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* Greetings

* MCS News & Notes

* The Month of July: Dedicated to Precious Blood of Jesus

* The Brown Scapular: Your Great Aid to Salvation

* Defending the Faith: "Apologetics Brief" - Addressing Scandal in the Church

* Catholic Trivia

* Attention: Catholic Seniors

* Recent Catholic News

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The Month of July: Dedicated to the Most Precious Blood of Jesus

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"Now if you invoke as Father him who judges impartially according to each one's works, conduct yourselves with reverence during the time of your sojourning, realizing that you were ransomed from your futile conduct, handed on by your ancestors, not with perishable things like silver or gold but with the precious blood of Christ" (St. Peter, 1 Pt. 1:17-19)

"What is a man able to find so valuable that he can give it for the ransom of his soul? Yet one thing was found that was worth as much as all men together. It was given as the ransom price for our souls, the holy and most precious blood of our Lord Jesus Christ, which He poured out for all of us; we were, therefore, 'bought dearly'." (St. Basil the Great, Doctor of the Church)

"The sinner, reconciled to his offended God, must receive the Body of Jesus with sentiments of hearty contrition, and approach himself in all the bitterness of his soul, for having shed that precious Blood by his multiplied sins." (Dom Gueranger)

+ + +

July is traditionally dedicated to the Most Precious Blood of Jesus. We hope you find the following short collection of prayers and resources useful for honoring the Precious Blood of our Savior.

+ For Atonement / Precious Blood (Prayer of St. Catherine of Siena)

Precious Blood, Hope and Refuge of sinners: Atone for us!

+ Help Thy Servants (Precious Blood) (Aspiration)

We therefore pray Thee, help Thy servants: whom Thou hast redeemed with Thy Precious Blood. (Ambrosian Hymn)

+ Hail Precious Blood

Hail, Precious Blood, flowing from the wounds of our crucified Lord Jesus Christ and washing away the sins of the whole world.

+ Offering of the Precious Blood at Mass

Eternal Father, I offer Thee the Most Precious Blood of Jesus Christ in atonement for my sins, and in supplication for the holy souls in purgatory, and for the needs of holy Church. (Raccolta)

+ Prayer in Honor of the Precious Blood

O almighty and everlasting God, who didst appoint Thine only-begotten Son the Redeemer of the world, and hast willed to be appeased by His Blood; grant unto us, we beseech Thee, so to venerate with solemn worship the price of our redemption, and by its power be so defended against the evils of this life, that we may enjoy the fruit thereof for evermore in heaven. Through the same our Lord. (Collect)

+ Prayer for Forgiveness / Cleansing (Precious Blood)

O good Jesu, according to Thy great mercy, have mercy on me. O most merciful Jesu, by that Precious Blood which Thou didst will to shed for sinners, I beseech Thee to wash away all mine inequities and to look graciously upon me, a poor and unworthy sinner, as I call upon thy holy Name. Therefore, O Jesus, do Thou save me for Thy holy Name's sake. (Raccolta)

[Note: "Jesu"/"Jesus" above appears as it does in the Raccolta. Reminder: Jesu is Latin for Jesus.]

+ Prayer to the Blessed Virgin Mary (Precious Blood)

Most glorious Virgin, chosen by the eternal Counsel to be the Mother of the eternal Word made flesh, thou who art the treasurer of divine graces and the advocate of sinners, I who am thy most unworthy servant have recourse to thee: be thou pleased to be my guide and counselor in this vale of tears. Obtain for me through the Most Precious Blood of thy divine Son, the forgiveness of my sins, the salvation of my soul and the means necessary to obtain it. In like manner obtain for the Holy Church victory over her enemies and the spread of the kingdom of Jesus Christ upon the whole earth. Amen. (Raccolta)

+ Prayer of Adoration (Precious Blood)

O Precious Blood of Jesus, infinite price of sinful man's redemption, both drink and laver of our souls, Thou who dost plead continually the cause of man before the throne of infinite mercy; from the depths of my heart, I adore Thee, and so far as I am able, I would requite Thee for the insults and outrages which Thou dost continually receive from human beings, and especially from those who rashly dare to blaspheme Thee. Who would not bless this Blood of infinite value? Who doth not feel within himself the fire of the love of Jesus who shed it all for us? What would be my fate, had I not been redeemed by this divine Blood? Who hath drawn it from the veins of my Savior, even to the last drop? Ah, this surely was the work of love. O infinite love, which has given us this saving balm! O balm beyond all price, welling up from the fountain of infinite love, grant that every heart and every tongue may be enabled to praise Thee, magnify Thee and give Thee thanks both now and for evermore. Amen. (Raccolta)

For more prayers, try:

- - -

Interesting Fact 1: Pope St. Pius I (reigned c. 140 - c. 155) ordered forty days penance for priests who allowed any drops of the Precious Blood to fall to the ground during Mass [Ref. ]

Interesting Fact 2: "Strange history of the Feast of the Most Precious Blood" (July 1): "This feast was instituted by Pope Pius IX in the mid 19th century and was elevated to the highest rank (first class) in 1934 by Pope Pius XI. The Pope who called the Second Vatican Council, Pope John XXIII, called devotion to the Precious Blood of Jesus the 'devotion of our times'. After Vatican II, the feast was dropped from the universal calendar, along with many other feasts." [Ref. ]

Note: The Feast of the Most Precious Blood is still celebrated on 7/1 in the traditional calendar. For more on the traditional calendar, please visit the Latin Mass / Catholic Tradition Section at

Other Resources:

Litany of the Most Precious Blood of Jesus -

Scapular of the Most Precious Blood -

Holy Eucharist -

Communion Under Both Species: Is it Required? -

May also be helpful: Lenten resources (2/09 newsletter) -

"Nevertheless, Venerable Brethren, though such great and numerous evils hang over us, and others still greater are to be feared for the future, we must not lose heart nor let the confident hope that rests solely on God become fainter. He who 'made the nations of the earth for health' (Cf. Wisdom i, 14) without doubt will not let those perish whom He has redeemed with His Precious Blood, nor will He abandon His Church." (Pope Pius XI, "Ingravescentibus Malis", 1937 A.D.)

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The Brown Scapular: Your Great Aid to Salvation

Since July 16 is the feast of Our Lady of Mount Carmel on both the traditional & new calendars, it seems a fitting time to remind Catholics about the Brown Scapular of Our Lady of Mt. Carmel. This is one sacramental you really don't want to be without.

The following is an abridged form of content taken from

- - -

In 1251, Our Lady made the following promise during an apparition to St. Simon Stock: "Whosoever dies wearing this (brown) scapular shall not suffer eternal fire. It shall be a sign of peace and a safeguard in times of danger". This amazing promise has helped to greatly increase the devotion to the scapular. This "miniature religious habit" has been considered a highly indulgenced sacramental and has been associated with many extraordinary miracles. The small scapular is actually a miniature replica of an old monk's habit [the small scapular is measured in inches, where as the monks' scapular is measured in feet (it goes from the shoulders to near the ground)]. The small scapular generally consists of two small rectangular pieces of material (e.g. wool) connected by ribbons - however the shape and material of scapulars may vary by type. The word "scapular" comes from the Latin word scapulae, which means shoulders, as it is worn over the shoulders.

Those who wear a Marian scapular (e.g. the Brown Scapular) are effectively placing themselves under the special protection of the blessed Virgin Mary. "The other devotions to Our Lady last only for a certain time, but he who wears the Scapular honors Our Lady at all times and in all places. The Scapular is, as the Blessed Virgin herself has declared, 'a safeguard in danger'" (Muller). The Marian scapular is like a coat of armor. It shows your special devotion to Mary and your desire to be like her. In order to receive the benefits of the scapular, you must live as an true Christian - a scapular is not a guarantee of salvation or an excuse to sin. You must wear the scapular properly and with faith. The scapular should be your silent way of telling Mary that you honor, love, and venerate her. It is like a constant prayer, worn each second of the day. It can also help you perfect your prayers and avoid evil; simply hold it as you pray and while undergoing temptation. Wearing of the scapular should show your desire and intention to improve your spiritual life and to seek perfection, and it should serve as a reminder of Mary's presence in your life. Your scapular can remind you to seek Mary's intercession and to keep Jesus as the center of your life.

The Brown Scapular of Our Lady of Mt. Carmel (also called "The Brown Scapular" and "The Scapular") is the best known, most popular, and most widespread scapular. It is thought to be the first the scapular and is the most favored of the Blessed Virgin Mary in apparitions. In Fatima on October 13, 1917, for example, Mary appeared as Our Lady of Mount Carmel. This scapular, which was adapted from the scapular of the Carmelite Order, has been associated with many extraordinary miracles. St. Simon Stock founded many Carmelite Communities (the Order of Carmel has been the home to a number of great saints, including St. John of the Cross, St. Terese of the Jesus, and St. Therese of the Child Jesus). The Sabbatine Privilege (which obtains for you special assistance from Mary in the form of her securing your release from purgatory on the Saturday after your death) is also associated with this scapular. To obtain this promise, an individual must meet certain stipulations [i.e. wear the scapular, observe chastity, recite the Little Office of Our Lady daily (with permission of a priest, the Rosary may be substituted)]. This is an especially valuable privilege as it has been said that the average time spent in purgatory is as long as 40 years. And, as St. Caesar of Arles has said (circa 540 A.D.), "That purgatorial fire itself will be more difficult than any punishments that can be seen or imagined or felt in this life." This particular scapular is made of brown woolen material and usually contains an image of Our Lady of Mount Carmel. It requires that individuals be enrolled by a priest in the Scapular Confraternity of Mount Carmel (which occurs automatically upon the investiture by a priest). Wearers should say the Hail Mary at least three times a day and should also try to say the Rosary daily (which may be required for the Sabbatine Privilege). Everyone - including non-Catholics - should wear this scapular (it has been associated with many miracles, including many conversions). Wear it yourself and encourage your family and friends to wear it too. It is a sacramental that can help lead you to holiness and can help you avoid eternal punishment.

Note that there are various forms of investiture of this scapular. A priest must possess the faculties to perform a valid investiture (contact the appropriate Church authority beforehand to verify). When the priest invests you (or "enrolls" you) in the scapular, you are automatically enrolled in the Confraternity of Our Lady of Mount Carmel or Scapular Confraternity for life. You don't need to notify anyone. The prayer for conferring the scapular may be found in the priest's Book of Blessings.

Finally, Scapular wearers should note that the prayer which follows, the "Flos Carmeli" has been handed down over the centuries. It is said that this prayer has never been known to fail in obtaining the help of the Blessed Mother.

"Flos Carmeli Prayer for Scapular Wearers": O beautiful Flower of Carmel, most fruitful vine, Splendor of Heaven, holy and singular, who brought forth the Son of God, still ever remaining a Pure Virgin, assist me in this necessity. O Star of the Sea, help and protect me! Show me that Thou art my Mother. O Mary, Conceived without sin, pray for us who have recourse to thee! Mother and Ornament of Carmel, pray for us! Virgin, Flower of Carmel, pray for us! Patroness of all who wear the Scapular, pray for us! Hope of all who die wearing the Scapular, pray for us! St. Joseph, friend of the Sacred Heart, pray for us! St. Joseph, Chaste Spouse of Mary, pray for us! St. Joseph, our Patron, pray for us! O sweet Heart of Mary, be our salvation!*

[* Note: Phrases such as this should not be taken out of context. Catholics know that redemption comes from Christ, however, they do acknowledge the fact that Christ made his coming to earth dependent upon the fiat of Mary - that, by the will of God, redemption would not be possible without the Virgin's consent - and that her intercession is a powerful aid to salvation. For more assistance, see "Do Catholics Worship Mary?" at ]

For more information on scapulars, please visit

"Our Lady wants all to wear the Scapular. The Scapular and the Rosary are inseparable." (Sr. Lucy of Fatima)

"Ever hold in great esteem the practices and exercises of devotion to the Most Blessed Virgin which have been recommended for centuries by the magisterium of the Church. And among them we judge well to recall especially the Marian Rosary and the religious use of the Scapular of Mount Carmel." (Pope Paul VI)

"How many sick have been healed, how many lives have been saved, how many fires have been extinguished, how many tempests stilled, how many remarkable conversions have been wrought, by means of this simple devotion!" (Muller)

- - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - -

Defending the Faith: "Apologetics Brief" - Addressing Scandal in the Church

It is good for Catholics to be able to defend their faith against attacks (or even simple questions) from those outside the Church. We therefore hope you may find the following "apologetics brief" helpful.

- - -

Note: The following are taken from:

The following may be used as discussion points when discoursing with those outside the Church (or even among Catholics).

Topic: Scandal in the Church

* Misdeeds of Catholics don't make the Catholic Church false any more than the many scandals in the Old Testament made the Jewish religion false.

* If scandals in the Church should trouble persons so greatly as to call the entire Church into question, why doesn't Scripture speak this way concerning Judas' betrayal of Jesus? Or Peter's denial of Jesus? Or Thomas' failure to believe? Or over the fact that Christ's disciples all fled Jesus in His agony (see Mt. 26:56)?

* Why should persons be so troubled over the fact that scandals have occurred when Christ clearly tell us to expect them (see Mt. 13:24-30, Mt. 18:7, Lk. 17:1)?

* Even if the actions of certain prelates (or even popes) have been sinful, this in no way calls into question the entire Church. Scandals of her members cannot make the Church itself false. The Church is either true or false, regardless of the behavior of its members. We must be able to draw distinctions between the sinfulness of her members and the sinlessness of the Church itself (see Eph. 5:27). We know from Scripture that the weeds and the wheat will grow together (see Mt. 13:24-30). And, remember that sin and scandal can in no way disprove the dogma of papal infallibility since infallibility has nothing to do with preventing the sins of a person, but with preventing errors in official Catholic doctrine. Note: For more information on the limits of papal infallibility, visit

* Persons should not be overly scandalized at sin in the Church considering that the Church is "a Church of sinners, for sinners, so that they can do something about their sinfulness." We are all sinners and there will never be a time on earth that the Church does not contain sinners.

* Why do you blame the Church for the sins of her members, especially since she tells them not to sin and requires them to repent of their sins if they do sin?

* Why is it you blame the Church for her members' sins, but when American citizens act wrongly, you do not blame the entire country?

* How exactly do you expect the Church to be able to stop all her members from sinning when even Christ couldn't do that?

* Even Christ had a Judas. Would you walk away from Christ because of Judas?

* The Church can make mistakes of a non-doctrinal nature because she is composed of weak and sinful human beings. Do you expect her to be perfect, to be God Himself?

* Why is it you are so troubled by certain sins of the Church's members, but ignore the unparalleled sanctity of her many saints?

* Considering that "the value of a thing must not be judged by its abuse," why do you judge the Catholic Church based on abuses of her teachings and not by those who truly follow her teachings?

* One's sins are one's personal failings, and not the teaching of the Church. It is not the Church's fault if Catholics do not live the life of true Catholics - rather, it is their own fault.

* Evil is committed precisely because Catholics do not live up to Church teaching - not because they do!

* Even abuse by clergy is no reason to reject the authority of the Church. Judas was an apostle even though he betrayed Christ. A bad president still remains president - and one certainly wouldn't overthrow the entire office of the presidency because of a bad president or refuse to admit presidential authority. Obviously the person, not the office, is the problem.

"[Like our Lord, the Catholic Church is both divine and human:] Treat the Catholic Church as Divine only and you will stumble over her scandals, her failures, and her shortcomings. Treat her as Human only and you will be silenced by her miracles, her sanctity, and her eternal resurrections." (Benson)

For more apologetics resources, please visit

- - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - -

Catholic Trivia

Test your Catholic knowledge with the following Catholic trivia...

1. Which Marian feast traditionally falls on 7/2?

2. Name the four patriarchal basilicas at Rome

3. What saint may be known as the "Doctor of the Incarnation"?

4. Which sacraments confer sanctifying grace?

5. Which sacraments increase sanctifying grace?

6. Which saint wrote "In your name, Jesus, and enclosed within your Heart, I can do anything!"

7. Name the four "pillars of the Catholic faith"

8. Name the three "pillars of the Catholic Church"

9. What is the "most ancient & tallest obelisk in Rome"?

10. What is a Metropolitan?


1. The Visitation of the Blessed Virgin Mary

2. S. Giovanni in Laterano (St. John Lateran), S. Maria Maggiore (St. Mary Major), S. Paolo Fuori le Mura (St. Paul's Outside the Walls), S. Pietro (St. Peter's)

3. St. Cyril of Alexandria

4. Baptism & Penance

5. "The sacraments which increase grace in those who already possess it are the other five: Confirmation, Eucharist, Extreme Unction, Holy Orders and Matrimony" (Catechism of Pope St. Pius X)

6. St. Frances Xavier Cabrini

7. The Apostles' Creed, The Seven Sacraments, The Decalogue (The Ten Commandments), The Lord's Prayer

8. Sacred Scripture, Sacred Tradition, The Magisterium

9. Obelisk of Piazza di San Giovanni in Laterano

10. "In the Western church the title and rank added to that of an archbishop who presides over a province and consequently has suffragen sees under him" (Catholic Dictionary)

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Attention: Catholic Seniors

Some interesting posts have recently been added to the Catholic Seniors Section. If you are a senior, we encourage you to visit this section to view...

* User posts

* Scripture for seniors

* Prayers for seniors

* Senior saints

* Senior popes

The Catholic Seniors Section is located at

You can also submit your own post or article on just about any appropriate topic. Recent posts have covered safety tips, employment tips, health tips, etc. Please keep the posts coming and invite your friends to post. To add your post, visit  To submit an article, visit

Please note that we have also had seniors express concerns over the economy and financial issues, as well as bringing other topics to our attention. We would like to help by offering some free classified ads to seniors in the near future. Classified ads can be used to sell or request items, publicize events, locate old friends, make e-mail friends, etc. If you are a senior and you would like to take advantage of our Free Classified Ads For Seniors offer when it becomes available (we hope by the end of July), please visit the Catholic Seniors Section at and look for details. Requesting your free ad will be easy - simply key in your e-mail address on the form that will be provided and within a short time you may be sent a link to submit the text you'd like to appear in your ad. This will be a limited time offer and there will be a per senior limit. Note that all ads are subject to our terms of use.

We hope you will find these resources valuable. Not a senior? Please tell your senior friends!

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Recent Catholic News

The following is a collection of selected 6/09 news links from the News & Opinion Page at  (or archived at ). Not all links are included. Dates in brackets may refer to dates the links were added to the MCS news page. Items herein contain text only. To view news briefs, actual news links (or to view full news stories), click above link for MCS News & Opinion Page (or archive).


- - - - - Selected News Links: 6/09 - - - -

Vatican announces completion of restoration work on Pauline Chapel [6/30]

Irish Catholics "bracing" for another abuse report [6/30]

Planned Parenthood staffer tells apparent statutory rape victim that they "bend the rules" on new undercover video [6/30]

Obama praises s*odomite activists, says he's their "friend", "champion" & "ally", and says he will fight for them [6/30]

Some say EPA suppressed report concerning greenhouse gas emissions & quelled dissent; Report raised questions over whether carbon emissions are a cause of 'global warming'; EPA said to have not addressed factual concerns [6/30]

New documentary explores "under-population crisis" [6/30]

European researcher says induced abortion doubles risk of premature birth in subsequent pregnancies [6/30]

Scientific tests provide validation for "never contested belief" that St. Paul's bones rest beneath altar in Roman basilica; Pope announces test results while presiding at ceremonies closing the Pauline Year [6/29]

Oldest known image of St. Paul discovered, restored; Fourth century image in "very good condition" [6/29]

Under pressure, Caritas withdraws from state health plan that would have required abortion referrals [6/29]

Public release of papal encyclical, dated 6/29, thought to still be a week away; Italian newspaper publishes some paragraphs reportedly taken from new encyclical [6/29]

Sotomayor's record of reversals worsens: Supreme Court overturns earlier ruling - white firefighters were unfairly denied promotions due to race [6/29]

Under pressure from the British government, Protestant paramilitary organizations in Northern Ireland announce decommissioning of weapons; Previous conflicts in Catholic neighborhoods killed thousands [6/29]

Parishioners pledge $600K to keep historic Cleveland church open [6/29]

Despite warnings, SSPX proceeds with ordinations; SSPX leader calls bishops' remarks "verbal bullying" [6/29]

Health Secretary Sebelius "doesn't think" government health care will include rationing: Pro-lifers concerned that government health plan may lead to euthanasia & assisted-suicide, Critics say government health plan will raise taxes and will be a "massive takeover" of 16% of the economy [6/29]

Pelosi won't commit to giving the public a week to review final text of health-care bill before it is voted on, fails to respond to question regarding having CBO report on cost of final bill; Final bill "likely" to be over 1,000 pages long and "will include mandates and regulations that could permanently transform the U.S. health care system" [6/29]

Current draft of health care bill said to mandate nationwide taxpayer-funded abortion [6/29]

Nearly all House members surveyed hadn't read the entire 1,200 page climate bill before they voted on it [6/29]

Pro-abortion advocate attacks pro-life group's national headquarters; Vandal attempts to disable security system, punch group's president; Organization has received death threats since shooting of notorious abortionist; Group's president says local police "seemed apathetic" [6/29]

Parishioners in Chicago donate 15 pounds of gold for crowns for statues of Jesus and Mary [6/29]

S*domite agenda moves forward: Lawmakers in CA pushing bill for official day to honor deceased homosexual activist Harvey Milk; Bill would encourage public schools in CA to "conduct suitable commemorative exercises" annually on May 22 which would recognize "his accomplishments" and familiarize students "with the contributions he made" [6/29]

Pro-life legal group files papers to challenge court order requiring FDA to allow 'Plan B' drug to be sold to minors [6/29]

Prefect for the Congregation for the Clergy says "there is no room in the priestly ministry" for pedophiles; Says those guilty "must be punished both through civil and canon law" [6/29]

Tax hike alert: House passes "green bill" that conservative group estimates will cut GDP & cost thousands of $'s per family in carbon taxes [6/27]

U.S. bishops "enthusiastically" support climate change legislation that opponents say will result in "the largest tax increase in American history" and have only a "miniscule effect on the process of climate change" [Note: For previous news brief concerning the 'global warming' agenda, see news brief index - Select #2009-046 "The Real Climate Change" -] [6/27]

Ireland grants legal rights to s*domite couples [6/27]

Pro-life democrats send letter to Pelosi requesting House not advance health care bill that covers abortion [6/27]

Don't expect them to bother reading legal opinions of someone they support elevating to the U.S. Supreme Court! Senate Majority Leader says he has not read any of Sotomayor's legal opinions and says that "...if I'm fortunate...I won't have to read one of them" [6/27]

Another reason to homeschool: CA public school district sides with PP and votes to allow teenaged students to leave campus during the day for "confidential medical services" - e.g. abortion, contraception, rape treatment, drug abuse, mental health services, STD treatment - without parental notification or consent; More CA schools may follow suit [6/27]

Italian magazine claims heated debates are occurring in the Vatican; Topics of debate said to include inter-religious dialogue, role of the Secretary of State, and the quick beatification of JP2 [6/26]

Doctor foresees "government takeover of medicine" with forced rationing of care, doctors abandoning practices; Claims government-run health care "will bode ill for doctors and medicine"; Says it's time to "take back medicine for patients" [6/26]

Don't expect them to read what they vote on! Health-care plan on fast track: Senate Majority Leader won't commit to giving a week for senators and public to review health-care reform bill [6/26]

Paraguayan bishop identifies four areas of "filth" that need to be overcome by certain priests in the country [6/26]

New weekly TLM announced in Massachusetts [6/26]

Unlikely ally? ACLU files legal brief in support of Diocese of Bridgeport over 'lobbying' activities [6/26]

Obama begins push for amnesty for illegals despite governments citing the "growing number of illegals" as "a major strain on health care costs, crime and overcrowded schools" [6/26]

Pro-life demonstrator carrying image of aborted baby nearly run over by abortion advocate in CA; Second case of attempted vehicular assault in recent times [6/26]

Irish bishops' agency that provides counseling for married couples says conflicts over Internet activities are a "significant" and rising cause of marital strain [6/26]

More censorship at YouTube? Popular video-sharing site removes undercover video exposing Planned Parenthood [6/25]

Korean police chief apologizes for police violence against priests [6/25]

In 2011, U.S. astronaut will again carry St. Therese relic into space [6/25]

Pro-abort group selling purple wrist bracelets with Tiller's "mantra" - "Trust Women" - to "honor his message and as a symbol" of pro-choice "values" and to "pay tribute" to the notorious abortionist's "legacy" [6/25]

Don't expect Obama to convert: White House press secretary gives unsolicited comment regarding Obama's upcoming meeting with Pope Benedict: "I can assure you...we're not joining a church in Italy" [6/25]

Irish Prime Minister demands that religious orders reveal "extent of their assets" by mid-July; Government commission to evaluate orders' ability to provide additional compensation for abuse victims [6/25]

Eight statues destroyed by vandals at FL parish [6/24]

Women's group challenges "Komen for the Cure" foundation to public debate over abortion-breast cancer link; Group's leader says "Komen perpetuates the breast cancer epidemic by withholding the truth that abortion increases breast cancer risk"; Endocrinology professor says "donations to Komen may actually serve to cause more breast cancer, rather than to fight against it" [6/24]

S*domite agenda advanced: NC House passes legislation explicitly requiring school employees & students to report "harassing behavior" or a "hostile environment" motivated by "gender identity" [6/24]

Obama to meet with Pope on July 10 [6/23]

USCCB expresses "appreciation and support" for Bishop D'Arcy but does not issue condemnation of ND; Statement also omits mention of possible plan to revisit 2004 bishops' document [6/23]

President of pro-life group claims Sotomayor is "worse on abortion" than retiring Justice Souter; Says that with Sotomayor on the court, "the unborn would be at greater risk than ever before" [6/23]

Restoration work on Pauline Chapel concludes; Pope to preside at chapel's inauguration [6/23]

Pro-lifer's videos showing PP's abuse cover-up may result in loss of state funding for the major abortion provider [6/23]

Obama's plan to replace Council on Bioethics with new bioethics commission criticized as ploy to replace current Council members with "more liberal ones" [6/23]

Vatican investigator looks into alleged miracle attributed to former U.S. Army Chaplain, Father Emil Kapaun [6/22]

"Prominent" Brazilian priest murdered [6/22]

Bishop Murphy confronts Catholic politician over his support of "gay marriage": "...homosexual acts are not morally neutral. They are wrong and they are sinful", "Our teaching is unambiguous, faithful to the Lord and binding on all Catholics. No Catholic is free to ignore or disregard this teaching" [6/22]

Pope Benedict opens Year for Priests; Urges priests to strive for holiness [6/20]

Vatican condemns Church official's claim that beatification of Pope Pius XII is delayed due to Jewish pressure [6/20]

Pope said to be "losing patience" with Austrian bishops [6/20]

Huh? "The USCCB reaffirms what the Holy See has stated repeatedly...the Catholic Church does not proselytize the Jewish people" [6/20]

One of oldest adoption agencies in Britain to stop adoption efforts due to "gay rights" laws [6/20]

U.S. Commission on Civil Rights warns Senate that 'hate crimes' legislation will do "a great deal of harm", calls "broad federalization of crime" a "menace to civil liberties"; Legislation allows accused persons to be tried twice for the same (alleged) offense [6/19]

SSPX ordaining priests in Minnesota despite controversy [6/19]

U.S. bishops debate, vote on changes to Novus Ordo Masses [6/19]

Controversial editor of Vatican newspaper says previous comment was made "on the fly" but "does not back away from the assessment" [6/18]

Pope issues letter to clergy for Year of Priests [6/18]

USCCB calls for "immigration reform"; Claims "we do not approve or encourage the illegal entry of anyone into our country" but seems to call for amnesty for illegals [6/18]

Obama appoints s*domite activist to Office of Safe and Drug-Free Schools; Appointee is founder of organization "dedicated to promoting pro-homosexual clubs and curricula in public schools" who wants to "normalize homosexual behavior" and promote other perverted actions [6/18]

British couple's frozen embryo accidentally implanted in another woman who aborted the child; Gravely immoral IVF procedure routinely results in the death of the majority of embryos [6/18]

Two "key" U.S. bishops say they see no push for sanctions against Notre Dame [6/18]

Holy See Press Office: SSPX ordinations "remain illegitimate" [6/17]

Obama to spend your tax $ to extend benefits of federal employees to their s*domite "partners"; Some s*domite activists still displeased [6/17]

'Hate crimes' bill attached to unrelated bill on tourism; Senate is expected to approve legislation [6/17]

"Key personnel change" in Roman Curia: Archbishop Ranjith named Archbishop of Colombo, American Archbishop-elect Joseph Augustine DiNoia named secretary of the Congregation for Divine Worship [6/16]

Archdiocese of New Orleans seeking permission to redirect federal storm compensation funds to additional areas not hit by Hurricane Katrina; Parishioners "shocked" to learn of archdiocese's plans to divert funds from poor areas to suburban parishes [6/16]

Vatican implements firewall to ban employees from accessing social networking sites; Vatican calls it a "normal and prudent" measure; Some employees critical of the decision [6/16]

Shocking: Ten "Catholic" colleges found to promote internships at pro-abort, 'LGBT' advocacy organizations [6/16]

Priest & two seminarians killed in Mexico; Drug traffickers suspected [6/16]

Cathedral of Saint Paul in MN receives designation as national shrine [6/16]

Pro-lifers rally near Obama's address to AMA delegates: "Abortion is not health care" [6/15]

Catholic parents of sextuplets ignored doctors' advice to abort some of the babies: First sextuplets in UK in over 25 years were conceived naturally after two years of trying [6/15]

NY stem cell board to pay women for harvested eggs with state funds; Member of ethics board says action is "unconscionable" and does not take into account health risks of the "risky and potentially dangerous" procedure; Calls it a "gross exploitation" of poor women [6/15]

Catholic bishops in Britain express "significant concerns" over proposed "equity bill"; Legislation could significantly harm religious freedom [6/15]

Pope meets with Austrian bishops; Church in Austria facing "severe problems" [6/15]

'Year of the Priest' begins on Friday 6/19; Dioceses plan special events to highlight year [Note: See site for indulgence information] [6/15]

Female Hindu militant arrested over bombing of Catholic parish in Nepal [6/15]

Director of Vatican Museums announces four-year long restoration of Bernini colonnade; Restoration will also include figures crowning the colonnade at the Vatican [6/15]

Former Catholic priest from Zambia excommunicated; Renegade priest entered into schism & advocated "optional celibacy" and "ordination of women" [Note: See site for reasons for priestly celibacy & reasons for all-male priesthood] [6/13]

Catholic scholar "lashes out" at Archbishop Fisichella over prelate's supposed "justification" for abortion [6/13]

More evidence of Sotomayor's pro-abort stance: Additional briefs uncovered refer repeatedly to a "right to abortion"; Briefs authored while Sotomayor sat on board which "monitored all litigation undertaken by the fund's lawyers" [6/13]

Illinois appeals court rules that suspended priest cannot sue his accusers; Court says it would be "a violation of religious freedom" for a secular court to "pass judgment on the internal disciple of the Catholic Church" [6/13]

Excommunicated archbishop to ordain rebel priest "dedicated to ending the rule of priestly celibacy" to the episcopacy: Illicit action brings penalty of automatic excommunication [6/13]

Speculation over the transfer of Archbishop Ranjith: Might he be sent away to receive a red hat? [6/13]

CNS in "open rebellion"?; Bishop's news organization criticized for "failure to consistently apply reliably Catholic editorial standards" [6/13]

Citing a "grave state of emergency", the SSPX plans to proceed with ordinations; Diocesan spokesman says ordinations could result in excommunications; No mention of recent talks between Vatican and Fellay [6/12]

More than twenty people, mostly children, become ill during Mass; Carbon monoxide poisoning initially suspected [6/12]

Motu Proprio expected soon combining Ecclesia Dei commission with CDF; Rumored transfer of Archbishop Ranjith may occur within a few days [6/12]

DOE employee appointed by Obama a homosexual activist who looks forward to day when "promoting homosexuality in schools will be seen in a positive light" [6/12]

Boston archdiocese insists that hospitals will "remain faithful to Catholic moral teaching"; ALL president claims archdiocese's explanation is "absolutely not" acceptable [6/12]

NASA promotes homosexual activism with taxpayer dollars [6/12]

House approves bill creating 'Office for Global Women's Issues' which "appears certain" to have promotion of abortion "as one of its top priorities" [6/12]

Catholic paraplegic's books said to have stopped four people from committing suicide [6/12]

New rules allow local authorities in Britain to enter homeschoolers' homes and interview children without parents present; Homeschoolers fear attack on rights of parents [6/12]

Irish bishops release report on abuse: "This abuse represents a serious betrayal of the trust which was placed in the Church. For this we ask forgiveness. We are ashamed, humbled and repentant that our people strayed so far from their Christian ideals" [6/11]

Swiss guard who played "leading role" in protecting popes for over 40 years retires [6/11]

House Administration Committee unanimously approves engraving National Motto "In God We Trust" inside new Capitol Visitor Center [6/11]

Sotomayor says she is a "perfect affirmative action baby"; Says her admission to Ivy league schools would have been "highly questionable" without affirmative action; Blames her lower test scores on "cultural biases built into testing" [6/11]

WHO declares swine flu pandemic, raises warning to highest level although presently characterized as "moderate" in severity; First global flu epidemic in over 40 years [6/11]

House approves funding bill allowing Obama to promote abortion internationally [6/11]

Vietnamese government seizes Catholic Church properties, demolishes monasteries to build tourist resorts; Altar and statues discarded in garbage dump [6/11]

Republican senators send letter to Sotomayor requesting missing documentation; Senators also ask for clarification of her role with State of New York Mortgage Agency and Puerto Rican Legal Defense and Education Fund [6/11]

Archbishop Chaput gives "two thumbs up" to upcoming movie release starring Jim Caveziel [6/11]

Peruvian bishops send formal request to Canadian Catholic hierarchy to end funding for pro-abort group [6/11]

Archbishop criticizes Poltawska for publishing private correspondence with JPII; Calls publishing papal letters "a sign of narcissism"; Letter recipient claims that Pope "wanted" her to "give this testimony" [6/11]

Washington Times says Rush is wrong regarding Sotomayor abortion record: Points to Nominee's service on board that submitted at least six briefs "strongly" supporting abortion as well as White House assurances [6/11]

Tax dispute over reorganization could cost San Francisco Archdiocese millions; Critics wonder if tax inquiry could be "payback" for the Church's stand in favor of Prop 8 [6/10]

Pro-life advocate concerned that probe into killing of notorious abortionist may be politically motivated; Recent killings targeting U.S. military personnel on U.S. soil - including one killing by a Muslim jihadist on the same day - have not resulted in similar probes [6/10]

Thomas More Law Center to appeal ruling of Ninth U.S. Circuit Court of Appeals which upheld constitutionality of San Francisco Board of Supervisors resolution condemning Vatican directive to Catholic Charities to stop adopting children to sodomites; Chief counsel compares Board's actions to Nazi Germany policy [6/10]

New book defending Pope Pius XII to be presented by director of L'Osservatore Romano [6/10]

Oliver North tells interviewer "I've been waterboarded, I used to waterboard people", "none of us thought it was torture" [6/9]

NY Archbishop wants to raise the status of St. Patrick's Old Cathedral to a basilica [6/9]

Abortion clinic run by notorious slain abortionist to close permanently according to family's attorney; Although family will not be involved in other abortion centers, they expressed pride in "service and courage" of slain baby killer [6/9]

More evidence of pro-abort position: Brief apparently endorsed by Sotomayor refers to "an urgent concern that the Court clearly and unequivocally reaffirm Roe v. Wade" and speaks of a "right to abortion" [6/9]

Archdiocese of Boston said to be reviewing Catholic healthcare organization's role in promoting abortions [6/9]

NY businessman pleads guilty to scam targeting Catholic investors [6/9]

Texas company markets at-home test to determine gender of unborn baby; Pro-lifers fear results may increase gender-selective abortions [6/9]

Pope Benedict to spend "period of rest" from 7/13-7/29 at Valle d'Aosta [6/8]

First step to socialized medicine? Obama calls for creation of government run national health insurance company; Unlike private companies, federal healthcare entity "would not have to be solvent" [6/8]

More evidence of pro-abortion stance found in Sotomayor's questionnaire; Supreme Court nominee thought to be "very liberal" since she once prefaced remarks with "No matter how liberal I am" [6/8]

Israel announces and then rescinds decision to seize Church funds [6/8]

Pope Benedict said to be "very visibly upset" over Irish abuse report [6/8]

Two sisters hit, one dies after being struck by car; Both members of Sisters of the Most Precious Blood in Missouri [6/8]

New NYC law allows abortion clinic workers to press harassment charges against "peaceful pro-lifers" [6/8]

Catholic mother in England who suffered mental breakdown is taking legal action after her son was placed under care of sodomite foster "parents" [6/8]

Third senator confirms Sotomayor will uphold Roe v. Wade [6/6]

Catholic apologetics organization sues IRS over alleged intimidation [6/6]

Two top leaders of Irish Church meet with Pope to discuss abuse report [6/6]

'New springtime' update: Although total number of U.S. Catholics increased over past year, percentage of Catholic population remains steady; Past year saw fewer marriages, confirmations, first Communions, baptisms, and conversions; Church also suffered net loss in number of parishes [6/6]

After Obama coverage controversy, Vatican newspaper publishes unsigned note saying it is "standing side by side" with U.S. bishops; Note appears in inside pages of newspaper while "a more prominent" story praises Obama's speech on Islam [6/6]

Sotomayor has history of controversial racial & gender-based remarks; Nominee said to be "driven by a powerful ethnic pride and a belief that she has an obligation to lift up fellow people of color"; Says ethnicity and gender of judge "may and will make a difference in our judging"; Refers to "sister power" and says that "The Latina in me is an ember that blazes forever" [6/5]

One is seven released Gitmo detainees return to terrorism according to DOD report [6/5]

"Leading" pro-abort senator confirms Sotomayor will uphold Roe v. Wade after private meeting with nominee [6/4]

Department of Education reports near doubling in number of home-schooled students in last eight years [6/4]

Ninth US Circuit Court of Appeals upholds constitutionality of San Francisco Board of Supervisors resolution which condemned Vatican directive to Catholic Charities to stop adopting children to sodomites [6/4]

Vatican concerned over danger of Confession being confused with "a psychiatrist's couch"; Priests to be issued handbook "instructing them to give their flocks a sharp reminder of what sin is all about"; Vatican official notes declining number of confessions and confusion over purpose of Confession [6/4]

Mainstream media and abortion advocates portray Tiller as "champion of women", fail to mention his botched abortions that killed and injured women: At time of death allegations against him may have resulted in his losing his medical license [6/4]

Archbishop of Granada warns that "a democracy without values ends up becoming a dictatorship"; Reminds that "'there is no task more urgent that to offer a perspective as God sees things,' because 'anything else would be to work for the enemy'" [6/4]

Religious orders in Ireland agree to increase contributions to fund for abuse victims [6/4]

Former press spokesman speculates that beatification of JPII could occur this year, denies that Pope's friendship with psychiatrist could have influenced his decisions; Process may still be delayed due to the refusal of two cardinals to testify, Cardinals Sodano & Sandri are reportedly "uneasy" over the speed of the beatification process [6/4]

ND has not sought leniency for pro-life protesters arrested on campus; Witnesses say pro-life protesters at ND arrested for 'criminal trespass' while pro-Obama demonstrators were allowed to "roam free" [6/4]

New Hampshire becomes sixth state to 'legalize' sodomite "marriages" [6/4]

Archbishop Baldelli appointed to head Apostolic Penitentiary; Replaces American Cardinal [6/3]

Pope grants Congregation for Clergy new faculties to more easily laicize certain dishonorable priests [6/3]

Deo Gratias: Newly ordained priest celebrates his first Mass in 'Extraordinary' Form [6/3]

Vatican Secret Archives to publish new edition of documents regarding Galileo case which will include 20 recently discovered items [6/3]

UK tribunal rules that Catholic adoption agency must assist with adoption to sodomites; Failure to do so may cause it to lose status as charity and cost it public funding; Agency may now be open to lawsuits from sodomites it rejected in the past [6/3]

Obama said to be 'comfortable' with makeup of his 'faith-based advisory council', even though a member of the council repeatedly made statements against the Pope and the Catholic Church [6/3]

Suspect charged with first-degree murder in shooting of notorious abortionist; DA says evidence rules out the death penalty [6/3]

USCCB pro-life committee chairman denounces killing of notorious abortionist [6/2]

Diocese of Bridgeport seeks court order against state officials to protect First Amendment rights [6/2]

Nevada lawmakers override Governor's veto: Sodomites & cohabitating couples to have same rights as married persons, discrimination against 'domestic partners' prohibited [6/2]

Cardinal Newman Society sending spiritual bouquets to support bishops who publicly opposed ND's Obama invite [6/2]

Attorney General orders U.S. Marshals to protect abortion providers after shooting of notorious abortionist [6/1]

Notorious late-term abortion provider shot dead at his 'church'; Suspect may be affiliated with extremist political groups [6/1]

Peruvian cardinal weighs in on ND: Says Obama is not "the most adequate person to receive recognition" from ND which "has been greatly confused for some years now"; Says: "...a university that has the title of 'Catholic' and then it turns out that it teaches what is contrary to the faith. This is a confusion or an abuse. I think the Church has the duty to call things by their name" [6/1]

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