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"I personally would never kill my children, but..."

With regard to the recent 'legalization' of the RU486 abortion drug in Italy, the "Italian Minister for Youth" has gone on record with some ridiculous comments. She says that "If a woman can't be convinced to avoid an abortion, we should accept a less invasive and painful method" for her to use to murder her child, but adds that she personally "would never have an abortion".

This is like saying...

"If we can't deter a baby-killer from murdering a child, let's at least support the executioner's choice of a less painful (for him) weapon"

I guess we wouldn't want someone who kills another human being to have to suffer at all during the commission of the crime. No, wouldn't want that. We must "accept" their decision to murder a child using the method they find to be less painful for themselves.

How is it that a government official could show so little concern for the victims as opposed to the perpetrators in the crime of abortion? Does she perhaps think her feelings are justified because she personally "would never have an abortion" and because she "can't stop" those who want abortions? Would she also lend her "acceptance" to the following?

"I personally would never kill my children, but if you want to kill yours I accept that"

"I personally would never engage in child abuse, but if you want to abuse your children, I accept that"

"I personally would never engage in racial discrimination, but if you want to engage in racial discrimination, I accept that."

"I personally would not steal, but if you want to commit robbery, I accept that."

"I personally would not rape, but if you want to commit rape, I accept that."

..."After all, I am unable to convince you not to kill, abuse, discriminate, steal, or rape so I therefore accept your decision to do these things. And please do be sure to use the method that will be least painful. I wouldn't want you to hurt yourself as you are killing, abusing, discriminating, stealing, or raping."

Does this not, at least in some small way, resemble Pontius Pilate who acted as if his complicity in murder was negated simply because he "washed his hands"? And even he didn't have the nerve to ask the Blessed Virgin Mary, St. John or St. Peter to "accept" his decision to order the killing of Our Lord because he "couldn't stop" the public from calling for Christ's slaying.

So, how exactly does this government official expect others to "accept" abortion by this method because it is supposedly "less invasive and painful" for the mother as she kills her child. (Speaking of this drug being "less invasive and painful", try telling that to the dozens of women who've died from taking it!) It defies common sense. If one rejects a particular crime, one must necessarily reject all methods designed specifically to commit that crime.

Finally, where in her comments do we find this "minister for youth" showing concern for the young victims? Would she not be angry to observe courtroom proceedings in which a murderer is given more concern & compassion than his slain victims? So how is it that she shows no apparent concern for the most helpless of all murdered youths - those killed by their mother as "painlessly" for her as possible - since she is supposed to be the "minister for youth"? Perhaps she could find some concern for the victims if (1) she was one of them, or (2) it was her own child that was in danger of being killed. In these cases, I suspect she wouldn't blithely ask us to "accept" a "less invasive and painful method" for the executioner who stood ready to kill her or her children.


Catholics' worst enemies: Catholics

Once again it appears that Catholics may be fostering the rapid decay of the moral fiber of America. As the opening paragraph of a recent USA Today article reads, "Want to predict which state might move next to legalize same-sex marriage? You might count Catholics." The article says that the higher percentage of Catholics in the state, the more likely the state is to support 'gay rights' such as s*domite 'marriages'.

Unfortunately, many of today's Catholics seem to turn a blind eye to - or even assist in advancing legal protections for - these unnatural, abominable & sinful unions. They, perhaps, think they do so out of 'charity' - however, such actions are far from charitable.

It is important to recall that: [Note: Most items below taken from an earlier news brief]

* Scripture is the "ultimate authority" and it clearly condemns homosexuality. For example, consider these passages:

Lev. 18:22: You shall not lie with a male as with a woman; such a thing is an abomination.

Deut. 22:5: "A woman shall not wear an article proper to a man, nor shall a man put on a woman's dress; for anyone who does such things is an abomination to the LORD, your God."

St. Paul, 1 Cor 6:9-10: Do you not know that the unjust will not inherit the kingdom of God? Do not be deceived; neither fornicators nor idolaters nor adulterers nor boy prostitutes nor practicing homosexuals nor thieves nor the greedy nor drunkards nor slanderers nor robbers will inherit the kingdom of God.

St Jude, Jude 1:7: Likewise, Sodom, Gomorrah, and the surrounding towns, which, in the same manner as they, indulged in sexual promiscuity and practiced unnatural vice, serve as an example by undergoing a punishment of eternal fire.

* S*domy is one of only four sins that "cry out to heaven for vengeance".

* God is THE authority on charity and we know from Scripture that the all-loving God has condemned the s*domites to suffer eternal hellfire for their perversity (see Jude 1:7). Therefore, it is clearly not charitable to foster sins which may lead to someone's eternal ruin.

* Having a supposed "inclination" to something does not give one the right to act upon it or make it "not sinful" if one does act on it. For example, some persons may have an inclination to murder, adultery or fornication, but it certainly would be sinful - a crime - to act on any of these inclinations. It would be wrong to legalize the acts on the premise that someone had an "inclination" to the behavior. To act on these inclinations is a sin and a misuse of one's free-will.

* Rights originate from God. Things that offend God cannot be rights.

* Toleration of sin is NOT a virtue. Admonishing of the sinner is clearly Scriptural. For example, consider these passages...

"admonish one another" (St. Paul, Col. 3:16, Rom. 15:14)

"admonish them sharply" (St. Paul, Ti. 1:13)

"admonishing everyone" (St. Paul, Col. 1:28)

"If your brother sins, rebuke him" (Jesus Christ, Lk. 17:3)

* Consenting to another's sin makes one an accessory to sin.

* To grant "rights" to persons for the purpose of engaging in perversion is itself perverted!

Rather than enable s*domites to continue in their sins by promoting 'gay friendly' laws, faithful Catholics who really love homosexuals should seek to protect them from legislation that will ultimately harm both themselves & others, and they should consider appropriate ways to help those who feel they have this inclination to repent & live chastely.

It is certain that Catholics who have joined forces with the Church's enemies - even unknowingly - necessarily become, in a sense, enemies of the Church. Obviously, it is not charitable to become an enemy of the only true Church of Christ, nor will it well-serve the souls of such persons. By joining in insidious 'gay rights' efforts that foster sin, Catholics harm themselves, others, and the homosexuals they supposedly have "charity" for. It would be far better for everyone if they directed their efforts instead to assisting homosexuals in their plight, whether by prayer, education, or other appropriate efforts. True charity calls for loving the sinner, but it also requires that we HATE the sin - not foster it.

Reminder: "Hating the sin", referring to certain persons as "enemies", etc. does NOT mean that one should cause (or wish) harm to anyone. Rather, we should treat others with compassion and lovingly assist them as we are able (e.g. via prayer).


Rebellious women religious

As previously announced, the Vatican has been conducting a "doctrinal assessment" and visitation of U.S. nuns. For orthodox Catholics familiar with the unprecedented situation of female religious in this country, such news may have brought a huge sigh of relief. It is well known that many "modern" sisters have been rebellious & unorthodox for years. Besides calling into question - or openly protesting - various doctrines of the Church, many of these modern, dissenting "feminist" nuns - who don't seem to want to look like, act like, or think like holy nuns of the past - are known to practice and promote witchcraft. They have also been advancing the occult and harmful New Age practices. Many openly question - or try to force a change in - Church teachings. In fact, simply reading about the state of many female religious communities in this country may turn the stomachs of faithful Catholics. Sadly, the problem is rampant in the American Church.

Unfortunately, however, certain females in religious life are resisting the request that they make a public profession of faith and take an oath of fidelity, even calling such actions "demeaning", "insulting", and "scandalous". Instead, they apparently wish to remain involved in their heresy, disobedience, and other shocking & scandalous behaviors which have engrossed them for decades. It is not yet clear how this matter will be resolved. Even though this investigation is certainly very late in coming, one can hope it won't be a case of "way too little, way too late".

In the meantime, unfortunately,  supporters of these women are claiming the oath would make the nuns "slaves of men". They have also called the oath "totalitarian" and have compared the Vatican's request to an "Orwellian nightmare". These supporters seem to find nothing wrong with the nun's practice of witchcraft, their promotion of New Age practices & the occult, their spread of dissent, or their scorning of true Catholic doctrine. They only see a problem with having supposedly Catholic "brides of Christ" make a public profession of faith and take an oath of fidelity. Does anyone else wish we could also get a visitation and "doctrinal assessment" of Catholic laity?


Once again, politicians harness the power of language in pursuit of their goal

Those trying to maneuver healthcare legislation through the system are attempting to harness the power of language. Similar to abortion proponents who can't refer to their evil agenda truthfully as the "killing of unborn babies", legislators are attempting to gloss over their plans for government-run health care by using the more innocuous term "public option." A recently publicized e-mail specifically asks a lawmaker for a wording adjustment - namely to change the phrase "government run" to "public option". They are apparently afraid that if their bill is described clearly & truthfully, people might object to it. As smart citizens, we must recognize the power of words and not be fooled by obscure terminology. And, if by chance you think language doesn't matter, try asking an abortion-minded woman when she plans to have her baby killed. [story here] [7/27]

Refusing Holy Communion: An Act of Charity

Unfortunately, many wrongly think the Church is somehow "mean" or wrong in the (all too rare) instances when her leaders refuse a public sinner Holy Communion. However, as a recent interview with a leading Vatican official points out, such actions are actually acts of charity.

When a pubic sinner is refused the Holy Eucharist, we (1) shield the most sacred Object on earth - the very Flesh & Blood of Christ Himself, and (2) we protect the sinner from making a blasphemous Communion. The refusal may also encourage sinners to realize the seriousness of their situation and lead them to repentance. Further, such refusals provide good illustration to the faithful concerning the Real Presence and the consequences of sin. Such actions are also likely to prevent others from approaching Holy Communion unworthily.

[Refresher: "Therefore whoever eats the bread or drinks the cup of the Lord unworthily will have to answer for the body and blood of the Lord. A person should examine himself, and so eat the bread and drink the cup. For anyone who eats and drinks without discerning the body, eats and drinks judgment on himself. That is why many among you are ill and infirm, and a considerable number are dying." (St. Paul, 1 Cor. 11:27-30)]


Pray for Vietnamese Catholics

Recent news stories paint a very unfortunate picture of conditions for Catholics in Vietnam. However, courageous Catholics in that country have been giving an heroic & inspiring example of their faith. Illustrative headlines include:

* Communist government of Viet Nam imposing heavy fines on couples with more than two children under revived "two-child policy"; Parish priest says 90% of parishioners have agreed to pay the steep fines to be faithful to Church teachings [7/17]

* Hundreds of Catholics brutally beaten by Vietnamese police as they tried to restore historic parish; Injured include priests and lay persons [7/21]

Please pray for our brother & sister Catholics in Vietnam.


Beware of feelings of being "called"

Is there anyone more determined than an individual who thinks God is "calling" them to do something? For good or evil, numerous people seem to feel - or expressly state - that God is "calling them" to a certain course of action. Oftentimes, however, people's misguided feelings are unlikely to correspond to any real calling from Almighty God. This is especially apparent when such "callings" go against what we know of God, or if such "callings" are patently laughable or absurd. Rather, such feelings may be simply prideful manifestations of what one desires to do cloaked as if such actions were the Lord's holy will.

Jesus has told us plainly that people will even kill us, wrongly thinking they are performing a service for God:

"...the hour cometh, that whosoever killeth you will think that he doth a service to God. And these things will they do to you; because they have not known the Father nor me." (Jn. 16:2-3)

Clearly not all perceived "callings" are real.

A recent example of a highly questionable "calling from God" comes with a suspended priest who wrongly thinks love of country is "greater" than love of the priesthood and that a political office is a "higher service" than the priesthood. He claims God is "calling him" to run for president of the Philippines. While it is not our place to rule on the authenticity of alleged "callings from God", it seems unreasonable on its face to think that God would call an ordained man to abandon the holy priesthood, for which there is "nothing higher on earth", to pursue politics. As one faithful priest has stated, "No one on this Earth can give God as much glory as a devout priest." Nevertheless, the suspended priest referenced earlier is unlikely to be deterred, because he thinks he has been "called" by God to pursue this path.

Perhaps some people claim God is "calling" them because it is hard to challenge their assertion. Maybe persons say this because they are confused or poorly formed. Maybe they are sincere and really do believe they are being called. But whatever the reason, beware of considering deceits of Satan as "callings" from God. As Holy Scripture warns:

"Be sober and vigilant. Your opponent the devil is prowling around like a roaring lion looking for someone to devour." (cf. 1 Pt. 5:8)

Be careful also that you do not confuse your own will with God's will. Furthermore, rest assured that if you think God is "calling" you to sin or to go against infallible Church teachings, you are most definitely WRONG. Learning to discern God's true will takes more than just going along with a "feeling" you may have. If it is a true calling, you don't want to ignore it. However, if it is not, beware.


But what about the funding?

The good news is that a spokesman for the Bishops' Conference of England and Wales has said that the views of the renegade "Catholic" marriage counseling service which supports children being raised by s*domites, adulterers, and fornicators are "clearly not a reflection of the Church's teaching, nor those of the Bishops' Conference."

More good news is that a critic of this "Catholic" counseling service has pointed out the fallacy of their argument, mentioning that statistics show the "repeated conclusion" that "children do best educationally, behaviorally and in every other sphere when raised by two original biological, married parents" and that problems "tend to be two or three times as likely with single parents, and with step-parents."

The bad news is, at least for the moment, there appears to be no word of the diocese stopping funding for this "Catholic" organization or applying other discipline. Let's hope these actions come soon, but don't hold your breath. [story here - warning: contains some offensive content] [7/20]

Supremely small-minded?

As liberals continue to gush praise on their Supreme Court hopeful, are we really supposed to believe she's an "intellectual heavyweight" if she "doesn't know" whether people have the right to defend themselves and has "never thought about" whether the unborn have rights?

When pressed to answer a question that mere kindergartners probably know by instinct concerning whether an individual citizen has a right to self-defense, her response was "that is an abstract question with no particular meaning to me."

And this is their "wise Latina"?


Pope recovering after surgery

Pope Benedict XVI underwent a successful surgery Friday morning for a fracture to his right wrist. The injury occurred after the Holy Father fell Thursday evening while vacationing in his chalet at Les Combes in Valle d'Aosta. Early reports say the Pope slipped in the bath.

The operation, which involved two metal pins, has been described at "not difficult." Before surgery, the Supreme Pontiff was able to celebrate Mass and the Holy See Press Office Director says the Pope's "general condition is good."

It is expected that Pope Benedict may don a cast for around a month. In the meantime, it is not certain if the Holy Father, who is right-handed, will keep his full schedule. Reportedly, the injury was caused by an "accidental fall" and that Pope Benedict "was not feeling ill when he fell." Some reports indicate that the Supreme Pontiff has recently "appeared tired" in some of his public appearances.

Vatican report here

Pray for the Holy Father!

Note: Some prayers for the Pope may be found here.


Resisting discouragement

In this sad age where our values are under constant siege, our freedoms are continually threatened, and entire groups of people's very existence is under relentless attack, some Catholics may be moving towards discouragement. But we must not let this occur. It is important to keep in mind that the cross is the only way to heaven and remember that we - as part of the Church Militant - must courageously do our part in this momentous spiritual battle, despite the seemingly non-stop attacks of our enemies. As Pope Leo XIII said over a century ago:

"We have fallen upon times when a violent and well-nigh daily battle is being fought about matters of highest moment, a battle in which it is hard not to be sometimes deceived, not to go astray and, for many, not to lose heart." (Pope Leo XIII, "Sapientiae Christianae", 1890 A.D.)

But clearly we cannot give into despair, come what may. Christ tells us:

"I have told you this so that you might have peace in me. In the world you will have trouble, but take courage, I have conquered the world." (Our Lord Jesus Christ, Jn. 16:33)

As Popes have reinforced:

"But for those who seek salvation there can be no middle ground between laborious struggle and destruction." (Pope Leo XIII, "Inimica Vis", 1892 A.D.)

"For surely our whole life is involved in a constant battle in which our salvation itself is at stake; nothing is more disgraceful for a Christian than cowardice." (Pope Leo XIII, "Inimica Vis", 1892 A.D.)

"Let them not, however, lose heart; to face bitter combats is a mark of Christians, and to endure grave labors to the end is a mark of them who, as good soldiers of Christ, follow Him closely." (Pope Pius XI, "Quadragesimo Anno", 1931 A.D.)

We must remember that carrying our cross is necessary for our salvation, and that it will be rewarded...

"[Jesus] summoned the crowd with his disciples and said to them, 'Whoever wishes to come after me must deny himself, take up his cross, and follow me." (Mk. 8:34)

"In this you rejoice, although now for a little while you may have to suffer through various trials, so that the genuineness of your faith, more precious than gold that is perishable even though tested by fire, may prove to be for praise, glory, and honor at the revelation of Jesus Christ." (St. Peter, 1 Pt. 1:6-7)

"Beloved, do not be surprised that a trial by fire is occurring among you, as if something strange were happening to you. But rejoice to the extent that you share in the sufferings of Christ, so that when his glory is revealed you may also rejoice exultantly." (St. Peter, 1 Pt. 4:12-13)

"Consider it all joy, my brothers, when you encounter various trials, for you know that the testing of your faith produces perseverance. And let perseverance be perfect, so that you may be perfect and complete, lacking in nothing." (St. James, Jms. 1:2-4)

"Know, however, that if you are to be a friend of God, you must prepare yourself for trials, for without them all your virtues is like an unwalled city, which falls at the first onslaught." (St. John of Avila)

"And yet it must be said that it seems to have been predetermined by the counsel of God that there should be no salvation to men without strife and pain. Truly, though God has given to man pardon for sin, He gave it under the condition that His only begotten Son should pay the due penalty; and although Jesus Christ might have satisfied divine justice in other ways, nevertheless He preferred to satisfy by the utmost suffering and the sacrifice of His life. Thus he has imposed upon His followers this law, signed in His blood, that their life should be an endless strife with the vices of the age. What made the apostles invincible in their mission of teaching truth to the world; what strengthened the martyrs innumerable in their bloody testimony to the Christian faith, but the readiness of their soul to obey fearlessly His laws? And all who have taken heed to live a Christian life and seek virtue have trodden the same path; therefore We must walk in this way if We desire either Our own salvation or that of others." (Pope Leo XIII, "Exeunte Iam Anno", 1888 A.D.)

We should be comforted by the fact that we won't be given more than we can bear, no matter how difficult things may get...

"No trial has come to you but what is human. God is faithful and will not let you be tried beyond your strength; but with the trial he will also provide a way out, so that you may be able to bear it." (St. Paul, 1 Cor. 10:13)

And, as penitent Christians, we mustn't try to escape our crosses...

"[T]he more penitent we are, the less anxious we are to escape our cross. The more we see ourselves as we are, the more we say with the good thief: 'I deserved this cross.' He did not want to be excused; he did not want to have his sin explained away; he did not want to be let off; he did not ask to be taken down. He wanted only to be forgiven." (Archbishop Fulton Sheen)

We should remember that our trials will be for our benefit...

"In sending us tribulations, God intends to make us saints." (St. Alphonsus Liguori, Doctor of the Church)

"A great servant of God once said that 'if some gall were not mingled in our earthly cup, we should be content with our exile, and think less of our own true country.'" (St. Theophane Venard)

"But God in His good Providence allows so many terrors, sorrows, and dangers to be put in our way by our enemy that He may break down our spirit, give us lowly hearts, and train us to submissiveness of mind and humility, so that we may never in the future feel any trust in our own prudence, but all entire trust in His Divine Protection." (St. Francis Xavier)

Further, we should appreciate the fact that by enduring our cross, we are following our Head, Christ...

"And as that blessed Savior, in His infinite wisdom, made spontaneous choice of sorrows, of sufferings, and of death on a cross, as the best means of our redemption, so has He always allotted to His best loved friends, the king of life which He had deliberately chosen for Himself, that is, the way of the cross." (Liturgical Year)

And remember that if we faithfully carry our cross, God will aid us...

"Bring it home to their minds, as We have Ourselves oftentimes conveyed the warning, that matters of the highest moment and worthy of all honor are at stake, for the safeguarding of which every most toilsome effort should be readily endured; and that a sublime reward is in store for the labors of a Christian life. On the other hand, to refrain from doing battle for Jesus Christ amounts to fighting against Him; He Himself assures us 'He will deny before His Father in heaven those who shall have refused to confess Him on earth.' As for Ourselves and you all, never assuredly, so long as life lasts, shall We allow Our authority, Our counsels, and Our solicitude to be in any wise lacking in the conflict. Nor is it to be doubted but that especial aid of the great God will be vouchsafed, so long as the struggle endures, to the flock alike and to the pastors" (Pope Leo XIII, "Sapientiae Christianae", 1890 A.D.)

So take courage and do not lose heart. In the end, the victory will be with Christ. That is for certain.

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What's Next for L'Osservatore Romano - Praise for Satan himself?

A sampling of some of our recent news links highlights an alarming problem with the Vatican newspaper, L'Osservatore Romano. For example, consider these recent items:

* Unbelievable: Vatican newspaper gives mixed review to 'Angels and Demons' film; Calls anti-Catholic movie "gripping", with "splendid" camera work, and "dynamic and alluring" direction [5/6]

* Most "pro-abortion president in history" is not pro-abortion according to editor of Vatican newspaper [5/21] [previous news brief here]

* Vatican newspaper stirs it up again: Recently deceased "pop music legend" who was not known for promoting Christian values is praised by L'Osservatore Romano [6/27]

* Here we go again: Vatican newspaper praises arch-heretic John Calvin; Calls him "extraordinary" and a "Christian" [7/3] [Reality checks: (1) Heresy costs souls (click here for more information), and (2) Protestants are not rightly called Christian ("The very tradition, teaching, and faith of the Catholic Church from the beginning, which the Lord gave, was preached by the apostles and was preserved by the Fathers. On this was the Church founded, and if anyone departs from this, he neither is, nor any longer ought to be called, a Christian." - St. Athanasius, Doctor of the Church]

* Vatican newspaper does it again: L'Osservatore Romano praises new Harry Potter film which contains witchcraft [7/14] [Reality checks: (1) "Behind Harry Potter hides the signature of the king of the darkness, the devil" (Father Gabriele Amorth, Chief Exorcist of Rome), (2) "It is good, that you enlighten people about Harry Potter, because those are subtle seductions, which act unnoticed and by this deeply distort Christianity in the soul, before it can grow properly" (Cardinal Ratzinger, the future Pope Benedict XVI), (3) "Neither let there be found among you any one that shall...consulteth soothsayers, or observeth dreams and omens, neither let there be any wizard, nor charmer...For the Lord abhorreth all these things" (Deut. 18:10-12), (4) "Every form of sorcery is practiced with indirect or direct recourse to Satan" (TIA article). Also, remember that the more witchcraft is portrayed "positively", the more dangerous it is.]

What is going on over there? At this rate, it seems reasonable to fear that we'll soon see the paper publish praise for Satan himself. It's really not that much of a stretch when one considers that the publication has already lauded an anti-Catholic film, a pro-abortion president, a cr*tch-grabbing pop-star whose works include the albums "Bad" & "Dangerous", an arch-heretic, and now a film containing witchcraft. Really, at this point, such praise is but a very short step. [7/14]

Vacation advice from Pope Benedict XVI

Prior to beginning his vacation, Pope Benedict has asked vacationers to drive safely and follow the rules of the road. He has "called on vacationers to drive safely and asked that they use their time off to renew body and soul and grow closer to God." The Pope also asked for prayers for his vacation and said he will pray for those vacationing or on pilgrimage. [story here] [7/13]

Why all the fuss?

Misinformed people don't understand the "fuss" being made over a well-known Protestant receiving Holy Communion from an archbishop. Could someone please explain to them that...

* This "wafer" (as many secular accounts call It) is the very flesh of Jesus - God Incarnate. It is the most sacred of all objects on earth.

* This sacred Host was received by a heretic (who they originally thought pocketed It!). Scripture says that "whoever eats the bread or drinks the cup of the Lord unworthily will have to answer for the body and blood of the Lord" (1 Cor. 11:27)

* The recipient presumably failed to discern the Real Presence of Christ in the Holy Eucharist. As Scripture says, "For anyone who eats and drinks without discerning the body, eats and drinks judgment on himself" (1 Cor. 11:29)

* The archbishop has the duty to protect the Holy Eucharist & should have known better (or he should have paid more attention). His actions have caused grave scandal.

This is no mere "faux pas". It is a serious matter. Frankly, given the gravity of the situation, it's hard to imagine that anywhere close to enough "fuss" is being made. For the good of the recipient and for the good all Catholics (and non-Catholics alike, as this is a "teaching moment"), this abominable occurrence should be given the scrupulous attention it deserves. This is necessary in order to make adequate reparation, repair the scandal, and prevent its recurrence.

As the Scripture passages above clearly indicate, what occurred is not light blunder and it therefore must be taken very seriously. Furthermore, the Bible also indicates that unworthy reception of Holy Communion resulted in death (1 Cor. 11:30: "That is why many among you are ill and infirm, and a considerable number are dying."), but worse of all it is a direct offense to Almighty God. What could be more deserving of our attention?


The Pope's meeting with Obama: NOT another Notre Dame scandal

In various forums, people have been comparing the Pope's meeting with Obama to the Notre Dame scandal. But this comparison is fatally flawed. There is a huge difference between (1) a Catholic college causing worldwide scandal & violating a directive of the bishops (From the 2004 USCCB statement: "The Catholic community and Catholic institutions should not honor those who act in defiance of our fundamental moral principles. They should not be given awards, honors or platforms which would suggest support for their actions") by inviting & conferring an honorary law degree on a pro-abortion president (who, by the way, feels the "world's most innocent & helpless persons" - the unborn - should have no legal rights whatsoever) and giving him a platform to speak to impressionable students, even in defiance of the area's bishop, and (2) the Pope agreeing to meet with Obama diplomatically as head of the U.S. without giving him an award or a public platform to speak to impressionable young persons. The former situation honors the man, the latter honors the office of the president.

And we can be fairly sure that when Obama meets with the Pope, the President won't be wearing an inscription symbolic of dedication to the Blessed Virgin Mary while affirming his radical pro-abortion stance. Also, the two of them will each be speaking - the Pope won't simply be listening to Obama's rhetoric. Further, we feel confident that elderly priests on the grounds won't be arrested and carted away for defending life along with other pro-lifers. Likewise, we hope that the Pope would dismiss the idea of "common ground" on the killing of babies as fast as he would reject the notion of finding "common ground" concerning toleration of racial prejudice. Obviously, both should be rejected outright. Furthermore, it would seem out of character that a Pope would give Obama the (embarrassingly) laudatory treatment that Notre Dame's Fr. Jenkins accorded our President. Nor will Obama walk away from his meeting with the Pope carrying an honorary degree. Finally, while the President's presence at Notre Dame was in no way obligatory, his presence in world diplomatic relations obviously is necessary. Who cannot see that there is a world of difference between these two events? Or is this just one more attempt by liberals to turn a situation to their advantage?


Pope's encyclical "challenges both sides of the political spectrum"

Pope Benedict's long-awaited encyclical has finally been released. As predicted, "both sides of the political spectrum" have been challenged by it. 

For example, some may like...

* The call for Christian charity and the reminder that "Charity is at the heart of the Church's social doctrine"

* The affirmation of the proper role of profit ("Profit is useful if it serves as a means towards an end that provides a sense both of how to produce it and how to make good use of it. Once profit becomes the exclusive goal, if it is produced by improper means and without the common good as its ultimate end, it risks destroying wealth and creating poverty.")

* Its hopeful tone during the present economic crisis ("The current crisis obliges us to re-plan our journey, to set ourselves new rules and to discover new forms of commitment, to build on positive experiences and to reject negative ones. The crisis thus becomes an opportunity for discernment, in which to shape a new vision for the future. In this spirit, with confidence rather than resignation, it is appropriate to address the difficulties of the present time.")

* Its affirmation of food & water as a basic human right ("It is therefore necessary to cultivate a public conscience that considers food and access to water as universal rights of all human beings, without distinction or discrimination")

* The affirmation that "every economic decision has a moral consequence."

* Its recognition that the duty of charity to others originates from God ("As society becomes ever more globalized, it makes us neighbors but does not make us brothers. Reason, by itself, is capable of grasping the equality between men and of giving stability to their civic coexistence, but it cannot establish fraternity. This originates in a transcendent vocation from God the Father, who loved us first, teaching us through the Son what fraternal charity is.")

* The reminder that truth must be received as a gift ("Truth, and the love which it reveals, cannot be produced: they can only be received as a gift. Their ultimate source is not, and cannot be, mankind, but only God, who is himself Truth and Love. This principle is extremely important for society and for development, since neither can be a purely human product; the vocation to development on the part of individuals and peoples is not based simply on human choice, but is an intrinsic part of a plan that is prior to us and constitutes for all of us a duty to be freely accepted. That which is prior to us and constitutes us - subsistent Love and Truth - shows us what goodness is, and in what our true happiness consists. It shows us the road to true development.")

* Its pro-life affirmation ("When a society moves towards the denial or suppression of life, it ends up no longer finding the necessary motivation and energy to strive for man's true good. If personal and social sensitivity towards the acceptance of a new life is lost, then other forms of acceptance that are valuable for society also wither away. The acceptance of life strengthens moral fibre and makes people capable of mutual help. By cultivating openness to life, wealthy peoples can better understand the needs of poor ones, they can avoid employing huge economic and intellectual resources to satisfy the selfish desires of their own citizens, and instead, they can promote virtuous action within the perspective of production that is morally sound and marked by solidarity, respecting the fundamental right to life of every people and every individual.")

* The acknowledgement that it may be more appropriate for capital to be kept near where it was produced ("There is no reason to deny that a certain amount of capital can do good, if invested abroad rather than at home. Yet the requirements of justice must be safeguarded, with due consideration for the way in which the capital was generated and the harm to individuals that will result if it is not used where it was produced.")

* The reaffirmation of subsidiarity ("subsidiarity is the most effective antidote against any form of all-encompassing welfare state")

* The focus on duties vs. rights ("An overemphasis on rights leads to a disregard for duties. Duties set a limit on rights because they point to the anthropological and ethical framework of which rights are a part, in this way ensuring that they do not become licence. Duties thereby reinforce rights and call for their defense and promotion as a task to be undertaken in the service of the common good. Otherwise, if the only basis of human rights is to be found in the deliberations of an assembly of citizens, those rights can be changed at any time, and so the duty to respect and pursue them fades from the common consciousness.")

* The highlighting of today's inconsistency regarding rights ("Nowadays we are witnessing a grave inconsistency. On the one hand, appeals are made to alleged rights, arbitrary and non-essential in nature, accompanied by the demand that they be recognized and promoted by public structures, while, on the other hand, elementary and basic rights remain unacknowledged and are violated in much of the world.")

On the other hand, critics may express concern over various points, such as:

* The document gives a nod to continuity, but relies heavily on Vatican II or later documents

* The document speaks about general duties of individuals in society, but may be short on specific, actual doctrines of the Catholic faith or our specific duties towards God

* The average Catholic or other citizen may find the document "a bit lofty"

* The document contains references to "problems associated with population growth" and "responsible procreation". Although contraception is not condoned, it may nevertheless be possible for persons to take this part of the document out of context and use it as an excuse for contraception

* The document calls for massive redistribution of wealth ("The processes of globalization, suitably understood and directed, open up the unprecedented possibility of large-scale redistribution of wealth on a world-wide scale")

* The document favorably references institutionalized "charity" (e.g. for-profit companies "oriented towards social welfare"), without addressing why consumers shouldn't pay lower prices for goods and have charity left in their own hands

* The document calls for a "worldwide redistribution of energy resources" amidst an already existing "energy crisis" ("What is also needed, though, is a worldwide redistribution of energy resources, so that countries lacking those resources can have access to them")

* The document's discussion of other religions in the context of earthly realities - without mentioning the grave danger that false religions present to the eternal souls of their adherents [more information]

* The seeming "man-centeredness" of the document as opposed to being manifestly "God-centered" ("In the Pastoral Constitution Gaudium et Spes, the Council fathers asserted that 'believers and unbelievers agree almost unanimously that all things on earth should be ordered towards man as to their centre and summit'")

* Consequences of sin are referred to in earthly terms - without mentioning the grave danger such sins present to individuals' souls or the necessity of repentance for salvation

* The omission of Christ - the Prince of Peace - in the document's requirements for peace-building. As Pope Pius XI said, "[T]rue peace, the peace of Christ, is impossible unless we are willing and ready to accept the fundamental principles of Christianity, unless we are willing to observe the teachings and obey the law of Christ, both in public and private life."

* The document's suggestion - in the name of subsidiarity - that charitable disbursements be made from taxes rather than privately funded, with no mention that the ultimate "subsidiarity" may involve allowing each person to direct their own spending ("One possible approach to development aid would be to apply effectively what is known as fiscal subsidiarity, allowing citizens to decide how to allocate a portion of the taxes they pay to the State. Provided it does not degenerate into the promotion of special interests, this can help to stimulate forms of welfare solidarity from below, with obvious benefits in the area of solidarity for development as well.")

* During a time of economic crisis, record unemployment & debt - rather than first getting one's own house in order - the document calls for increased international aid ("more economically developed nations should do all they can to allocate larger portions of their gross domestic product to development aid")

* The nod to "religious freedom", even for those who profess false religions ("Denying the right to profess one's religion in public and the right to bring the truths of faith to bear upon public life has negative consequences for true development."), in contrast to the traditional teachings of the Church as represented by this quotation from Pope Gregory XVI: "Experience shows that there is no more direct way of alienating the populace from fidelity and obedience to their leaders than through that indifference to religion propagated by the sect members under the name of religious liberty."

* Concern for national sovereignty as the document speaks of an "urgent need of a true world political authority" which is "universally recognized" and "vested with the effective power to ensure security for all, regard for justice, and respect for rights", along with "the authority to ensure compliance with its decisions from all parties"

* The document's emphasis on our duties towards our neighbor rather than our duties towards God. As St. Thomas Aquinas states, "[W]e ought to love God...more than our neighbor."

* The document's seeming nod to feminists which discusses "decent work" for women with no mention of the essential role of full-time mothering - something for which even Vatican II said, "The children, especially the younger among them, need the care of their mother at home."

* The document's seeming disregard for personal responsibility in that it states that each of us is "outside his or her own control" ("No one shapes his own conscience arbitrarily, but we all build our own "I" on the basis of a "self" which is given to us. Not only are other persons outside our control, but each one of us is outside his or her own control. A person's development is compromised, if he claims to be solely responsible for producing what he becomes.")

* The document's discussion of the consequences of abortion and euthanasia in terms of earthly concerns - e.g. denial of human dignity, fostering a materialistic and mechanistic understanding of human life, negative effects for development - with no mention of sin, judgment, or hell

The document may also provide a wealth of material for contemplation. For example...

* How is it possible for "large-scale" (presumably forced) redistribution of wealth not to lead to resentment among people? How can such resentment foster charity?

* When is "charity" not charity? Although Jesus said to give our coat to another (and woe to us if we are not charitable!), He didn't tell someone to take it from us to give to another person. The former is charity, while the latter is theft.

* Will people see in this encyclical an implication that those who have more have not worked for it or that they are not entitled to enjoy the fruits of their labor? Or that the government or other bodies should be the ones to control the hard-earned fruits of others' labors? Is there a danger here of moving towards socialism and government control? Remember that Pope Pius XI said that socialism "cannot be reconciled with the teachings of the Catholic Church" and that no one "can be at the same time a good Catholic and a true socialist"

* Given that "The Church has a responsibility towards creation and she must assert this responsibility in the public sphere. In so doing, she must defend not only earth, water and air as gifts of creation that belong to everyone. She must above all protect mankind from self-destruction" (emphasis added), why choose to issue an encyclical on the economy instead of Eucharistic abuse or rampant mortal sin? What could be more destructive to mankind than these matters?

* Doesn't true charity require us to have a particular concern for souls? In this "unparalleled" age of sin which worsens each year, why invest so much effort into passing economic matters instead of repeating the many warnings of Christ regarding eternal punishment for sin and the necessity of repentance?

* Has sufficient consideration been given to the fact that all persons are not "of good will", that we have enemies, that not all accept Christian ideals? How could we ever have an economic "utopia" on earth given the Fall?

* What about those who cause their own unfortunate conditions due to sin (e.g. fornication, divorce) or unwillingness to work? How much should they be shielded from the consequences of their actions out of "charity"? As St. Paul says, "...if any man will not work, neither let him eat" (2 Thes. 3:10)

* How should charity really be handled? Do we neglect charity in our own back yard to help those in other countries? ("Everyone must be loved equally; but, when you cannot be of assistance to all, you must above all have regard for those who are bound to you more closely by some accident, as it were, of location, circumstances, or occasions of any kind." - St. Augustine, Doctor of the Church) As Scripture says, "So then, while we have the opportunity, let us do good to all, but especially to those who belong to the family of the faith." (Gal. 6:10) Clearly even wealthy countries don't have unlimited funds - and even "rich countries" like the U.S. are hugely in debt.

* Assuming we are not speaking spiritually, how does giving development aid to poor countries "create wealth" for all during this economic crisis? ("In the search for solutions to the current economic crisis, development aid for poor countries must be considered a valid means of creating wealth for all.")

* Would it have been possible to more delicately refer to (or entirely omit references to) "s*x tourism" or send a special letter to bishops of affected areas instead of referencing this matter in a global encyclical?

* How and why are we to "strengthen and fine-tune" pawnbroking? ("Furthermore, the experience of micro-finance, which has its roots in the thinking and activity of the civil humanists - I am thinking especially of the birth of pawnbroking - should be strengthened and fine-tuned.")

[Note: The above was based on a "quick reading" of this encyclical with a particular eye to elements which may be viewed as "novel" or "controversial". Certainly there are many more points in this document.]


Call now or pay later

Evidently you are made of money. Well, at least that's what the government appears to think. Besides forcing you to cough up the usual sums for Medicare, 'Social Security', property taxes, sales taxes, state taxes, city & local taxes, phone taxes, fuel taxes, utilities taxes, etc., Uncle Sam seems on a relentless path to force you to open up your wallet even farther. Ostensibly forgetful of record unemployment rates and the present recession, the "public servants" in the nation's capital are feverishly working on devising new schemes to part you from your hard-earned funds.

They already use your taxes to pay for abortions, for benefits for s*domite "partners", for failed public "education", and for a host of other 'pet projects' that you may vehemently object to. But they manifestly don't care. Recently, they voted to spend outrageous amounts to "stimulate" the economy. And where do you think that money will ultimately come from? The taxpayer, of course. Sadly, your so-called "representatives" in government didn't bother reading the bill they voted on to make sure it was prudent, they didn't sufficiently investigate the reports they based their conclusions on, they didn't bother trimming out wasteful spending, and they didn't bother asking you what you wanted. They just voted for it. No surprise, but early reports already show this 'stimulus' has been a failure. And it is only expected to get worse.

Not daunted in the least by this, your 'public servants' have ventured forward to spend your hard-earned tax money buying troubled companies. Again, you got no vote. Still not satisfied, they are moving ahead with absurdly costly & harmful programs to "regulate" the climate and nationalize healthcare (which is almost certain to include coverage for contraception & abortions, and likely to cover healthcare for illegals). Again you'll get no vote. You'd think they'd at least have the decency to read the legislation they enact, but no. Nor will they commit to giving the public a week to read proposed bills that will have a major impact on their lives. That's just too much to ask of these 'public servants'. Rather, your elected government officials expect you will just "shut up and pay".

Unfortunately, our bishops have not helped much by (1) "enthusiastically" supporting "climate change legislation" that opponents say will result in "the largest tax increase in American history" and have only a "miniscule effect on the process of climate change", and (2) by their apparently promoting "comprehensive healthcare coverage" for illegals...all paid for at your expense, of course.

Certainly, we are called to pay taxes...

"Pay to all their dues, taxes to whom taxes are due, toll to whom toll is due, respect to whom respect is due, honor to whom honor is due." (St. Paul, Rom.13:7)

...but there is obviously a limit to what is morally acceptable. A bit of sanity from Popes seems in order:

"[I]t is grossly unjust for a State to exhaust private wealth through the weight of imposts and taxes." (Pope Pius XI, "Quadragesimo Anno")

"Public authority therefore would act unjustly and inhumanly if in the name of taxes it should appropriate from the property of private individuals more than is equitable." (Pope Leo XIII, "Rerum Novarum")

As citizens, we must take the time to demand that our government put an end to the wasteful spending of our tax money. Tell your government officials that you expect them to fully read & carefully evaluate any legislation they vote for. If you can't afford higher taxes and energy costs, tell them that (who can afford such things?). Tell them you object to their funding of abortion, s*domite 'partner' benefits, etc. as well as any other immoral and irresponsible spending of your tax money. Tell them it is wrong that you have to cut back on necessities while they squander your tax money. Tell them you don't want new taxes for "climate change" legislation or for nationalized healthcare. Tell them you object to their burdening your children & grandchildren with enormous debt. It is very important to express your concerns to them now, before it is too late. They have acted with apparent disregard for you in the past, however there is one thing they likely still care about - their reelection. Make them fear for that. Stand firm and vow to do what you can to ensure they will not get reelected if they do not do what you ask of them. Even if you "have no time" to make the call, you must find the time somehow. If you don't, you will certainly pay the price later - literally. And don't expect that it will be cheap.

[Note: Click link for contact information: White House | Senate | House of Representatives | State Legislatures]


The End of Freedom in America?

If certain groups succeed in their plans, you may soon wake up to find that you no longer live in a free country. The government has already taken over part of the auto and banking industries, and they are presently working to nationalize healthcare. They are considering taxes & regulations right and left that threaten your wallet & well-being. They already feed & indoctrinate millions of children. They have the power to confiscate your private property to build a 'strip mall'. They redistribute your hard-earned wages at their pleasure. You may no longer have the freedom to hire who you want. They regulate (often poorly) your food, drugs, weapons, and even your telephone service. They may soon meddle more deeply in your home, forcing you to buy "government approved" lighting & appliances. There appears no end to the taxes & regulations they will foist upon the American people.

But there is one often overlooked movement that increasingly gnaws away at the fabric of this country & our freedoms, namely the push for 'gay rights'. Lately it seems no day goes by without an advance of their insidious agenda. They influence the media & politics, and even the Church. They have not been stopped by AIDS, nor stopped by the fact that their actions are gravely sinful. Little by little, our freedoms are being eroded while they pick up the gains. And now they have in the White House a self-professed "champion", "friend", and "ally" who has assured the homosexuals that he will "fight" for them.

We are already confronted with unfortunate realities such as...

* "Gay marriages" are "legal" in a number of states

* Your tax money may be used for homosexual activism or for benefits for s*domite "partners"

* Legislation proposes to give s*domites special rights not accorded to ordinary citizens

* They want compulsory 'LGBT' indoctrination of your children at school, even beginning in kindergarten, and with no ability for you to opt them out

* They want adoption agencies to be forced to place children with s*domite couples

* Government employees - homosexual sympathizers - who do not respect public opinion have refused to uphold & defend the expressed wishes of the voters

* Movies and television programs abound with perverted homosexual references. Furthermore, they don't want relationships between a man and a woman being depicted as "normal" in films, books, music, etc.

* They want school employees & students to be forced to report "harassing behavior" or a "hostile environment" motivated by "gender identity" (e.g. if a little boy wants to think of himself as a little girl, no one better give him/her a hard time - rather, they must accommodate his confused identity)

* They don't want people to view men and women in terms of gender - they want application forms to omit the words "male" & "female", books to stop referring to "him" and "her", bathrooms and clothing to no longer be identified as being for men or women. They don't want children to be referred to as boys or girls...

* They want s*domite "partners" to be accorded the legal rights of spouses

* They want birth certificates to allow two women or two men to be shown as "parents", a biological impossibility

* They want homosexuals to be considered a "protected class" with legislation that allows those who harm them to be tried twice for the same (alleged) offense

* They want to "normalize homosexual behavior" starting from a young age

* They want homosexual behavior openly promoted and even seen "in a positive light"

* They want to freely act on their perverted inclinations in public (including kissing, hand-holding, cross dressing, etc.)

* Those who object may be "harassed, marginalized, trivialized, or sued into submission"

* Etc.

They want to control your thoughts, actions, and behavior. In fact, 'gay rights' activists present a serious and looming threat to your freedoms...

* Your freedom of religion (they want to censure Holy Scripture as "hate speech"; they'd love to see those who quote Scripture against them be jailed)

* Your freedom of speech (any 'disparaging' comments may be "hate speech" or "discrimination" or the "creation of a hostile environment" - it is a fact that some persons have already been arrested for quoting Scripture condemning homosexuality)

* Your freedom of thought (they may use constant pressure to wear you down or force you into silence)

* Your parental freedoms (e.g. the freedom to instill morals & values in your children)

* Your financial freedom [they will continually seek more government - taxpayer paid - services, health care benefits (including 'sex change' operations), etc.]

* Other freedoms (e.g. psychiatrists may have to act against their principles and provide counseling to same sex "partners"; objecting florists might have to provide flowers for homosexual "weddings"; principled employers, doctors, retailers, etc. fear they will have to accommodate the wishes of s*domites or face discrimination suits or heavy fines)

While you are being pushed into a corner and losing freedoms, they on the other hand are becoming more conspicuous (did you miss Obama declaring June 'LGBT' Pride Month"?) and are gaining more freedoms. And you can be assured that they won't stop at what they see as their "rights" - they have shown that they will call for changes to everything that offends them (e.g. children's movies showing a "mommy and a daddy" instead of 'two mommies' or 'two daddies' are offensive to them). They expect your toleration, but they will not tolerate you. They are "in your face" about their perversion, but they expect you to be silent and accepting. As with abortion, they don't want you to be allowed a "contentious objection". They care nothing about your rights, nor do they care about what is morally right. They only care about their perversion. And, the more they have "rights" granted to them, the more rights you will lose.

In the past, the law & public opinion put up some resistance to their perverted desires, but now there is a great danger that this is lessening. Fortunately, a few bishops have spoken out. For example...

* The Bishop of Maine warned of the "tragic consequences" of s*domite 'marriages' and said that "calling same-sex relationships marriage doesn't make them so"

* Bishop Murphy confronted a Catholic politician over his support of "gay marriage", saying "...homosexual acts are not morally neutral. They are wrong and they are sinful", "Our teaching is unambiguous, faithful to the Lord and binding on all Catholics. No Catholic is free to ignore or disregard this teaching"

However, Catholics usually do not hear much in condemnation concerning the insidious 'gay rights' movement (in fact, some confused Catholics even join in their efforts). So, while this situation continues, it falls to faithful lay Catholics to spearhead the resistance. To that end, it may be helpful to remember that...

* S*domy is one of only four sins that "cry out to heaven for vengeance". We know from Scripture that the all-loving God condemned the s*domites to suffer eternal hellfire for their perversity (see Jude 1:7)

* Having a supposed "inclination" to something does not give one the right to act upon it or make it "not sinful" if one does act on it. For example, some persons may have an inclination to murder, adultery or fornication, but it certainly would be sinful - a crime - to act on any of these inclinations. It would be wrong to legalize the acts on the premise that someone had an "inclination" to the behavior. To act on these inclinations is a sin and a misuse of one's free-will.

* Nature itself shows the fallacy of their position - unions between two persons of the same sex are necessarily unfruitful. One cannot have a "inherent right" to something that nature itself forbids!

* A primary purpose of marriage is to create a stable & legitimate union between two persons for the good of the resulting offspring. Obviously two persons of the same sex cannot produce offspring so there is no reason to justify "marriage" between them, even if it was a possibility (which it is not)

* It is in the best interests of society that families (construed only in the traditional sense) be protected and fostered.

* Rights originate from God. Things that offend God cannot be rights.

* They try to associate their movement with "civil rights" but "civil rights" are rightly concerned with characteristics a person has no control over (e.g. one's skin color) not for behaviors that persons may choose whether or not to engage in.

* Scripture is the "ultimate authority" and it clearly condemns homosexuality. For example, consider these passages:

Lev. 18:22: You shall not lie with a male as with a woman; such a thing is an abomination.

Deut. 22:5: "A woman shall not wear an article proper to a man, nor shall a man put on a woman's dress; for anyone who does such things is an abomination to the LORD, your God."

St. Paul, 1 Cor 6:9-10: Do you not know that the unjust will not inherit the kingdom of God? Do not be deceived; neither fornicators nor idolaters nor adulterers nor boy prostitutes nor practicing homosexuals nor thieves nor the greedy nor drunkards nor slanderers nor robbers will inherit the kingdom of God.

St Jude, Jude 1:7: Likewise, Sodom, Gomorrah, and the surrounding towns, which, in the same manner as they, indulged in sexual promiscuity and practiced unnatural vice, serve as an example by undergoing a punishment of eternal fire.

* Toleration of sin is NOT a virtue. Admonishing of the sinner is clearly Scriptural. For example, consider these passages...

"admonish one another" (St. Paul, Col. 3:16, Rom. 15:14)

"admonish them sharply" (St. Paul, Ti. 1:13)

"admonishing everyone" (St. Paul, Col. 1:28)

"If your brother sins, rebuke him" (Jesus Christ, Lk. 17:3)

* Don't be confused: Homosexual activists try to make their demands appear to be a matter of "basic rights" or "equity", but they are not. Their real purpose is to spread sin under the guise of law. They don't want to be made to "feel bad" or be "punished" over the sins they choose to engage in. Instead, they want us to pretend their actions are "normal" and "acceptable". But they are NOT. They are perverted, and they are sinful. To grant "rights" to persons for the purpose of engaging in perversion is itself perverted!

* Don't be confused by claims of "hate speech". Catholics who condemn homosexual behavior with good intentions do not hate the homosexuals - on the contrary, they love them and want to see them enjoy eternal happiness in heaven.

Now is the time for Catholics & others of good will to take action. We know that in at least one area Catholics have been effective in warding off s*domite 'marriages'. In contrast with other moral issues affecting us today, however, no respected, organized "anti-s*domy" groups seem to exist. Those who oppose us - the homosexual activists - unfortunately, have a better organized, powerful lobby than we do. In fact, the nation's current President has gone on record with his feelings about the homosexual movement.

He claims that:

* those who have objections to it use "worn arguments and old attitudes"

* certain laws and practices are "unjust" and "unfair" and should be stopped

* "extraordinary progress" has been made

Why not call the White House and complain that the President has dismissed your religious and moral values as "worn arguments and old attitudes"? Tell him that you object to his promotion of unnatural perversion and remind him - a supposed 'Christian' - that the bible condemns homosexuality and it has no expiration date.

In addition, help launch a grassroots campaign. Get involved, educate others and encourage them to end apathy and take a stand. Don't allow the erosion of your freedoms to continue unopposed. Use appropriately any influence you may have. Don't neglect the power of language (e.g. why not call them s*domites instead of homosexuals?). Don't support the 'gay agenda' by watching movies or television shows which have homosexual characters or favorable references to homosexuality. Etc. Be sure to remember that we must love the sinner, but we must HATE the sin.

Finally, note that it is important for people to stand up now and plug this dam before it completely overtakes our country. If we don't, we'll continue to lose our rights, little by little. Consider the words of the Bishop of Rhode Island who, a couple of months ago, called on Catholics to abandon their "abysmal apathy" on this issue. He also wisely pointed out that:

* "The march toward gay marriage across our nation is relentless"

* Homosexual behavior is "unnatural and gravely immoral", "offensive to Almighty God", and "can never be condoned, under any circumstances"

* "The threat to our religious freedom is real, and imminent"

He then reminded the laity of their responsibility "to get involved in public life, to transform the secular order into the Kingdom of God."

President Obama said to the s*domite activists he praised that "we cannot rest". They won't rest -  and neither can we.


Note: Dates in brackets may refer to date news brief was added to MCS news page

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Pope's vacation ends [7/29]

Vietnamese priests suffer serious injuries in recent beating by police; One priest beaten into a coma and thrown from 2nd story window [7/29]

"Jane Roe" of Roe v. Wade visits Pelosi's office seeking "abortion-neutral" healthcare bill; The recent Catholic convert & now pro-life activist regrets her role in Roe v. Wade and tells press: "[Pelosi] should not receive Holy Communion because she's pro-abortion and she doesn't deserve to receive the Holy Eucharist since she believes in killing children" [7/29]

Pope Benedict on his injury: "Perhaps the Lord wanted to teach me greater patience and humility, and give me more time for prayer and meditation" [7/29]

Another study shows "significant" abortion-breast cancer link; Researchers find 66% increased risk of breast cancer as a result of an abortion [7/29]

Cardinal Bertone on free-market economics: "Greed market has substituted free market" [7/29]

Even more from Obama's pro-abort, radical 'population control' Science Czar: "A massive campaign must be launched to restore a high-quality environment in North America and to de-develop the United States"; Says "redistribution of wealth both within and among nations is absolutely essential, if a decent life is to be provided to every human being" [7/29]

Pope to be made honorary citizen of town where he's spending his vacation [7/28]

More from Obama's pro-abort, radical 'population control' Science Czar: A child "given the essential early socializing experiences and sufficient nourishing food during the crucial early years after birth, will ultimately develop into a human being" [7/28]

Boston archdiocese raising 'retirement age' for priests from 70 to 75 due to priest shortage [7/28]

Big surprise (Not!): HBO & ABC top the list of pro-s*domite networks according to compilation by homosexual advocacy group; Group says 24% of ABC's programming has homosexuals portrayed in a "positive light"; Parents' organization encourages viewers concerned about programming being "hijacked" by homosexuals to express their opinion to the networks [7/28]

Catholic Bishops Conference of Japan advises bishops, priests & religious to refuse lay "judge duty", even if refusal results in a fine; Says participation would be a violation of Canon Law [7/28]

AARP executive disputes healthcare bill euthanasia concerns; Others say concerns are valid [7/28]

"Leading" Medjugorje priest leaves priesthood, religious order after defrocking by Pope; Controversial, "uncooperative" priest was previously suspended and investigated for immorality after impregnating a nun; Formerly, priest was "spiritual advisor" to alleged visionaries [Related Resource: Marian Apparitions at Medjugorje: True or False?[7/27]

Papal spokesman says Pope Benedict's recent fall occurred as the Holy Father looked for a light switch in the bedroom; Pope reportedly "stumbled against a leg of his bed while searching for the switch in the unfamiliar room" and didn't call for help [7/27]

Historic evening opening of Vatican Museums attended by thousands; Other evening openings to be scheduled [7/27]

New Bulgarian official used to spy on the Vatican; Says he's "proud of what [he] has done" [7/27]

More than 500 Vietnamese Catholics march in support of those recently arrested [7/27]

Pope Benedict confirms intention to visit Shroud of Turin in 2010; Study finds new evidence on Shroud [7/27]

What are your children reading? OH Catholic college requires freshmen to read book on Muslims with a hope that the book will help them "to begin to understand that we can be transformed by encounters with people unlike ourselves" [7/27]

House Judiciary Committee Chair questions why lawmakers should read healthcare bill they will vote on: "What good is reading the bill if it's a thousand pages and you don't have two days and two lawyers to find out what it means after you read the bill?" [7/27]

Some good news: Number of abortion facilities has decreased overall by 25% since the 90's; Pro-abort complains "Without providers, the [so-called] right to abortion is meaningless" [7/27]

Pope receives checkup at chalet: "The (healing) process is good and is in line with what was expected", exams show "excellent results"; Holy Father receives new cast for wrist [7/25]

Vatican preparing for swine flu [7/25]

Ridiculous: New D.C. law puts lesbian 'partner' as 'parent' of child on birth certificate [7/25]

Proposed OH bill gives fathers a say in abortion: Bill requires written permission from unborn's father before an abortion [7/25]

Sudanese bishops warn faithful not to be misled by sect [7/25]

Prefect of Congregation for Divine Worship affirms that pro-abort 'Catholic' politicians should be refused Holy Communion; Says it is an act of charity and prevents them from "blasphemous reception of the Eucharist" [7/24]

Scranton priest defrocked by Vatican [7/24]

Vacationing Pope receives gifts, notes from area residents [7/24]

Cardinal says Pope's guidelines to Chinese Catholics were misunderstood; Says Chinese government has a policy that aims at "enslaving" the Church; Says it's "almost always" impossible for Chinese Catholics to operate freely & openly due to conditions "imposed on us which are not compatible with our Catholic conscience" [7/24]

Another study shows temperature changes a result of nature not human activity; Findings of peer-reviewed study "[call] into question the politically-correct, politically-motivated assumptions driving the climate change debate"; Experienced scientist questions whether rise of atmospheric CO2 concentration is dangerous [7/24]

They don't want mothers to see their babies before having them killed: ND abortion clinic files suit to bar women from seeing ultrasound of unborn child before an abortion [7/24]

Journalist looks into claims regarding Obama's Science Czar who co-authored book discussing radical 'population-control' measures including forced abortions and the insertion of sterilizing agents into the water supply; Although Czar purportedly 'disavowed' the measures he wrote about decades ago, his recent works refer to his "preoccupation" with matters such as "the rates at which people breed"; Czar also recently praised the work of a radical 'population control' promoter who compared the world's population to a "pulsating mass of maggots" [7/24]

Vietnamese government delegation to visit the Vatican in November; Announcement brings hope of resuming formal diplomatic relations with Vietnam [7/24]

Healthcare bill presents a risk to your parents says former NY lieutenant governor; Legislation criticized as "vicious assault on elderly people" and "an "attempt to kill off elderly Americans"; Bill requiring "end of life counseling for seniors" said to promote "elderly euthanasia" [7/23]

Catholic nurse sues NY hospital which "forced" her to participate in an abortion against her objections; Worker was told she would be charged with "insubordination and patient abandonment" if she didn't assist, possibly resulting in the loss of her job & nursing license; Legal group says instances of pro-life medical workers having their conscience rights violated are on the rise [7/23]

Obama choice for Ambassador to Holy See, a backer of pro-abort Obama & pro-abort Sebelius, seems to evade press at confirmation hearings [7/23]

In Vatican Radio interview, President of the Pontifical Academy for Life criticizes Obama administration for proposing increased taxpayer finding for abortion [7/23]

Vietnamese council of priests calls on government to release remaining Catholics arrested during police raid on church, provide medical care to the injured; Council also seeks return of cross, compensation for damages; Of those already released, some were forced to confess to crimes [7/23]

Prefect of the Congregation for Divine Worship and the Discipline of the Sacraments on abortion: "This practice is a crime, the killing of a human life, an innocent, weak and defenseless human being. Is there any other greater atrocity?"; Says abortion is "something unprecedented in the history of humanity" and reminds of penalty of automatic excommunication [7/23]

Some good news: Forty Democrats to oppose health care bill that includes abortion mandates or taxpayer funded abortion [7/23]

More good news: Archbishop Burke to celebrate TLM in chapel at St. Peter's Basilica on 10/18 [Note: Link is to Google translation of page into English] [7/23]

Pro-life legal group calls on Maryland agencies to respect First Amendment rights after peaceful pro-life protesters were arrested & strip searched [7/23]

Pope Benedict said to be "feeling good and in high spirits"; Supreme Pontiff is "getting more and more used to the cast" but is using a tape recorder since it is difficult to write with the cast on his right wrist [7/22]

Parishioners in TX trying to save hurricane damaged parish defeat Archdiocesan legal maneuver to transfer case to federal court [7/22]

America's "most trusted" newsman: An abortion & homosexual activist who sought to "force Christianity out of the public sphere" [7/22]

Chicago bishop admits that dozens of known abuse cases in the 70s & 80s were not reported to civil authorities even though he knew the acts were crimes; Says victims' families "were not seeking to get the police involved and have the priests criminally charged" [7/22]

If only it were true! President Obama claims he doesn't want taxpayer funded abortion in healthcare bill; Administration officials, however, "won't rule out" abortion funding [7/22]

Financial woes cause Irish priests to take pay cut [7/22]

Pathetic: Suspended priest to run for president of Philippines; Says "This priesthood that I love so much, I'm willing to give up for a greater love and that's love for the country"; Confused priest calls political office "a higher service" than the priesthood and claims God is "calling" him to run for President [7/22]

Shocking: Well known Italian 'pro-life' Catholic politician opposes legal protections for the unborn; Prefers instead an emphasis on "reducing abortion"; Lawmaker previously known "as one of the staunchest defenders of Catholic teaching on the absolute inviolability of human life" now thinks it is a "mistake" to oppose 'legalization' of abortion [7/22]

Jewish group expresses "regret" over publication of offensive work which makes anti-Semitic charges against the Pope [7/22]

Mexican government tells 10-year-olds they have a "right" to c*ntraception; Government issues pamphlets to public school students that urge use of c*ntraceptives, provide information on how to obtain & use c*ndoms; No mention made of abstinence; Government also running "public service" ads promoting c*ndom use on radio; Parents' group denounces program for harming values, promoting disease - UNO finds c*ndoms have 10% failure rate [Warning: Article contains offensive content] [7/22]

Some progress? USCCB committee chairman apparently backs off call for healthcare coverage for illegals [7/22]

A real conspiracy: Journalist reveals names of "key figures" in "deliberate long-term plan" for homosexual rights movement in Britain [7/22]

Priest that diocese says was "committed to a life of prayer and penance" is arrested while playing cards [7/22]

ITV conversation supports long-held suspicion that chief N.O. Mass architect, Bugnini, was a Freemason; Says it is "as certain as anything can be in this world"; Points to letters found in his briefcase from the Grand Master of Italian Freemasonry which addressed Bugnini as a brother [Note: Page linked to is verbose and is not dedicated to this topic. Relevant portion may be found after scrolling down a bit.] [Related Resource: Papal quotations regarding Freemasonry / Secret Societies[7/22]

Irish authorities receive Dublin abuse report that Archbishop warned would "shock us all"; Archdiocese has identified 400-450 alleged victims, "a very conservative estimate and is likely to rise"; Government official "anxious" to make the findings public "as quickly as possible", wants perpetrators brought to justice; Report is second "shocker" since May [7/21]

Donors keep dissenting 'Catholic' organization afloat [7/21]

Catholic clinic in Wisconsin finds moral solution to health care crisis [7/21]

Large pro-abort group supports Sotomayor for Supreme Court; Group's president says "We are pleased that Judge Sotomayor expressed stronger support for the established constitutional right to privacy [that is, abortion] than either Chief Justice Roberts or Justice Alito" [7/21]

Vatican Press Office Director discounts doubts concerning the Pope's recent medical care, affirms that Pope Benedict trusts the doctors who operated on him; Says Pope is doing well, but has not yet used the computer that was given to him as "he's not so technological" [7/21]

More censorship at YouTube: "Extremely troubling" undercover video exposing PP which triggered a state investigation is removed from website; Removal of video said to cast "further doubt on the video-sharing site's professed regard for free speech and political neutrality" [7/21]

Hundreds of Catholics brutally beaten by Vietnamese police as they tried to restore historic parish; Injured include priests and lay persons [7/21]

There's still time to call: Sotomayor vote delayed until 7/28 [7/21]

In first public outing after injury, Pope Benedict thanks well-wishers, tells audience not to be discouraged [7/20]

U.S. bishops approve "more accurate" Novus Ordo Mass translations with minimum number of votes [7/20]

Sotomayor "doesn't know" if people have a right to defend themselves [Note: Above article may give the impression that intentional abortion may be licit in certain cases, which is clearly untrue. Further, doctors have avowed that "...we affirm that there are no medical circumstances justifying direct abortion, that is, no circumstances in which the life of a mother may only be saved by directly terminating the life of her unborn child." (Joint opinion of four "leading experts" in Ireland, 1992)] [7/20]

Dublin abuse report said to be "ready for delivery" [7/20]

Ridiculous: Legislation calls for "developing standards for the measurement of gender" [7/20]

Polish nun's cookbooks are bestsellers [7/20]

U.S. Senate approves attaching unrelated "hate crimes" bill to defense bill; Amendment would make "sexual orientation" & "gender identity" federally protected classes [7/18]

Pope Benedict recovering well from injury: Holy Father receiving prayers, messages from well-wishers worldwide; Supreme Pontiff learning to live with his cast but misses writing [7/18]

UK lobby pressuring government to end parents' right to opt their children out of controversial new 's*x-ed' programs [7/18]

Pope undergoes surgery on wrist after fall; Holy Father's general condition said to be "good" [7/17]

Priest pleads guilty to theft; Former pastor who stole over $200K from parish pays restitution, avoids prison [7/17]

Suspects plead guilty to murder of Spanish missionary priests [7/17]

'Passion of Christ' star injured in motorcycle accident [7/17]

Communist government of Viet Nam imposing heavy fines on couples with more than two children under revived "two-child policy"; Parish priest says 90% of parishioners have agreed to pay the steep fines to be faithful to Church teachings [7/17]

Pro-life victory: US Circuit Court of Appeals upholds IL parental notification law [7/17]

At final hearing, Sotomayor refers to "a woman's right to terminate her pregnancy" [7/17]

Pro-abortion research group admits cutting taxpayer funding reduces the number of abortions [7/17]

"Vatican dress code do's and don'ts" [7/17]

Crazy: "Catholic" marriage counseling service wants the Church to "rethink" the nature of the family: Organization backed with funds from the Catholic Church supports children being raised by s*domites, adulterers, and fornicators [7/17]

Cardinal Margéot dies at age 93 [7/17]

Special evening opening of Vatican Museums scheduled for 7/24 [7/16]

Catholic Cemeteries called to temporarily oversee Burr Oak after employees of the cemetery were arrested for "horrific acts" [7/16]

Coming to your home soon? Forced vaccinations: Healthcare reform bill calls for "interventions", "home visits" [7/16]

Catholics launch tri-state grassroots 'crusade' supporting traditional marriage [7/16]

Medical researchers find that fetuses have memories [7/16]

Deo Gratias: San Francisco parish sees return of TLM; "Slowly, but surely, the Traditional Mass is returning to San Francisco Bay Area parishes" [7/16]

Healthcare bill adopted by Senate committee is "everything pro-life advocacy groups fear" [7/16]

Sotomayor avoids giving answers on abortion questions [7/16]

Appalling: Hispanic attorney uses image of Our Lady of Guadalupe superimposed with face of Sotomayor to "appeal to Hispanics and promote Sotomayor's confirmation"; One critic calls it a "desecration" and points out the "sick irony" of putting an ostensibly pro-abort face over "a symbol of the Catholic pro-life movement" [7/16]

U.S. bishops support national "call-in day" to encourage licensing of additional low power FM stations [7/15]

Former seminarian who was arrested for impersonating a priest previously impersonated a firefighter, deputy chief of staff, and student body president [7/15]

White House confirms that 'Catholic' nominee for surgeon general - a CHA board member - supports Obama's position on abortion [7/15]

Catholic Supreme Court nominees may face double standard if they are faithful to Church teachings; Democrats' "soft reaction" to Sotomayor's Catholicism may be because they feel "she doesn't really believe what her Church teaches" [7/15]

'Catholic' Supreme Court nominee Sotomayor says Roe v. Wade ruling is "settled law" but does not see ruling against partial-birth abortion as being unequivocally settled [7/15]

Spokesman for Obama's "science czar" claims he "disavowed" coercive population control measures at his confirmation hearing; Spokesman says czar doesn't advocate the measures he expressed in his book [7/15]

"Leading pro-life congressman" claims Obama's health care plan "is the greatest threat ever to the lives and wellness of unborn children and their mothers since Roe v. Wade was rendered in 1973"; Congressman questions the rush to push the complex bill through without a "thorough vetting" of the text of the bill [7/15]

Vatican charitable agency seeks emergency relief for starving Eritrean children who are too weak to walk and unable to even swat flies [7/14]

Man who repeatedly impersonated a priest is in custody in Philadelphia awaiting arraignment [7/14]

Vatican newspaper does it again: L'Osservatore Romano praises new Harry Potter film which contains witchcraft

[Reality checks: (1) "Behind Harry Potter hides the signature of the king of the darkness, the devil" (Father Gabriele Amorth, Chief Exorcist of Rome), (2) "It is good, that you enlighten people about Harry Potter, because those are subtle seductions, which act unnoticed and by this deeply distort Christianity in the soul, before it can grow properly" (Cardinal Ratzinger, the future Pope Benedict XVI), (3) "Neither let there be found among you any one that shall...consulteth soothsayers, or observeth dreams and omens, neither let there be any wizard, nor charmer...For the Lord abhorreth all these things" (Deut. 18:10-12), (4) "Every form of sorcery is practiced with indirect or direct recourse to Satan" (TIA article). Also, remember that the more witchcraft is portrayed "positively", the more dangerous it is.] [7/14]

Police say violence over Protestant marches in Northern Ireland was organized [7/14]

Now pro-life 'Jane Roe' of Roe v. Wade disrupts Sotomayor confirmation hearing with anti-abortion comments; Will face charges for unlawful conduct, disruption of Congress [7/14]

Victory in predominantly Catholic Lithuania: Parliament votes to keep homosexual information away from children; Lawmaker praises taking a step to help the country "raise healthy and mentally sound generations unaffected by the rotten culture that is now overwhelming them"; Homosexuals predictably upset [7/14]

Obama nominates 'award-winning African-American Catholic' woman for Surgeon General; Nominee called for future doctors to be taught how to perform abortions and serves on board of directors of organization seeking to legalize abortion in other countries [7/14]

Recession good for something: Dissenting 'Catholic' organization may have to close due to financial problems [7/14]

GAO report says House-approved 'climate-change' bill will benefit Communist China; Legislation expected to give Chinese manufacturers in certain industries an advantage over their U.S. competitors & cause "output, profits, or employment" to decline for certain U.S. manufacturers [7/14]

Obama's choice for "science czar" is an advocate of compulsory population control in the U.S. "including forced abortion and the addition of sterilizing agents to drinking water" [7/14]

Pope's vacation begins [7/13]

Pro-lifer escorted out of Sotomayor hearings after yelling out against abortion: "Stop the genocide of unborn Latinos!" [7/13]

Thousands of Protestants march across Northern Ireland in offensive parades "loathed" by Irish Catholics; Parades bring surge of church, home vandalism [7/13]

President of pro-life group to testify regarding Sotomayor; Group's leader refers to her "radical associations" and says her "judicial philosophy raises serious concerns in the pro-life community"; Says nominee's record "proves that she is an abortion advocate" [7/13]

Archbishop of Bucharest closes all churches in diocese except cathedral in protest of government decision to build high-rise next to cathedral; Archbishop says building threatens the cathedral's foundations [7/13]

Fire damages 117 year-old Catholic church in Sioux City [7/11]

CDF issues statement over Brazilian abortion controversy; Congregation confirms that "therapeutic" abortion "has not been and can never be" accepted as Catholic teaching; Calls abortion and infanticide "abominable crimes" and confirms the canonical penalty of excommunication for those who procure an abortion [Note: Click here for more information on abortion] [7/11]

One more reason to reject organ donation: Surgeon shows that persons can survive cardiac arrest long after 'cardiac death' would allow doctors to 'ethically' remove organs [Note: Click here for free flier & wallet card: 'Organ Donation: Act of Charity or License to Kill?] [7/11]

Pope presents Obama with 'unannounced gift': A Vatican document on the right to life [7/10]

Dismissed homosexual altar server who lives with another homosexual man (but claims to be chaste) seeks $25K in damages from Canadian bishop who refused to let him continue as an altar server and $20K/each in damages from individual parishioners who complained about the two men serving at the altar [7/10]

Sacrilege: Excommunicated Austrian woman who calls herself a 'bishop' steals Holy Eucharist after being refused Holy Communion [7/10]

Conservative female leaders express "alarm" over Sotomayor; One critic says her record is "significantly worse" than retiring Judge Souter's; Another says she "lacks the primary characteristic required of a judge - impartiality" [7/10]

Shocking: Archbishop gives Holy Communion to Canadian Prime Minister, a known Protestant, during funeral Mass; Spokesman denies earlier reports that PM pocketed the Holy Eucharist [7/9]

White House spokesman thinks pro-abort Obama will have "frank talk" with Pope on abortion in Friday's meeting [7/9]

Argentinean archbishop tells parents not to fall into the "error and sin of denying their children the sacrament of Baptism"; Calls it a lack of piety and love for their children and a deprivation of God; Besides problem of postponing baptism, archbishop also highlights problem of selection of improper baptismal names [Related Resources: Necessity of Infant Baptism ('Other Thoughts on Abortion')| Baptism Information] [7/9]

Language skills may have role in predicting risk of dementia, based on study of nun's brains [7/9]

Denver archbishop critical of news media that "fails to give a voice to the truth religion offers"; Says electronic media thrives on "brevity, speed, change, urgency, variety and feelings" whereas thinking "takes time", "needs silence and the methodical skills of logic"; Calls on Catholics to recognize reporters' biases, reject "sandbagging" by the news establishment, and be formed not by news but by the authentic Catholic faith [7/9]

Irish parishioners "threatening to violate the first commandment"; One thousand people flock to see supposed silhouette of the Blessed Virgin Mary in tree stump; "Stump has proven a boon for the local economy" and one shopkeeper is "leading a petition drive" to deter authorities from uprooting the stump [7/9]

Supreme Court Justice Ginsberg, a feminist who approves of partial birth abortion, thinks there are populations "that we don't want to have too many of"; Laments that poor women don't have easier access to abortion; Writes off Sotomayor's repeated "wise Latina" statements as something she "didn't get out quite right" [7/9]

Massachusetts wants to force your state to recognize other state's same sex 'marriages'; Files lawsuit challenging federal defense of marriage act [7/9]

Pope fulfills previously announced intention to join Pontifical Commission 'Ecclesia Dei' to the CDF; Announcement made in Motu Proprio "Ecclesiae unitatem"; Pope states that the problems still to be examined with the SSPX are "essentially doctrinal in nature" and says he wishes "in particular to show paternal solicitude towards the Society of Saint Pius X, with the aim of rediscovering the full communion of the Church" [7/8]

IRS "harasses" pro-life group [7/8]

House Majority Leader says healthcare reform bill would "have very few votes" if legislators had to read the bill before voting on it; Finds it humorous that group wants lawmakers to pledge to read the bill before voting [7/8]

Obama's controversial choice for Ambassador to Malta "somewhat of a poisoned chalice" for the Catholic country [7/8]

No free speech: Sotomayor ruled to censor 'Christian' group's billboards containing bible verse condemning homosexuality [7/8]

"Playing God": Scientists destroy human embryos to "create sp*rm"; Researchers claim they will eventually be able to create a child "using only genetic material from the mother without a man's involvement" [7/8]

Government to blame for housing crisis: Congressional report says government-subsidized Fannie Mae & Freddie Mac were "chief culprits" in housing crisis; Strategy to provide housing for those who couldn't afford it "led to one of the biggest ponzi schemes ever" [7/8]

Pope's encyclical released [7/7]

Scientists develop algorithm which can "reliably" predict most of a person's Social Security number using public information; SSA already working on changing system to randomly assign SSNs in future [7/7]

Two handmade bombs found in Massachusetts parish [7/7]

Pope expresses regret over deadly bombing near Philippine Cathedral; Bombing which occurred during Mass has been attributed to Muslim 'extremists' [7/6]

Holy See financial statements for 2008 show deficit [7/6]

House 'cap & trade' bill calls for "energy welfare" for low-income families but no relief for middle income or higher taxpayers; Electricity costs estimated to go up 90% by 2035, gasoline prices by 58% [7/6]

Russian president says ties between his country and the Vatican will "in all likelihood be developed further"; Says the possibility of diplomatic ties is under discussion [7/6]

WHO statistics said to mislead by placing maternal mortality on par with AIDS; Critics claim report is part of agenda to advance abortion [7/6]

Italian utility firm to have first ad on Vatican Radio [7/6]

Review shows abortion may have "particularly damaging" effects on subsequent parenting [7/6]

Pope Benedict presides at reopening of Pauline Chapel; Chapel restoration took seven years to complete [7/6]

Judge places lien on church-owned rest homes in Vermont to ensure payment of damage awards for abuse cases; Move precipitated by devalued real estate market [7/6]

Stimulus plan fails to spur job growth: Unemployment rate highest in nearly 3 decades and is expected to climb to over 10% [7/6]

Australian Prime Minister denies he's pressuring the Pope to canonize an Australian native [7/6]

Former Director-General of Vatican Radio dies at 76 [7/3]

"Renowned" moral theologian "gently critical of" TOB promoter Christopher West [Warning: Article discusses sensitive, adult subjects] [7/3]

Here we go again: Vatican newspaper praises arch-heretic John Calvin; Calls him "extraordinary" and a "Christian" [Reality checks: (1) Heresy costs souls (click here for more information), and (2) Protestants are not rightly called Christian ("The very tradition, teaching, and faith of the Catholic Church from the beginning, which the Lord gave, was preached by the apostles and was preserved by the Fathers. On this was the Church founded, and if anyone departs from this, he neither is, nor any longer ought to be called, a Christian." - St. Athanasius, Doctor of the Church] [7/3]

Cardinal says Pope "does not exclude the possibility of undertaking a more detailed examination" of St. Paul's remains; Such an investigation would require the dismantling of the papal altar and the thirteenth century baldachin, "a difficult and delicate task" [7/3]

Possibly to "soften" coverage of upcoming visit with Pope, Obama meets with selected members of the Catholic press; President promises a "robust conscience cause", jokes about ND controversy [7/3]

Pope approves a dozen decrees concerning miracles, martyrdom, heroic virtues; Among those approved is miracle attributed to Cardinal Newman [7/3]

Obama nominates "'pro-life' Catholic sellout" as ambassador to Malta; Choice of this "Obama cheerleader" criticized by pro-lifers [7/3]

Not clear how conventional treatment can be definitively ruled out: Woman who received medical treatment for cancer said to be "miraculously cured" after praying to Bl. Francis Seelos, wearing relic; Could lead to canonization if accepted as miracle [7/3]

Bishop of Lancaster rebukes bishops who "refuse to give unequivocal public support to the teachings of the Church"; Refers to a "conspiracy of silence" [7/3]

AZ man who dropped off girlfriend for abortion pulls gun on pro-life advocate [7/3]

ALL says pro-abortion violence is "on the rise"; Documented acts of violence against pro-life advocates number in the thousands [7/3]

Pope accepts resignation of "heroically pro-life", vilified Brazilian Archbishop for reasons of age [7/2]

State ethics agency drops lobbying investigation against Diocese of Bridgeport; Attorney General said the inquiry could harm freedom of speech and religion; Diocesan spokesman calls it "welcome news" [7/2]

Experts believe they have revealed self-portrait of Michelangelo in restored fresco [7/2]

Pope accepts resignation of Uruguayan bishop amidst charges of misconduct [7/2]

Group of U.S. senators call on Vietnam's president to release imprisoned priest [7/2]

NY Times stirs it up: Claims "no obvious precipitating cause" in the investigation of American nuns by the Vatican and quotes book on "betrayal" of American nuns; Glosses over crisis state of female religious orders today - which are rampant with dissent, witchcraft, etc.; Some modern nuns unhappy about visitation, don't want to act like traditional nuns even as their numbers dwindle [Note: Article refers to "primacy" of the Church as the means to salvation. This should read "only", as the Church has issued infallible declarations concerning the dogma of 'No Salvation Outside the Church' (click here for more information)] [7/2]

Pittsburgh's largest Catholic cemetery suffers "worst vandalism" in Catholic Cemeteries Association's history [7/2]

Apostolic Visitation of Legionaries of Christ to start on July 15 [7/2]

Death-row inmate wins right to watch televised Masses twice a week; Previously was only permitted to watch Protestant programming [7/2]

U.S. District Court allows to defend Prop 8 in lawsuit at their own expense after CA Attorney General refused to defend the voter-approved Proposition [7/2]

Alarming increase in number of illegitimate children in Ireland; Roughly 1/3 of births said to be to unwed mothers [7/2]

Monastery of San Benedetto in Norcia announces plans for new "liturgical apostolate, given to us by the Holy See"; Monastery to celebrate TLM & add daily recording of sung TLM to their website [Note: Select "News" to view story, URL does not change] [7/2]

Mexican bishops state that a thousand priests there face "constant threats" from drug gangs [7/2]

Despite California's "economic emergency", Governor refuses to cut funding for abortion - but does not refuse funding cuts for police & firefighters; CA state government said to be the state's "largest single funder of the abortion industry" [7/2]

Curator says opening of secret Vatican archives dating from time of WWII will give "major boost" to reputation of Pope Pius XII who "ran personal risks" to save Jews' lives; Predicts public will have to wait 5-6 years to view archives [7/2]

More dissent: Suspended 'homosexual activist' priest wants pastors to bar KofC from parishes over their support of Prop 8, which states marriage is between a man and a woman [7/2]

Italian newspaper reports step forward in JPII beatification process; Earlier reports said cause delayed partly due to Cardinal's concern over rapid pace of process [7/2]

Holy See to present new papal encyclical at press conference on July 7 [7/1]

National security risk: Justice Department report says southern U.S. border is "under-protected", "easily breached" [7/1]

Pope Benedict's prayer intentions for July [7/1]

Dissent alert: Priests to speak at 'gay rights' conference [Warning: Article contains offensive references] [7/1]

Get out your wallet: Government may require your home to undergo "energy audit" and retrofits to increase energy efficiency [Note: For previous news brief concerning the 'global warming' agenda, click here ("The Real Climate Change")] [7/1]

Cardinal joins Archdiocese in decrying public funding for abortions in nation's capital; Cardinal says Obama administration can't claim to support 'reducing abortions' while deciding to fund them; Already 40% of pregnancies in nation's capital end in abortion [7/1]

Highly offensive PP website cartoon said to provide misleading, medically inaccurate information [Warning: Article contains offensive references] [7/1]

Pro-life news site decries 'whitewash' of Catholic agency's supporting of pro-abort organizations [7/1]

The "'LGBT' champion" is at it again: Obama administration won't appeal judgment ordering Library of Congress to pay nearly a half a million dollars to hiree who lost job offer due to 'gender change' operation [7/1]

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