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Recent News Highlights

* Reports indicate that Pope Benedict will meet with the (so-called) 'Archbishop' of Canterbury on November 21 at the Vatican [Reminder: Anglican 'clergy' are not true priests - their orders have been ruled invalid by the Church: "Wherefore, strictly adhering, in this matter, to the decrees of the pontiffs, our predecessors, and confirming them most fully, and, as it were, renewing them by our authority, of our own initiative and certain knowledge, we pronounce and declare that ordinations carried out according to the Anglican rite have been, and are, absolutely null and utterly void." (Pope Leo XIII, "Apostolicae Curae", 1896 A.D., emphasis added)]

* Scary new world: A scientific 'breakthrough' may eventually allow scientists to create embryos in the laboratory from skin cells, leading to the possibility of "[enabling] homosexuals to have children created from their own cells without the use of donated ova or sperm"

* More proof of the need for fathers: Recent research shows that children raised without their fathers may experience "reduced brain development, leading to an increase in aggressive behavior", findings which back earlier research that shows that those who grow up without their father may have the "highest odds of incarceration"

* A new study shows that c*ntraceptives (use of which is gravely sinful) may double a woman's risk of stroke


Thoughts on Halloween from Spanish clergy

Spanish clergy have "sounded the alarm" regarding secular Halloween activities, indicating that...

* Halloween is "not an innocent festivity", noting that it "has a background of the occult and anti-Christianity"

* Parents should focus on All Saints Day & celebrating the saints ("a festival that encourages life and not death") rather than encouraging their children to dress up for Halloween, which may be a "celebration of death" ("Children dress as witches, vampires, ghosts, masks, corpses, skeletons. And parents favour this type of festivities which plays with elements of death. But when a relative dies they prevent them from seeing the dead relative")

* They worry that "pagan" customs will "replace Christian customs like devotion to saints and praying for the dead" and note that "Christian piety recommends a visit to the cemetery to pray for them and for the families who experience the pain of human separation. For pedagogical reasons, it is necessary for children to discover the value of life and goodness, and not promote death."

* Hollywood horror movies may be partially blamed for the "growing popularity" of pagan Halloween celebrations

In contrast, traditional Catholic observances of All Hallows Eve (the vigil of All Saint's day) promote that which is good. The observation of All Hallows Eve "seems to have been held as early as the feast itself" (Catholic Encyclopedia), and the feast of All Saints Day itself may be traced back at least to the fourth century. According to the Catholic Encyclopedia...

"In the persecution of Diocletian the number of martyrs became so great that a separate day could not be assigned to each. But the Church, feeling that every martyr should be venerated, appointed a common day for all. The first trace of this we find in Antioch on the Sunday after Pentecost. We also find mention of a common day in a sermon of St. Ephrem the Syrian (373), and in the 74th homily of St. John Chrysostom (407). At first only martyrs and St. John the Baptist were honoured by a special day. Other saints were added gradually, and increased in number when a regular process of canonization was established; still, as early as 411 there is in the Chaldean Calendar a 'Commemoratio Confessorum' for the Friday after Easter. In the West Boniface IV, 13 May, 609, or 610, consecrated the Pantheon in Rome to the Blessed Virgin and all the martyrs, ordering an anniversary. Gregory III (731-741) consecrated a chapel in the Basilica of St. Peter to all the saints and fixed the anniversary for 1 November. A basilica of the Apostles already existed in Rome, and its dedication was annually remembered on 1 May. Gregory IV (827-844) extended the celebration on 1 November to the entire Church."

All Hallows Eve is traditionally a day of fasting and partial abstinence. In complete contrast to holy celebrations and practices traditionally employed by Catholics on All Hallows Eve, secular Halloween celebrations have roots in paganism and may celebrate evil & death. Furthermore, Halloween marks the tragic anniversary of Luther's nailing his 95 theses to the door of the church, starting the Protestant Rebellion which has cost many lives ("Protestantism was established and rooted by the shedding of torrents of blood") and, undoubtedly, leads to the loss of many souls.

"Luther's advocates might, if their eyes are not filmed, read with profit the following words which their master penned when he had genuine misgivings at the outset of his apostasy. 'How many times,' he writes, 'have I not asked myself with bitterness the same question which the Papists put me: Art thou alone wise? Darest thou imagine that all mankind have been in error for so long a series of years? I am not so bold as to assert that I have been guided in this affair by God. How will it be, if, after all, it is thou thyself who art wrong, and art thou involving in error so many souls who will then be eternally damned?' (Latin Works, Weim. ed., 8, p. 411 seq.)." (O'Hare)

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Vatican issues statement concerning SSPX doctrinal talks

The first Vatican-SSPX talk has been completed. According to reports, the meeting "lasted about three hours and dealt primarily with setting an agenda and a schedule for the talks." The Holy See Press Office released the following statement regarding the meeting:

"On Monday 26 October in the Palazzo del Sant'Uffizio, headquarters of the Congregation for the Doctrine of the Faith and of the Pontifical Commission 'Ecclesia Dei', the study commission made up of experts from 'Ecclesia Dei' and from the Society of St. Pius X held its first meeting, with the aim of examining the doctrinal differences still outstanding between the Society and the Apostolic See.

"In a cordial, respectful and constructive climate, the main doctrinal questions were identified. These will be studied in the course of discussions to be held over coming months, probably twice a month. In particular, the questions due to be examined concern the concept of Tradition, the Missal of Paul VI, the interpretation of Vatican Council II in continuity with Catholic doctrinal Tradition, the themes of the unity of the Church and the Catholic principles of ecumenism, the relationship between Christianity and non-Christian religions, and religious freedom. The meeting also served to specify the method and organisation of the work".


Recent News Highlights

* The Vatican-SSPX doctrinal talks are set to begin Monday, 10/26/09, at the Vatican

* Pope Benedict has appointed Cardinal Turkson of Ghana to head the Vatican's justice and peace office; This high profile post is said to "cement his reputation as a possible future papal candidate" amidst speculation of a possible future black pope

* The Bishop of Erie has publicly stated that he prefers modern - inaccurate - Mass translations. He has "sharply criticized" the proposed new "slavishly literal" translation of the Roman Missal (Novus Ordo) into English. He complains that the accurate words in the proposed new translation are "not readily understandable" by "the average Catholic", even though less-educated Catholics in the past had somehow managed to understand these very same words.

He also wants to retain at least two errors that appear in modern translations (the Creed's improperly translated "we believe", and the "for all" at the consecration) because he disagrees with the correct wording (in the case of "for many" vs. "for all") or thinks it goes against "ecumenical agreements" if it is correctly translated ("I" vs. "we"). Note that this means he necessarily condemns the official, authoritative text of the Novus Ordo (for which he says, "the Latin text is not inspired. It is a human text, reflecting a certain mindset, theology and world view") which uses Latin for "we".

He also claims proposed new preface translations "violate English syntax in a most egregious way" and lists other complaints concerning the translation. In fact, he fears the translation could lead to a "pastoral disaster."

Some interesting reflections seem in order, particularly: (1) How is it that the Latin Novus Ordo text can be criticized by modern-leaning Catholics but not by traditional-minded Catholics?, and (2) how is it that a modern-leaning prelate fears making translations more accurate could lead to a "pastoral disaster" but many such moderns in the recent past had no qualms about suddenly replacing the beloved ancient Mass - developed under the guidance of the Holy Spirit over centuries - with an entirely new concoction drafted by men in the 1960's?

Finally, he seems to unwittingly admit what many traditionalists have argued - that the mistranslations were intentional - because he questions their correction, calling it a "reversal." Would it make sense to claim it is a "reversal" rather than a "long overdue correction" if the mistranslations were, in fact, unintentional?

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More deadly to black Americans than the seven leading causes of death

According to data collected by the CDC, abortion kills "more black Americans than the seven leading causes of death combined." So, in any given year, a black American is more likely to die from abortion than from "heart disease, cancer, strokes, accidents, diabetes, homicide, and chronic lower respiratory diseases." One observer claims that "three out of five" black women will obtain an abortion. It is widely known that Planned Parenthood - one of the nation's largest abortion providers - was founded by a proponent of eugenics.


Unity with the Orthodox? Don't get your hopes up

A Bulgarian (schismatic) Orthodox leader has told the Pope that, "We must find unity as soon as possible and finally celebrate together." But don't get your hopes up. Apparently his idea of unity is that "A Catholic will not become an Orthodox and vice versa, but we must approach the altar together." Wouldn't it be refreshing if the Church simply told them - as it has many times in the past - that unity is easily "found" by returning the only true Church of Christ - the very same Church they left hundreds of years ago? Again, in this politically correct 'ecumenical' age, don't get your hopes that such plain speaking may be forthcoming anytime soon. We wouldn't want to offend anyone with the truth, now would we? Almost certainly, anyone who dared to speak so honestly in today's confused age would be quickly written off as 'uncharitable'. Fortunately those in the past were blessed with plain speaking popes, saints & councils who didn't mince words, but spoke "hard truths" such as:

"Anyone who dares to secede from Peter's solid rock may understand that he has not part or lot in the divine mystery." (Pope St. Leo I the Great, Doctor of the Church, 445 A.D.)

"[E]nsure that the faithful are deeply and thoroughly convinced of the truth of the doctrine that the Catholic faith is necessary for attaining salvation." (Bl. Pope Pius IX, "Nostis et Nobiscum", 1849 A.D.)

"We know that salvation belongs to the Church alone, and that no one can partake of Christ nor be saved outside the Catholic Church and the Catholic Faith." (St. John Chrysostom, Doctor of the Church)

"Indeed, as long as you remain outside the Church and severed from the fabric of unity and bond of charity, you would be punished with everlasting chastisement, even if you were burned alive for Christ's sake." (St. Augustine, Doctor of the Church)

"Hold most firmly and never doubt in the least that not only all pagans but also all Jews and heretics and schismatics who end this present life outside the Church are about to go into the eternal fire that was prepared for the Devil and his angels." (St. Fulgence of Ruspe, 6th century A.D.)

"It is known that all men of Noah's time perished, except those who merited to be in the Ark, which was a figure of the Church. Likewise, they cannot now be saved who will have turned away from the Apostolic Faith and the Catholic Church." (St. Gaudentius)

"The holy universal Church proclaims that God cannot truly be worshiped save within herself and asserts that all they who are without her pale shall never be saved." (Pope St. Gregory the Great, Doctor of the Church, 6th century A.D.)

"So, Venerable Brethren, it is clear why this Apostolic See has never allowed its subjects to take part in the assemblies of non-Catholics: for the union of Christians can only be promoted by promoting the return to the one true Church of Christ of those who are separated from it, for in the past they have unhappily left it." (Pope Pius XI, "Mortalium Animos", 1928)

"Those, indeed, who belong to God and to Jesus Christ - they are with the bishop. And those who repent and come to the unity of the Church - they too shall be of God, and will be living according to Jesus Christ. Do not err, my brethren: it anyone follow a schismatic, he will not inherit the Kingdom of God. If any man walk with strange doctrine, he cannot lie down with the passion." (St. Ignatius of Antioch, hearer of St. John the Apostle, c. 110 A.D.)

"Has the truth of your Catholic mother so failed you, who have been placed in the highest office of the priesthood, that you have not at once recognized yourself as a schismatic, when you withdrew from the apostolic sees? Being appointed to preach the Gospel to the people, had you not even read that the Church was founded by Christ our Lord upon the chief of the Apostles, so that the gates of hell might not be able to prevail against it (cf. Matt. 16:18)? If you had read this, where did you believe the Church to be outside of him in whom alone are clearly all the apostolic sees? ... Why, therefore, did you, already dearest in Christ, wander away from your portion, or what hope did you have for your salvation?" (Pope Pelagius I, 560 A.D.)

"[The Holy Roman Catholic Church] firmly believes, professes, and proclaims that those not living within the Catholic Church, not only pagans, but also Jews and heretics and schismatics cannot become participants in eternal life, but will depart 'into everlasting fire which was prepared for the devil and his angels' (Matt. 25:41), unless before the end of life the same have been added to the flock; and that the unity of the ecclesiastical body is so strong that only to those remaining in it are the sacraments of the Church of benefit for salvation, and do fastings, almsgiving, and other functions of piety and exercises of Christian service produce eternal reward, and that no one, whatever almsgiving he has practiced, even if he has shed blood for the name of Christ, can be saved, unless he has remained in the bosom and unity of the Catholic Church." (Council of Florence, c. 1441 A.D.) [Denzinger 714]

"Furthermore We teach and declare that the Roman Church, by the disposition of the Lord, holds the sovereignty of ordinary power over all others, and that this power of jurisdiction on the part of the Roman Pontiff, which is truly episcopal, is immediate; and with respect to this the pastors and the faithful of whatever rite and dignity, both as separate individuals and all together, are bound by the duty of hierarchical subordination and true obedience, not only in things which pertain to faith and morals, but also in those which pertain to the discipline and government of the Church [which is] spread over the whole world, so that the Church of Christ, protected not only by the Roman Pontiff, but by the unity of communion as well as of the profession of the same faith is one flock under the one highest shepherd. This is the doctrine of Catholic truth from which no one can deviate and keep his faith and salvation." (Vatican Council I, 1870 A.D.)

"But, all the same, although many non-Catholics may be found who loudly preach fraternal communion in Christ Jesus, yet you will find none at all to whom it ever occurs to submit to and obey the Vicar of Jesus Christ either in His capacity as a teacher or as a governor. Meanwhile they affirm that they would willingly treat with the Church of Rome, but on equal terms, that is as equals with an equal: but even if they could so act, it does not seem open to doubt that any pact into which they might enter would not compel them to turn from those opinions which are still the reason why they err and stray from the one fold of Christ. This being so, it is clear that the Apostolic See cannot on any terms take part in their assemblies, nor is it anyway lawful for Catholics either to support or to work for such enterprises; for if they do so they will be giving countenance to a false Christianity, quite alien to the one Church of Christ." (Pope Pius XI, "Mortalium Animos", 1928 A.D.)

"Consider, most dear ones, that the Truth could not have lied, nor will the faith of Peter be able to be shaken or changed forever. For although the devil desired to sift all the disciples, the Lord testifies that He Himself asked for Peter alone and wished the others to be confirmed by him; and to him also, in consideration of a greater love which he showed the Lord before the rest, was committed the care of feeding the sheep [cf. John 21:15 ff.]; and to him also He handed over the keys of the kingdom of heaven, and upon him He promised to build his Church, and He testified that the gates of hell would not prevail against it [cf. Matt. 16:16 ff.]. But, because the enemy of the human race even until the end of the world does not abstain from sowing cockle [Matt. 13:25] over the good seed in the Church of the Lord, and therefore, lest perchance anyone with malignant zeal should by the instigation of the devil presume to make some alterations in and to draw conclusions regarding the integrity of the faith - and (lest) by reason of this your minds perhaps may seem to be disturbed, we have judged it necessary through our present epistle to exhort with tears that you should return to the heart of your mother the Church, and to send you satisfaction with regard to the integrity of faith... If anyone, however, either suggests or believes or presumes to teach contrary to this faith, let him know that he is condemned and also anathematized according to the opinion of the same Fathers... Consider (therefore) the fact that whoever has not been in the peace and unity of the Church, cannot have the Lord [Gal. 3:7]" (Pope Pelagius II, circa 585 A.D.)


Vatican newspaper: Here we go again

The Vatican newspaper, L'Osservatore Romano, has done it again. This time, the paper published an article which says that Karl Marx's work is "especially relevant" today. Along with Marx's troubling economic theories, he is also famous for his comment that religion "is the opium of the people." Just a of couple years ago, Pope Benedict stated that, "The Marxist system, where it found its way into government, not only left a sad heritage of economic and ecological destruction, but also a painful destruction of the human spirit." This is just one more example of the "alarming problem" referred to earlier regarding recent articles appearing in the Vatican newspaper (previous story here).

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Vatican announcement re: Anglicans (Updated)

A Vatican announcement is expected early Tuesday (10/20). Speculation is that a large number of 'traditional Anglicans' will join the Catholic Church. The group broke with 'mainstream' Anglicans over 'ordinations' of women & homosexuals. [For update, see below]

UPDATE: The Vatican has announced a new structure that will make it easier for Anglicans to enter the Catholic Church. The structure is said to allow them to "maintain their Anglican identity and many of their liturgical traditions." The new structure is said to be in response to numerous requests from Anglicans. While the full text of the Apostolic Constitution has yet to be released, reports indicate that one provision will allow married Anglican 'clergy' (Note: They are not true priests - their orders have been ruled invalid) to become Catholic priests (but not bishops) - a special, but not unprecedented exception to the Church's requirement of celibacy. Total number of Anglicans received into the Church may number 500,000, but actual numbers are uncertain. Observers have noted some peculiarities regarding the announcement (e.g. short notice, absence of certain persons, delay in presenting document announced, etc.), leading to much speculation.

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[10/20, updated 10/21]

That's Catholic character?

Undaunted by controversy, Notre Dame's Board of Trustees has elected Fr. Jenkins to a second term. It was claimed that "The vision and leadership that Father Jenkins has demonstrated in his first four years in office have been inspiring and innovative." The Fellows of the University claimed Fr. Jenkins "combined courageous leadership with the kind of priestly dedication, pastoral concern and inspiration that we have come to expect of a President of Notre Dame" and expressed appreciation for his commitment to the "Catholic character of the University", where they say "the Catholic faith...[is] celebrated and lived."

Fr. Jenkins responded that he was "humbled" and said he "will continue pursuing the goals I cited at my inauguration four years ago – offering an unsurpassed undergraduate education, becoming even more pre-eminent as a research university, and ensuring that our Catholic character informs all that we do."

Can someone please explain how awarding the "most pro-abortion president in history" with an honorary law degree, disobeying your bishop, scandalizing millions, imprisoning peaceful pro-lifers (including an elderly priest), refusing leniency to the peaceful pro-lifers, paying for students to attend a 'gay rights' rally, permitting vulgar performances on campus, etc., etc. is a means of expressing the university's Catholic character? In light of recent events, how exactly can Fr. Jenkins say his goal is to ensure "that our Catholic character informs all that we do"? What exactly is this "Catholic character" he is referring to? Certainly this is not the Catholic character depicted in Grandma's catechism. One wonders just how much more of this "Catholic character" the Church will tolerate before expunging the university from its list of Catholic schools.


Food for thought from Archbishop Chaput

Archbishop Chaput of Denver recently urged a Catholic doctors' group to defend the sanctity of life. Some of his remarks appear below...

* "Every child with Down syndrome, every adult with special needs; in fact, every unwanted unborn child, every person who is poor, weak, abandoned or homeless – each one of these persons is an icon of God's face and a vessel of his love. How we treat these persons – whether we revere them and welcome them, or throw them away in distaste – shows what we really believe about human dignity, both as individuals and as a nation."

* Catholics "cannot claim to love their Church, and then ignore her counsel on vital public issues that shape our nation's life"

* The nature of today's marketing & entertainment leads to "a culture of fantasy, selfishness and illness that we've brought upon ourselves. And we've done it by misusing the freedom that other - and greater - generations than our own worked for, bled for and bequeathed to our safe-keeping."

[Story here] [10/19]

Two Letters Making Waves

A couple recent letters have been making waves in Catholic circles. The first is a draft of a pastoral letter on marriage by the U.S. bishops. It was "leaked" to the press and will be discussed & voted on by the bishops in November. The second is a pastoral letter of the Bishop of Sioux City, Iowa. Brief highlights concerning both appear below.

U.S. Bishops' Letter

The 57-page pastoral letter on marriage is said to discuss Catholic teaching on marriage as well as covering "fundamental challenges to the nature and purpose of marriage" such as c*ntraception, homosexual unions, divorce and cohabitation. The document reportedly also covers harm to children from cohabitation and divorce, as well as harm to society from same-sex unions.

On the positive side, the letter has been "harshly criticized" by dissenters. On the negative side, the document is said to encourage NFP while omitting reference to the required "serious reason" which make its use licit only in certain cases and only for certain periods (click here for more information). Also potentially troubling are references to 'remarriage' which may lack forceful denunciations and reminders of the gravity of sin involved. Even when actions are condemned as "gravely immoral", one may fear that the final document will (as is common nowadays) omit all mention of the grave eternal consequences of such actions as well as the divine mandate not to engage in them.

For example, which explanation do you think is more likely to prevent fornication?

* "To [engage in the marital act] outside the covenant of marriage is gravely immoral because it communicates physically the gift of oneself to another when, at the same time, one is not willing or able to make a total and permanent commitment."

* "To [engage in the marital act] outside the covenant of marriage is a mortal sin that offends God. Those who engage in this sin may suffer the pains of hell for all eternity. Scripture says, "Do not be deceived; neither fornicators nor idolaters nor adulterers...will inherit the kingdom of God" (1 Cor. 6:9-10) and says that "If we sin deliberately after receiving knowledge of the truth, there no longer remains sacrifice for sins but a fearful prospect of judgment and a flaming fire that is going to consume the adversaries. Anyone who rejects the law of Moses is put to death without pity on the testimony of two or three witnesses. Do you not think that a much worse punishment is due the one who has contempt for the Son of God, considers unclean the covenant-blood by which he was consecrated, and insults the spirit of grace? We know the one who said: 'Vengeance is mine; I will repay,' and again: 'The Lord will judge his people.' It is a fearful thing to fall into the hands of the living God." (Heb. 10:26-31)

One may be permitted to think the latter would have a better chance of deterring sin, especially since this approach seems more closely aligned with writings of previous popes, saints, and even Holy Scripture.

Letter of Bishop of Sioux City, Iowa

Certain Catholics may be glad to hear that Bishop Nickless' recent pastoral letter includes a reference to exorcising the spirit of Vatican II. Specifically, the bishop says, "The so-called 'spirit' of the Council has no authoritative interpretation. It is a ghost or demon that must be exorcised if we are to proceed with the Lord's work." He also says that "It is crucial that we all grasp that the hermeneutic or interpretation of discontinuity or rupture, which many think is the settled and even official position, is not the true meaning of the Council" and says that "There can be no split...between the Church and her faith before and after the Council."

The Bishop embraces Vatican II, but wants to see it "fully implemented and brought to fruition." In fact, not only does he embrace Vatican II, but he somehow actually considers it "the greatest gift of the Holy Spirit to the Church in centuries." There seems to be no precedent for "the greatest gift of the Holy Spirit to the Church in centuries" which also requires that it's "so-called 'sprit'...must be exorcised."

Certainly his letter is not a 'traditionalist's document' [e.g. it contains multiple, unqualified references to "Pope John Paul the Great" (click here for one user's article on this topic), it says Vatican II's "aggiornamento brought about a great breath of fresh air, a new freedom and excitement about being Catholic", it speaks favorably concerning certain novelties, etc.], but it does note a loss of sense of sin and refers to problems in today's liturgy, calling for a renewed "reverence, love, adoration and devotion to the Most Blessed Sacrament, within and outside of Mass."

There seems to be no word on which exorcist may be called in for the task, but still it's an interesting thought, is it not?

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More News Highlights

More brief summaries of recent news items...

* Controversy has erupted over where to house Mother Theresa's remains. Various areas including the country of her parents and the area where she was born have demanded or may demand possession of her remains.

* An alleged Eucharistic miracle which occurred a year ago in Poland "may have merit" according to reports concerning the investigation. The case has been forwarded to the Apostolic Nunciature in Warsaw for further review.

* A "wealthy homosexual activist" speaking to a group of 'gay rights' advocates has stated that Catholic leaders are among their "greatest adversaries" and advises them to take "active measures" against those who oppose homosexual causes.

* A "leading ecumenicist" Cardinal Kasper, president of the Pontifical Council for Christian Unity, has published a new book regarding ecumenical efforts which he says "aims at creating a welcoming atmosphere for ecumenism". Although tradition-minded Catholics are not likely to rejoice in the news of its publication, they may be interested in his comment regarding the claim that ecumenism "has not borne any fruit and left us with our hands empty", namely "that is not the official opinion". Interesting, no?

* The New York Times has made waves by publishing a sordid story about a serial-adulteress (now terminally-ill) woman and the philandering, vow-breaking priest who fathered children with her and suggested an abortion. The story involving two consenting (yet gravely sinful) adults appeared on the front page of the paper while another story involving the "Safe Schools Czar" which involved a case of homosexual statutory rape appeared on page 19 of the publication. As the Catholic League's president stated: "There is a reason why this story about an irresponsible priest and an irresponsible woman merited 2,424 words on p. 1, and the story about the irresponsible gay activist turned 'Schools Czar' merited 488 words on p. 19: the lead story was about ginning up public sentiment against priestly celibacy."


Recent News Highlights

The following are brief summaries of some recent news items...

* God bless the priests: Priests have said they "will not abandon the volatile southern Philippines" despite the persecution there.

* A former seminarian has received a settlement from the Diocese of Baton Rouge after he claims to have had repressed all memories of abuse involving a former bishop. The late bishop is said to have had "a reputation for outspoken orthodoxy."

* A pro-abort group has determined that the number of abortions declined by 8.6% for the period 1995-2003. Still, worldwide abortions are said to be at 41.6 million, with "over one in five" of the world's abortions occurring in China.

* Controversy has erupted in Germany as a memorandum by a member of the Protestant 'clergy' has been leaked. Among other things, the paper "attacks Pope Benedict XVI as incompetent." Apparently apologies were issued but there is said to be a "growing realization that the cracks between the [Catholics & Protestants] have only been papered over."

* In a move that may bewilder some Catholics, a Protestant geneticist & author has been appointed to the Vatican's Pontifical Academy of Sciences. On one hand, the scientist holds some erroneous & troubling doctrinal views. On the other hand, the researcher has made some important advancements in the field of science. Unfortunately, he also supports the immoral practice of stem cell research which is forbidden by the Church. Let's hope that this position will not be used to advance his harmful & erroneous scientific and religious views with perceived "backing from the Vatican." May God grant him conversion to the true Catholic faith.

* Bishops in Canada have dismayed Catholics by their funding of anti-Catholic groups as well as groups which advocate for abortion. One bishop recently said that he "does not see a problem" funding projects of groups that support abortion since the projects they want to back are "beneficial." Pro-lifers note that the funds - hard earned donations of Catholics - will become fungible and may therefore be used to support the murder of the unborn - not just the "beneficial" programs they want to fund. Amazingly, the bishop even questioned if Jesus would use the abortion "litmus test" before supporting an organization. Get real! Jesus certainly would not overlook violations of one of the Commandments because the other nine were kept. "For whoever keeps the whole law, but falls short in one particular, has become guilty in respect to all of it." (Jms. 2:10) How is it possible that a bishop could make such a statement? Where will it end? Would such a prelate even fund a satanic group's "beneficial" efforts if the Satanists promised to "earmark" the funds for "really good causes"? Please, wake up.


Mormon offenses against the recently canonized Fr. Damien

Catholics may be outraged to learn that Mormons have reportedly performed a ceremony they consider to be "baptism by proxy" in relation to the recently canonized Fr. Damien, a priest who cared for lepers in Hawaii. There are also reports that Mormons performed a ceremony they believe "seals" the canonized Catholic priest - who took a vow of celibacy - "for eternity to a wife named Marie Damien." Besides the fact that the priest already received a true baptism (which obviously can occur only when a person is alive), the Mormon sect continues its refusal to accept Jesus' teaching on the end of matrimony, which is illustrated by the following Scripture passages...

"At the resurrection they neither marry nor are given in marriage but are like the angels in heaven." (Our Lord Jesus Christ, Mt. 22:30)

"When they rise from the dead, they neither marry nor are given in marriage, but they are like the angels in heaven." (Our Lord Jesus Christ, Mk. 12:25)

"The children of this age marry and remarry [i.e. after the death of a spouse]; but those who are deemed worthy to attain to the coming age and to the resurrection of the dead neither marry nor are given in marriage." (Our Lord Jesus Christ, Lk. 20:34-35)

Thankfully, the ridiculous & offensive Mormon ceremonies which apparently occurred in the 1980's - unlike true Catholic sacraments - have no power to effect the canonized Catholic priest. However, the fact that these heretical ceremonies were conducted at all in relation to a Catholic priest is offensive. Fr. Damien, pray for us.

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Moral Outrage (at least on some fronts)

In another blow to pro-lifers, the U.S. bishops have congratulated President Obama - "the most pro-abortion president in history" - on receiving the Nobel Peace Prize, stating that...

"In our own country, the remarkable and historic achievement of his election has changed the relationships between men and women of all races. The rich diversity of United States society is now more surely anchored in a national unity that is better able to foster the peace we all are challenged to pursue."

So because a (half) black man has been elected president we are now "more surely anchored in a national unity that is better able to foster the peace we all are challenged to pursue" - even though this man champions s*domy & the killing of the unborn? Even though he has increased international abortions and keeps pushing for more increases in abortion? Even though he rejects marriage as exclusively between a man and a woman? Even though he wants c*ntraceptives handed out to children in government-run schools?

Previously, news of the award was "greeted with appreciation at the Vatican in light of the president's demonstrated commitment to promoting peace on an international level and, in particular, in recently promoting nuclear disarmament", a reaction that caused "shock and dismay" to pro-lifers. As one anonymous pro-life leader told the website, "If Obama was good on international peace and nuclear disarmament but favored the killing of Jews, its not likely he would get either the Noble Peace Prize or be praised by the Vatican."

Passed over for the Nobel Peace Prize were true champions of peace with tangible accomplishments who are not - as ALL's Judie Brown notes regarding Obama - "dedicated to war in the womb". Besides, as faithful Catholics might ask, how can Obama be given any award for peace - no matter what accomplishments he might have achieved - in light of the fact that he is an unrepentant & ardent promoter of the murder of the unborn? What peace can there be when the weakest among us can be killed with impunity? Had Hitler ever made any true advancements in the name of peace - much less simple 'hopes' - could everyone look the other way regarding his barbaric slaughter of Jewish people because of these efforts (or hopes)? How can we look the other way when an even greater number of children have been killed by their own mothers through abortion? And Obama isn't against these murders, but has done much to foster and expand the killing - even using your tax dollars to do so.

Fortunately the Vatican newspaper, L'Osservatore Romano, was at least partially critical of the award (a 'happy surprise' given some of their recent controversial articles), stating that "Analysts have almost unanimously interpreted his selection as a way of pressuring Obama to make pacifist choices as his administration continues forward." The paper also said that Obama should "recall that in 1979 he was preceded by Mother Teresa, who had the courage to state in her acceptance speech that the harshest war with the greatest number of 'fallen' is the practice of abortion, legalized and facilitated as well by the international structures" and noted "that the selection process has become mired in being politically correct."

Unfortunately though, the paper concluded that "at the same time, as the director of the Holy See's Press Office has stated, we cannot help but rejoice at the recognition of President Obama's efforts at nuclear disarmament and his personal disposition towards a policy that seeks peace more than the affirmation of U.S. power in the world." Once again, it seems fair to ask if Hitler made efforts at nuclear disarmament (or simply hoped to), could everyone look the other way regarding his barbaric slaughter of Jewish people because of these efforts (or hopes) and not help but "rejoice"? Do you think they would still "rejoice" if their own parents were among those killed by him simply because he supported nuclear disarmament? What if he supported nuclear disarmament even at the very same time that he supported killing more members of their own families? Think they'd still be rejoicing? Think they couldn't "help but rejoice"? Maybe they'd give him a peace prize themselves? Would they then also consider giving Ted Bundy or Charles Manson a peace prize for some perceived good they accomplished (or hoped to achieve) in light of the murders they were also responsible for? Even if these two serial killers were big supporters of nuclear disarmament, it's extremely doubtful anyone would consider giving either of them an award for peace. But unborn babies are every bit as victimized by abortion as these killers' victims were - even more so if you consider that these infants probably never had an opportunity for baptism - so why give an award for peace to someone who supports their killing?

How is it the Vatican, the bishops, and the Vatican newspaper "cannot help but rejoice" at the news of the Peace Prize being given to a radical abortion promoter? Numerous faithful Catholics are morally outraged and want to know why their leaders are expressing "appreciation" and "rejoicing" instead of joining them in expressing moral outrage. Why waste this great teachable moment? Why not tell the world there will be no peace while society tolerates the murder of babies in the womb? Why not remind the world that true peace is not possible when we do not obey Christ? How can they feel "appreciative" and "rejoice" at the thought that this man would fight for the 'right' to kill them as well as their loved ones - and anyone else for that matter - while they were in the womb? Let's also not forget that this same 'peaceful' man voted against giving medical care to babies born alive after an 'unsuccessful' abortion. Still rejoicing?

What about the recent comments of the self-professed 'champion' of s*domites that echo his previous statements & actions. Do they still feel "appreciative" and "rejoice" at the award in light of the following recent remarks of Obama's?...

* Obama has pledged to be with the homosexuals in their "fight" (sound peaceful?), saying that "we will have moved closer to that day when no one has to be afraid to be gay in America. When no one has to fear walking down the street holding the hand of the person they love."

* Obama claims that those who oppose homosexual 'marriage' are holding "outworn arguments and old attitudes"

* Obama claims that defenders of traditional marriage "would enshrine discrimination into our Constitution" and claims that they are pushing "divisive and deceptive efforts to feed people's lingering fears for political and ideological gain"

* Obama stated that his administration will work to repeal the Defense of Marriage Act. He is also trying to get the Domestic Partners Benefits and Obligations Act passed as well as moving ahead with plans to end the military's "don't ask, don't tell policy"

* Obama told a homosexual advocacy group that they "will see a time in which we as a nation finally recognize relationships between two men or two women as just as real and admirable as relationships between a man and a woman" (emphasis added)

Still rejoicing? Still think the man promotes peace? Does it bother you that he is spending your hard-earned tax dollars on new federal benefits for 'LGBT families', not to mention increased funding for abortion? Doesn't it make you sick to think that he and his wife purposely invited "LGBT families to the White House to participate in events like the Easter Egg Roll, because we want to send a message"? Doesn't it offend you that he's doing all he can to push sinful, abhorrent homosexual unions as well as the murder of the unborn? How can a man so committed to half of only four sins that cry out to heaven for vengeance [namely: (1) willful murder (abortion), and (2) sodomy] be given an award for peace? And how can our Catholic leaders be "appreciative" of and "rejoicing" at the news? Enough rejoicing already - this is a time for lamination!

"'Peace, peace!' they say, though there is no peace. They are odious; they have done abominable things, yet they are not at all ashamed, they know not how to blush. Hence they shall be among those who fall; in their time of punishment they shall go down, says the LORD." (Jer. 6:14-15)

"We remember saying long as individuals and states refused to submit to the rule of Our Savior, there would be no really hopeful prospect of a lasting peace among nations." (Pope Pius XI)

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Selected News Highlights: 10/6-10/10

Due to vacations, there were no news updates from 10/6 - 10/10/09. The following are some selected news highlights from this time period...


* EWTN foundress Mother Angelica has been awarded the Pro Ecclesia et Pontifice Medal by Pope Benedict XVI

* Bishops in Ireland have apologized to a group of abuse victims

* The former Canadian bishop facing charges of child p*rn*graphy has moved to a new location after residents at the former location complained about his presence there

* Cardinal Puljic says a Vatican directive on alleged Marian apparitions at Medjugorje is expected soon, possibly by the end of this year

* Feminist alert: Nuns in Africa have called for "more of a say in running the Catholic Church"

* An African cardinal made waves with statements - "loosely rendered by translators" - that appeared to be at odds with Church teachings against c*ntraception

* A lay speaker who is scheduled to address the Canadian Conference of Catholic Bishops has attempted to dispute charges that he is a "liberal dissenter". Critics note that the speaker has previously addressed a known dissident group, supports pro-abort politicians, and is a member of a group that "distorts Catholic teaching"

* New springtime update: A diocesan newspaper reports that Sunday Mass attendance in the Diocese of Rochester has plummeted 25% between 2000 and 2008

* U.S. bishops bow to Jewish pressure: Two sentences from the bishops' earlier document will be removed to please "offended" Jews

* Bishops say the Supreme Court's refusal to extend a stay on the release of files related to earlier abuse cases is a "serious threat" to First Amendment rights

* Archbishop Chaput rebuts Cardinal Cottier's essay on the ND controversy. Says "Cardinal Cottier's articulate essay undervalues the gravity of what happened at Notre Dame. It also overvalues the consonance of President Obama's thinking with Catholic teaching." Says that "Much is made, in some religious circles, of the President's sympathy for Catholic social teaching. But defense of the unborn child is a demand of social justice. There is no 'social justice' if the youngest and weakest among us can be legally killed. Good programs for the poor are vital, but they can never excuse this fundamental violation of human rights."

* The U.S. Supreme Court has rejected an appeal by a priest convicted of murdering a nun in Ohio

* The disgraced Miami priest who fathered a child with a former str*pper is now battling for custody of the child


* So much for equal justice: U.S. House passes "hate crimes" bill designating homosexuals as a "protected class". Legislation was attached to a defense bill

* The federal budget deficit has tripled to a record $1.4 trillion for 2009 according to a CBO estimate


* Scientists claim to duplicate features of the Shroud of Turin. Experts & researchers are critical, saying the replica doesn't match the Shroud (For more on this topic, see guest article entitled "Does the New Replica Disprove the Authenticity of the Shroud of Turin?")

* Catholic Mayor Richard Daley is under fire by pro-lifers for signing a "bubble zone law" in Chicago. Critics say it violates free speech

* New research paper says that the c*ntraceptive pill may impact one's choice of mate and may affect "reproductive success"

* Funds donated for breast cancer research may end up supporting abortion. Komen for the Cure gives hundreds of thousands of dollars in grants to Planned Parenthood

* Pro-lifers ban together to sue Department of Health and Human Services and National Institutes of Health over taxpayer funding of embryonic stem cell research

* Mexican bishop says homosexual unions cannot be considered marriages or families. Says "They can be called whatever you want, but never marriage" and says the unions "attack family values"

* President Obama has been awarded the Nobel Peace Prize after less than two weeks of "achievement" as president at the time of his nomination. During this time, Obama's few "accomplishments" included the diverting of millions of taxpayer dollars to fund international abortions. Many pro-lifers and others were "shocked & dumbfounded" that Obama was chosen to receive the (traditionally) prestigious award, especially in light of the extraordinary accomplishments of individuals who were passed over for it in favor of Obama - the "most pro-abortion president in history". Surprisingly, the news was "greeted with appreciation at the Vatican in light of the president's demonstrated commitment to promoting peace on an international level and, in particular, in recently promoting nuclear disarmament" - a response that caused "shock and dismay" to pro-lifers. As one anonymous pro-life leader told the website, "If Obama was good on international peace and nuclear disarmament but favored the killing of Jews, its not likely he would get either the Noble Peace Prize or be praised by the Vatican." A variety of observers have criticized the award and even President Obama himself seemed to admit that the award wasn't necessarily "a recognition of [his] own accomplishments." As Judie Brown of American Life League stated, "The Nobel Committee has bestowed the 'Peace Prize' on a man dedicated to war in the womb."


"At least they're not Catholics"

A coalition of Protestants & Jews have come together to ask Congress to include taxpayer funding for abortion in healthcare legislation. In the sects' convoluted thinking, abortion - the murder of the unborn - "can be a morally justifiable decision" and restrictions on abortion funding are a seen as a "serious moral injustice." So they want you to pay for killing of the unborn to rectify this supposed "injustice." Perhaps the best thing that can be said about these Jews & heretics at this point - who permit so much damage to both bodies (of the unborn) & souls (of both the born & unborn) - is "at least they're not Catholic." With so many enemies within the Church today, this is no small plus.

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"You have no right to maintain your standards"

A substitute teacher in Canada has filed a complaint with the Human Rights Commission after she was 'fired' from a Catholic school. The woman in question - a mother of two who is "in the process of becoming a man" - was removed from the substitute teacher's list after she revealed that she was undergoing a process to "change her gender." The woman who was "horrified" at this decision is now "determined" to get reinstated. How is it that she can be horrified by a Catholic school's decision to maintain rational standards but others are not allowed to be horrified by her ridiculous, abhorrent decision to "become a man"? Sadly, she is being backed by the Alberta Teachers' Association as well as legal professionals and human rights groups. The woman involved also claims to be "mystified" by the decision. No word on whether the woman's children are "mystified" by their mother's decision to "become a man."


American Healthcare

Catholics may once again be disheartened to hear that the Senate Finance Committee has rejected a ban on abortion funding as well as rejecting an amendment to prevent rationing of medical care to seniors. Furthermore, one member of the Senate Finance Committee said of recent healthcare legislation which would "mandate dramatic changes in the U.S. health care system"...

"I don't expect to actually read the legislative language because reading the legislative language is among the more confusing things I've ever read in my life"

He also told a representative from that...

"The idea of reading the legislative language: It's just anyone who says that they can do that and actually get much out of it is trying to pull the wool over our eyes."


"In the time that I've spent here, I've seen plenty of legislative language and I know more often than not it's almost incomprehensible as to what it means. Because what you do is you take certain language and you insert it in other parts of the law, other parts of the bill, and it frankly almost defies comprehension in many instances. Why that is a value and why someone should need to read that, or feel the need--I don't understand."

Now don't you feel good about the pending legislation which will affect your life and the lives of your loved ones?


Annual 'Red Mass'

Washington D.C.'s annual 'Red Mass' ("to seek guidance of the Holy Spirit for those in the legal profession") is scheduled to be held on Sunday October 4, one day before the U.S. Supreme Court begins its new term. A record number of the nine members of the Supreme Court - six (or 2/3) - consider themselves Catholic.

Reports indicate that the sermon will be given by Cardinal Daniel DiNardo, archbishop of Galveston-Houston. Cardinal DiNardo was the first American cardinal to speak out against the Notre Dame scandal earlier this year in which the Catholic University invited pro-abort Obama to speak and presented him with an honorary law degree.

At least one report says a "strong showing" at the Mass is expected.


Recent Studies

Catholics may be interested in results from some recent studies, including the following...

* A homosexual advocacy group says there are more 'gay and bisexual' characters on prime-time TV. They find the "steady increase in gay characters" to be "promising" and were also pleased about portrayals of homosexual couples 'marrying' & raising families and hope that these depictions will help Americans "come to accept and better understand" them. ABC (nicknamed by some as "gAy-BC") had the most "gay representation" with a reported 5% of characters being homosexual, while CBS has the fewest. However, CBS is committed "to diversity, including gay representation" and "intends to improve."

Reality checks...

Lev. 18:22: You shall not lie with a male as with a woman; such a thing is an abomination.

Deut. 22:5: "A woman shall not wear an article proper to a man, nor shall a man put on a woman's dress; for anyone who does such things is an abomination to the LORD, your God."

St. Paul, 1 Cor 6:9-10: Do you not know that the unjust will not inherit the kingdom of God? Do not be deceived; neither fornicators nor idolaters nor adulterers nor boy prostitutes nor practicing homosexuals nor thieves nor the greedy nor drunkards nor slanderers nor robbers will inherit the kingdom of God.

St Jude, Jude 1:7: Likewise, Sodom, Gomorrah, and the surrounding towns, which, in the same manner as they, indulged in sexual promiscuity and practiced unnatural vice, serve as an example by undergoing a punishment of eternal fire.

* A new study has found that support for abortion is declining. Unfortunately, however the study says that 45% of supposed Catholics still believe that abortion "should be legal in most or all cases." Remarkably, even 26% who attend Mass weekly fail to adopt the pro-life position. Surprisingly, a reported 42% of Americans are unaware of Obama's pro-abortion position.

Reality checks...

"Those who give drugs causing abortions are murderers themselves, as well as those who receive the poison which kills the fetus." (St. Basil the Great, Doctor of the Church, circa 369 A.D.)

"Therefore from the moment of its conception life must be guarded with the greatest care, while abortion and infanticide are unspeakable crimes." (Second Vatican Council)

"Can. 1398 A person who procures a completed abortion incurs a latae sententiae excommunication." (1983 Code of Canon Law)

Click Here for More ('Abortion is a Grave Sin')

* A recent study shows that 72% of Americans think too many children are in daycare. A relatively small minority (11-12%) of the survey participants thought it was "ideal" for mothers to work full time.

Reality checks...

"The children, especially the younger among them, need the care of their mother at home." (Second Vatican Council)

"[A] woman is by nature fitted for home-work, and it is that which is best adapted at once to preserve her modesty and to promote the good bringing up of children and the well-being of the family." (Pope Leo XIII, "Rerum Novarum") 

"Similarly, (too,) women should adorn themselves with proper conduct, with modesty and self-control, not with braided hairstyles and gold ornaments, or pearls, or expensive clothes, but rather, as befits women who profess reverence for God, with good deeds. A woman must receive instruction silently and under complete control. I do not permit a woman to teach or to have authority over a man. She must be quiet. For Adam was formed first, then Eve. Further, Adam was not deceived, but the woman was deceived and transgressed. But she will be saved through motherhood, provided women persevere in faith and love and holiness, with self-control." (St. Paul, 1 Tm. 2:9-15, emphasis added)

"The man is a slave, in disgrace and shame, when a wife supports her husband." (Sirach 25:21)

Reminder: God's command to labor in Gen. 3:16-19 was issued to the man, while the words spoken to the woman were directed at motherhood.


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Legionaries "surprised and disappointed" over Archbishop's barring them from all ministry in Miami archdiocese [10/31]

"Final version" of healthcare bill includes taxpayer funding for abortion; Bill also retains "end-of-life planning provisions" [10/31]

FSSP San Diego apostolate adds 4th Sunday TLM [10/31]

After much recent controversy, the Vatican newspaper gets it right: Says dissident theologian Kung's article contains "lies and inaccuracies" [10/30]

Vatican newspaper on track again: Warns of "dangerous messages" in popular celebrations of Halloween; Says "Halloween has an undercurrent of occultism and is absolutely anti-Christian" [10/30]

Pro-lifers call for "massive reform" of CCHD, urge Catholics to boycott November collection [10/30]

U.S. bishops taking a strong stand on healthcare reform: USCCB launches "grassroots campaign" to condemn health care initiatives that include taxpayer funding for abortion; Bishops also encouraged to speak with lawmakers, insert fliers into bulletins [10/30]

ALL applauds USCCB's "unprecedented action" regarding healthcare reform, but also reminds USCCB that we "cannot stop at opposing abortion and demanding conscience protection", noting that "all of the current versions of the health care bill" have the potential to use taxpayer funds for PP, s*x education in schools, euthanasia, IVF, embryonic stem cell research, and c*ntraception [10/30]

Archbishop bans Legionaries of Christ "from any ministry" in the Archdiocese of Miami; Archdiocese also prohibits Regnum Christi from working in schools or parishes [10/30]

Janitor charged in murder of NJ priest has been previously arrested for assault and "corruption of a minor"; Accused has also used "multiple" aliases and has an outstanding warrant [10/30]

Lead researcher in development of vaccine admits that Gardasil and Cervarix "may be more deadly than the disease" they intend to prevent [10/30]

Kidnapped Irish priest has reportedly received his "crucial medication"; Kidnapers have also reportedly gotten in touch and are "looking for ransom" [10/30]

Pope says Church should take advantage of new technology to transmit Gospel message [10/30]

Archbishop Dolan publishes article concerning anti-Catholic bias in the media on his blog after the NY Times refused to publish it [10/30]

911 dispatcher who took call from priest killed in NJ was unable to determine priest's location due to a problem with technology; Authorities acknowledge that emergency responders may be unable to determine locations when cell phones are used instead of landlines [10/29]

Prefect of the Congregation for Divine Worship has "essentially confirmed reports that his office is working on proposals for a 'reform of the reform,' bringing a greater sense of reverence to the Novus Ordo liturgy" [10/29]

'Equal justice' update: Obama, self-professed 'champion' of homosexuals, signs "hate crimes" bill making "homosexuals and transgender people a specially protected class"; Bill that has failed to pass Congress for years was attached to an unrelated defense bill [10/29]

Diocese of Savannah agrees to pay $4.24 million to alleged abuse victim; Settlement is "second-largest abuse settlement" to an alleged individual victim [10/29]

Fruits of feminism: Powerful but unhappier women [10/29]

Apostolic Constitution concerning the conversion of Anglicans is reportedly held up over celibacy provisions regarding seminarians [10/29]

Pope Benedict says Catholics should set aside time each day to meditate on the Bible "so that the Word of God will be the lamp that illuminates our daily path on earth" [10/28]

Archbishop Dolan of NY hopes to follow in Sheen's footsteps using the media to spread the faith: "I would never pretend to be like [Archbishop Sheen]...I would never pretend to have his culture and bearing, but I would have to say that he's an inspiration to me" [10/28]

Pope confers Golden Rose to Blessed Virgen de la Cabeza in Spain [10/28]

Priest from Archdiocese of Chicago is defrocked [10/28]

Agency says under-inflated tire was main cause of fatal crash last year that killed Vietnamese Catholics headed from Houston to Missouri; Inadequate guard rail and lack of safety protection for passengers contributed to the severity of the accident [10/28]

Cathedral in Diocese of Sioux Falls undergoing a $30 million restoration [10/28]

Bishop Tobin joins criticism of Patrick Kennedy's "sad, uncalled-for, and inaccurate" remarks; Says the Catholic Church "hardly needs to be lectured to about just healthcare" and says that bishops "have been advocating for universal healthcare for a long, long time. All we ask is that it be just that - universal - meaning that it includes the helpless baby in the womb, the immigrant, and grandma in a hospice, and that it protects a healthcare provider's right to follow his/her own conscience" [10/28]

Police and Catholic officials "increasingly concerned" about the health of kidnapped Irish priest; Priest is still alive, but his condition is "critical" [10/28]

U.S. bishops document discusses "unanticipated childlessness"; Says "Children are not parents' possessions to manufacture, manipulate or design; rather, they are fellow persons with full human dignity, and parents are called to accept, care for and raise them to be new members of God's family and His kingdom"; Document "underscores the need for our society to end practices such as IVF" which are gravely immoral and result in the death of many embryos [10/28]

'Freedom of religion' update: Colombian court says Catholic hospitals must provide abortions and educate students about their "abortion rights"; Ruling is temporarily on hold [10/28]

Pope Benedict to travel to Turin to see Shroud on May 2; Archdiocesan site may allow visitors to make online reservations to view the Shroud during time of public display from April 10-May 23, 2010 [10/27]

Spanish bishops condemn "pagan" celebration of Halloween, saying it is "not an innocent festivity" because it "has a background of the occult and anti-Christianity" [10/27]

Resident of Detroit suburb sues to retain 63 year-old "privately maintained" nativity display on public property [10/27]

Scientific conference planned for November to "provide empirical proof to debunk evolution"; Scholars says theory of evolution is "a scientific impossibility" [10/27]

Irish Archbishop condemns 'predicted repeat apparition' at Knock promised by a "Dublin-based clairvoyant"; Says "such events are to be regretted rather than encouraged"; Notes that the true Knock apparition in the 19th century "was neither sought nor expected by the humble, honest people who were its astonished witnesses" and warns that "recent events at the shrine obscure this essential message - they risk misleading God's people and undermining faith" [10/27]

Archbishop Chaput says "the USCCB feels that its involvement has been misrepresented" by the ('interfaith') religious coalition that petitioned the FCC over "hate speech" by conservative talk-show hosts [10/27]

Grenade explodes at cathedral in southern Philippines; No injuries reported; Islamic terrorist suspected [10/27]

They admit it's a baby when the father kills it: Los Angeles man arrested for murdering 13 week-old unborn baby believed to be his son [10/27]

Media 'watchdog' organization notes newspaper's discrepancy over media coverage: Says "The Los Angeles Times has joyfully discovered a way to keep the clergy misdeeds of the Catholic Church forever in the minds of its readers and the public: the obituary page" [10/27]

Threatened nurses' strike at Catholic Healthcare West hospitals is cancelled [10/27]

U.S. State Department finds that "violations of religious freedom have been noteworthy" in 30 countries [10/27]

Vatican issues statement concerning SSPX meeting; Future meetings to be held "probably twice a month" [10/26]

Longtime bodyguard of Pope John Paul II dies at age 83 [10/26]

Vatican investigating abuse allegation against Irish-born archbishop [10/26]

Update on slaying of priest in NJ: Janitor has been charged with priest's brutal murder, Suspect may have taken call from 911 operator; Janitor was about to lose his job of 17 years but officials "have stressed that a work layoff is not the only possible motive police are investigating" [10/26]

Authorities offer reward for information regarding kidnapped Irish priest; Church officials "had not heard back from messengers sent to deliver heart medication to the 79-year-old priest" [10/26]

"Scandal-plagued" former bishop of Santa Rosa dies at age 68 [10/24]

Bishop responds to Kennedy's criticism: "Congressman Patrick Kennedy's statement about the Catholic Church's position on health care reform is irresponsible and ignorant of the facts"; Bishop says Kennedy is a "disappointment" and calls for an apology for his "irresponsible comments" [10/24]

Killing of NJ priest ruled homicide; Authorities silent regarding possible suspects [10/24]

Over D & P controversy, Canadian archbishop "apologetically acknowledges": "I just should have followed up more" [10/24]

Priest found dead in rectory in NJ; Area "being treated as a crime scene" [10/23]

How sad: Dissenting nun volunteers as abortion clinic escort & calls the Church and its teachings "immoral" [10/23]

Bishops instruct "corrupt Catholic leaders in Africa to repent or quit public office and stop wreaking havoc"; Says Africa's needs "saints" in political office [10/23]

Secretary of Ecclesia Dei commission confirms that Motu Proprio is intended for the universal church, not just traditionalists [10/23]

Pelosi's response to question about where the Constitution authorizes Congress to order every American to buy health insurance: "Are you serious? Are you serious?"; House Speaker then shakes head and takes question from another reporter [10/23]

Diocese of Belleville agrees to $1.2 million abuse settlement [10/23]

"So what if innocent unborn babies are killed as long as we get health insurance?": Patrick Kennedy questions pro-life position of bishops who oppose healthcare bills that include taxpayer funding for abortion; Remarks "You mean to tell me the Catholic Church is going to be denying those people life saving health care? I thought they were pro-life?" [10/23]

Basilica of the National Shrine of the Immaculate Conception to celebrate its 50th anniversary in November [10/22]

Congregation for Divine Worship completes new volume "designed to help priests celebrate Mass with proper reverence" [10/22]

Crisis Management Committee denies reports that kidnapped Irish priest died in captivity; CMC is, however, concerned about his health [10/22]

Former Anglican says Vatican announcement is "a dramatic slap-down of liberal Anglicanism" and a "total repudiation of the [so-called] ordination of women, homosexual marriage and the general neglect of doctrine in Anglicanism"; Says "It basically interprets Anglicanism as a spiritual patrimony based on ethnic tradition rather than substantial doctrine and makes clear that it is not a historic 'church' but rather an 'ecclesial community' that strayed and now is invited to return to communion with the Pope as Successor of Peter" [10/21]

Cleveland diocese sells altars, statues from closed churches; Diocesan spokesman says items may only be purchased Catholic schools and institutions [10/21]

83-year old whose client list "included at least 50 priests" is sentenced to 20 years in federal prison for Ponzi scheme; Victims - who lost more than $20 million - included "mainly the elderly and the religious community"; Perpetrator who said "I really care about all the investors. I want them to be paid" met many of his victims "by advertising in church bulletins and other religious publications" [10/21]

The power of language: Group seeks to redefine "suicide" as "assist in dying" in order to promote their "death agenda" using the court system; Rejects word "suicide" as "politicized language that implies a value judgment and carries with it a social stigma" [10/21]

U.S. Supreme Court Justice Alito "frustrated" over "persistent questions about the court's Roman Catholic majority" [10/21]

House Majority Leader claims that the Constitution empowers Congress to require all Americans to purchase health insurance [10/21]

Thousands of nurses set to strike: "All the hospitals affected are members of three large Catholic hospital chains" [10/20]

Parishioner purchases, returns statue that had been stolen from AZ parish [10/20]

Fire that destroyed church was accidental according to Hidalgo Co. Fire Marshal [10/20]

Santorum warns that socialism requires destroying the family and the Church: "...the left knows that they can't really have government come in and take control of everything unless they destroy the family. Unless you destroy the family and destroy the Church they cannot ultimately be successful in getting socialism to be accepted in this country and that's what their objective is"; Warns about government-run health care [10/20]

Priest from Diocese of Scranton facing criminal charges [10/20]

Solemn Pontifical Requiem Mass to be held in Manhattan on All Souls Day [10/20]

Facing abuse suits, Wilmington becomes seventh U.S. diocese to file for bankruptcy; Bishop says he had no choice and that "filing for Chapter 11 offers the best opportunity, given finite resources, to provide the fairest possible treatment of all victims" [10/19]

Deo Gratias: Head of Catholic Church's 'Supreme Court', Archbishop Burke, celebrates 'Tridentine' Mass in St. Peter's Basilica; Crowd at Pontifical High Mass said to be "filled to overflowing" [Note: Images here] [10/19]

Imprisoned priest who was convicted of killing a nun says he is innocent [10/19]

Portland diocese orders removal of tributes to late priest [10/19]

Man with rock beheads statue of St. Anthony of Padua in San Antonio [10/19]

Catholic Church in Ireland set to begin talks over transferring thousands of Catholic primary schools to the State [10/19]

Una Voce Orange County to host pre-Advent retreat on November 14 [Note: Link is to .pdf file] [10/19]

Great news: 'Chief Justice of the Catholic Supreme Court' Archbishop Raymond Burke named to Congregation for Bishops [10/17]

Diocesan spokesman responds to abuse group's comments: "The Catholic Church has taken more steps to prevent s*x abuse of children than any other private organization out there" [10/17]

Killing for organs: First they created 'brain death' to harvest organs from the living, now they want to remove organs from those they consider to be in a 'persistent vegetative state'; Ignoring the Fifth Commandment, one article argues that "the legal details of declaring death in someone who will never again be the person he or she was should be weighed against the value of giving a full and healthy life to someone who will die without transplant" [Note: Click here for free flier & anti-organ donation wallet card: 'Organ Donation: Act of Charity or License to Kill?] [10/17]

Teachers' union votes to strike at three South Jersey Catholic high schools [10/17]

Cathedral in Lincoln Diocese celebrates 50 years of perpetual Eucharistic adoration and "has no intention of allowing this tradition of perpetual adoration to come to an end" [10/16]

Relic of St. Mary Magdalene to make first visit to U.S. [10/16]

Greater Cincinnati Catholics asked to vote no on casinos for "moral, social and economic" reasons; Critics say the real reason is fears that the measure might outlaw gambling at church fundraisers [10/16]

Let's hope he plans to convert them: Cardinal Kasper says Pope Benedict will soon visit a Lutheran 'church' in Rome [10/16]

Catholic being sued by fellow parishioners for fraud in WI claims he is innocent [10/16]

African Bishop says government programs pushing c*ntraceptives encourage promiscuity and lead to more infections [10/16]

Monks to leave historic abbey; They "sincerely hope that whoever acquires the abbey property will show sensitivity to its historical and architectural significance" [10/16]

Vatican-SSPX talks to begin October 26 at the Vatican; Talks are to remain "strictly private", with a statement issued at the end [10/15]

Kidnapped priest's abductors have contacted his mission; Ailing priest is in need of his medication [10/15]

Spain sees "largest gathering ever" in celebration of feast of Our Lady of the Pillar [10/15]

Pathetic: Lawyer for girl who paid man to hit her in the stomach in order to cause a miscarriage says "Women may use any procedure or method of terminating pregnancy, by abortion or by miscarriage, and they cannot be charged with a crime" [10/15]

"Shocking report" on abuse in Ireland may be published "quickly", possibly by the end of next week; One chapter with references to priests, victims to be censored [10/15]

Catholics sue fellow parishioner for fraud after losing thousands of dollars [10/15]

Second fire breaks out at newly constructed Savannah church causing "extensive" damage; No injuries reported [10/15]

For those with strong stomachs only: Pregnant abortionist drawn to tears while aborting a child the same age as the one in her womb; Despite the incident, the woman continues to kill the unborn in the womb even after her child was born, saying that "dealing with little infant parts of my born baby only made dealing with dismembered fetal parts sadder" as she considers "declining a woman's request for abortion also to be an act of unspeakable violence"; Regarding the gruesomeness of it all, the still-undaunted abortionist notes that "frank talk like this is threatening to abortion rights" [Warning: Article contains graphic & disturbing references] [10/15]

Vatican ambassador to the UN says there is no international "right" to abortion; Notes that "human persons are the world's greatest resource" and calls for care for "the most vulnerable within society" [10/15]

German prosecutors file complaint against SSPX bishop Williamson over Jewish holocaust comments [10/15]

Trouble in Archdiocese of Reno: Priest files suit against bishop after dismissal; Priest had filed restraining order against deacon after receiving 'veiled death threat' before being ordered by bishop to withdraw the order; Victims' group sides with priest saying "bishops seemingly possess limitless power" [10/15]

Great news: Spanish soldier received baptism, confirmation before dying in Afghanistan [10/15]

Philippine regional military commander says Irish priest was kidnapped by "unnamed gang of kidnappers", not Muslim terrorist group [10/14]

Bishop who said the following has died at age 77: "No one today would accept this statement from any public servant: 'I am personally opposed to human slavery and racism but will not impose my personal conviction in the legislative arena.' Likewise, none of us should accept this statement from any public servant: 'I am personally opposed to abortion but will not impose my personal conviction in the legislative arena'" [10/14]

Drive-by shooters fire on seminary in Honduras; No injuries reported [10/14]

Illinois Supreme Court declines to hear case of priest who wants to sue his accusers [10/14]

Group creates "shameless, lying" ad featuring 'Catholic' mother to promote homosexual 'marriage' [10/14]

Get out your wallet: Bishops in Washington oppose measure to limit growth of state & local taxes [10/14]

Astronomical exhibit to open Friday in the Vatican Museums [10/14]

CFN movie review of 'The 13th Day' [10/14]

Great news in Lexington: Bishop makes FSSP apostolate a 'chaplaincy' where members may register in lieu of a parish [10/14]

Judge clears the Vatican priest who led police on a high-speed car chase which crashed two police cars & injured three officers; Lawyer for the police responds: "If refusing to stop, driving off at high speed, crashing into a police car and injuring officers does not constitute a crime I don't know what does" [10/14]

Abducted Irish priest seen alive in Philippines; Military to close off area where he is believed to be held captive [10/13]

Historical church in Diocese of Portland to close today [10/13]

Pope Benedict to follow in JPII's footsteps: Will be second pope to visit Rome's Jewish synagogue [10/13]

Modern fundraiser? Young priest beats professional poker coach to win $100K in televised poker game [10/13]

As negotiations near, SSPX leader says "the solution to the crisis is a return to the past"; Thinks talks could take "quite a long time" [10/13]

Another Notre Dame scandal: Supposedly Catholic university gives financial assistance to students to participate in 'gay rights' demonstration which advocates homosexual 'marriage' [10/13]

Cardinal Archbishop of Mexico City warns that "the divorce between Church and State could cause our ruin" [10/13]

Army's top civilian leader endorses Kansas priest for Medal of Honor; Priest is also under consideration for canonization by the Church [10/13]

More proof Catholic schools may not be safe: 'Catholic' high school to host performance of a "c*ndom-endorsing s*x-education play" which was written by an open l*sbian [Warning: Article contains offensive content] [10/13]

Elderly Irish missionary priest with a heart condition is abducted in the Philippines; Muslim terrorist group suspected [10/12]

Pope Benedict canonizes five saints [10/12]

Good news: Controversial liberal bishop cancels speaking engagement in Michigan at request of local bishop [10/12]

Catholic Relief Services says more than 6 million people are affected by recent typhoons [10/12]

Group of scientists gather at Capital Hill to present evidence that climate change is caused by nature, not man & that atmospheric CO2 is beneficial [10/12]

Pro-lifers praise New York Times for showing pictures of abortion victims & hope the story will help "awaken hearts and minds" [10/12]

Former Canadian bishop facing charges of child p*rn*graphy was "betrayed by his evasive responses to Canadian border agents, his tone of voice and his eye movements" according to a court document [10/12]

Faith in action: TX priest who was kicked, beaten, and repeatedly stabbed forgives attacker; Injured priest who is not angry at attacker says the incident has strengthened his vocation and loyalty to God [10/12]

"One of most vocation-rich dioceses in the nation", the Diocese of Peoria, suspends Masses at four parishes and a mission due to priest shortages [10/12]

Note: There were no news updates from 10/6-10/10/09 due to vacations. Click here for selected news highlights for these dates.

Biden & six members of the Supreme Court attend 'Red Mass' [10/5]

Victory in New Hampshire: Federal judge dismisses atheist's suit against 'under God' phrase in Pledge of Allegiance [10/5]

Mayor doesn't want former bishop who was arrested for possession of child p*rn*graphy in his community; Monastery housing the former bishop says request to house him there came "from the papal office" [10/5]

Supreme Court refuses to block release of documents related to Connecticut abuse suits [10/5]

More from Cardinal O'Malley: Cardinal who participated in & defended Kennedy funeral scandal sends letter "on behalf of Committee on Clergy, Consecrated Life and Vocations" to dissident LCWR "affirming" them [10/5]

Hundreds gather for Synod on Africa [10/5]

New TLMs in North Carolina [10/5]

Master of ceremonies at St. Peter's Basilica leads police on high-speed car chase, injuring three police officers; Priest, who was driving in area "well known for pr*stituti*n and transs*xuals", says he thought plain-clothes police who trying to flag him down were robbers [10/3]

Vatican's foreign affairs minister calls for "nuclear-free zone" in the Middle East [10/3]

Irish voters approve Lisbon Treaty; UKIP leader compares referendum with a "corrupt election in Zimbabwe or Afghanistan", complains of "conspiracy" and "bullying"; Says "I guess history may well look back upon this day as being the day when the very short, brief period of Irish independence actually ended" [10/3]

Man charged with killing of pro-lifer declared "mentally incompetent" to stand trial [10/3]

Laicization of Medjugorje priest was related to alleged apparitions according to bishop of Mostar-Duvno diocese; Says "media reports were misleading insofar as they suggested that the disciplinary action against Vlasic was unrelated to the alleged apparitions" [Related Resource: Marian Apparitions at Medjugorje: True or False?[10/3]

Pope Benedict to canonize five blesseds on October 11 [10/2]

Canadian bishop who resigned suddenly has turned himself in to police over charges of possession of child p*rn*graphy; Former bishop oversaw multi-million dollar clerical abuse settlement [10/2]

Group asks U.S. bishops to disband the CCHD [10/2]

Catholics work to assist disaster victims [10/2]

Our Lady of Fatima movie to be screened in at least seven major U.S. cities [10/2]

Pope Benedict's message to new pro-Obama Ambassador to the Vatican: Uphold the pro-life position [10/2]

Canadian Bishops Conference declines to dialog with Canadian pro-life site at October meeting; Bishops previously made an "urgent appeal" to the site to "establish an open and fruitful dialogue" [10/2]

Vatican issues "last minute" warning over Lisbon Treaty [10/2]

Pro-homosexual nominee for EEOC commissioner is against "narrow, heterosexist definitions of marriage" and doesn't want marriage between a man and a woman "privileged above all others"; Nominee also backs polygamy [10/2]

Note: There were no news updates on 10/1/09 due to vacations

Note: Dates in brackets may refer to date link was added to MCS news page


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