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* Greetings

* MCS News & Notes

* The Month of June: Dedicated to the Sacred Heart of Jesus

* Some Reflections on Rash Judgment

* New: "700+ Consoling Thoughts From Holy Scripture"

* Liturgical Feasts in June

* 'Catholic Trivia'

* Defending the Faith: "Apologetics Brief" - Do You Think Baptism Must Be Administered By Immersion?

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Dear Friend,

"Grace to you and peace be accomplished in the knowledge of God and of Christ Jesus our Lord." (2 Pt. 1:2)

Greetings! We hope this newsletter finds you and yours doing well. With summer fast approaching, we send our best wishes for a safe, blessed & enjoyable vacation to all those who will be traveling. As our 'favorite' fourth century prayer for travelers pleads, "We beseech Thee for those who are traveling from home, grant them an angel of peace as their fellow-traveler, that they may receive no hurt from anyone, that they may finish their voyage and their travels in much cheerfulness."

For those who would like some good Catholic activities to complement their summer plans, please visit our previously expanded Catholic Fun & Activities section at . Here you can find crossword puzzles, word searches, coloring activities, mazes, travel activities, and more... We hope you will enjoy it.

Lastly, faithful Catholics may want to consider our newest book release - which is 'filled with biblical comfort' - as a great 'summer read'. We think you will enjoy it. Please see below for more information.

Thanks so much for being a valued subscriber!

May God grant you abundant blessings,

Your Friends at

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"Heart of Jesus, in Whom are all the treasures of wisdom and knowledge, Have mercy on us." (From the Litany of the Most Sacred Heart of Jesus)

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MCS News & Notes

* New Release: We are happy to report that we have released the third book in our 'Catholic Devotional Series', entitled "700+ Consoling Thoughts From Holy Scripture: Biblical Consolation, Comforting Words, Positive Thoughts & Encouragement for Catholics in Times of Sadness, Sorrow, Grief, Illness, Trial, Persecution, or Any Time". This publication is dedicated to suffering individuals who occasionally reach out to us and to other faithful Catholics who are suffering or in need of consolation, encouragement, or a lift - and also to the priest we mentioned last month. Coincidentally(?), we heard from an anguished individual on the very day we started working on the book, months ago. As stated in the dedication, "We hope this book will be a great balm of comfort to you." For more details concerning this publication, please see here: , try below, or visit

* #1 New Release on Amazon: We are pleased to report that the Kindle version of the above mentioned title was a #1 New Release on Amazon in late May 2018, a few days after it went live. We are really excited about this uplifting publication and hope you will find it to be both encouraging & inspiring. See here for more detail: , try below, or visit . Thank you for your support!

Click here for more information & to purchase

* 'Exclusive Catholic Artwork': For the above mentioned new book release, we commissioned some original artwork from an international professional illustrator, based on a concept image of the Good Shepherd we saw at the San Buenaventura Mission in Ventura, CA. In addition to using our 'exclusive' new artwork on the book's cover, we would like to offer prints/posters of this lovely image for sale sometime in the future. At this time, we have set up a page at (shortcut: ) for more details in the event that we are eventually able to offer prints/posters of the image. We cannot promise availability (especially due to high costs & shipping issues), but we hope it may be possible at a later date. If you are interested in purchasing a print/poster of this image should it become available, please contact us using the link provided on the above mentioned page (please be sure to include your email address and mention that you are interested in the Good Shepherd artwork). Thank you for your support!

* Do you sell on Amazon or eBay? Do you own a Catholic retail store/website? We might be interested in an arrangement with (U.S.A. based) third parties to sell printed versions of the artwork mentioned above. If you are interested, please contact us at with your details & requirements.

* Work in Process: As the new book mentioned above went live near the end of last month, we are still working on fully integrating it into our site. Unfortunately, this takes a while to accomplish and we were unable to complete all tasks before preparing this newsletter. Likewise, the new artwork page & shortcuts referenced above have yet to be fully incorporated into our site. Note that, among other things, this may mean the items are not yet included on the index pages, and may not yet be added to either of our search engines. We plan to complete the integration as soon as possible and apologize for any inconvenience in the meantime.

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* Reminder: Our Tenth Rosary Week is scheduled for 10/22/18 - 10/28/18. Please plan to join fellow Catholics in praying the rosary each day that week for the indicated intentions. We hope to have a sign up sheet available by the end of June.

* Pro-Life: Heartbroken over the Irish vote 'legalizing' abortion, we have contemplated organizing a Rosary for the unborn if we could get enough participation. Should we have any pro-life events in the future, please let us know if you would like to be contacted. Please use the form at . Please be sure to indicate your interest in pro-life events and include your email address.

* For information on indulgences that may be available in June, please visit

* Thanksgiving: We would like to thank our subscribers and other visitors for donations we have received over the last few months. We really appreciate them! We are very grateful for your help to remain online. We pray that God will bless you abundantly for your kindness & generosity.

* With June may come weddings & (unfortunately) also a general increase in immodest dress. For wedding information, please try the Catholic Wedding Topic Page at . If you would like more information on the sacrament of holy matrimony, please visit . For information on modest / immodest dress, please visit . Note that this page includes a link to a free flier that can be printed.

* Reminder: Don't forget your priest this Father's Day (6/17 in the U.S.). [Note: For priest-themed quotes such as: "Our parents begot us by blood and the will of the flesh, but priests make us children of God; blessed regeneration, true freedom, and adoption according to grace." (St. John Chrysostom, Doctor of the Church), see the Reflections links appearing on the Priest Topic Page at ]

* Will you or a loved one be traveling this year? Did you know there are a number of patron saints for travelers? For a listing of patron saints for travelers, visit (tip: search by category 'Hobbies & Travel', or search for patronage 'travel', 'journey', etc.). Also, for prayers for travelers & motorists, visit

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The Month of June: Dedicated to the Sacred Heart of Jesus

+ + +

"In truth if the arguments brought forward which form the foundation for the devotion to the pierced Heart of Jesus are duly pondered, it is surely clear that there is no question here of some ordinary form of piety which anyone at his own whim may treat as of little consequence or set aside as inferior to others, but of a religious practice which helps very much towards the attaining of Christian perfection." (Pope Pius XII)

+ + +

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+ + +

"This devotion [to the Sacred Heart of Jesus], which We recommend to all, will be profitable to all." (Pope Leo XIII)

"[O]ur Redeemer Himself promised to Margaret Mary that 'all those who rendered this honor to His Heart would be endowed with an abundance of heavenly graces.'" (Pope Pius XI, "Miserentissimus Redemptor", 1928 A.D.)

"It is altogether impossible to enumerate the heavenly gifts which devotion to the Sacred Heart of Jesus has poured out on the souls of the faithful, purifying them, offering them heavenly strength, rousing them to the attainment of all virtues." (Pope Pius XII)

"We do not hesitate to declare that devotion to the Sacred Heart of Jesus is the most effective school of the love of God; the love of God, We say, which must be the foundation on which to build up the kingdom of God in the hearts of individuals, families, and nations" (Pope Pius XII, "Haurietis Aquas", 1956 A.D.)

"Is not a summary of all our religion and moreover, a guide to a more perfect life contained in this one devotion [to the Sacred Heart of Jesus]? Indeed, it more easily leads our minds to know Christ the Lord intimately and more effectively turns our heads to love Him more ardently and to imitate Him more perfectly." (Pope Pius XI)

"We think it opportune to exhort you once again venerable brethren, and through you all those dear children of Ours in Christ, to continue to exercise an ever more vigorous zeal in promoting this most attractive form of piety; for from it in our times also We trust that very many benefits will arise." (Pope Pius XII, "Haurietis Aquas", 1956 A.D.)

"It is in the adorable heart of Jesus that we shall find every help for our necessities, every remedy for the cure of our ills, the most powerful assistance against the assaults of our enemies, the sweetest consolation to soothe our sufferings, the purest delight to fill our souls with joy. Are you in sorrow? Do your enemies persecute you? Does the recollection of your past sins disturb you? Is your heart troubled or full of fear? Throw yourself, so to speak, in the wounds of Jesus Christ, even into His Sacred Heart, it is a sanctuary, it is the retreat for holy souls, and a place of refuge wherein your soul is safe. It is to Him and through Him that we should ask for all we require; it is through Him and in Him that we should offer to the Eternal Father all we do, because this Sacred Heart is the treasury of every supernatural gift, the source of every grace. It is the channel through which we unite ourselves more intimately to God, and through which God communicates Himself more freely. It is, in fine, to this Sacred Heart we should continually strive to unite ours - no longer wishing to have other desires or sentiments than those of Jesus - and then we may be sure that His will and His Sacred Heart may, so to speak, merge into our heart, and that the two will be as one. Draw waters at leisure out of the Savior's fountains: you will never exhaust them." (St. Peter Damien, Doctor of the Church)

- - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - -

Some Reflections on Rash Judgment

+ + +

The following selections are taken from a publication entitled "Sermons of the Cure of Ars" (St. John Vianney). The source material bears an imprimatur (1901 A.D.) [Please Note: We have made some changes to the text below (e.g. spelling changes, combining paragraphs).]

+ + +

"I say in the first place, rash judgment is a prejudicial thought or word directed against our neighbor's honor without sufficient cause. It can only proceed from a bad heart, filled with pride and envy; for a good Christian, who is penetrated with the thought of his own faults, does not think or judge bad of others; at least never without good reason, and only when he is obliged by duty to watch over them. We say, dear brethren, that rash judgment arises from a proud and envious heart, and this is easily understood. The proud and envious have a good opinion only of themselves and they attribute everything that their neighbor does to bad motives: the good which they perceive in their neighbor, angers and vexes them."

+ + +

"How often, in fact almost always, do we not have to repent having judged or spoken harshly of others, when in the course of time, and upon thorough inquiry we find that what has been said about our neighbor, is false. In judging rashly, we act like the judges of the chaste Susanne, who would, upon the accusation of the two false witnesses, not give her time to defend herself. Others imitate the presumption and malice of the Jews who spread abroad that Christ was a blasphemer, and possessed of the devil; others again behave like that Pharisee, who looked upon St. Mary Magdalen only as the notorious sinner without inquiring whether she had renounced her sins or not, although he saw her weep, confess her sins, and prostrate herself at the Savior's feet."

+ + +

"The Pharisee [in  Luke 18:9-14], dear brethren, whom the Savior presents to us a notorious type of all those who think and judge rashly of their neighbor, fell probably into three sins. By judging the poor publican, he thinks badly of him, judges him rashly and condemns him, without even knowing the disposition of his heart. His opinion is founded only upon conjecture. This is the first characteristic of rash judgment. He compares the publican to himself in consequence of his pride and his malice: this is the second characteristic. Finally, he judges and condemns him, without knowing whether what he says of him is true or false [this is the third characteristic], whilst this publican retires into a corner of the temple, strikes his breast, and implores forgiveness of God."

+ + +

"The reason why some people like to indulge in rash judgment is because they consider it a small matter, whereas it frequently becomes a grievous sin, especially if the occasion is important. But, you will say, this only takes place in my heart. It is just this which makes the sin so great, because our heart is created only for the love of God and our neighbor, and therefore this is treachery."

+ + +

"Before speaking about anything we must investigate the case thoroughly, before we pass sentence upon it; for appearances often deceive, as we know from our own experience. Look at a judge when sitting at court over some offender; he lets the witnesses come one after another and questions them. He takes all possible pains to obtain a confession from the accused one. You know that if there is the slightest doubt, he does not pronounce sentence; and when he finds himself obliged to pronounce sentence, he does so reluctantly, for he is always in fear that he may have condemned an innocent person. Ah, dear brethren, how few rash judgments would there be if such precautions were taken before we judge of the conduct and actions of others. There would be fewer souls in hell!"

+ + +

"Whence come so many hasty judgments of our neighbor? From the great pride which blinds us, so that our own countless, and often much greater faults are overlooked by us."

+ + +

"Furthermore, in order to be able to judge unerringly of our neighbor's words and deeds, we should have to know the state of his heart, and his real intentions. We do not take the proper precautions to investigate, dear brethren, and this is the reason why we make mistakes in judging our neighbor's conduct. We act just like condemning a person to death upon the testimony of untrustworthy persons without giving him time to defend himself."

+ + +

"'Alas, miserable pride,' says St. Augustine, 'you dare to judge your brother on the slightest pretext, and you do not know whether he has not already repented of his fault, and belongs again to the number of God's friends. Take care that he does not take your place, which you are greatly in danger of losing by your pride.' Yes, dear brethren, all these rash judgments and misrepresentations, and misconstructions, come only from those who have a secret pride, who do not know themselves, and who think they know their neighbor's mind, which is known to God alone. If we could only succeed in eradicating this greatest of the capital sins from our hearts, then we would never suppose that any of our fellow men were doing wrong; we should never take pleasure in watching their conduct; we should be satisfied to lament our own sins and strive as much as possible to improve ourselves. Nothing else would trouble us. No, dear, brethren, I do not believe that there is another sin more to be feared and more difficult to renounce than the sin of rash judgment, even by some persons who appear to perform their religious duties faithfully."

+ + +

"Now tell me, dear brethren, what foundations have we for all this judging and criticizing? Only appearances, and more often than not, just a 'They say.' Or perhaps you saw and heard it yourself? Still you can be mistaken even in seeing and hearing. For we do not know the interior state of a person and the motive for his actions. If you had seen how the beautiful Judith took off her mourning garments, and surrounded herself with everything that nature and art offered to increase her extraordinary beauty, you would have exclaimed on seeing her enter the apartment of the enemy and to all appearances endeavored to find favor in his eyes, 'What a bad woman!' Instead of which she was a pious widow; chaste and pleasing to God, who thus imperiled her life to save her people."

+ + +

"Do you understand now, dear brethren, in what danger we are of judging our neighbor's actions wrongly, in spite of all that we may see and hear? This should warn us not to judge the actions of others and, if obliged as parents or teachers, to watch their conduct, only upon careful observation and investigation. In regard to our neighbors uncalled for judgment is nearly always wrong. Yes, dear brethren, I have known persons who judged harshly of their fellow men's intentions, when I knew positively that they were good."

+ + +

"Happy, therefore, are they, who do not concern themselves about their neighbor's conduct, for which they are not answerable, who think only of themselves, who acknowledge their own faults, and try and amend them with all their strength! Happy are they, whose hearts and minds are occupied solely with the fear of God, and use their tongues only to beseech pardon of God, and their eyes to weep over their own sins. Amen."

+ + +

For more reflections, please try here:

+ + +

"He without sufficient reason believes another guilty of sin commits a sin of rash judgment." (Baltimore Catechism)

"Rash judgement or rash suspicion is a sin which consists in judging or suspecting evil of others without sufficient foundation." (Catechism of St. Pius X)

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New: "700+ Consoling Thoughts From Holy Scripture"

+ + +

We are happy to announce the recent release of the third book in our 'Catholic Devotional Series'. Additional detail can be found below (or at ).

+ + + Presents...


Biblical Consolation, Comforting Words, Positive Thoughts & Encouragement for Catholics in Times of Sadness, Sorrow, Grief, Illness, Trial, Persecution, or Any Time

Compiled From Traditional Catholic Scripture (Douay-Rheims Translation)

700+ Consoling Thoughts From Holy Scripture - Click for more information & to purchase

Click here for more information & to purchase

+ + +

"Some of the most consoling & comforting words from Holy Scripture, all in one place!"

+ + +

The Bible tells the greatest TRUE love story ever told and - along with imparting to us much knowledge & instruction - it can also bring great comfort. But the Bible is a very long work and there may be times when Catholics simply want to quickly reflect on some consoling, comforting, positive, or encouraging words from Scripture. On such occasions, we hope you will find this present book to be a wonderful aid.

This book may be particularly useful for:

* Providing consolation & comfort

* Strengthening & encouraging

* Providing a scriptural 'pick-me-up' / uplift

* Increasing hope

* Helping persons feel & trust that God loves and cares for them

* Increasing one's love of God - the greatest & first commandment (see Mt. 22:37-38)

Great for:

* Devotional reading

* Daily meditation

* Times of sadness, sorrow, grief, illness, trial or persecution - or any time

Designed for faithful Catholics, this publication includes:

* More than 700 selections, drawn from both the Old & New Testaments

* Dozens of scripture related reflections from popes & saints

* Links for additional resources

* List of Books of the Bible

You may be glad to know, this publication utilizes a traditional (English language) Catholic Scripture translation (Douay-Rheims), which is based on the Latin Vulgate Bible. The Vulgate is the only formally 'canonized' translation of Holy Scripture.

We hope you will find this pleasant & uplifting publication - which is 'filled with biblical comfort for faithful Catholics' - to be both encouraging & inspiring.

May God bless you now & always.

Note: Please see below for more important information.

+ + +

Get your copy today! Also makes a great gift!

+ + +

"The Holy Scripture or Bible is the collection of sacred, inspired writings through which God has made known to us many revealed truths. Some call them letters from Heaven to earth, that is, from God to man." (Baltimore Catechism)

"Learn the Heart of God in the words of God, that you may long more ardently for things eternal." (Pope St. Gregory the Great, Doctor of the Church)

+ + +

Some Limitations & Notes

* Designed for faithful Catholics

* Utilizes a traditional Catholic Bible translation [Note: If you prefer modern bibles with 'contemporary wording', try a different publication as this book is based on the traditional Douay-Rheims (English) translation]

* Does NOT contain the full text of the Bible

* NOT illustrated or indexed

See links below for additional limitations & notes and for other important information.

+ + +

Kindle Version Just $7.99 -

Paperback $14.99 -

Note: Prices indicated herein are subject to change at any time without notice and do not include any applicable taxes. For current pricing, please visit applicable link(s) above.

+ + +

For more information, visit links above or try here:

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Liturgical Feasts in June

The following is a listing of all liturgical feast dates for June as they appear at

Note: (T) = Traditional, (N) = New (Novus Ordo)

Reminder: Feasts may be superseded / transferred / etc.

+ + +

June 1 - St. Justin Martyr (N)

June 2 - St. Erasmus (T)

June 2 - Sts. Marcellinus & Peter (T)

June 2 - Sts. Marcellinus & Peter (N)

June 3 - St. Charles Lwanga & companions (N)

June 4 - St. Francis Caracciolo (T)

June 5 - St. Boniface (T)

June 5 - St. Boniface (N)

June 6 - St. Norbert (T)

June 6 - St. Norbert (N)

June 9 - St. Columba (T)

June 9 - Sts. Primus & Felician (T)

June 9 - St. Ephrem of Syria (N)

June 10 - St. Margaret of Scotland (T)

June 11 - St. Barnabas, apostle (T)

June 11 - St. Barnabas, apostle (N)

June 12 - St. John of San Facondo (T)

June 12 - Sts. Basilides, Cyrinus, Nabor & Nazarius (T)

June 13 - St. Anthony of Padua (T)

June 13 - St. Anthony of Padua (N)

June 14 - St. Basil the Great (T)

June 15 - St. Vitus, Modestus & Crescentia (T)

June 16 - St. John Francis Regis (T)

June 18 - St. Ephrem the Syrian (T)

June 18 - Sts. Mark & Marcellianus (T)

June 19 - St. Juliana Falconieri (T)

June 19 - Sts. Gervase & Protase (T)

June 19 - St. Romuald (N)

June 20 - St. Silverius, pope (T)

June 21 - St. Aloysius Gonzaga (T)

June 21 - St. Aloysius Gonzaga (N)

June 22 - St. Paulinus of Nola (T)

June 22 - St. John Fisher (N)

June 22 - St. Paulinus of Nola (N)

June 22 - St. Thomas More (N)

June 23 - Vigil of the Nativity of St. John the Baptist (T)

June 24 - Nativity of St. John the Baptist (T)

June 24 - Nativity of St. John the Baptist (N)

June 25 - St. William (T)

June 26 - Sts. John & Paul (T)

June 27 - Our Lady of Perpetual Succor (Perpetual Help) (T)

June 27 - St. Cyril of Alexandria (N)

June 28 - St. Irenaeus of Lyons (T)

June 28 - St. Irenaeus of Lyons (N)

June 29 - Sts. Peter & Paul, apostles (T)

June 29 - Sts. Peter & Paul, apostles (N)

June 30 - St. Paul, apostle (T)

June 30 - St. Peter (T)

June 30 - First Martyrs of the Church of Rome (N)

Please Note: Above may exclude moveable feasts. For moveable feasts, see below and try here: . For other feasts, try the MCS Daily Digest each day at


6/8/18 - Feast of the Sacred Heart of Jesus

6/9/18 - Feast of the Immaculate Heart of Mary (N)

- - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - -

'Catholic Trivia'

1. What are three kinds of spiritual associations of the laity?

2. What does St. Elizabeth Ann Seton recommend when one is excited to impatience?

3. What are the two kinds of men St. Augustine speaks about?

4. What shrine is associated with St. Margaret Mary and the Sacred Heart of Jesus?

5. According to St. Bernard, what are the four points in contemplation?

6. What scapular is associated with the Congregation of the Passionists?

7. What is it called when, in the traditional liturgical calendar, the second Vespers of a feast coincide with the first Vespers of the following feast?

8. What industry does Pope Pius XI say became "more pernicious and deadly" as it progressed? What occurred in the United States in 1930 which was supposed to curb such degradation?

9. Can dogmas evolve and change from one meaning to another different from the one which the Church held previously?

10. In the Encyclical Letter Rerum Novarum, does Pope Leo XIII say that the main tenet of socialism - community of goods - is acceptable?



1. Three kinds of spiritual associations of the laity are: Third Orders, Confraternities, and Pious Unions.

2. "When you are excited to impatience, think for a moment how much more reason God has to be angry with you than you can have for anger against any human being; and yet how constant is His patience and forbearance." (St. Elizabeth Ann Seton)

3. "In the long run there will be but two kinds of men: those who love God and those who love something else." (St. Augustine, Doctor of the Church)

4. The pilgrim shrine in France, Paray-le-Monial is associated with St. Margaret Mary and her visions relating to the Sacred Heart of Jesus.

5. "The first point in contemplation is to marvel at God's majesty; the second, at His judgments; the third, at His benefits; the fourth, at His promises." (St. Bernard, 12th century A.D.)

6. The Black Scapular of the Passion is associated with the Congregation of the Passionists. It is black and contains an image of a heart above a cross.

7. It is called an concurrence of feasts when, in the traditional liturgical calendar, the second Vespers of a feast coincide with the first Vespers of the following feast.

8. As Pope Pius XI states, "Now then, it is a certainty which can readily be verified that the more marvelous the progress of the motion picture art and industry, the more pernicious and deadly has it shown itself to morality and to religion and even to the very decencies of human society. The directors of the industry in the United States recognized this fact themselves when they confessed that the responsibility before the people and the world was their very own. In an agreement entered into by common accord in March, 1930, and solemnly sealed, signed, and published in the Press, they formally pledged themselves to safeguard for the future the moral welfare of the patrons of the cinema. It is promised in this agreement that no film which lowers the moral standard of the spectators, which casts discredit upon natural or human law or arouses sympathy for their violation, will be produced." (Pope Pius XI, "Vigilanti Cura", 1936 A.D.)

9. No. According to the Oath Against Modernism: "I entirely reject the heretical misrepresentation that dogmas evolve and change from one meaning to another different from the one which the Church held previously." All clergy members were to swear this oath promulgated by Pope St. Pius X in 1910.

10. No. In his Encyclical Letter, Rerum Novarum, Pope Leo XIII states, "Hence, it is clear that the main tenet of socialism, community of goods, must be utterly rejected, since it only injures those whom it would seem meant to benefit, is directly contrary to the natural rights of mankind, and would introduce confusion and disorder into the commonweal."


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Defending the Faith: "Apologetics Brief" - Do You Think Baptism Must Be Administered By Immersion?

It is good for Catholics to be able to defend their faith against attacks (or even simple questions) from those outside the Church. We therefore hope you may find the following "apologetics brief" helpful.

- - -

Note: Text below is taken from

The following may be used as discussion points when discoursing with those outside the Church (or even among Catholics).

Topic: Do You Think Baptism Must Be Administered By Immersion? [Note: Topic is directed at certain Protestants]


* If baptism must be administered by immersion, why do the earliest Christians refer to other methods of administration? For example, consider the following second century writing...

"Baptize as follows: After first explaining all these points, baptize in the name of the Father and of the Son and of the Holy Spirit, in running water. But if you have no running water, baptize in other water; and if you cannot in cold, then in warm. But if you have neither, pour water on the head three times in the name of the Father and of the Son and of the Holy Spirit." ('Teaching of the Twelve Apostles', 2nd century A.D.)

* If baptism by immersion was necessary, why are there pictures in the catacombs (the early Christian burial grounds) showing baptismal water being poured?

* If you take the bible as your sole rule of faith, why do you insist on baptism by immersion when the bible doesn't give specific instructions for baptizing?

- - -

"...even as the bodies outwardly feel the pouring of the water upon them, so the souls inwardly may feel the pouring of the Spirit upon them." (St. Ephraim the Syrian, Doctor of the Church, 4th century A.D.)

"I will sprinkle clean water upon you to cleanse you from all your impurities, and from all your idols I will cleanse you." (Ezek. 36:25)

"Tell me then why is the book of the [Old] testament sprinkled, and also the people, except on account of the precious blood, figured from the first? Why 'with hyssop'? It is close and retentive. And why the 'water'? It shows forth also the cleansing by water. And why the 'wool'? this also [was used], that the blood might be retained. In this place blood and water show forth the same thing, for baptism is His passion." (St. John Chrysostom, Doctor of the Church, d. 407 A.D.)

- - -

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In Closing...

"When so many evils meet Our gaze - such as cause sharp conflict among individuals, families, nations and the whole world, particularly today more than at any other time - where are We to seek a remedy, venerable brethren? Can a form of devotion surpassing that to the most Sacred Heart of Jesus be found, which corresponds better to the essential character of the Catholic faith, which is more capable of assisting the present-day needs of the Church and the human race? What religious practice is more excellent, more attractive, more salutary than this, since the devotion in question is entirely directed towards the love of God itself?" (Pope Pius XII, "Haurietis Aquas", 1956 A.D.)

"Tell everybody that God gives graces through the Immaculate Heart of Mary. Tell them to ask graces from her, and that the Heart of Jesus wishes to be venerated together with the Immaculate Heart of Mary. Ask them to plead for peace from the Immaculate Heart of Mary, for the Lord has confided the peace of the world to her." (St. Jacinta of Fatima)

"I hail Thee, O Sacred Heart of Jesus, living and life-giving fountain of eternal life, infinite treasure of divinity, glowing furnace of divine love; Thou art my place of rest and my most sure refuge. My dear Savior, enkindle my heart with that burning love wherewith Thine own is on fire; pour into my heart the manifold graces, of which thy Heart is the source; let Thy will be mine, and let mine be for ever obedient to Thine. Amen." (Raccolta)

"He showed His Heart to us bearing about it the symbols of the passion and displaying the flames of love, that from the one we might know the infinite malice of sin, and in the other we might admire the infinite charity of Our Redeemer, and so might have a more vehement hatred of sin, and make a more ardent return of love for His love." (Pope Pius XI, "Miserentissimus Redemptor", 1928 A.D.)

"In order that favors in greater abundance may flow on all Christians, nay, on the whole human race, from the devotion to the most Sacred Heart of Jesus, let the faithful see to it that to this devotion the Immaculate Heart of the Mother of God is closely joined. For, by God's Will, in carrying out the work of human Redemption the Blessed Virgin Mary was inseparably linked with Christ in such a manner that our salvation sprang from the love and the sufferings of Jesus Christ to which the love and sorrows of His Mother were intimately united. It is, then, entirely fitting that the Christian people - who received the divine life from Christ through Mary - after they have paid their debt of honor to the Sacred Heart of Jesus should also offer to the most loving Heart of their heavenly Mother the corresponding acts of piety, affection, gratitude and expiation. Entirely in keeping with this most sweet and wise disposition of divine Providence is the memorable act of consecration by which We Ourselves solemnly dedicated Holy Church and the whole world to the spotless Heart of the Blessed Virgin Mary." (Pope Pius XII, "Haurietis Aquas", 1956 A.D.)

Prayer in Honor of the Sacred Heart: "Grant, we beseech Thee, Almighty God, that we who glory in the Most Sacred Heart of Thy dear Son and call to mind the chief benefits of His love toward us, may find equal joy in their achievement and in their saving effect. Through the same Christ our Lord. Amen." (Raccolta)

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