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Topic: Abortion

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ArrowFor Catholic Teachings, Try...

» Abortion (Definition)

» Abortion: Summary

» The Scope of Abortion [Incl. Statistics, Abortion by Race, Abortion by Religion, Etc.]

» Abortion is a Grave Sin

» Abortion Misinformation

» Abortion: Calling It By Its True Name

» Abortion Kills

» The Abortion Procedure [Incl. Methods of Abortion, After An Abortion]

» Abortion: Its Risks & Aftermath [Incl. Abortion is Not Safe, Harmful Effects of Abortion on Women, Other Harmful Effects of Abortion]

» Is Abortion Really a 'Right' or a 'Choice'? [Incl. Everyone Has the Right to Life, Abortion is the Taking of Another Human Life, No Law Can Truly Legalize Abortion, Abortion & The "Don't Impose Your Morality" Argument, A Mother Has No Right to Take an Innocent Life, The "It's My Body" Argument, Women Have Choices Other Than Abortion, Abortion is Not a Solution, Abortion is Unnecessary, Abortion is Evil, Abortion Offends God, The 'Pro-Choice' Position is Deceptive and Untenable, The "I Am Personally Opposed, But..." Argument]

» Abortion & Child Abuse

» Abortion & Rape

» There is Help for Women Considering Abortion

» Other Thoughts on Abortion [Incl. Aborted Babies & Baptism, Taxpayer Funded Abortions, Etc.]

» Life Issues (Reflections) [Includes: Abortion (Incl. 1983 Code of Canon Law, Can. 1398: "A person who procures a completed abortion incurs a latae sententiae excommunication"); Abortion / Euthanasia; Attacks Against Life; Baptism of Aborted Fetuses; Right to Life; Taking of (Innocent) Life is Forbidden; Unborn in Holy Scripture; Etc.]

» Contraception (Incl. Abortifacient Properties of Contraception)

» Abortion / Euthanasia (Moral Teachings / Apologetics)

ArrowFor Other Catholic Information, Try...

» The Unborn Baby [Incl. Life Begins at Conception, An Unborn Baby is Different from its Mother, Fetal Development Facts, Other Facts Regarding the Unborn]

» The Gift of Life: Life Facts

» Life is a Gift From God

» The Myth of Overpopulation

» Recent Issues Involving Abortion...

Catholics have an 'absolute duty' to oppose abortion ['Every Catholic Must Oppose Certain Things', 8/10]

Growing body of evidence shows that increased access to abortion means more, not fewer maternal deaths ['Call them on it', 8/09]

Abortion more deadly to black Americans than the seven leading causes of death [10/09]

Brazilian Archbishop on Pro-Abortion Politicians [12/09]

Refresher: Holy Communion & Public Sinners / Canon 915 [11/09]

'Pro-Choice' Advocates Want Abortion, Not a Real Choice [They Don't Really Want Choice, 3/09]

"I personally would never kill my children, but..." [7/09]

'Pro-Choice' Advocates Are Really Anti-Choice / Pregnancy Doesn't Just Happen - The Real Choice (whether to engage in the marital act) Was Made Before Becoming Pregnant [You made the choice, 9/09]

Cardinal-designate Burke says Catholics have "a very serious moral obligation in voting to vote for those candidates who would uphold the truth of the moral law, which of course also serves the greatest good of everyone in society"; Prelate notes that Catholics "can never" vote for pro-abortion candidates [Selected News Link, 10/29/10]

==> More...

» Adoption: The Loving Choice

» Sacrament of Marriage [Includes Information on the Primary Purpose of Marriage - Can. 1013 § 1: "The primary end of marriage is the procreation and education of children"]

» Marriage, Family & Home (Reflections)

» Topic Pages: Pro-Life | Contraception / NFP

» Ten Commandments [Note: Fifth Commandment - "You shall not kill"]

» How Catholics Harm The Pro-Life Cause & What Can Be Done: Using The Blessed Virgin As Our Guide (User-Submitted Article)

» The Wrong Side of Goodbye / Many Tears Ago: Reflections on Abortion (User-Submitted Article)

» All Clients That Had Abortions Feel Terrible (User-Submitted Article)

» Machinations Of Our Mortal Enemy (User-Submitted Article)

» Abortion / Prayer Counter For the Unborn [.pdf file]

» Why Using Stem Cells From Aborted Babies is Wrong (A 'Exclusive Article')

» Catholics Voting For Abortion-Supporting Politicians ('Quick Help' Page)

» What Help Do You Have For Women Considering Abortion? ('Quick Help' Page)

» Pro-Life Resources ('Quick Help' Page)

» Baptism of the Unborn (Definition) ['Quick Help' Page]

» Why Does The Church Condemn IVF? ('Quick Help' Page)

» Can Dogmas Change?

» Catholic Life Section

» Catholic Web Links

Topic Page: Abortion

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