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Introduction to Catholic Seniors Section

Catholic Seniors

Elderly couple

Introduction to the

Catholic Seniors Section

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Welcome, friend!

We're very glad you stopped by. We recognize that throughout the years, the seniors of today have contributed countless times to making our world a better place. You have participated in struggles for freedom, helped to pass along the faith, offered prayers, and sacrificed much. You are the link to our past and your life has been, and continues to be, of great importance to your brothers and sisters. We appreciate all you've contributed, and continue to contribute, by living your life as a good example of Christ.

In these confusing times, we know it can be especially difficult to go about one's daily life in a holy and dignified way. We want you to think of this website as a "safe", reverent, faith-enhancing place where you can join together and share experiences with others. We hope you will be inspired and gladdened by this "online oasis" for Catholics and that it will make a positive difference in your life.

In the Catholic Seniors section, you can share stories about growing up Catholic, share tips with other seniors for passing on the faith, reflect on life, learn about religious crafts, read sacred scripture, discover information about senior saints, and more. Although we don't want to dwell on death in this section, we do want you to find important and uplifting information here for preparing for the ultimate journey home in addition to information for living your good Catholic life here to the fullest. We hope you will enjoy the non-commercial appearance, easy-to-use layout, and depth of content of this site.

And, yes, you really can use this site for free (not counting the investment in your computer or online time & other such costs, of course) since it is supported by advertisers, donors, and sponsors. Note that third party advertisements do not affect site content since they are located only in certain commercial areas of the site. To maintain a reverent and comfortable atmosphere, paid third party ads do not appear in the Catholic Seniors section or in other non-commercial sections.  

We do, however, hope that the handy commercial sections will eventually prove to be a valuable resource for you. To view these sections, simply click on the applicable buttons and links on the side border. You will find links there to the MCS Directory, Sales & Specials, and Classified Ads. If you enjoy this site and wish to become a sponsor, please visit here for information on inexpensive sponsorships. For information on donating, please visit here. Also, there are many ways that you can support this site which don't cost any money at all, such as visiting often, telling your friends, inviting businesses to advertise, praying for us, etc. These ways of support are very important and greatly appreciated. For more no-cost and low cost ways to support this site, click here (afterwards, close the window which appears to return to this screen). Or, if you have a product or service to sell, please consider one of our inexpensive advertising options

Also very important to this site are your contributions of information, or "posts". To add a post, simply key in relevant information and click the submit button. After a short time, your post may appear on the site for others to read. This is a great way to share your experiences with others. To help keep this site "safe" and to assist in maintaining high quality content, posts may be subject to review (click here for more information). For tips on submitting information, click here. For a list of sections which accept user posts, click here. Please submit posts frequently according to the guidelines provided. Again, despite the term "contribute", posts are added completely free of charge.

Although this Catholic Seniors section is tailored especially for you, we hope you will visit other sections on this site as well. You can do so much on this site from announcing the Baptism of your grandchildren to sharing information about the traditional Latin Mass to requesting prayers to finding ways to increase your faith to volunteering and much more. To visit other sections, simply click on a link located on the side border (as applicable, scroll up to view the shaded bars). You'll find these bars conveniently located there on many pages throughout this site.

Eventually, we hope you'll visit all the sections of this site. Should you ever need a helping hand, you'll be glad to know that we offer extensive help. Simply click on the link labeled "Help" which may be found at the top of the screen (and also on the side border).

We also welcome younger folks to the Catholic Seniors section since they can learn so much from those advanced in wisdom and age. 

If desired, you may include your e-mail address when you submit a post so that others can contact you, but you do not have to include this information. If you do provide your e-mail address (or other personal information), it will be accessible to all who have access to the Internet. If you are unsure about including your e-mail address, you should omit it. Note that we do not contact you for personal information and we recognize your concern for privacy. Click here to view our privacy statement. Note that we recommend a cautious approach to personal information, especially for seniors, for your own protection.

For a more basic introduction to this site, click here to stop by the reception desk. Or, to begin using this site now, click here to return to the Senior Page (or click the "Back" button on your browser). Simply click on links that interest you. Feel free to explore the various areas of the site and try performing a search. After a short time, you should feel comfortable exploring the site, adding posts, viewing, and searching for items you are interested in. Remember to click the help link located at the top of the page (and also on the side border) for assistance. Should you ever get lost, you may return to this section by pointing your browser to:  

LiliesThanks for visiting. We're so glad you're here! We hope you will stop by often.

Click here to return to Catholic Seniors Section

Heart of Jesus, burning with love for us, set our hearts on fire with love of Thee. (Cor Iesu, flagrans amóre nostri, inflámma cor nostrum amóre tui.) [English / Latin]

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