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Posting Tips / Guidelines

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Submission Guidelines / Tips [User Posts]

Important Notice: Items herein are not comprehensive and are subject to change at any time without notice. We make no guarantees whatsoever regarding any item herein. We do not guarantee the availability of any section / page / topic / posts / etc. Use of this site is at your own risk and is subject to our terms of use. By using this site you agree to all our terms, including those herein. For more terms information, click here.

Auto-Rejection Info. | Where to Post | Section Info. | Maximums

We want you to participate in this site by sharing your experiences, stories, tips, etc. throughout the various sections. The following tips can help ensure that your submissions ("posts") are received and added to this site.

Before submitting any information, ask: Is your submission...?

  • Relevant to the section you are posting it? Click here for section information

  • In full accord with our Code of Conduct?

  • Properly submitted according to all instructions provided? (including those instructions specific to each section)

  • One not previously submitted (unless specifically permitted)?

  • Not typed in all caps?

  • Easy to read and logical?

  • Free of offensive language or comments?

  • Free of symbols or special characters?

  • Free of HTML tags?

  • Free of excess punctuation? 

  • Free of 'emoticons' [i.e. "  :-)  "] ?

  • Free of advertising / solicitation / product or service endorsements (except where specifically permitted - i.e. commercial sections)?

  • Non-political and non-argumentative?

  • Free of web addresses, phone numbers, addresses, and other contact information (except where specifically allowed)? Note: Do not include any web addresses, mailing address or phone / fax numbers whatsoever unless we have indicated that you may include this information. Any posts containing such information may be subject to auto-rejection and those who submit them may be banned from future posting.

  • Properly submitted through the proper form?

  • Free of excess verbiage?

  • In full accord with the Roman Catholic Church?

  • Fully truthful?

If your answer to any of the above is no, your submission may not appear on the site. And, future posts may also be prohibited. Please make sure the answer to all above questions is yes prior to submission. Also, be sure to see tips below to help ensure that your posts will appear on the site. Click here for reasons a post might be automatically rejected

Additional submission requirements / guidelines, tips and information...

  • Each post on this site is independent. Do not refer to previous submissions (yours or others) with your post. If you do, your post may be rejected automatically.

  • Each post should be unique (not previously submitted and not too similar to ones previously submitted).

  • Each post should be complete in itself and not depend upon any other post.

  • This is a Catholic site. Please keep posts Catholic!

  • Be sure to complete all required fields before submitting your post. Required fields may be generally indicated with a "*". 

  • Complete all fields carefully and according to the instructions. Do not attempt to leave fields blank, answer questions improperly, or include other information besides what is asked for. If you don't follow all instructions, your post - and all your future posts - may be automatically rejected.

  • Fields should not exceed the maximum number of allowed characters. Any posts exceeding maximums may be automatically rejected. 

  • Generally, user submitted posts should be complete and not in the form of open questions. Note: For answers to questions, consult a good priest, an appropriate, traditional catechism, or other suitable resource. (If desired, you may also consider privately contacting individuals who have included their e-mail address. If so, use caution.)

  • Keep all posts to the point and on topic.  

  • Please limit posts to appropriate / meaningful items.

  • Employ due gravity and reverence.

  • Use moderation and charity.

  • No posting by those under 18. Remember that all minors who use this site (or related materials) must be carefully and vigilantly supervised by appropriate & responsible adults.

  • Those who post on this site are expected to act in a proper Christian manner. 

  • Remember that this site may be used by persons from all walks of life and with varying degrees of catechesis. Others may 'learn' from your posts and you may essentially be performing the role of a of lay 'teacher'. Therefore, keep in mind the words of the Catechism of the Council of Trent: "The words of the Lord are chaste words; and the teacher of a Christian people should make use of the same kind of language, one that is characterized by singular gravity and purity of soul." 

  • Do not engage in any advertising, product / service recommendations, or other solicitation. Do NOT attempt to promote any product / service / organization / parish / group / website / etc., even if it is Catholic. Such activities are to be conducted in the commercial sections of this site only. Click here for more information on economical advertising on this site. Note that posts containing advertising / contact information / references to products / services / websites / etc. may be subject to auto rejection and those who submit them may be banned from future posting on this site. Note that this applies even if you do not personally benefit from sales of such products / services / etc., and even if you have no connection to the indicated company / group / website / etc. that you mention.

  • Do not copy/paste other posts into your post. 

  • Do not submit copyright protected material.

  • Before submitting a post, be sure it is not a duplicate. Please do not submit posts already listed or similar to those already submitted. 

  • Submit in plain text only (no HTML, no special symbols).

  • Address your post to the topic(s) at hand and not to other individuals or individual posts.

  • Do not quote non-Catholics (except to refute errors).

  • Do not favorably name well-known heretics / apostates / schismatics / etc. [Note: If another person's name is the same or sounds similar to a well-known heretic / apostate / schismatic / etc. (including a Protestant 'Reformer'), you should properly distinguish it from the well-known person - e.g. "Martin Luther (not the 'Reformer')". Be sure to use quotes around terms such as 'Reformer' . Also be sure you do not offer any praise to heretics / apostates / schismatics.]

  • Submit only posts in full communion with the perennial Magisterium. No posts which don't follow traditional Roman Catholic teachings (e.g. "modernist", "progressive" unorthodox, "feminist", "charismatic", anti-Catholic, "new age", etc. posts) or which seek to have traditional Church teachings or practices changed, or which adhere to / promote any kind of questionable orthodoxy. Do not post regarding any item which is at odds with traditional Roman Catholic teachings or practices (including posts supporting women 'priests', elimination of priestly celibacy, etc.).

  • This site is not designed for the discussion of controversial topics between users. Please avoid such discussions on this site. Note that - at our sole option and without recourse - we may prohibit posts deemed controversial.

  • No discussion of unapproved apparitions (except to expose fraudulent ones).

  • No posts attempting to "modernize" Church teachings, practices, morals, etc.

  • Do not submit any divorce, child custody, annulment, or "ex-spouse" related posts. Note that "single parent" / "divorced parent" situations are (generally or often) against Church teachings and are not an acceptable topic here (excepting, of course, 'single parent' situations in which a spouse has died). 

  • No posts regarding third party child care.

  • No discussion of inappropriate / distasteful topics. No posts regarding immoral / illegal, sinful, sexual, illicit, controversial / questionable, or other inappropriate / unsuitable topics (e.g. "birth control", "family planning", feminist, anti-Catholic, immorality, unchastity, unchaste, or anything else inappropriate / unsuitable or against Gospel or Church teachings).

  • No "conspiracy theory", "end-times", or anti-tradition posts.

  • No posts endorsing "illicit", Sedevacantist, or schismatic (as defined by the Holy See) activities / organizations / events, etc.

  • No posts involving political matters (e.g. items involving specific candidates, measures, or political parties).

  • No posts involving unapproved apparitions, private revelations, or other unapproved occurrences/phenomena. (To be "approved", an apparition/occurrence, etc. must have official ecclesiastical approval at the proper hierarchical level.)

  • No discussion of the following topics in any non-commercial section: investments, trusts, credit cards, pharmaceuticals, refinancing, wills, legal matters, financial matters, "work at home opportunities", self employment opportunities, sales/commission opportunities, or specific products, services, companies, or organizations, etc. 

  • No posts/activities, etc. which advocate religious indifferentism (i.e. dangerous errors such as "all religions are equally good" or "all good people go to heaven"). No scandalous interfaith activities. No items which promote or are otherwise favorable towards non-Catholic religions.

  • No saint, pope, or clergy bashing. Be sure to show the utmost respect when discussing priests (who "have powers not granted even unto the angels"), religious, bishops, cardinals, and the pope. Note: Keep in mind the following traditional regulation from the 1917 Code of Canon Law: "Can. 2344 Whoever gives injury to the Roman Pontiff, a Cardinal of the H.R.C., a Legate of the Roman Pontiff, to Sacred Roman Congregations, Tribunals of the Apostolic See, and their major Officials, and their own Ordinary by public journals, sermons, or pamphlets whether directly or indirectly, or who excites animosity or odium against their acts, decrees, decisions, or sentences shall be punished by an Ordinary not only at the request of a party but even by office with censures and, or order to accomplish satisfaction, other appropriate penalties and penances for the gravity of the fault and the repair of scandal."

  • No items / activities / events / messages / organizations / etc. harmful to any of God's creatures. Note that all items / food references / food provider names / described products (food and otherwise) etc. must be "vegetarian friendly" (Why?).

  • No posts involving any prohibited items (see below). 

  • Posts regarding home schooling, full-time mothering, and large families are sought and are greatly welcome. Posts which disparage or discourage traditional families may be subject to auto rejection and those who submit such posts may be banned from future posting. (Note: Do not discuss particular home schooling products here. For home schooling items, consider the commercial sections of this site.)

  • Be honest, stick to the facts, and do not exaggerate. Do not provide additional information / commentary other than what is asked for. Please avoid editorializing (except where allowed). No "marketing talk" - e.g. "best ever", "greatest", etc. Instead, phrase your comments as "I liked it best", or "I thought it was the greatest", etc. Be sure to express opinions only where permitted. Note: To use "marketing talk", try the Classifieds section or other commercial sections.

  • Be sure all elements of your post are truthful and are not taken out of context. If in doubt, do not submit. If expressing an opinion, indicate that it is an opinion and present it in a logical and non-emotional manner. Do not express opinions except in fields where this is allowed.

  • Inappropriate submissions, off-topic posts or submissions containing symbols, all capital letters, advertising, excess verbiage, etc. may be subject to automatic rejection.

  • If you submit untruthful / inaccurate information here, or if you submit a post containing inappropriate content, your post - and all your future posts - may be automatically rejected. 

  • Posts should be authored in a spirit of humility and charitableness. Treat others with respect and be willing to give others the benefit of the doubt. Avoid undue harshness. 

  • Posts should not contain gossip, inappropriate derogatory comments, despair, inappropriate/explicit statements, abusive remarks, emotional rambling, judgments regarding others' motives, or "ranting and raving" type dialogue.

  • Do not include "signature" type files (i.e. items with slogans or business contact information).

  • As applicable, be specific in your post, but do not include company names, brand names, store names, manufacturer names, product codes, websites, etc. in non-commercial sections. If you include such detail, your post - and all your future posts to this site - may be subject to auto rejection. Note that this also includes announcements (for example, in a "new business" announcement, say "Bob's new flower store" rather than referring to Bob's store by name - otherwise your post may be considered commercial in nature and may be prohibited). You may feel free to discuss details privately with those who contact you, as applicable.

  • Posts that are misclassified (or apparently misclassified) may be rejected automatically.

  • Posts are in summary form and do not include all applicable items of interest. Do not attempt to include more information than what is requested/permitted. For example, if you include a web address or company name when this is not specifically allowed, your post may be automatically rejected. Note that if you do not follow all guidelines, your post - and all your future posts to this site - may be automatically rejected. Please follow all instructions carefully.

  • Do not include personal details that should be kept private.

  • To keep sections informative, posts should have a definite point and not be structured in the form of a question (except where Q & A posts are specifically allowed). Note that Q & A posts must include an answer.

  • Do not post here to try to generate business or traffic to your web site.

  • Do not name any business, organization, individual, product, service, website, event, author, book, Catholic material, publication, etc. (unless specifically allowed) or provide their contact information in your post. Posts in non-commercial sections containing such references may be subject to auto rejection and those who submit them may be banned from future posting on this site.

  • Do not submit another's information (including e-mail address, etc.). Those who do so may be banned from future posting and may be reported to law enforcement and / or other authorities.

  • Users are responsible for learning of and following all legal requirements related to all posting, contacts, correspondence, transfers / transactions, etc. You alone are solely responsible for all tax, legal, etc. implications - and for all other consequences - of your activities (including posting, contacts / correspondence, transfers, etc.). Do not engage in any unlawful discrimination. Remember that we do not provide legal or tax advice.

  • Note that we do not endorse / recommend any individual(s) / organization(s) / group(s), etc. who may contact you regarding your post(s).

  • Strive for clarity of speech in all posts. Avoid poorly phrased posts.

  • Use proper punctuation, capitalization, and grammar.

  • Do not use a 'flippant' tone.

  • Do not quote Scripture out of context.

  • Latin rite items only, please.

  • Certain items may be limited to those in the U.S.A.

  • The English language is used throughout this site (except some Latin - not Spanish! - may be permissible where applicable). Please submit posts in English only (Limited amounts of Latin may be allowed only where indicated, and according to all instructions). If you speak another language (besides English), we encourage you to make use of translation tools (many are freely available online).

  • Wherever applicable, we recommend that you include a "final date" / "end date" / etc. to notify users not to contact you after that date (e.g. in the Book Review & Exchange Section, Give & Take, Volunteers' Corner, Commercial Sections). Unfortunately, however, there is no guarantee that you will not be contacted after that time. Note that posts may appear on the site for a long time and that we cannot honor requests to remove items which are no longer applicable. Click here for general timetable information.

  • Note that in addition to the Add pages, certain other pages related to the various sections are incorporated as part of the terms of use of this site. You should carefully review all such pages before submitting post(s). Reminder: By using this site you indicate agreement to all our terms. Note: Be especially sure to review all linked pages in the Book Review & Exchange, Section, Give & Take Section, Volunteers' Corner, and Commercial Sections.

  • Note that an e-mail address will be required in order to contact you in various sections of this site (not all sections). Please note that, for your protection, we recommend a cautious approach to providing e-mail information and we generally recommend that you obtain a special e-mail account for use on this site. For additional considerations regarding the risks of providing e-mail addresses, click here. Note that if you do not wish to include your e-mail address, you will be unable to participate in some sections. Please note that we may verify e-mail addresses provided and require a certain timely response. (Reminder: Our verification will not ask for personal information.)

  • Wherever applicable (e.g. Catholic Events Section, Commercial Sections, etc.), you must have a suitable relationship to submit posts (i.e. own the organization, be an authorized representative, etc.). Before submitting your post, you must be sure that no one else has already submitted it. You should designate one person to handle all submissions for the organization/group, etc.

  • Before submitting, be sure that your post is appropriate for the section you plan to submit it in. For section information, click here.

  • All posts may be subject to review and may be modified by us. For FAQs, click here. For additional terms information, click here.

  • Some sections contain a "certification statement". Responses to this statement may affect whether or not your post will appear on the site. Be sure to answer honestly.

  • A financial need may be required / desired in certain sections (e.g. item requests in the Give & Take Section). 

  • Click the submit button ONLY once. If you click the submit button more than once, it may cause your post to be rejected. Even if the system is slow, do not click the button more than once!

  • Allow enough time for your submission to appear. New posts may appear within 72 hours, however, it may take 10 days or more for new submissions to appear, especially during our busiest times. Be assured that we prefer to keep this time period to a minimum, however, it may depend greatly on our resources & support. If you would like to support this site at little or no cost, visit frequently, invite friends, and consider other no-cost ways of supporting this site. For more information, click here.

  • After submission, a confirmation page should be displayed. If not, you should suspend further posting until a later time. Remember to allow a generous amount of time for your confirmation page to process (especially during busiest times). If you regularly find that a confirmation page does not appear after you click the submit button, please complete our technical feedback form and let us know. Please do NOT repeatedly click the submit button. This may further delay the process and cause your post to be rejected.

  • We may consider posts submitted in one section for other section(s) / newsletter(s) / page(s) / etc. 

  • The system date and time may affect your submission. To view the system date / time, click hereIf the system date/time is significantly off (i.e. more than a few days) or is missing, your submission may be affected. If so, try closing your browser and reconnecting to the site, or return at a later time to add your posts. If the date continues to be significantly off, please advise us by completing our technical feedback form. [Note: Before reporting a problem with the system date / time, please remember that the 'problem' may simply be that the system is on a different time zone than you. It is NOT based on your computer or your location. Remember that the server may be on any applicable time zone (e.g. Eastern, Central, Pacific, etc.). Differences between the server's time zone and your actual time zone are to be expected and are not considered technical problems. Please do not report such differences to us. Rather, if the system date / time is persistently and significantly off - and not as a result of time zone differences - consider reporting this matter to us.] 

  • Please note that we may place a limit on the number of posts in various sections / topics / pages / etc. (or in total). Should this occur, new posts may not appear on the site or may appear at a later time.

  • We regret that we are unable to process submissions on an immediate basis. In fact, long processing delays (especially in certain sections) are not unexpected. Do not contact us regarding the status of your submission and do not resubmit. For immediate or urgent needs, consider contacting your parish or other appropriate organization/individual. Also, please remember that we cannot guarantee that any specific post will appear on the site.

  • Do not exceed the maximum number of allowed submissions per day, per section, etc. Those who exceed maximums may be banned from future posting, Note: Click here for more information regarding maximums.

  • Sorry, we cannot guarantee that any particular submission will appear on the site. If your post does not appear, do not resubmit. If it does appear on the site, there is no guarantee when it will appear, how long it will last, what details will be displayed, etc. We may reject posts for any reason, or even for no reason. Due to space or other considerations, we may be selective about posts (thus, even suitable posts may not appear).

  • You are NOT notified if posts are rejected (unless we choose to contact you). Note: You should not expect any such notification.

  • You may not pay to include your post in any non-commercial section. Paid advertisements are available in various commercial sections of this site. To advertise in the Classifieds section, click here. To advertise in other paid sections, click here. For additional information regarding commercial advertisements, click here.

  • We may reject posts that we deem are unorthodox / questionable / not spiritually meaningful / etc. 

  • We may prohibit posts from certain regions / users / groups / etc. at our sole discretion. We may limit non-Catholic participation. We may prohibit any post(s) at our sole discretion.

  • Posts are displayed for a certain duration, depending on the section. After this time, posts may not be displayed. Click here for timetables.

  • If your post was previously listed but is no longer listed, do not re-submit it. Posts appearing in various sections may be limited to a short duration. For timetable information, click here. If you wish your post to appear for a longer duration than what is standard for the section, consider our low-cost commercial sections which may display listings for a month/a year, etc.

  • Much of this site is made of areas where you may submit your post for free. However, some sections, such as Classified Ads, MCS Directory Listings, Sales & Specials, and Sponsorships are paid sections. Click here for more information on commercial sections

Also, keep in mind the following...

  • Posting in some sections is limited to (practicing) Roman Catholics only.

  • In matters of faith, we ask that only the well catechized (and orthodox) submit posts.

  • Do NOT submit "I agree" or "I disagree" posts. If desired, you may contact other posters directly (if their e-mail address has been provided, as applicable).

  • Duplicate submissions or those with certain keywords may be subject to automatic rejection.

  • If your post is not clear - or of we are unclear about or have questions regarding your post - your post may not appear on this site.

  • Do not refer to or quote other posts / previous posts.

  • Do not request a response from us.

  • All faith related posts / organizations / items / activities / messages / events / etc. must be Catholic - no generically 'Christian' items!

  • Do not refer to non-Catholic 'churches'. 

  • Do not refer to non-Catholic 'clergy'.

  • Do not use the term 'Christian' to refer to those outside the Catholic Church without qualification (e.g. "Christian", "so-called Christians", etc.).

  • Do not reply to others via this site. If desired - and if the other person's e-mail address is provided - you may be able to contact them directly.

  • Do not post for others. Third party posts are prohibited (except where specifically allowed).

  • Do not request or offer medical advice (including medical advice for pregnancy).

  • Do not request or offer legal or financial advice.

  • Keep posts as short as possible.

  • Make sure all sentences are full and complete.

  • Use proper spelling.

  • Avoid slang / jargon.

  • Do not exaggerate.

  • Do not use unknown or excessive abbreviations (abbreviations which are very well-known may be acceptable).

  • Do not submit posts calling for rebellion or disobedience.

  • No name calling. [Note: This, however, does not preclude the accurate describing of persons - e.g. calling Martin Luther a arch-heretic.]

  • No 'flame wars'.

  • Please do not repeat posts (unless specifically allowed).

  • Do not state matters of opinion as if they were fact.

  • Be courteous. Note that posts deemed unkind / offensive / mean-spirited / malicious / insensitive / etc. may be automatically rejected.

  • Remember that this is a faith based site - do not attempt to unduly secularize it!

  • Wherever applicable, focus on reasoned arguments rather than emotions / opinions.

  • Please keep complaints to a minimum and avoid unnecessarily discussing past sins or personal problems (and remember to never reveal sensitive personal information). Discussions of pain/suffering should be productive and avoid despairing. Instead, please emphasize ways to bear one's crosses. If you need assistance with a difficult burden, please contact a good priest or qualified professional. If desired, you may also contact individuals who have provided their e-mail address (if so, use caution).

  • No seeking validation for sins or for silence in the face of sin (remember that silence and consent to/defense of another's sins are ways of being an accessory to sin).

  • Unless a person is canonized or the information is somehow supernaturally revealed, we do not know whether a deceased person is in Heaven, Hell, or Purgatory. Therefore, no pronouncements on someone's ultimate salvation. Do not state that a particular deceased person is "with Jesus", no matter how good you think they are. Also, when considering someone involved in grievous sins, it is most safe to consider the seriousness of the situation, based on God's revelation, and not to personally condemn an individual to Hell. Remember that judgment is God's alone.

  • Use the term "St." to refer to those actually canonized by the Catholic Church and not to those whose causes are still pending. No so-called "living saints".

  • As applicable, please limit each post to the discussion of one matter only. 

  • Do not be 'hyper-critical'.

  • Don't focus on assigning blame.

  • Positively-phrased posts are preferred. Please avoid unproductive complaining / worrying / etc. No despairing posts, please. Keep in mind the words of the angel in Luke 1:37: "for nothing will be impossible for God" and also persevere in your prayers and other good efforts. Note: To request prayers, click here.

  • Users are expected to act in compliance with all applicable Church laws. Do not speak against the Church or the faith.

  • Submit only serious, meaningful posts as indicated. Irreverent, superficial, or otherwise inappropriate or pointless posts may be subject to automatic rejection. 

  • Do not submit public 'thank you' posts addressed to specific persons. If you wish to submit a public 'thank you' message, please consider a classified ad or a sponsorship.

  • If you submit a post containing inappropriate / untruthful / inaccurate, etc. information, the post - and all your future posts to this site - may be subject to auto rejection.

  • Do not disclose any identifying information or personal information that should be kept private (i.e. personal details, information about one's sins, personal matters, etc.). Note that you may select "(decline to state)" rather than include your state wherever allowed. Remember that you should be careful about all personal information - even your name! By disclosing any personal information, you may put yourself and your loved ones at risk. Reminder: You should be careful not to reveal personal information unintentionally in your post(s) and other correspondence. Note that some options may disclose various types of information (i.e. religious affiliation, your diocese, etc.). Proceed at your own risk. Remember that any participation [including submitting a post(s)] is at your own risk. If you do not want to take such risks (or cannot afford to), you should not participate.

  • Do not name any private individual without first obtaining their advance express permission. Where appropriate, you may submit initials only (e.g. Miss A, Mr. B, etc.), but do not disclose any personal or identifying information or discuss any items that should be kept private (e.g. information about sins). Note that in some areas names may be prohibited. Also note that we may abbreviate submissions which include full names or those continuing unusual names at our sole discretion. Please carefully avoid including such information. Note: Posts which contain full names or unusual names may be subject to auto rejection.

  • We may give preference to traditional posts.

  • We may place limits on any section / topic / user / region / group / type of post / etc. at our sole discretion.

  • Be certain that your post is fully truthful, honest, and accurate. If in doubt, do not submit. Note that we may verify any information you submit (although we are not required to). If any provided information is deemed inaccurate, your post - and all your future posts - may be subject to auto rejection. Note that at our sole option, we may require submission of printed materials regarding your post.

  • Pay attention to detail - be sure to spell all items correctly. Be certain that all information is accurate before submitting your post.

  • The poorly catechized should not post on matters involving doctrine.

  • The poorly informed (or misinformed) should not post on matters involving Catholic practices / traditions / etc.

  • Please avoid highly emotional posts / unreasoned posts.

  • Do not share any medical information that should be kept private.

  • Do not submit opinions on matters for which you are uneducated (or not sufficiently educated).

  • We encourage you to post, but request that you limit posts to interesting / important / relevant points and keep them as short as possible.

  • We may edit posts at our sole description.

  • Wherever applicable, spiritual matters are preferred. 

  • Traditional items may receive preference.

  • Multiple or repeat submissions may delay processing and may cause the automatic rejection of your posts (both now and in the future). Note that repeat posts may be automatically rejected regardless of the reason (even if you pressed the submit button multiple times because the system was slow).

  • Using this site involves risk and you should carefully consider all aspects of posting / contacts / use of site / etc. before participating. Note that you should be especially cautions when dealing with unknown persons. Remember that we are not a party to any of your activities and we do not mediate disputes. Participation in any activities (including posting, browsing posts, contacts / correspondence, etc.) is at your own risk.

  • If you disregard any instructions, your post - and all your future posts - may be automatically rejected. 

  • For problems with posts, click here.

  • For reasons posts might be subject to auto rejection, click here.

  • All applicable items herein also apply to all correspondence with us. 

All terms, conditions, etc. are subject to change at any time without notice. Note that the word "please" in our terms / guidelines does not necessarily mean something is optional. Rather, it should be taken to mean "must". Reminder: By using this site, you have indicated agreement to all terms. For terms information, click here.

Prohibited Items...

In addition to the above indicated items, the following items / topics / activities / products / services / organizations / events / individuals / etc. are prohibited...

* New age items / palm reading / fortune telling / good luck charms / etc. 

* 'Charismatic' items

* Unapproved apparitions (including Medjugorje)

* Mystics (except canonized saints)

* 'Modern spiritualities'

* Dissenting or modernist items

* Unorthodox items

* Heretical or schismatic items

* Sedevacantist items

* Generically 'Christian' organizations / activities / events / 'churches' / charities / services / products / messages / writings / items / etc.

* Other non-Catholic religious organizations / activities / events / 'churches' / charities / services / products / messages / writings / items / etc.

* Non-Catholic 'religious orders' / 'saints' / religious writings / etc.

* Non-diocesan 'churches' / chapels / etc.

* Foul language / abusive language

* Immoral items

* Illegal items

* Illicit items

* Indecent items

* Distasteful items 

* Offensive items

* Contraceptive items 

* Sterilization related items

* Sexual / intimate / suggestive items

* Anti-Catholic items / organizations / groups / activities / products / services / events / messages / etc.

* Weapons / knives / explosives

* Pharmaceuticals / medicines / controlled substances

* Tobacco products

* Feminist items

* Homosexual items

* Cross dressing / reversed roles (including effeminate males / masculinized females)

* Racist items

* Anti-Semitic items (this refers to truly anti-Semitic items, not to the mistaken notion that the Church's perennial teaching that the Jews must convert is anti-Semitic)

* Pro-abortion items

* Pro-euthanasia items

* Pro-cremation items

* Pro-divorce / annulment items

* 'Body art'

* Evolution

* False ecumenism

* 'Christian rock'

* Immodest clothing

* Anti-tradition / anti-traditionalist items

* Irreverent / disrespectful items

* Fraudulent items

* Gruesome items

* Unproven theories / accusations / etc.

* Superstitious items / cultic items

* Satanic items

* Items promoting / fostering sinful acts / behaviors

* Slander / gossip / backbiting / name calling / 'ranting & raving' / hatred of persons / etc.

* Malicious insults / gossip / defamatory statements / etc.

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