying to Cardinal Newman is now attempting to "erase references" to his recent meeting with Cherie Blair

Deacon, Cardinal Newman, Cherie Blair, meeting, dissenter



Swiss Voters Say 'No' to Muslim Minarets

Voters have approved a constitutional ban on construction of new minarets on mosques in Switzerland

Voters, constitutional ban on construction of new minarets, spires, Muslim criers, mosques, Switzerland



Reports of TLM Masses Being Suspended

Temporary suspension of FSSP Masses in Calgary, Alberta over bishop's (illegal) attempt to force parishioners at TLM's to receive Communion in the hand due to swine flu concerns

FSSP Masses, Calgary, Alberta, bishop, Communion in the hand, Holy Communion, swine flu, H1NI, temporary sanctions



Please give it up!

The future head of the Swiss Bishops Conference attacks priestly celibacy

Future head of the Swiss Bishops Conference, priestly celibacy



Irish Abuse Report Update

Developments in the wake of the Irish abuse report

Irish abuse report, Dublin, outrage, cover-ups, new allegations, prosecution, apology



Even More News Highlights...

Topics Include: Offer for Anglicans to use a Catholic church is withdrawn; Penitent thief; Woman sees "image of Jesus" in brownish residue on the bottom of her iron; Rebellious women religious; Visit to Istiqlal mosque; Reaction to Irish abuse report; "Likely final" phase of official dialog with Anglicans; Immoral use of former churches

Anglicans, offer withdrawn, Catholic church in Australia, 'ordinations', Catholic college in Iowa, apology letter, thief, stolen radio, 1955, image on bottom of iron, supposed miracle, dissident female religious, Vatican investigation, President of the Pontifical Council for Interreligious Dialogue, ecumenism, Istiqlal mosque, Muslims, Irish abuse report, Archdiocese of Dublin, cover-ups, 'likely final' phase of dialog with Anglicans, immoral use of former churches, President of the Pontifical Council for Culture



More News Highlights...

Topics include: Seminary in France to use both forms of the Roman rite; Archbishop outrages Catholics by offering flowers "at the altar of Hindu deities"; Priest captures abuse on phone; Bishops to urge immigration reform

Seminary, France, Extraordinary Form, Ordinary Form, Traditional Latin 'Tridentine' Mass, Novus Ordo Mass, Archbishop Nichols of Westminster, Hindu 'deities', Diocese of Cloyne, U.S. bishops, immigration reform, amnesty for illegal aliens, postcard campaign



Recent News Highlights

Topics include: Spike in "hate crimes" against Catholics; Excommunicated schismatic priest says he's willing to step down; Duty of providing sustenance to sick persons; Pro-aborts defend Patrick Kennedy; Chris Matthews mistreats Bishop Tobin; Patrick Kennedy; Healthcare bill with abortion must be rejected; Book on Pope John Paul II; "Task force" to assist Anglicans entering the Catholic Church; Abuse allegations found to be credible

FBI data, "hate crimes" against Catholics, schismatic priest, St. Louis, misdiagnosed paralyzed man, sustenance to sick persons, abortion, Patrick Kennedy, MSNBC's Chris Matthews, Bishop Tobin, Hardball, healthcare legislation, Pope John Paul II, self-flagellation, Bishops of England and Wales, task force, Anglicans, Catholic Church, Archdiocese of Baltimore, abuse allegations



Refresher: Holy Communion & Public Sinners

Abortion is a grave sin which results in excommunication; Obstinate public sinners are to be denied Holy Communion under Canon Law

Patrick Kennedy, Holy Communion, abortion, grave sin, latae sententiae excommunication, Canon Law, Canon 915, denial of the Holy Eucharist to obstinate public sinners, Holy Communion, Archbishop Burke, unworthy reception of Holy Communion



Recent News Highlights

Topics include: Anglicans must accept Pope's authority; Homosexual website threatens to publicly "out" supposed homosexual priests; CDC no longer requires Gardasil vaccination; Pope Benedict meets with artists in the Sistine Chapel; Pope's private meeting with the 'archbishop' of Canterbury; Archbishop Nienstedt and Archbishop Chaput on the CCHD; Another writer criticizes Christopher West's TOB presentations; Catholic prelates join representatives of various non-Catholic religions in signing a document defending "the sanctity of life, traditional marriage, and religious freedom"

Anglicans, Pope's authority, homosexuals, Archdiocese of Washington, intimidation, CDC, controversial Gardasil vaccination, artists, Sistine Chapel, beauty, 'archbishop' of Canterbury, private meeting, pectoral cross, Archbishop Nienstedt, Archbishop Chaput, CCHD, Christopher West, TOB



Two documents 'not imminent'

Two documents thought to be forthcoming soon are now not thought to be imminent

Vatican statement on Medjugorje, clarification regarding the Motu Proprio Summorum Pontificum



New 'blockbuster' movie called a "moral vacuum with a deviant message"

Monsignor Franco Perazzolo of the Pontifical Council of Culture has condemned the new 'blockbuster' movie "New Moon, the latest in the Vampire saga Twilight" as a "moral vacuum with a deviant message"

Monsignor Franco Perazzolo, Pontifical Council of Culture, 'blockbuster' movie, New Moon, Vampire saga Twilight", Hollywood, film



U.S. Bishops' Meeting Update

Highlights from U.S. bishops' meeting

USCCB, U.S. bishops' meeting, 'reproductive technologies', in vitro fertilization, IVF, nutrition and hydration for the sick, 'persistent vegetative state', pastoral letter on marriage, contraception, homosexual 'marriage', divorce, cohabitation, fornication, sin, NFP, new translation of the Roman Missal, homosexual priests & abuse



Tragedy averted in France

Police arrest boy in France who planned to shoot his teachers and take his own life

Catholic school in France, 13 year-old boy, shoot, rifle, police



Recent News Highlights

Topics include: Bishops' meeting; House healthcare bill; Planned Parenthood; Cardinal Schönborn's private pilgrimage

USCCB, U.S. bishops' meeting, Baltimore, House healthcare bill, federal grant program, contraceptives, abortion, Planned Parenthood, Cardinal Schönborn, Medjugorje



Anglicans entering the Catholic Church not really Anglicans?

Cardinal Kasper notes that Anglicans entering the Catholic Church "have not been in communion with Canterbury since 1992"

Cardinal Kasper, Anglicans, Roman Catholic Church, Canterbury, Anglican Communion



Stinging review of new album featuring the Pope's voice

Damian Thompson, Blogs Editor of the Telegraph Media Group, has published a stinging review of the new album featuring the Pope's voice

Damian Thompson, Blogs Editor of the Telegraph Media Group, stinging review, new album featuring the Pope's voice, Alma Mater, CD



Archdiocese of Washington threatens to stop social service programs

Fearful of provisions in a proposed homosexual 'marriage' bill in Washington D.C. which may require the Church to engage in activities contrary to her teachings, the Archdiocese of Washington has said it will be unable to continue its social service programs in the area

Archdiocese of Washington, homosexual 'marriage', discontinue social service programs, religious freedom



Important Pro-Life News

Topics include: Texas judge refuses to issue "gag order" against former PP clinic director; Fort Hood shooter; Killer of late-term abortionist

Pro-life, abortion, Texas, 'gag order', former Planned Parenthood clinic director, Fort Hood shooter, late-term abortionist, 'fictional defense of necessity'



Vatican issues Apostolic Constitution

Release of the promised Apostolic Constitution designed to make it easier for Anglicans to enter the Catholic Church

Apostolic Constitution, Anglicanorum Coetibus, Anglicans, Catholic Church, convert, personal ordinariates



Una Voce's Report on the Motu Proprio

Una Voce's report on the 2 year anniversary of the motu proprio Summorum Pontificum

Foederatio Internationalis Una Voce, Pope Benedict XVI, 2 year anniversary of the motu proprio Summorum Pontificum, Latin 'Tridentine' Mass, Traditional Mass, Traditional liturgy, Tradition, Missal of 1962, Extraordinary Form, episcopal disapproval, bishops thwarting the will of the Holy Father, disobedience of bishops, bishops' negative and unhelpful attitudes, hostility, obstacles, growth



Cardinal Rodé speaks to Vatican Radio about reasons for Apostolic Visitation

The Prefect of the Congregation for Institutes of Consecrated Life and Societies of Apostolic Life speaks about reasons for the investigation of U.S. female religious

Cardinal Rodé, Cardinal Rode, Prefect of the Congregation for Institutes of Consecrated Life and Societies of Apostolic Life, Apostolic Visitation, U.S. women religious, female religious, nuns, sisters, "critical voices", irregularities, deficiencies, secularist mentality, 'feminist sprit', Vatican Radio



The sick mind of an abortionist

Comments from a late-term abortionist who admits to knowing that he's killing

Late term abortion, abortionist, killing



Breaking News...

Topics: Arrest made in case of murdered nun; English members of the Traditional Anglican Communion have voted to enter the Catholic Church

Navajo, murder, nun, arrest, English, Catholic Church, Traditional Anglican Communion



The Crucifix no longer a symbol of the holy Catholic faith?

Various parties seem to consider the crucifix as a symbol of everything other than an accurate portrayal of an historical event & a primary symbol of the holy Catholic faith

Italy, court ruling against displaying crucifixes in schools, 'human rights violation', symbol



Dominican response regarding nun who served as an abortion clinic escort

The Dominican Sisters of Sinsinawa finally published a statement concerning the scandal caused by one of their members who has served as a volunteer abortion clinic escort for years.

Dominican Sisters of Sinsinawa, Wisconsin, statement, scandal, volunteer abortion clinic escort, Sr. Donna, dissident female religious



Important refreshers for Catholics

Refreshers regarding priestly celibacy, apparitions, and homosexual 'marriage'

Priestly celibacy, Marian apparitions, homosexual 'marriage'



Recent News Highlights

Topics include: Meeting of Pope with the 'Archbishop' of Canterbury; Creation of embryos from skin cells, Children raised without fathers may have reduced brain development and an increase in aggressive behavior; Contraceptives may double a woman's risk of stroke

Meeting of Pope with 'Archbishop' of Canterbury, Vatican, Anglican, creation of embryos from skin cells, need for fathers, children raised without fathers, reduced brain development, aggressive behavior, incarceration, contraceptives, stroke



Thoughts on Halloween from Spanish clergy

Spanish clergy "sound the alarm" regarding secular Halloween activities

Halloween, Spanish clergy, occult, anti-Christianity, pagan customs, death, Hollywood horror movies, All Hallows Eve, vigil of All Saints Day



Vatican issues statement concerning SSPX doctrinal talks

Holy See Press Office releases statement regarding first meeting with SSPX

Vatican, SSPX, Society of St. Pius X, traditionalist, doctrinal discussions, first meeting, Congregation for the Doctrine of the Faith, Pontifical Commission 'Ecclesia Dei', Catholic tradition, Vatican II, Second Vatican Council, Novus Ordo Mass, ecumenism, religious freedom



Recent News Highlights

Topics include: Vatican-SSPX doctrinal talks, Appointment of Cardinal Turkson of Ghana to head the Vatican's justice and peace office, Bishop of Erie prefers modern - inaccurate - Mass translations

Vatican-SSPX doctrinal talks, Cardinal Turkson of Ghana, Vatican's justice and peace office, Bishop of Erie, errors in modern translations, proposed translation, Roman Missal, Novus Ordo



More deadly to black Americans than the seven leading causes of death

According to data collected by the CDC, abortion kills "more black Americans than the seven leading causes of death combined"

Abortion, blacks, African-Americans, seven leading causes of death, eugenics



Unity with the Orthodox? Don't get your hopes up

Orthodox leader claims to want "unity", but doesn't want the Orthodox to convert

Schismatic, Bulgarian Orthodox, unity, Pope Benedict XVI, conversion, ecumenism, necessity of being Catholic for salvation, no salvation outside the Catholic Church



Vatican newspaper: Here we go again

L'Osservatore Romano article calls Karl Marx's work "especially relevant"

Vatican newspaper, L'Osservatore Romano, Karl Marx, Marxism


10/20/09, updated 10/21/09

Vatican announcement re: Anglicans (Updated)

Vatican announcement regarding new structure to make it easier for Anglicans to enter the Catholic Church

Vatican, Anglicans, Catholic Church, Apostolic Constitution, new structure



That's Catholic character?

Despite the controversy, Notre Dame's Board of Trustees elects Fr. Jenkins to a second term

Notre Dame's Board of Trustees, Fr. Jenkins, second term, scandal, abortion, pro-lifers, Catholic university, President Obama, honorary law degree



Food for thought from Archbishop Chaput

Archbishop Chaput of Denver urges Catholic doctors' group to defend the sanctity of life

Archbishop Chaput of Denver, Catholic doctors, sanctity of life, Down syndrome, marketing, entertainment



Two Letters Making Waves

Draft of a pastoral letter on marriage by the U.S. bishops "leaked" to the press and a pastoral letter of the Bishop of Sioux City, Iowa

Draft of a pastoral letter on marriage, U.S. bishops, pastoral letter of the Bishop of Sioux City, Iowa, challenges, contraception, homosexual unions, divorce, cohabitation, Bishop Nickless, exorcising the 'sprit' of Vatican II



More News Highlights

Recent news topics: Mother Theresa's remains, alleged Eucharistic miracle in Poland, homosexual activist calls Catholic leaders their "greatest adversaries", ecumenical efforts, disparity in coverage of priest scandal

Mother Theresa's remains, alleged Eucharistic miracle in Poland, Apostolic Nunciature in Warsaw, homosexual activist, adversaries, Cardinal Kasper, ecumenical efforts, media coverage, priest scandal, adultery



Recent News Highlights

Recent news topics: Persecuted priests in Philippines, Baton Rouge settlement, number of abortions, Protestant memorandum, bishops in Canada funding anti-Catholic groups

Priests in southern Philippines, persecution, former seminarian, settlement, Diocese of Baton Rouge, 'repressed memories' of abuse, number of abortions, memorandum of Protestant 'clergy', geneticist, Vatican's Pontifical Academy of Sciences, bishops in Canada, anti-Catholic groups



Mormon offenses against the recently canonized Fr. Damien

Mormons have reportedly performed a ceremony they consider to be "baptism by proxy" in relation to the recently canonized Fr. Damien and have also performed a ceremony they believe "seals" the canonized Catholic priest - who took a vow of celibacy - "for eternity to a wife named Marie Damien"

Fr. Damien, canonized Catholic priest, celibacy, Mormons, Mormonism, 'baptism by proxy, 'seal to a wife'



Moral Outrage (at least on some fronts)

Commentary regarding reactions of the U.S. bishops, the Vatican newspaper, and the Vatican regarding Obama's receiving the Nobel Peace Prize

President Obama, Nobel Peace Prize, U.S. Bishops, congratulations, national unity, radical abortion promoter, pro-lifers, Vatican newspaper, L'Osservatore Romano, Vatican, Church teachings, homosexuality



Selected News Highlights: 10/6-10/10

Selected news highlights from 10/6-10/10/09 (Categories: The Church, The Nation, Other)

News updates, EWTN foundress Mother Angelica, Pro Ecclesia et Pontifice Medal, Bishops in Ireland, apology, abuse victims, Cardinal Puljic, Vatican directive on alleged Marian apparitions at Medjugorje, African nuns, dissidents, Mass attendance, U.S. bishops, Jewish pressure, "offended" Jews, First Amendment rights, Archbishop Chaput, Cardinal Cottier's essay, Notre Dame, "hate crimes" bill, homosexuals, "protected class", federal budget deficit, Shroud of Turin, "bubble zone law", Komen for the Cure, taxpayer funding of embryonic stem cell research, Obama, Nobel Peace Prize



"At least they're not Catholics"

A coalition of Protestants & Jews have come together to ask Congress to include taxpayer funding for abortion in healthcare legislation

Protestants, Jews, Congress, taxpayer funded abortion, healthcare legislation



"You have no right to maintain your standards"

A substitute teacher in Canada - a mother of two who is "in the process of becoming a man" -  has filed a complaint with the Human Rights Commission after she was 'fired' from a Catholic school

Canada, 'sex-change', substitute teacher, Human Rights Commission, Catholic school, 'gender change', Alberta Teachers' Association



American Healthcare

The Senate Finance Committee has rejected a ban on abortion funding as well as rejecting an amendment to prevent rationing of medical care to seniors. Also, one member of the Committee says he doesn't expect to read the legislative language of the healthcare bill

Senate Finance Committee, abortion funding, rationing, medical care, healthcare legislation, health care bills, legislative language



Annual 'Red Mass'

Information about Washington D.C.'s annual 'Red Mass'

Washington D.C., 'Red Mass', legal professionals, lawyers, judges, Supreme Court Justices, Cardinal Daniel DiNardo



Recent Studies

Recent studies show increase in 'gay characters' on television and declining support for abortion. Unfortunately though, a large number of 'Catholics' support abortion. Also, one study shows that the majority of Americans think too many children are in daycare

Television, TV, 'gay characters', homosexual advocacy, ABC, CBS, abortion, day care, full-time mothers, women



Vatican launches counterattack regarding abuse scandal

In response to recent criticism over its handling of the priestly abuse scandals, the Vatican has issued a "defiant and provocative statement"

Vatican statement, priestly abuse scandals, UN, Archbishop Silvano Tomasi, Protestants, homosexual, cover-ups



Question from the Pope

Pope asks questions about holiness

Pope Benedict XVI, holiness, relevant, worldly success



"Thanks to you all I have this beautiful son"

Successful efforts of pro-lifers

Pro-lifers, abortion clinics, lives saved, unborn



Poisonous messages: Look in the mirror

Cardinal advises Catholics to protect children from the poisonous message of hedonism, individualism and materialism

Cardinal Sean O'Malley of Boston, poisonous message of hedonism, individualism, materialism, MTV, Kennedy funeral scandal, abortion



Price of Speaking Truthfully: Over $10,000

Catholic newspaper in Poland ordered to apologize and pay $10,000 for its anti-abortion comments

Polish newspaper, abortion, Polish Conference of Bishops, fine, apology, freedom of speech, truth, Church's mission, Archbishop Zimon, Cardinal Dziwisz, Bishop Dydycz



Quotable quote

Response to radical pro-abort 'Catholic' Sebelius' recent attempt to excuse her anti-life position under the guise of separation of church & state

Sebelius, abortion, separation of church & state, Fr. Euteneuer, HLI President



"We never know that our donations are going to be safe to give"

The Catholic Campaign for Human Development (CCHD), an arm of the United States Conference of Catholic Bishops (USCCB), has once again been caught funding organizations which go against Catholic teachings

Catholic Campaign for Human Development, CCHD, United States Conference of Catholic Bishops, USCCB, funding, donations, abortion, homosexual 'marriage', c*ntraception, anti-Catholic, prostitution, ACORN, Catholic teachings



Miraculous liquefaction of St. Januarius' blood

Once again, St. Januarius' blood has miraculously liquefied on his feast day

St. Januarius' blood, liquefied, liquefaction, apparent miracle



More government intrusions

A couple recent government intrusions

Government intrusions, garage sale fines, tracking devices



Media's at it again: 'Devout' Catholics

Media calls a 'divorced & remarried' "devoted follower of astrology" a "devout Catholic"

Devout Catholic, media, 'divorce & remarriage', horoscope column, horoscopes, astrology



Can you say...gullible?

A couple recent news items have set off a "gullibility alert": (1) Fr. Jenkins of Notre Dame as a 'pro-life champion', and (2) Catholics in Samoa believe a "mysterious" image caused by "weathering" represents the Blessed Virgin Mary

Fr. Jenkins, Notre Dame, pro-life, abortion, task force, march for life, Obama, honorary law degree, arrests, jail, refused requests for leniency, Samoa, vigils, "mysterious image", Blessed Virgin Mary, weathering, Protestant 'church', Coca-Cola bottle, Coke



Land of the Free

British immigrant who refused to take the controversial HPV vaccine Gardasil is denied entrance into the U.S.

British immigrant, controversial Gardasil vaccine, United States, U.S., side effects, deaths



If only Catholics were Catholic

Supposed Catholics undermine Catholic efforts & go against Church teachings

Catholics, Maine, gay 'marriage', Senator Santorum, partial birth abortion ban, Maryland



Good government rescues

Faced with numerous church closings, some Catholics are hoping to find an ally in government

Church closures, Ohio parish, legislation, Texas, legal battle, preservation


9/14/09, updated 9/15/09

The Vatican & the SSPX

Recent news items in connection with the SSPX

Society of St. Pius X, SSPX, St. Peter's, commission for doctrinal discussions, negotiations, Second Vatican Council, Vatican II, dogma, pastoral council



You made the choice

"Pro-choice" advocates are against a real 'choice' when it comes to abortion. Furthermore, the choice was already made when one decides whether or not to engage in the marital act

Abortion advocates, pro-life, 'pro-choice', 'anti-choice' activists, medical risks of abortion, ultrasound, pictures of aborted babies, pregnancy



Prove it

If healthcare legislation really won't use taxpayer funds for abortion why have both the House and the Senate rejected amendments to prohibit taxpayer funding for abortion?

Healthcare legislation, health care bills, taxpayer funded abortion, defeated amendments



Hold the applause

Pope Benedict again affirms that applause is out of place in the liturgy

Pope Benedict XVI, applause, clapping, Mass, liturgy, composure



Your chance to help pro-lifers

Call Notre Dame to object to the injustice of pro-lifers - who now face a fine of $5,000 and 1 year in jail - being arrested & denied leniency

Notre Dame, Father Jenkins, pro-life demonstrators, Obama scandal, drop charges, leniency, fine, jail time, Catholic university



Disgusting Ice Cream

Ice cream maker Ben & Jerry's has partnered with a homosexual advocacy group to promote homosexual 'marriage' and has renamed & repackaged ice cream for s*domites

Ben & Jerry's, ice cream, homosexual 'marriages', Chubby Hubby, "Hubby Hubby", rainbow, two "grooms", press release, homosexual advocacy group, 'marriage equality', s*domy



Cardinal O'Malley addresses criticism

Discussion of Cardinal Sean P. O'Malley's response to criticism over the Ted Kennedy funeral scandal

Cardinal Sean P. O'Malley's blog, defense, response to criticism, public funeral, critics, Kennedy funeral scandal, former Senator Ted Kennedy, public sinner, pro-abortion



More well-known Catholics criticize prelates in wake of Kennedy funeral

Well-known Catholics, including ALL President Judie Brown and EWTN News Director Raymond Arroyo, express criticism over Ted Kennedy's funeral

Kennedy funeral scandal, President Judie Brown, EWTN News Director Raymond Arroyo, criticism, public funeral, public sinner, former Senator Ted Kennedy, pro-abortion, pro-homosexual



That's not devout

The media wrongly calls dissenting Catholics "devout" & our duty to oppose such erroneous comments

Media, "devout Catholics", dissenters, former senator Ted Kennedy, Cherie Blair, meaning of "devout", abortion, homosexuality, contraception, those who reject Church teachings



Politicized funeral?

Politicized prayer intentions at Ted Kennedy's funeral

Prayer intentions, politics, former Senator Ted Kennedy, funeral Mass, 'gay', homosexual, healthcare legislation



Kennedy's Public Funeral

HLI's statement regarding the public Catholic funeral for Ted Kennedy

Ted Kennedy, public funeral, Human Life International, scandal, pro-abortion, public sins, public sinner



Wink, wink?

PP says they will follow a new law requiring them to inform women that abortion kills, but how will they go about doing it?

Planned Parenthood, inform women that abortion kills, South Dakota law




Both sides claiming victory

Both sides claim victory over a new South Dakota law upheld by a federal court requiring that women be informed that abortion kills

South Dakota law, court, inform women that abortion kills



Changes to our news archive

News briefs & selected news links will now be archived by month instead of aggregated

My Catholic news archive change, change to news archive, monthly news archive, archived by month



The priesthood misunderstood

Discussion of role of priest after disgruntled parishioners lock parish priest out of church because they thought he wasn't being "friendly" enough

Priesthood, role of priest, principal duties of a priest, reason for priests, priest locked out of parish, priest locked out of church, padlocked doors, friendliness, authority figures, discipline, 'social needs', dignity of the priesthood, holiness, St. Andrew Catholic Church, Red Springs N.C., Fr. Walter Ospina, Latino community



Sacrilege in the name of charity?

Misguided Vietnamese priests are aiding & abetting sacrilege because they think it's somehow "charitable"

Vietnamese priests, aiding & abetting sacrilege, charitable, charity, violate Church teachings, sinners, divorced & 'remarried' persons, adultery, c*ntraceptives, blasphemous Communion, bad Confessions, Holy Eucharist, true repentance, absolution, resolve to stop sinning, proper dispositions, contrition, conspirator, violate Church laws, sin, mortal sin, grave sin, scandal, eternal consequences for sin, Hell, judgment



Death penalty for the innocent?

Supreme Court Justice writes that the Court "has never held that the Constitution forbids the execution of a convicted defendant who has had a full and fair trial but is later able to convince a habeas court that he is 'actually' innocent"

Catholic Supreme Court Justice Antonin Scalia, death penalty, capital punishment, innocent, guilty, 'unresolved' question



Solace for Traditional Catholics

Comments from "bombshell interview" with the Maestro Perpetuo ("director for life") of the Sistine Chapel, Monsignor Domenico Bartolucci regarding the liturgy

"Bombshell interview", Maestro Perpetuo ("director for life") of the Sistine Chapel, Monsignor Domenico Bartolucci, 'Tridentine' Latin Mass, Traditional Latin Mass, Novus Ordo deficiencies, funerals, liturgists, liturgy, liturgical problem, hybrid liturgical measures



Ecumeniacs will tell you it's a victory, but would St. Paul?

Catholic radio station and Islamic radio station agree to air each other's programs

Catholic radio station, Islamic radio station, programming, Guinea Bissau, ecumenism



Quotable quote

Quotable quote concerning the LCWR

Quotable quote, LCWR, Leadership Conference of Women Religious, liberalism, dissent, dissenters



LCWR investigation already a success?

Outgoing LCWR president says the organization can no longer be what they once were

LCWR, Leadership Conference of Women Religious, liberalism, dissent, dissenters



Liturgical sanity

Comments from the former prefect of the Congregation for Divine Worship and the Discipline of the Sacraments addressed to the bishops in Asia

Liturgical abuse, Cardinal Arinze, former prefect of the Congregation for Divine Worship and the Discipline of the Sacraments, homily, bishops in Asia, kneelers, false conceptions of inculturation, reverence, vestments, vessels for the Holy Eucharist, readings, norms, innovations



More from those docile religious sisters

LCWR sisters are requesting that the Vatican "alter some of the methods being employed" in the Apostolic Visitation and are expressing concern over other matters

LCWR, Leadership Conference of Women Religious, liberalism, dissent, dissenters, Apostolic Visitation, Vatican investigation



Author questions JPII approach to the death penalty

Author questions the late Pope John Paul II's novel approach to the death penalty

Pope John Paul II, death penalty, capital punishment, traditional Church teachings, justice, crime



What are your children doing online?

Study of internet searches reveals s*x and p*rn* are two of the top ten searches conducted by children

Internet, searches, children, most searched word



Catholic Humor?

If only statements made by the controversial keynote speaker as the annual LCWR meeting were intended to be humorous

LCWR, Leadership Conference of Women Religious, keynote speaker, Cokie Roberts, dissent, Apostolic Visitation, Vatican investigation, female religious, sisters



Be more careful who you hire

How does a Catholic college with a reputation for faithfulness hire employees who dissent from Church teaching and who want the college to enable them in their sinful actions?

Catholic college, EEOC, contraception, Equal Employment Opportunity Commission, Belmont Abbey College



Call them on it

A growing body of evidence shows that increased access to abortion means more, not fewer maternal deaths

Abortion, maternal deaths, "unsafe illegal abortion", pro-life, maternal mortality rate, unborn



More woes for Legionaries of Christ

Disgraced founder of the Legionaries of Christ may have fathered more children who are now claiming rights to Legionaries' assets

Disgraced founder of the Legionaries of Christ, fathered children, paternity, heirs claiming rights to Legionaries' assets, Mexican-born, Apostolic Visitation, Marcial Maciel



LCWR annual meeting is true to form

Despite the Vatican investigation, the LCWR is featuring a radical pro-abort keynote speaker at its annual assembly

LCWR, Vatican investigation, Apostolic Visitation, Leadership Conference of Women Religious, radical pro-abort keynote speaker, annual assembly, New Orleans, papal critic, dissent, Cokie Roberts, female women religious, sisters, feminism



Expect even more deafening silence

A six-year study on sexual "reorientation" therapy concludes that "there is evidence that homosexual tendencies can be controlled and redirected toward normal sexual attraction"

Six-year study, sexual 'reorientation' therapy, homosexual tendencies redirected, American Psychological Association, 'sexual orientation' is changeable, same-sex attraction disorder is treatable



U.S. Catholic Demographics

A recent Gallup poll shows 24.3% of U.S. adults identifying themselves as Catholic for the period 1-6/09. News brief also includes states with highest & lowest percentage of Catholics

Gallup poll, Catholic, percentage of Catholics, highest percentage of Catholics, lowest percentage of Catholics, by state



Expect deafening silence

Allowing married priests won't solve the abuse crisis: Recent abuse scandal involved a former Episcopal 'priest' who received a special exception to be ordained as a married Catholic priest

Priestly celibacy, clerical abuse, former Episcopal 'priest' who received a special exception to be ordained as a married Catholic priest, Arkansas, homosexual assault



Rebel priest stirs it up again

Rebel priest mistakenly calls exclusion of women from the priesthood a "grave injustice and a sin"

Priest who has faced excommunication, women's "ordination", all male priesthood, has characteristics of infallibility, Father Roy Bourgeois, Maryknoll priest



Archbishop of Westminster thinks Pope Benedict has "inexorably distanced himself" from the Church?

Archbishop claims that those who think the Novus Ordo is "in some way deficient" are "inexorably distancing themselves from the Church"

Novus Ordo Mass, 'Tridentine' Latin Mass, Traditional Latin Mass, Archbishop of Westminster, Vincent Nichols



Holy Antidepressants

Effective "natural antidepressants" that are both free of side effects and good for the soul.

Benedictine motto, "ora et labora" (pray and work), effective "natural antidepressants", mental disorders, depression, depressed, medication, pills, drugs, consequences of sin



Wisdom in the midst of wolves

It behooves Americans to be alert to certain activities of our increasingly overreaching government

U.S. government, White House, "snitch", report on "fishy" e-mails & websites, healthcare, 'cash for clunkers' website, computer system, federal government property, Orwellian



French diocese to aid heresy?

French diocese to loan parishes to Anglicans

French diocese of Périgueux-Sarlat, Anglican 'clergy', heretics, loaning parishes, invalid orders, religious indifferentism, ecumenical, ecumenism



"I personally would never kill my children, but..."

Comments regarding remarks of the "Italian Minister for Youth"

Abortion drug, RU-486, Italy, Italian Minister for Youth



Catholics' worst enemies: Catholics

The higher percentage of Catholics in the state, the more likely the state is to support 'gay rights' such as s*domite 'marriages'

Catholics, 'gay rights', s*domy, homosexual 'marriage', sin



Rebellious women religious

In connection with the Vatican investigation, certain females in religious life are resisting the request that they make a public profession of faith and take an oath of fidelity

Women religious, sisters, nuns, doctrinal assessment, Apostolic Visitation, Vatican investigation, dissent, feminist, disobedience



Once again, politicians harness the power of language in pursuit of their goal

Healthcare proponents object to the term "government run" health care and are calling for a "wording adjustment"

Health care reform, government run health care, "public option", power of language, wording adjustment, terminology



Refusing Holy Communion: An Act of Charity

Refusing a public sinner Holy Communion is an act of charity that protects the Eucharist & the sinner, and brings other benefits

Holy Communion, Holy Eucharist, refusing Communion to public sinners, blasphemous Communion, repentance




Pray for Vietnamese Catholics

Courageous, persecuted Catholics in Vietnam give an heroic & inspiring example of their faith

Vietnamese Catholics, Vietnam, persecution, heroic example



Beware of feelings of being "called"

Not all perceived "callings from God" are real

Callings from God, discernment, misguided feelings, God's will, Satan



But what about the funding?

Bishops' spokesman condemns "Catholic" marriage counseling service which supports children being raised by s*domites, adulterers & fornicators but spokesman has not indicated that the organization will be disciplined or denied further funding

Bishops' Conference of England and Wales, "Catholic" marriage counseling service, homosexual adoptions, cohabitation, funding



Supremely small-minded?

Supreme Court nominee doesn't answer basic questions

Sonia Sotomayor, Supreme Court nominee, failure to answer questions



Pope recovering after surgery

Update on Pope Benedict's condition related to his wrist injury

Pope Benedict XVI, surgery, operation, vacation, fracture, right wrist, fall, vacationing, chalet, Les Combes in Valle d'Aosta, medical condition, cast



Resisting discouragement

Despite relentless attacks, we must not get discouraged. The cross is the only way to heaven and we must do our part

Discouragement, attacks, cross, Church Militant, spiritual battle, despair, reward, trials, perseverance, strife, courage, victory



What's Next for L'Osservatore Romano - Praise for Satan himself?

Concern over recent articles in the Vatican newspaper, L'Osservatore Romano

L'Osservatore Romano, Vatican newspaper, editor, 'Angels and Demons' movie, President Obama, abortion, Michael Jackson, John Calvin, Harry Potter film, witchcraft, Satan, devil, anti-Catholic, pro-abortion, pop star, arch-heretic



Vacation advice from Pope Benedict XVI

Pope Benedict's vacation advice

Pope Benedict XVI, vacation advice, travel, pilgrimage, driving, motorists, prayers



Why all the fuss?

Grave scandal of Holy Communion being given to Canadian Prime Minister who is Protestant

Canadian Prime Minister, Protestant, Holy Communion, Eucharist, Stephen Harper, Archbishop Andre Richard, heretic, pocketing Holy Eucharist, Real Presence, scandal



The Pope's meeting with Obama: NOT another Notre Dame scandal

Comparisons between Obama's meeting with the Pope and the Notre Dame scandal are fatally flawed

Pope Benedict XVI, President Obama, Notre Dame scandal, 2004 USCCB statement, award, platform, honorary law degree, pro-abortion, diplomatic, diplomacy, office of the president



Pope's encyclical "challenges both sides of the political spectrum"

Brief discussion of Pope Benedict XVI's encyclical Caritas et Veritate ("Charity in Truth") with an emphasis on elements various parties may like or dislike

Pope Benedict XVI, encyclical, Caritas et Veritate, Charity in Truth, challenges, ethics, profit, economic crisis, consequences, duty of charity, truth is a gift, pro-life, right to life, openness to life, capital, subsidiary, duties vs. rights, redistribution of wealth, institutionalized "charity", redistribution of energy resources, global economy, taxes, international aid, world political authority, United Nations, U.N., abortion, euthanasia, true charity, pawnbroking, novel, controversial



Call now or pay later

Call to action: Demand that government stop wastefully spending our tax money & make elected officials fear for their reelection

Taxes, stimulus funds, wasteful spending, government, regulations, legislation, debt, politicians, lawmakers, reelection, White House, Senate, House of Representatives, State Legislatures, senators, representatives, congressmen



The End of Freedom in America?

Concern over threats to freedom in America, particularly with regard to the 'gay rights' movement. Call to action

End of freedom in America, eroded freedoms, freedom of religion, freedom of speech, regulations,  indoctrination, 'gay right' movement, homosexual agenda, influence Catholic Church, AIDS, President Obama, same sex 'marriages', homosexual activism, s*domy, s*domites, 'LGBT' indoctrination, perverted homosexual references, "gender identity", legal rights, "protected class", "normalize" homosexual behavior, control, "hate speech", discrimination, "hostile environment", tolerance, toleration, rights, values, perversion, sinful, unnatural, eternal hellfire, inclination, nature, marriage, families, Scripture, admonish, grassroots efforts, activism



Improvements To Our News Page

News page improvements: RSS feed, 2009 Archived News Brief Index News & Opinion Page, My Catholic News & Opinion Page, improvements, RSS feed, orange RSS feed icon, "Really Simple Syndication" feed, subscribe, free, Catholic content, blog, 2009 Archived News Brief Index, Google, MyYahoo, MSN, AOL, "hot topics"



Pray for Pope Benedict: 82-year-old Supreme Pontiff lost balance on Sunday

Call for prayer for the 82-year-old Pope Benedict XVI who slipped & lost his balance. Includes link for papal prayers

Pray, Pope Benedict XVI, slipped on step, lost balance, papal prayers



Will you die today?

The recent passing of several celebrities underscores the fact that death can come for each of us at any moment. We should think often of death and prepare for it in order to have a "happy death." Includes resources to help prepare for a "happy death"

Death, die, pass away, happy death, prepare for death, last things, novissima, preparation, last rites, resources, soul, eternity, extreme unction, last sacraments, St. Joseph, Viaticum, plenary indulgence, Blessed Virgin Mary, organ donation controversy, Requiem, Masses, privileged altar, Gregorian Masses, Trental, perpetual Masses, annual anniversary Masses, purgatory, few are saved, mercy, repentance



Holy Communion Under One Species

The recent flu outbreak has prompted parishes to curtail offering Holy Communion to the laity under the species of wine in Novus Ordo Masses. Catholics should remember that it is not necessary to receive Holy Communion under both species. In fact, there are many dangers & concerns over the introduction of Communion under both species in the 20th century

Holy Communion, Blood of Christ, species of wine, both species, two species, one species, Novus Ordo Masses, flu outbreak, not required, distribution under both species began as result of disobedience to Pope, irreverence, desecration, sacrilege, heretical beliefs, 'Extraordinary ministers of the Eucharist', 'Extraordinary ministers of Holy Communion, concerns, dangers, conforms to "Protestant sensibilities"



A little less sensitivity, please!

Concern over the "overly pastoral" actions of prelates; Prelates must issue harsh correction when necessary and be more focused on souls than feelings

Bishops, pastoral, sensitive, offense, sinner, Early Church Fathers, "pastoral sensitivity", Scripture, New Testament, "sugar coating", harsh statements, souls, feelings, harsh correction, medicine, pride, Church Militant, spiritual battle, warfare, "hurt feelings", salvation, lost souls, judging others, reprimand, admonish, judging actions, judges, false peace, persecution, suffering, harsh truths, few saved



Video to "Warm the Heart"

Links to video coverage of the Solemn Pontifical High Mass celebrated by Bishop Rifan in NY & the Solemn High Mass in CA commemorating the 7th Anniversary of the Founding of the Canons Regular of the New Jerusalem

Video coverage, 'Tridentine' Latin Mass, Traditional Latin Mass, Solemn Pontifical High Mass, Bishop Rifan, New York, Solemn High Mass, California, 7th Anniversary, Seventh Anniversary of the Founding of the Canons Regular of the New Jerusalem



Year of Priests

The Year of Priests is a good time to show appreciation to priests; Also: Laity's duties towards priests, related resources

Year of Priests, appreciation, duties of Catholics, prayer, respect, obedience, vocations, resources



Rewarding lawbreakers

Hot Topic: Illegal Immigration (click link to view)

USCCB calls for "comprehensive immigration reform legislation": Says "we do not approve or encourage the illegal entry of anyone into our country" but then seems to call for amnesty for illegals

USCCB, illegal immigration, amnesty, bishops, illegals, break laws, rewards



The Real Climate Change

Hot Topic: 'Global Warming / Climate Change' (click link to view)

Is global warming real? Probing into the impetus behind the climate change / global warming movement and some of its unanswered questions

Global warming, climate change, green policies, White House report, agenda, liberal, scientists, impetus, unanswered questions, U.S., United States, catastrophes, natural disasters, predictions, effects, harm, climate cycles, climate models, propaganda, inaccuracies, catastrophic, human behavior, driving force of 'global warming', cause and effect, scientific, science, contradictions, temperatures, alarmists, mainstream media, press, motivation, government, hoax, burden of proof, dissenting scientists, financial interest, legislation, congress, public health, critics, fear, scare tactics, freedom, taxes, regulations, abortion, euthanasia, population control, lifestyle choices, contraception, smaller families, smaller cars, false alarms, indoctrination, dogma, ostracism, anti-Christian, tax, red flags, "environmental sins", Scripture, end of the world, Christ's second coming, hell eternal punishment




Disgraced FL priest who defected to a heretical sect reportedly "marries" the 'divorced' woman he was having an affair with

Disgraced FL priest, heretical sect, broken vows, marriage, divorce, celibacy, affair, contrition



Defeat for traditionalists?

Is the replacement of Archbishop Ranjith by Archbishop-elect Joseph Augustine DiNoia really a defeat for traditionalists?

Transfer, Archbishop Ranjith, replacement, American Archbishop-elect Joseph Augustine DiNoia, defeat, traditionalists, red hat, cardinal, liturgy



"It's not about being Catholic"

Parishioners at hurricane damaged TX parish hold 'service' at heretical 'church'

Texas, hurricane-damaged church, sensus Catholicus, parish, religious indifferentism, heretical, worship



It is frightening

FL priest scandal: Priest to 'marry' the 'divorced' woman he had an affair with

Florida, priest, heresy, 'divorce', marriage, scandal, affair, false worship, religious indifferentism, celibacy, vows, betrayal, famous, adultery, No Salvation Outside the Church, fear of the Lord, hell, eternal punishment, sect, Henry VIII, libido



Empty words?

House Committee approves engraving National Motto 'In God We Trust' inside new Capitol Visitor Center but also approves funding international abortion

Irony, House Administration Committee, National Motto, 'In God We Trust', Capital Visitor Center, President Obama, international abortion, engraving, trust



Racist diseases?

Supreme Court nominee Sonia Sotomayor & racism

Supreme Court nominee Sonia Sotomayor, minorities, bias, racism, Hispanics



Can you imagine?

Congressional resolution regarding killing of notorious late-term abortionist George Tiller

Congressional resolution, killing, late-term abortion provider, abortionist, George Tiller



The Power of Language

Hot Topic: 'Torture' (click link to view)

Is waterboarding torture or is the term "torture" a manipulation of language to serve the liberal agenda?

Waterboarding, Oliver North, torture, President Obama, manipulation, language, words



Preposterous delusions or wishful thinking?

Comments regarding the eulogy of notorious late-term abortionist George Tiller

Eulogy, abortionist, George Tiller, heaven, innocent victims, unborn babies killed, late term abortion



Let's hold them accountable

Hilary Clinton & Nancy Pelosi should have to substantiate or retract their claims

Hilary Clinton, botched abortions, Brazil, hospital, Nancy Pelosi, embryonic stem cell research, cures, embryos, false statements, hold accountable, errors, lies



'Blind justice' & the 'quota queen'

Supreme Court nominee Sonia Sotomayor & racial preferences

Supreme Court nominee Sonia Sotomayor, racial preferences, quotas, affirmative action, diversity, Patrick Buchanan, justice, reverse discrimination, judicial activism, judge, equal justice



Now we can be sure

Supreme Court nominee Sonia Sotomayor is pro-abortion

Supreme Court nominee Sonia Sotomayor, pro-abortion, President Obama, Senator Barbara Boxer, "abortion rights", precedent, Roe vs. Wade



Civics 101: Breaking the law is not okay

Hot Topic: Illegal Immigration (click link to view)

Against illegal immigration

Illegal immigration, U.S. bishops, illegals, financial costs, social costs, laws, racial tension, crime, invasion, trespassers, protection of citizens, anarchy, charity, "comprehensive health care" for illegals, taxpayers, injustice, respect for the law, common good



Obama nominates "judicial activist" to Supreme Court

Obama nominates judicial activist Sonia Sotomayor to Supreme Court

Supreme Court nominee Sonia Sotomayor, judicial activism, divorced, Hispanic, female, Justice Souter, courts, policy, Latina, racial, racism, sexism, preferences, quotas, Puerto Rico, liberal, record of reversals



Obama not pro-abortion?

L'Osservatore Romano claims Obama is "not a pro-abortion president"

Vatican newspaper, L'Osservatore Romano, President Obama, pro-abortion



A thing of beauty

Archbishop Chaput's statement concerning the Notre Dame scandal

Archbishop Chaput, Notre Dame commencement scandal, Catholic identity, moral witness, President Obama, honorary law degree, Fr. Jenkins



The good & the bad, and the ridiculous

Summary of some good & bad elements from Notre Dame's controversial commencement ceremony & the events surrounding it

Notre Dame commencement scandal, pro-life, pro-abortion, boycott, arrests, hecklers, rally, honorary law degree, President Obama, "common ground", abortion, hypocrisy, Fr. Jenkins



What is surprising

Disgraced former archbishop publicly questions whether or not homosexual acts are immoral

Former Archbishop Rembert Weakland, Milwaukee, homosexuality, 'gay', sin of Sodom, s*domy, unnatural vice



More Clarity: Head of Catholic 'Supreme Court' Tells Obama Supporters to Get to Confession

Archbishop Burke tells those who knew Obama's anti-life, anti-family agenda but still voted for him to get to confession

Archbishop Burke, Prefect of the Apostolic Signatura, President Obama, vote, anti-life, anti-family, cooperation in grave evil, serious sin, mortal sin, confession, sacrament of Penance



Blind Sheep

FL priest scandal and the misguided masses

Florida, priest scandal, celibacy, vow, adultery, 'divorced' woman, rally, misguided masses



Let's be clear: NO

President of the Association of Catholic Colleges and Universities claims the USCCB statement isn't clear

President of the Association of Catholic Colleges, USCCB, 2004 document 'Catholics in Political Life', pro-abortion politicians, honors, moral principles, awards, Notre Dame commencement scandal



Thank a ND student

Signs of hope over Notre Dame scandal

Notre Dame commencement scandal, President Obama, pro-abortion, pro-life, Fr. Jenkins, bishops, "national outrage", boycott, students, character



Bibles to become illegal?

Hate crimes legislation & individual freedoms

Hate crimes legislation, freedom of thought, freedom of speech, penalties, crimes, "protected classes", equal justice, s*domy, sin of Sodom, homosexuality, 'gay', hate speech, bible



Former bishop's excuses countered by "strongly worded" statement of priests

Paraguayan President Fernando Lugo's paternity scandal

Paraguayan President Fernando Lugo, former bishop, scandal, fornication, fathered children, forgiveness, excuses, mortal sin, "personal errors", illegitimate children, vows, celibacy, forgiveness, consequences, justifications, responsibility, family



Putting her faith first

Mary Ann Glendon turns down a prestigious honor from Notre Dame over scandal

Mary Ann Glendon, decline, award, Laetare Medal, honor, Notre Dame, scandal, commencement, President Obama, pro-abortion, former ambassador to the Vatican, pro-life, honorary degree, Catholic university



Bishop calls on Catholics to abandon "abysmal apathy"

Bishop Tobin calls for Rhode Island Catholics to abandon their "abysmal apathy" over homosexual activism

Bishop Tobin, Rhode Island, apathy, homosexual activism, "gay marriage", immoral, religious freedom, responsibility



No more excuses

Bishop D'Arcy publicly issues statement saying the USCCB document applies to Notre Dame's commencement plans

Bishop D'Arcy, statement, USCCB, 2004 document 'Catholics in Political Life', Notre Dame's commencement scandal, President Obama, pro-abortion, honorary law degree



Great grades, but what about Catholic teachings?

Notre Dame's 2009 valedictorian supports Obama invite

Notre Dame valedictorian, President Obama, pro-abortion, scandal, right to life, Catholic teachings, honorary law degree



What about chain of command?

Why doesn't Bishop D'Arcy put a stop the Notre Dame commencement plans?

Bishop D'Arcy, stop Notre Dame commencement plans, scandal, President Obama, pro-abortion, chain of command, exercise authority



Forgive me if I'm not surprised

Planned Parenthood caught breaking laws

Texas, Planned Parenthood, break laws, abortions, license, human laws, divine law



Selling Out

Majority of 'Catholic' adoption agencies in the UK will help s*domites adopt children

Catholic adoption agencies, UK, "gay equity" laws, s*domites, sin of Sodom, homosexuals, adopt children



With 'converts' like Blair...

Convert Tony Blair apparently had poor faith formation; Wants change in Catholic doctrine

Tony Blair, convert, Catholic doctrine, unchangeable, truth, scandal, sin, poor faith formation



Making a 'god' out of human life?

Abortion, contraception and euthanasia may be merely symptoms of fundamental problem

Eucharistic abuse, sacrilege, abortion, contraception, euthanasia, putting God first



Stop Calling Yourself Catholic

Proposed "conscience protection law" lost because a majority of so-called 'Catholics' voted against it

Conscience protection law, pro-abortion, 'Catholic' politicians, health care workers, freedom of conscience, blame, vote



"Hate what is evil" (Rom. 12:9)

Many Catholics have lost their "moral compass"

Catholics, lost "moral compass", abortion, fornication, divorce, illegitimacy, homosexuality, poll, Scripture passages



What nerve!

Portuguese bishops contradict Pope

Portuguese bishops, contradict, Pope Benedict, moral evil, contraception



How do they sleep at night?

Obama nominates judge who ruled against laws requiring women be informed about health risks of abortion

President Obama, nomination, judge, abortion, health risks, women


3/26/09 [updated 3/27/09]

Archbishop Burke's Recent Comments

Archbishop Burke says that Canon 915 clearly forbids administering Holy Communion to pro-abortion politicians

Archbishop Raymond Burke, Canon 915, Holy Communion, pro-abortion politicians, grave sin, notorious sinners, refuse Holy Communion, Holy Eucharist



God Help France

French Catholics want Pope to step down & want Church to change positions on abortion, birth control, divorce & s*domy

France, poll, Pope, doctrine, abortion, birth control, contraception, divorce, s*domy, sin of Sodom, homosexuality



They Don't Really Want Choice

Pro-choice really means pro-abortion

Pro-choice, pro-abortion, ultrasound, health risks, limiting information, lies, deception



More Faithful Translation of Novus Ordo: A "systematic and well-managed dismantling of the vision, theology and ecclesiology of Vatican II"?

More faithful translation of Novus Ordo Mass upsets some

Novus Ordo Mass, more faithful translation, Latin, English, mistranslations, accurate, inaccuracies, Missal, Vatican II, Second Vatican Council



Will Chinese Government Block Access to Vatican Website?

Vatican website will soon include Chinese language; Some fear site may be blocked by Chinese government

Vatican website, Chinese, block access, Chinese government, communist, papal supremacy, persecuted Church in China, Chinese Patriotic Catholic Association (CPCA)



No More Ecclesia Dei

Pope releases letter concerning lifting of SSPX excommunications; Will join Pontifical Commission Ecclesia Dei to the Congregation for the Doctrine of the Faith

Pope Benedict, letter, lifting of SSPX excommunications, Pontifical Commission Ecclesia Dei, Congregation for the Doctrine of the Faith (CDF), Traditional Latin Mass, 'Tridentine' Latin Mass, 'tolerance'



Gingrich's Conversion

Newt Gingrich's expected conversion

Newt Gingrich, conversion, marital situation, Catholic Church



The Worst Crime in the World?

SSPX Bishop Williamson's apology scorned at Vatican, Cardinal Mahoney bars him from entering churches in his diocese

SSPX Bishop Williamson, apology scorned, Vatican, Cardinal Roger Mahoney, barred from churches in Los Angeles diocese, Catholic Church, holocaust denial



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