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'Must Read' Article

One of today's 'Selected News Links' (see column at right) is a 'must read' article for women and those who love them. The article indicates that:

"For years, doctors have been prescribing hormone replacement therapy for women who experience hot flashes and periods of sweating in menopause... This week the New York Times reported that studies have now confirmed that taking these hormones not only increases breast cancer risk, but 'also make it more likely that the cancer will be advanced and deadly' (New York Times, Oct. 19, 2010)... So, you may ask, what is the difference between the hormones that are given to women during menopause, which cause deadly breast cancer, and the hormones that are given to young women in the form of 'the Pill'? The answer is shocking. The hormones in the drugs are the same. The only difference is in the dose that is given to the younger women and girls. It is necessary to give a much higher dose than that given in hormone replacement therapy because younger women have active, healthy ovaries. Does this give better context to the 400% increase in 'in situ' breast cancer in pre-menopausal women since 1975?"

Source: Zenit

To view article, refer to 10/30 'Selected News Link' (column at right): "Concerning c*ntraceptives, many women 'have been failed by physicians in not being warned of the physical damage that they are doing to their bodies...'"

Related: Catholic teachings on contraception


News Highlights

Some recent news highlights...

* A Spanish Jesuit is reportedly on a hunger strike in protest over land disputes in Venezuela. The hunger strike is apparently putting his health at "grave risk"

* In an address to members of the Pontifical Academy of Sciences, Pope Benedict indicated that science should not be feared, but that it is also not a panacea

* A Brazilian priest was reportedly shot in the back and found dead in his car earlier this week. No suspects or motives were indicated

* The planned gathering in Rome of abuse victims & and their supporters - scheduled for the anniversary day of Martin Luther's nailing of his '95 Theses' to the door (10/31) - which seeks to "demand greater accountability from the Vatican" will proceed. However, since permission to hold the event in St. Peter's Square was denied, they will apparently gather at a nearby location. According to a Canadian Press report, "A few hundred people from a dozen countries are expected" to participate

* Here we go again: The president of the Pontifical Council for Interreligious Dialogue has wished Hindus a "joy-filled Deepavali" and a "a happy Deepavali" (Deepavali is a Hindu festival in which Hindus worship false gods) [Commentary: Ignoring the First Commandment won't make it go away, it just makes for scandal: "I am the Lord your God; you shall not have strange gods before me"]

* The USCCB is reportedly 'moving towards official mutual recognition of baptism' between the Catholic Church and various Protestant groups. While properly conducted baptisms performed by Protestants (or anyone for that matter) have always been recognized as valid by the Church, 'scrupulous priests' - aware of the grave importance of baptism - (wisely!) recommend "conditional baptism" for those entering the Catholic Church. A USCCB document concerning "the Eucharist/Lord's Supper" is also expected a result of dialog between Catholics (who have and accept the Real Presence) and heretical groups (who typically neither have nor accept the Real Presence) [Commentary: Truly reconciling two contrary positions is an effort to square the circle. Obviously, to stand in truth the erring party must actually change their position - and to do so concerning the Holy Eucharist would essentially require that Protestants repudiate their entire religion. Remember that the Catholic religion stands or falls (stands!) on the doctrine that the Holy Eucharist is literally the Flesh & Blood of Christ under the mere appearance of bread and wine. It is obviously a matter of the utmost significance and compromise is impossible]


Is he picking up the pace in his 'fight'?

A couple days ago, it was reported here that the self-professed "champion", "friend", and "ally" in the White House who previously assured homosexuals that he will "fight" for them recorded a 'pro-gay video message for youth'. Other recent news accounts indicate that...

* President Obama called himself a "stalwart ally of the LGBT community" and proudly boasted that he has "appointed more openly gay people to more positions in this government than any president in history"

* He apparently has a strategy for ending the military's 'don't ask, don't tell' policy during the lame-duck session, despite critics' concerns regarding negative effects on military readiness and threats to religious freedom

* The self-professed 'Christian' president hinted that his position against homosexual 'marriage' may have "evolved" to support this perversion of true marriage

One may fear their 'champion' is picking up the pace in his 'fight'.

Related: The End of Freedom in America? (7/09) | Catholic teachings on homosexuality (Topic Page)


It's Your Money

In response to criticism regarding CCHD's funding of organizations that go against Church teachings, the Catholic Campaign for Human Development will adopt new policies to 'reaffirm its Catholic foundations'. The new polices appear to contain much good. However, Catholics cognizant that it is their hard-earned money which will be used to fund CCHD programs may be interested in certain items appearing in the CCHD's new 'Review and Renewal' document, such as... (emphasis added)

" "CCHD will refine its understanding of poverty to include: 'persons directly experiencing economic or social injustice, i.e. racial or ethnic discrimination, handicapping or disabling conditions, long-term joblessness, policies which break up poor families [deportation?] and particularly hurt low-income children, economic dislocation and disinvestment that undermine the ability to meet basic needs for them and their families.'"

* CCHD will give applications "higher consideration" if they "clearly embody one or more of the USCCB priorities (human life and dignity, strengthening marriage and the family, cultural diversity, etc.)"

The document also - twice - implies that that use of the death penalty and use of "punitive measures toward immigrants" are acts "in opposition to fundamental Catholic social and moral teaching". However, the death penalty cannot be rejected outright as opposed to Catholic teaching (as Cardinal Ratzinger, the future Pope Benedict XVI, indicated, "There may be a legitimate diversity of opinion even among Catholics about waging war and applying the death penalty, but not however with regard to abortion and euthanasia"). Furthermore, "punitive measures toward immigrants" presumably refers to "punitive measures toward ILLEGAL immigrants" since no one seems to be advocating punitive measures against innocent legal immigrants. Again, appropriate punitive measures against illegal immigrants - persons who have violated our laws - cannot be considered opposed to Church teaching. Yet the document states that... (emphasis added)

"CCHD will be more clear and specific in all materials about the positions, activities and relationships not permitted by CCHD, because they conflict with fundamental Catholic teaching, (e.g. advocacy of abortion, [homosexual 'marriage'], euthanasia, racism, as well as use of the death penalty, punitive measures toward immigrants)"


"No group that advocates or acts in opposition to fundamental Catholic social and moral teaching is eligible for or will receive CCHD funding. Any CCHD funded group that subsequently and knowingly takes positions that contradict Catholic teaching in these areas (advocacy of abortion, [homosexual 'marriage'], euthanasia, racism as well as use of the death penalty, punitive measures toward immigrants) will be cut off from any CCHD funding as soon as this violation of CCHD requirements is documented."

Furthermore, the document seems to downplay the scandal concerning its past funding of organizations which subvert Catholic teachings. For example, the document says that "CCHD deeply regrets that in this past year five groups (out of 270) violated CCHD requirements and lost all CCHD funding because they acted in conflict with Catholic teaching", whereas a 2/5/10 LifeSiteNews article indicates that "RCN has offered evidence that 31 CCHD grantees are partnered with a pro-abortion and homosexualist group" and notes that some USCCB officials have served on the board of a pro-abortion and homosexualist group.

The CCHD has come under fire in the past for giving millions of dollars of laity's donations to the controversial ACORN organization and as also for funding organizations which promote abortion & c*ntraception. Some bishops have refused to take up the CCHD collection.

It remains to be seen whether these new policies will help solve CCHD's problems. But, as a previous news brief indicates...

"The CCHD claims they have now taken corrective action. However, skepticism is hard to contain since in the wake of the ACORN scandal, Catholics were assured that (1) 'CCHD's current criteria and guidelines prohibit partisan activity and funding of any group that engages in activities contrary to Catholic moral teaching, whether or not those activities are funded by CCHD' and that (2) 'These criteria are actively enforced'."

Dare we hope things really will be different this time?


'Relentless March' Update

A couple recent items in the "relentless march" of homosexual activism...

* A Facebook group is reportedly organizing a demonstration whereby hundreds of homosexuals will (~ disgusting alert ~) kiss each other in front of Pope Benedict as he travels the streets of Spain next month

* The self-professed "champion", "friend", and "ally" in the White House who has assured homosexuals that he will "fight" for them has recorded a 'pro-gay video message for youth'. In the video, President Obama tells homosexual students that "with time you're going to see that your differences are a source of pride and a source of strength" [Commentary: He sees perversion as a source of pride and strength?]

Refresher: Catholic teachings on homosexuality (Topic Page)


So Where Are The 'Women's Rights' Activists?

[Warning: Contains troubling references]

A couple recent news items beg the question: Where are 'women's rights' activists? Namely...

* From a article: "A top judicial official in the United Arab Emirates...tried to allay concerns raised by a controversial ruling from the country's highest court upholding the right of a Muslim to beat his wife and children. Islamic scholars cite the Quran itself in defending wife-beating – specifically, a sura that instructs Muslim husbands with disobedient wives to admonish them, then to refuse to sleep with them, and finally to beat them..."

* From an interview of a Chinese man in the wake of a forced abortion performed on his 8-month pregnant wife by Chinese government officials under their 'one child' policy: "There were many people surrounding my wife. They held her arms behind her back held her head against the wall, kicked her stomach, I don't know if they were trying to give her a miscarriage right there and then. Her arms, legs, neck - were all injured."

Again, where are the 'women's rights' advocates? Dare they defend Muslim women and risk challenging the idea that Islam is a 'religion of peace'? Are they similarly forced to remain silent about China's horrors in order not to admit that abortion really does kill children?

Reminiscent of the p.c. mentality regarding breast cancer, many continue to remain silent. On one hand, they act as if they want to stop the deadly disease, but on the other hand they refuse to educate women concerning two known causes of it - contraceptives & abortion.

How many women and children will be sacrificed for the 'god' of p.c.?


More News Highlights

Some more recent news highlights...

* Mission San Jose in San Antonio will close during a 14-month restoration project. During restoration, Mass will be celebrated in the parish hall

* The recently suppressed Intercessors of the Lamb reportedly harbored a fugitive and her child for two years. The situation was reported to the FBI, apparently by the archdiocese

* A lawsuit has alleged that the Archdiocese of St. Louis 'planted a spy in a rebel parish' in an effort to regain control of church property. The dispute involves St. Stanislaus Kostka Church in St. Louis, Missouri

* For the third time in about a month, President Obama omitted the word "Creator" when quoting from the Declaration of Independence. Previously the omission was called a 'mistake', but the recurrence of the 'mistake' is being increasingly viewed as purposeful

* Once again, Archbishop Nienstedt has affirmed the Church's teachings on true marriage. He also told the Associated Press that he believes "that it's important that if you're going to be Catholic, that you have to be 100 percent Catholic"

* Cardinal-designate Raymond Burke recently spoke of the "scandal of disobedience" of supposed Christians who fail to uphold the moral law. He noted that "It is particularly insidious that our society, which is so profoundly confused about the most basic goods also believes that scandal is a thing of the past. One sees the hand of the Father of Lies at work in the disregard for the situation of scandal or in the ridicule or even censure of those who experience scandal."

* Catholic Healthcare West will reportedly have to pay $257,000 in civil penalties ("the largest amount of civil penalties ever paid to resolve such allegations") plus back pay over supposed "citizenship discrimination". CHW reportedly "required non-U.S. citizen and naturalized citizen new hires to present more work authorization documents than required by federal law" [Commentary: So this is 'citizenship discrimination' rather than a careful effort to ensure new hires are legally authorized to work in the U.S.?]

* A recent Remnant article highlights various alleged contradictions in the Vatican's handling of the SSPX (reportedly "saying one thing but doing another"). The article claims that SSPX priests have been given permission by the Vatican on various occasions to absolve persons from certain grave sins - even despite lacking legal jurisdiction to hear confession. The Vatican also reportedly "acknowledged the legal existence of the Society for two weeks last March" in exchange for "a change in venue for a SSPX ordination." An SSPX leader quoted in the article also claims that Pope Benedict - twice - favorably referenced Archbishop Lefebvre. The article implies that Pope Benedict's hands are being tied in the matter of recognizing the SSPX due to disobedience & rebellion of bishops. The SSPX remains in doctrinal discussions with the Vatican [Related: Third Vatican-SSPX Meeting (3/10)]


Pope Benedict Names 24 New Cardinals

As predicted, Pope Benedict XVI has announced a November consistory. The consistory will fall on 11/20/10, eve of the Solemnity of Christ the King (Novus Ordo calendar). The Holy Father named 24 new cardinals. They are...

20 Electors:

Archbishop Angelo Amato S.D.B., prefect of the Congregation for the Causes of Saints

His Beatitude Antonios Naguib, Patriarch of Alexandria of the Copts, Egypt

Archbishop Robert Sarah, president of the Pontifical Council "Cor Unum"

Archbishop Francesco Monterisi, archpriest of the papal basilica of St. Paul's Outside-the-Walls

Archbishop Fortunato Baldelli, penitentiary major of the Apostolic Penitentiary

Archbishop Raymond Leo Burke, prefect of the Supreme Tribunal of the Apostolic Signatura   [Yea!]

Archbishop Kurt Koch, president of the Pontifical Council for Promoting Christian Unity

Archbishop Paolo Sardi, vice chamberlain of Holy Roman Church

Archbishop Mauro Piacenza, prefect of the Congregation for the Clergy

Archbishop Velasio De Paolis C.S., president of the Prefecture for the Economic Affairs of the Holy See

Archbishop Gianfranco Ravasi, president of the Pontifical Council for Culture

Archbishop Medardo Joseph Mazombwe, emeritus of Lusaka, Zambia

Archbishop Raul Eduardo Vela Chiriboga, emeritus Quito, Ecuador

Archbishop Laurent Monsengwo Pasinya of Kinshasa, Democratic Republic of Congo

Archbishop Paolo Romeo of Palermo, Italy

Archbishop Donald William Wuerl of Washington, U.S.A.

Archbishop Raymundo Damasceno Assis of Aparecida, Brazil

Archbishop Kazimierz Nycz of Warsaw, Poland

Archbishop Albert Malcolm Ranjith Patabendige Don of Colombo, Sri Lanka

Archbishop Reinhard Marx of Munich and Freising, Germany

4 Non-Electors:

Archbishop Jose Manuel Estepa Llaurens, military ordinary emeritus of Spain

Bishop Elio Sgreccia, former president of the Pontifical Academy for Life

Msgr. Walter Brandmuller, former president of the Pontifical Committee for Historical Sciences

Msgr. Domenico Bartolucci, former director of the Pontifical Choir

Source: VIS


More News Highlights

Some more recent news highlights...

* "Massive restructuring" in the Twin Cities will result in the closure of 21 parishes and the "clustering" ("sharing priests and other resources") of 33 others. School closures are also anticipated and may be announced at the end of the current school year

* Fresh reports of a possible November consistory are again circulating. It is thought that a formal announcement may be made on Wednesday

* The gathering of abuse victims at St. Peter's on 10/31 is set to move forward. Victims reportedly hope to draw a crowd of 50,000

* An Anglican 'bishop'* and a 'small Anglican parish' will reportedly enter the Catholic Church under the provisions of Anglicanorum Coetibus. Other Anglican 'bishops' are considered "likely" to follow [*Reminder: Anglican 'clergy' are not true priests - their orders have been ruled invalid by the Church: "Wherefore, strictly adhering, in this matter, to the decrees of the pontiffs, our predecessors, and confirming them most fully, and, as it were, renewing them by our authority, of our own initiative and certain knowledge, we pronounce and declare that ordinations carried out according to the Anglican rite have been, and are, absolutely null and utterly void." (Pope Leo XIII, "Apostolicae Curae", 1896 A.D., emphasis added).]

* Here we go again: The Vatican newspaper has reportedly claimed the cartoon characters Homer & Bart Simpson are Catholic (according to a CNN blog: "Homer Simpson - perhaps the most profane character and worst father ever to headline a mainstream American television program - is Catholic, the Vatican's official newspaper has declared"). This is the second L'Osservatore Romano article praising the irreverent program in less than a year (see previous news brief here). The paper has also been criticized for recent praise of anti-Catholic movies, 'rockers', heretics, and Karl Marx [Related: What's Next for L'Osservatore Romano - Praise for Satan himself? (7/09) | Vatican newspaper: Here we go again (10/09) | L'Osservatore Romano: Get Serious (2/10) | Good Question (4/10)]


Highlights From Pope Benedict's Letter to Seminarians

The following are some highlights from Pope Benedict's 10/18/10 letter to seminarians...

* "Where people no longer perceive God, life grows empty; nothing is ever enough. People then seek escape in euphoria and violence; these are the very things that increasingly threaten young people. God is alive. He has created every one of us and he knows us all. He is so great that he has time for the little things in our lives: 'Every hair of your head is numbered'. God is alive, and he needs people to serve him and bring him to others. It does makes sense to become a priest: the world needs priests, pastors, today, tomorrow and always, until the end of time."

* "Anyone who wishes to become a priest must be first and foremost a 'man of God', to use the expression of Saint Paul (1 Tim 6:11)."

* "Celebrating [Mass] devoutly, and thus encountering Christ personally, should be the centre of all our days."

* "The sacrament of Penance is also important. It teaches me to see myself as God sees me, and it forces me to be honest with myself. It leads me to humility."

* "I urge you to retain an appreciation for popular piety, which is different in every culture yet always remains very similar, for the human heart is ultimately one and the same."

* "Above all, your time in the seminary is also a time of study. The Christian faith has an essentially rational and intellectual dimension. Were it to lack that dimension, it would not be itself."

* "Your years in the seminary should also be a time of growth towards human maturity."

Related: Priests & Vocations Reflections | Vocations (Topic Page) | Priests & Vocations Section


News Highlights

Some recent news highlights...

* Arrest warrants have been issued in NJ for three Connecticut men who reportedly did "serious damage" to a Catholic center in Madison. The "vandalism spree", which apparently lasted for 90 minutes, has not been considered a 'hate crime'

* "Massive restructuring" affecting "nearly every Catholic in the Twin Cities" is expected to be announced this weekend. Mergers and closures of various parishes & Catholic schools are anticipated

* Another life spared: The popular Catholic singer Susan Boyle has revealed that her mother was advised to abort her. Her mother was reportedly told that having another child "could kill her" [Related: Catholic teaching on abortion]

* The beatification process for Pope John Paul II is reportedly "picking up" and may be completed by next year. Previous accounts indicated that the process had hit a "snag", while an earlier report claimed the process was "practically finished". There has been some controversy over an alleged miracle attributed to the late pope and also over the fast-tracking of the process. Concerns have also arisen over his handling of abuse cases and over other matters related to his lengthy pontificate [Related: Cardinal says beatification process for Pope John Paul II is "practically finished" (2/10) | Pope John Paul II "can't do anything"? (1/10) | When a Pope Should Be & Should Not Be Called Great (User-Submitted Article)]

 * Sad: A recent CNS article indicates that the new papal coat of arms bearing the 'triple tiara' will be "modified" if it is used again. The modified version will include the miter instead of the triregnum ("the Papal Tiara formed by three crowns symbolizing the triple power of the Pope")

* More ecumenical craziness: Reportedly, the Croatian Archdiocese of Zadar has handed over a relic of St. Simeon to the schismatic Orthodox. St. Simeon is the "righteous and devout" man (Lk. 2:25) who took the infant Jesus into his arms [Related: Ecumenism (Q & A) | There once was a vacuum cleaner salesman...]

* Still more ecumenical craziness: An Archbishop and a Catholic priest have apparently participated in 'Hindu funeral rites' in India. One report says "The prelate offered flowers, sesame and butter at the funeral pyre" according to the instructions of a Hindu 'priest' [Comment: How many saints have been martyred rather than do such a thing?]

"For all the gods of the Gentiles are devils" (Ps. 95:5, DR Trans.)

"But the things which the heathens sacrifice, they sacrifice to devils and not to God. And I would not that you should be made partakers with devils." (1 Corinthians 10:20, DR Trans.)

[Related: Ecumenism (Q & A) | There once was a vacuum cleaner salesman...]


Miracle of the Sun & 'Global Warming'

With October 13, 2010 marking the 93rd anniversary of the Miracle of the Sun at Fatima - a true celestial event witnessed by thousands - it seems a good opportunity to highlight a recent development in the 'global warming' / 'climate change' arena, namely the resignation of a 'scientific heavyweight', a Emeritus Professor of Physics at the University of California, Santa Barbara from the American Physical Society over concerns related to so-called 'global warming'. His resignation charges that the "money flood has become the raison d'être of much physics research" and says his "former pride at being an APS Fellow all these years" has been "turned into shame". His resignation letter further charges that...

"It is of course, the global warming scam, with the (literally) trillions of dollars driving it, that has corrupted so many scientists, and has carried APS before it like a rogue wave. It is the greatest and most successful pseudoscientific fraud I have seen in my long life as a physicist. Anyone who has the faintest doubt that this is so should force himself to read the ClimateGate documents, which lay it bare... I don't believe that any real physicist, nay scientist, can read that stuff without revulsion. I would almost make that revulsion a definition of the word scientist."

He also charged that...

* "Everything that has been done in the last year has been designed to silence debate"

* "In the interim the ClimateGate scandal broke into the news, and the machinations of the principal alarmists were revealed to the world. It was a fraud on a scale I have never seen, and I lack the words to describe its enormity."

* "This scheming at APS HQ is so bizarre that there cannot be a simple explanation for it. Some have held that the physicists of today are not as smart as they used to be, but I don't think that is an issue. I think it is the money, exactly what Eisenhower warned about a half-century ago. There are indeed trillions of dollars involved, to say nothing of the fame and glory (and frequent trips to exotic islands) that go with being a member of the club. Your own Physics Department (of which you are chairman) would lose millions a year if the global warming bubble burst... Since I am no philosopher, I'm not going to explore at just which point enlightened self-interest crosses the line into corruption, but a careful reading of the ClimateGate releases makes it clear that this is not an academic question."

Suggestion from a non-scientist: Rather than stressing a delusive 'climate change' / 'global warming' agenda that pressures persons to live in defiance of God's laws (e.g. the alarmists' unreasoned & immoral push for contraception & population control), focus your energy (pun intended) on the unprecedented, real solar phenomenon presented to us at Fatima courtesy of our Blessed Mother that testified to the truth of & importance of her message. Then do what your Heavenly Mother has asked. Her message is genuine and will bring peace & happiness on earth and will help lead to the salvation of eternal souls. That's something you can be certain of.

Related: Marian Apparitions | 'Global Warming' / 'Climate Change' (Topic Page)


Pontifical Council for Promoting New Evangelization

The Pontifical Council for Promoting New Evangelization was formally established by Pope Benedict on Tuesday via the Motu Proprio "Ubicumque et semper". The new dicastery is charged with combating the "de-Christianization" of nations. The Council will reportedly make use of modern communications media and will use various approaches ("well-founded ideas capable of acting as support to a corresponding pastoral activity") rather than a "set formula". The post-Vatican II catechism will also be promoted by the Council, which is headed by Archbishop Rino Fisichella.


Some More News Highlights

More recent news highlights...

* Thanks in part to new healthcare legislation, three Catholic hospitals in Pennsylvania are now on the market. The legislation will reportedly "make it difficult" for the Catholic hospitals to stay in business

* A Motu Proprio regarding the Pontifical Council for the Promotion of the New Evangelization is expected to be released on Tuesday, October 12

* An upcoming book by a German journalist who interviewed Pope Benedict will reportedly contain some 'surprises'

* Some Catholics & Orthodox are once again suggesting a 'common date' for celebrating Easter in an effort for unity with the schismatic Orthodox

* Bad for body & soul? A woman has sued the Hartford Diocese over injures after falling backwards ("resting in the spirit") at a "Catholic Charismatic Revival healing service"

* Good news: A new papal coat of arms bearing the 'triple tiara' was displayed on Sunday at the Vatican

* A Catholic organization in Germany has launched a campaign for a 'Santa-free zone'

* The Synod of Bishops for the Middle East has opened

* Yet another survey has highlighted misguided views of 'Catholics' concerning homosexual "marriage" (sadly, results indicate that more 'Catholics' favor homosexual "marriage" than oppose it) [Related: Catholic teachings on homosexuality (Topic Page)]

* The Holy Father spoke to Catholic journalists at the World Press Congress and emphasized the importance of truth and helping "contemporary man to orient himself to Christ, only Savior, and to keep burning the flame of hope in the world, to live worthily our today and to build the future appropriately"


Permits Received For Wyoming Monastery

Despite reports that some neighbors objected to the building of a Gothic-style monastery & coffee roasting barn in northern Wyoming, approval for the permits was apparently unanimous after the monks and neighbors "reached a private agreement." Details of the agreement were not provided. Construction is scheduled to begin in April 2011.


More News Highlights

Some more recent news highlights...

* Various Catholic groups have criticized the decision to award the man responsible for the immoral IVF procedure a Nobel prize. The procedure, which is condemned by the Church, has resulted in the death of numerous human embryos [Related: Pro-life (Topic Page)]

* A federal judge has reversed a contempt order against the Diocese of Spokane which was "erroneously ordered" by a bankruptcy judge

* Well over 200 participants have registered for the Catholic Press Congress organized by the Pontifical Council for Social Communications currently being held in Rome through October 7

* The previously announced DVD of the TLM at the Shrine of the Immaculate Conception is now available through the website [Related: The Traditional Latin ('Tridentine') Mass vs. the New (Novus Ordo) Mass]

* Unbelievable: Archbishop Vincent Nichols has compared the abuse scandals to the banking collapse. Not surprisingly, his comparison brought "astonishment" and "criticism"

* According to a CWNews report, Cardinal Schönborn recently praised the alleged Medjugorje 'visionaries' and asked that "God pay [them] back a hundredfold for what [they] are doing tirelessly" [Commentary: Interesting choice of words, "pay [them] back... for what [they] are doing"...] [Refresher: Marian Apparitions at Medjugorje: True or False?]


'Red Mass'

Sunday's 'Red Mass' ("to seek guidance of the Holy Spirit for those in the legal profession") in Washington was attended by five of the nation's nine Supreme Court justices. Also in attendance was Vice President Joe Biden. The Vice President and six SC justices are (or claim to be) Catholic. During the sermon, Archbishop DiNoia spoke of "the pursuit of the common good through respect for the natural law, the dignity of the human person, the inviolability of innocent life from conception to natural death, the sanctity of marriage, justice for the poor, protection of minors, and so on."

Related: Annual 'Red Mass' (10/2/09)


Saintly Wisdom

The following 'saintly advice' is presented in honor of today's feast of St. Francis of Assisi...

* "Let us, therefore, have charity and humility and give alms because it washes the stains of our sins from our clothes. For people lose everything they leave behind in this world; but they carry with them the rewards of charity and the alms which they gave, for which they will have a reward and a just retribution from the Lord." (St. Francis of Assisi)

* "Let us pay attention, all brothers, to what the Lord says: Love your enemies and do good to those who hate you, for our Lord Jesus Christ, Whose footprints we must follow, called His betrayer 'friend' and gave Himself willingly to those who crucified Him. Our friends, then, are all those who unjustly afflict upon us trials and ordeals, shame and injuries, sorrows and torments, martyrdom and death; we must love them greatly for we will possess eternal life because of what they bring upon us." (St. Francis of Assisi)

* "Pause and reflect, for the day of death is approaching. I beg you, therefore, with all possible respect, not to forget the Lord or turn away from His commandments by reason of the cares and preoccupations of this world, for all those who are oblivious of Him and turn away from His commands are cursed and will be totally forgotten by Him. And when the day of death does come, everything which they think they have will be taken from them. And the wiser and more powerful they may have been in this world, so much greater will be the punishments they will endure in hell (cf. Wis. 6:7)" (St. Francis of Assisi)

Related: St. Francis of Assisi: Quotations / Teachings / Sayings


A Few More News Highlights

Some more recent news highlights...

* The Diocese of Kansas City-St. Joseph has acquired the historic New York Life building in Kansas City. The building will become the diocese's new headquarters

* Good news: The Archdiocese of Portland has rescinded a CCHD grant to a newspaper which refused to remove a PP reference. Unfortunately, however, a diocesan official complained about "one or two people" in the diocese "who spend their time looking for organizations on our grant lists that have connections to anything contrary to Catholic teaching, specifically abortion" [Commentary: So faithful Catholics are the problem here rather than the diocese which funds organizations that support murdering unborn children?]

* The city of Canton, Ohio will reportedly name a street in honor of Mother Angelica, founder of the Catholic television network EWTN

* Not good: Church officials in the Philippines are apparently distancing themselves from earlier reports that the supposedly 'devout' Catholic president of the Philippines who supports government handouts of contraceptives to poor persons may face excommunication [Related: Catholic teachings on contraception (Topic Page)]


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Holy See 'reaffirms commitment to bring the operations of the Vatican bank into line with European regulations' [10/30]

Pro-life views of former President Bush influenced by Pope John Paul II [10/30]

Concerning c*ntraceptives, many women "have been failed by physicians in not being warned of the physical damage that they are doing to their bodies, and they have been failed by their priests in not being warned of the spiritual damage that they are doing to their souls"; Article highlights risks of hormone replacement therapy, abortion, and hormonal contraception [Refreshers: Catholic teachings on abortion (click here) & contraception (click here)] [10/30]

Pope Benedict's prayer intentions for November [10/29]

Pope Benedict to visit Croatia in 2011 [10/29]

Holy See releases statistics for the Catholic Church in Spain [10/29]

Cardinal-designate Burke says Catholics have "a very serious moral obligation in voting to vote for those candidates who would uphold the truth of the moral law, which of course also serves the greatest good of everyone in society"; Prelate notes that Catholics "can never" vote for pro-abortion candidates [10/29]

Mexican Archdiocese calls on Catholics to preserve Catholic traditions on Halloween [10/29]

Information regarding media coverage of November USCCB meeting [10/29]

Schedule presented for Pope Benedict's trip to Spain; Holy Father "very happy" to be able to visit [10/29]

Catholic villages in Indonesia "hardest hit" by tsunami [10/29]

Architect who designed Barcelona's Church of the Holy Family may be beatified in 2016 [10/28]

Pro-life leader faces fines, jail time for billboards which repeat findings of the USCCB concerning federal funding of abortion in healthcare reform legislation [10/28]

Pope Benedict tells Brazilian bishops they must guide faithful to oppose legalization of abortion and euthanasia; Holy Father says that "When political positions openly or covertly include plans to decriminalize abortion and euthanasia, the democratic ideal - which is truly democratic only when it acknowledges and safeguards the dignity of every human person - is betrayed at its foundations" [10/28]

What's wrong with this picture: Priest concerned about future "dangerous militants" as Muslims destroy Protestant (heretical) bible translations given out at a Catholic school in Malawi [10/28]

Italian Catholic Action rally for education expected to draw crowd of 80,000 to St. Peter's [10/28]

2,000 cities to participate in day of prayer for peace in the Holy Land [10/28]

School Sisters of Notre Dame auctioning rare baseball card to support ministries for the poor [10/28]

Bishop Juan Vicente Cordoba reminds of immorality of vasectomies and tubal ligations, "mutilations of the body" [10/28]

Holocaust survivors ask EU authorities to investigate role of Vatican Bank in transfer of assets stolen from concentration camp inmates by Nazis [10/28]

Consecrated members of Regnum Christi - not laity - to be focus of Apostolic Visitation [10/28]

Apostolic Visitator says there are more female religious in the U.S. over 90 than under 60; Apostolic Visitator also confirms that religious institutes which follow "a more traditional style of religious life seem to have the greatest success in attracting and retaining new members, especially younger candidates" [10/27]

NPR unhappy about CL news release which prompted Catholics to complain about NPR's anti-Catholic programming [10/27]

Beijing cathedral restored at cost of $4.48 million [10/27]

Cardinal Juan Luis Cipriani Thorne stresses importance of God in families; Prelate says "Being permanently close to God is like breathing. We don't think about doing it, but if we don't, we will die" [10/27]

Hindu mob severely beats Holy Cross brother as television cameras roll [10/27]

Pope Benedict appeals to international community for aid to Indonesia in wake of natural disasters [10/27]

Vatican seeks to prevent execution of Saddam Hussein's deputy prime minister [10/27]

Three U.S. Congressmen appeal on behalf of Vietnamese Catholics allegedly tortured by police in land dispute [10/27]

More on immoral IVF procedure: New study confirms 'overwhelming death rate of IVF human embryos'; More than 92% of all artificially fertilized embryos die [10/27]

Pope Benedict's message for upcoming 'World Day for Migrants and Refugees' affirms that "States have the right to regulate migration flows and to defend their own frontiers" and that immigrants "have the duty to integrate into the host Country, respecting its laws and its national identity" [10/26]

Three Brazilian bishops receive death threats after urging pro-life vote [10/26]

Anti-homosexual comments removed from Facebook, 'I Hate the Pope' pages remain [10/26]

New national seminary to open in Cuba [10/26]

Vatican spokesman downplays remarks that upset Jews at Middle East synod [10/26]

'The most anti-Catholic political ad you'll ever see' [10/26]

Let's hope so: In wake of criticism, CCHD will adopt new policies to 'reaffirm its Catholic foundations' [10/26]

Comments at Middle East synod upset Jews; Jewish leader wants Vatican to issue "a clear repudiation" of Archbishop Bustros' remarks and says the synod was "hijacked by an anti-Israel majority" [10/25]

Diocese of San Diego releases priests' personnel records; Documents show some priests were shuffled after credible complaints were received [10/25]

Escapee from psychiatric ward suspected of brutally beating Canadian bishop [10/25]

Former choir director at Glen Ellyn parish sentenced to 6 months in jail for possession of child p*rn [10/25]

It only took decades: San Antonio Archdiocese puts stop to parish's weekly Mass for homosexuals [Refresher: Catholic teachings on homosexuality (Topic Page)] [10/25]

New website launched to congratulate Cardinal-designate Raymond Burke; Congratulatory messages left on site to be "personally delivered to him at his office in Rome" [10/25]

Contributions to ND dropped by over $120 million during year the 'most pro-abortion president in history' was awarded an honorary degree [10/25]

Federal appeals court won't require San Francisco to rescind resolution condemning Church teaching [10/25]

Irish bishops plan year of 'prayer, penance, and spiritual renewal' in wake of abuse scandal [10/25]

Sad: Tiara replaced again by miter, vestments will also "likely be redone as well in order to remove the tiara" [Advisory: Offensive comments may appear after article] [10/25]

NH college changes name to "better reflect our Catholicity" [10/25]

At closing Mass of Middle East synod, Pope Benedict announces theme for next general assembly of the Synod of Bishops: "The New Evangelization for the Transmission of the Christian Faith" [10/25]

Outrageous: Rebel Swiss parish to distribute c*nd*ms to teenagers bearing altered phrase from Scripture [Refresher: Catholic teachings on contraception] [10/25]

Let's hope it helps: Conservative Catholic bloggers 'attack dissent in the Church' [10/25]

Vatican banker views money-laundering investigation as part of "fierce attack" [10/23]

Military archbishop says stopping 'don't ask, don't tell' poses danger to religious liberty [10/23]

Pope Benedict appoints Bishop John Noonan as Bishop of Orlando [10/23]

Monsignor in Valrico, Florida dies while celebrating Mass [Note: Unfortunately this article fails to ask for prayers for the deceased, but rather 'canonizes' him and his relatives] [10/23]

Pope Benedict says "real social justice" must be based on the defense of true marriage [10/23]

Historic bell tolls again in Canadian church [Note: On this site, it is necessary to scroll down to view the article] [10/23]

Italian prosecutors say Vatican Bank not complying with international norms [Note: Above link goes to print version of article] [10/22]

No surprise here: 'Dialoging' with Islam is problematic [Note: Article asserts that "the Qur'an treats the Virgin Mary with great reverence", yet the man-made Islamic religion denies the divinity of her Son, Jesus Christ, thereby denying her chief dignity as Mother of God] [10/22]

Scandalized Legionaries entering a period of "reconstruction and renewal"; "Not a few things" must be changed in renewal process that could take 'three years or more' [10/22]

Transit strike in Spain to occur during Pope's visit; Strike organized to protest costs of papal visit [10/22]

Vatican Bank probe extended; Court documents say clergymen may have posed as account holders [10/21]

Russian officials agree to return historic Catholic parish to the Church [10/21]

Holy See declaration on court decision re: freezing of Vatican Bank funds [10/21]

Cardinal Zen 'insulted' by speculation that he encouraged attendance at national CPA congress [10/21]

CNS praises appointment of Cardinal-designate Raymond Burke [10/21]

Cleveland priest convicted of embezzlement ordered to pay $3.5 million in restitution, spend one day in prison [10/21]

Cardinal-designate Donald Wuerl announces opening of new seminary in Archdiocese of Washington [10/21]

Master of ceremonies for papal liturgies personally intervened to ensure 'Benedictine arrangement' of altar for Pope's Mass at Westminster cathedral last month [10/21]

Pro-life site says "Many of those soon to don the red hat are outspoken on life and family"; Says that "Of all the prelates in the Catholic Church, [Cardinal-designate] Burke holds the hearts of life and family activists the world over" [10/21]

Pope Benedict names new cardinals; Cardinals-designate include Archbishop Raymond Leo Burke, Archbishop Albert Malcolm Ranjith Patabendige Don, and Archbishop Donald William Wuerl [10/20]

Italian court upholds seizure of funds from Vatican bank account; Holy See 'astonished' by ruling [10/20]

Laity in Boston archdiocese make 'personal appeal' to Pope Benedict over church closures [10/20]

New study links children's 'screen time' with psychological problems [10/20]

Two golden rosaries dating back to 1700 reported stolen from parish in Venezuela [10/20]

'Unbalanced' Muslim man in Florence dances on altar at basilica [10/20]

Polish bishops condemn immoral IVF procedure as "the little sister of eugenics"; Bishops remind that "Every time, at different stages of this medical procedure (IVF), death awaits many human beings" [10/19]

NY priest dedicated to pro-life ministry compares Ground Zero and abortion [10/19]

Catholic University of Leuven in Belgium may drop its Catholic affiliation [10/19]

Cardinal faces fine, jail time for criticizing Mexico City's mayor over homosexual adoption [10/19]

Nearly 2 million venerate Our Lady of Zapopan during annual procession [10/19]

Middle East Synod at halfway point; Summary document issued [10/19]

Pope Benedict canonizes six blesseds [10/18]

California priest to be featured in reality TV show? [10/18]

Auxiliary of the archdiocese of Milwaukee resigns, new CDF members appointed [10/18]

Pope Benedict's letter to seminarians [10/18]

Irish bishop rebukes official for comparing Catholic schools to apartheid [10/18]

Flag signed by Chilean miners hung in papal apartment [10/18]

Belgian lawmakers criticize archbishop for speaking of "inherent justice" of AIDS [10/18]

Archbishop Charles Chaput on today's culture: "Our culture is doing catechesis every day. It works like water dripping on a stone, eroding people's moral and religious sensibilities, and leaving a hole where their convictions used to be" [10/18]

Retired cardinal 'willing to go to jail' if anti-life legislation in Philippines is passed; Prelate says, "I would be the first to go to jail because I will break the law" [10/18]

Archbishop George Lucas formally suppresses Intercessors of the Lamb [10/16]

Nebraska's new fetal pain law targeting late-term abortions "could set a national trend" [10/16]

Postulator clarifies: Bl. Mary MacKillop did not personally report a priest for abuse [10/16]

Fr. Massimo Palombella appointed new director of the Sistine Chapel [Note: On this site, it is necessary to scroll down to view the article] [10/16]

In 'World Food Day' message, Pope Benedict says "In order to eliminate hunger and malnutrition, obstacles of self-interest must be overcome" [10/16]

Group warns of canonical lawsuit if medical facilities in Massachusetts are stripped of their Catholic identity [10/16]

Turkish bishop says 'ultra-nationalists and religious fanatics' are responsible for killing of bishop [10/15]

Last remaining seminary in northern England may close [10/15]

Pope Benedict XVI to visit Venice in May 2011 [10/15]

Giotto crucifix returned to display after 5-year restoration effort [10/15]

Caritas worker killed in Haiti [10/15]

Regarding abortion, "agreeing to disagree" is not an option [10/15]

Honduran cardinal may move to safer location after bullet is found in office [10/15]

Archbishop Burke laments scandal of dissenting bishops & politicians [10/15]

Pope Benedict appoints new archbishop of San Antonio [10/14]

Nigerians steal Chicago bishop's identity, start Facebook page [10/14]

Attempt on life of Sudan's cardinal "could be linked to a campaign of intimidation against Christians in the run-up to an all-important referendum" [10/14]

Pope Benedict to canonize six religious on Sunday [10/14]

Detroit Archbishop warns faithful about dissidents' June 2011 meeting [10/14]

Chilean bishops continue to pray for rescued miners and their families [10/14]

Four police officers in Russia among suspects in robbery/murder of Catholic man transporting Church money [10/14]

English bishops suggest Eucharistic adoration, wearing of saint costumes for All Hallows Eve; Bishop Kieran Conry says Halloween is has become one of the biggest 'commercial festivals' and says "it is time we reminded Christians of what it really is" [10/13]

Belgium's highest court orders retrieval of files previously returned to Belgian bishops [10/13]

Archbishop Cesare Nosiglia of Vicenza becomes new custodian of the Shroud of Turin [10/13]

CL on media's disparate treatment of Catholics vs. Muslims [10/13]

Diocese of Colorado Springs on public schools' ban re: rosary wearing [10/13]

Critics' study says priests accused of abuse have served in 60% of Chicago's parishes [10/13]

Pontifical Council for Promoting New Evangelization is formally created [10/12]

EU regulators open probe of Holy See's tax breaks in Italy [10/12]

Pope Benedict to visit Calabria in 2011 [10/12]

Hubristic quote of Nobel prize winning 'pioneer' of immoral IVF procedure which has resulted in the deaths of millions of human embryos reveals the 'true IVF agenda': "I wanted to find out exactly who was in charge, whether it was God Himself or whether it was scientists in the laboratory - It was us! The Pope looked totally stupid" [10/12]

Film recounting murder of Cistercian monks in Algeria tops French box office [10/12]

Sad: 'Komen for the Cure' gave $7.5M to abortion-giant PP in 2009 [Refresher: Catholic teachings on abortion] [10/12]

Federal appeals court overturns Vermont law banning religious messages on license plates [10/12]

Scottish archbishop condemns proposed euthanasia legislation; True "dignity in dying" means 'loving assistance to live, not to die' [10/12]

Philippine president meets with bishops over plan to distribute c*ntraceptives [Refresher: Catholic teachings on contraception] [10/12]

Pope Benedict condemns violence carried out 'in God's name'; Holy Father says "It is supposedly in God's name that this violence is committed but this is not God, these are false divinities that have to be unmasked" [10/11]

Pope, Croatian president discuss need for majority Catholic Croatia to 'maintain its Christian identity' as it pursues EU membership [10/11]

Man who disrupted cardinal's Mass with a dagger in Sudan has been arrested [10/11]

Santorum criticizes ACLU for attempting to force Catholic hospitals to perform abortions [Refresher: Catholic teachings on abortion] [10/11]

TLM returns to Fatima [10/11]

Brazilian government threatens bishops over opposition to pro-abort presidential candidate [10/11]

Media outlets 'twisting' story of Bl. Mary MacKillop's excommunication [10/11]

Saudi police arrest priest, laymen for organizing private Mass [10/11]

New appointments: Archbishop Mauro Piacenza named prefect of Congregation for the Clergy, Archbishop Robert Sarah named president of Pontifical Council "Cor Unum" [10/11]

Massachusetts attorney general approves sale of Boston's Catholic healthcare system [10/11]

Interview with new prefect of the Congregation for Clergy [10/11]

Vatican Bank asks Italian court to release frozen funds [10/11]

Pope Benedict to take 30-minute motorcade ride through Barcelona during November visit [10/11]

Holy See communiqué re: preparatory meeting for Apostolic Visitation to Ireland [10/11]

[Note: There were no news updates from 10/7-10/10]

Vatican announces issuance of three special postmarks [10/6]

Fr. Lombardi calls for 'credibility & transparency' [10/6]

Archbishop Nienstedt denies Holy Communion to sash-wearing homosexual activist students [Refresher: Church teachings on homosexuality (Topic Page)] [10/6]

What about the 'other abuse victims'? [10/6]

Canadian bishops' agency persuades court to deny pro-life site's request for information on grants [10/6]

TLM now offered regularly at CT seminary [Note: On this site, it is necessary to scroll down to view the article] [10/6]

Historic Buffalo church to be moved to Atlanta; Structure is "the largest ever to be moved and reconstructed in the United States" [10/5]

Holy Father appoints participants for Special Assembly for the Middle East of the Synod of Bishops [10/5]

Vatican Bank may ask Italian court to release seized funds [10/5]

Record crowds attend papal events in Sicily [10/5]

Priest dismissed over p*rn found on his computer may have been protecting confessional seal [10/5]

Leader of Intercessors of the Lamb asked to resign after archdiocesan inquiry; Findings called "alarming" [10/5]

"Truce" in the Philippines?  [Refresher: Catholic teachings on contraception] [10/5]

Pope Benedict's one day visit to Palermo [10/4]

Over 60% of vocation directors surveyed report increase in inquires for priesthood, religious life [10/4]

Two more women die from RU-486 [Refresher: Catholic teachings on abortion] [10/4]

Holy Father advocates the daily rosary [Refresher: The Daily Rosary] [10/4]

Jewish professor defends Pope Benedict's handling of abuse scandal [10/4]

Holy Father to visit "unique" Diocese of San Marino-Montefeltro in June 2011 [10/2]

Ridiculous: Psychologist heading Belgium commission investigating abuse says Pope Benedict should resign to "set an example" of accountability [10/2]

Spain readying for November papal visit; All church bells in Santiago Archdiocese to chime simultaneously upon Pope Benedict's arrival [10/2]

No surprise here: Fornicating, cohabitating couples "not happy" [Refresher: "Do not be deceived; neither fornicators nor idolaters nor adulterers nor boy prostitutes nor practicing homosexuals nor thieves nor the greedy nor drunkards nor slanderers nor robbers will inherit the kingdom of God." (St. Paul, 1 Cor. 6:9-10, emphasis added). Reminder: Of course, this refers to those who are unrepentant] [10/2]

Federal judge asks Vatican officials to serve court papers on Pope Benedict, other church leaders [10/2]

Church officials invite faithful to pray for the unborn in union with the Holy Father during Advent [10/2]

[Note: There were no news updates on 10/1]

Note: Dates in brackets may refer to date link was added to MCS news page


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