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Catholic Seniors: Senior Saints (By Age) (3)

Catholic Seniors Section | Senior Saints

St. Alphonsus Liguori

Senior Saints:

By Age (3)

Sources: Butler's, Delaney, Various 

Important Notice: We make no guarantees regarding any item herein. Use of site is subject to our terms of use. For more terms information, see below and click here

St. Padre Pio of Pietrelcina

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Age: 90's


Feast Day**

May have lived to age... (approx.)

Attributes may include...

St. Alphonsus Liguori

August 1


Bishop & Doctor of the Church; Founder of the Redemptorists, heroic virtue

St. Apollo

January 25


Hermit; Miracles, founded a community of monks at age 80

St. Brieuc

May 1


Bishop & Confessor

St. Clodulf (Cloud)

June 8


Bishop & Confessor; Zeal for the glory of God, love for people, compassion for the poor

St. Egbert

April 24


Monk; Holiness, learning

St. Faustus

September 28


Bishop; Defender of the Faith, writer

St. James of La Marca of Ancona

November 28



Confessor; Austerities, zeal for the salvation of souls, long service (he spent 70 years of his life in a religious state)

St. John of Egypt

March 27


Hermit; Humility, obedience, preaching, prophecy, miracles

St. Macarius of Egypt (Macarius the Great, Macarius the Elder)

January 15


Hermit; Compunction, humility, prayer, spiritual direction

St. Macedonius

January 24


Anchoret; Abstentious, many miraculous cures

St. Martius (Mars)

April 13


Hermit & Abbot; Founded a community, holiness

St. Mary Magdalen Postel

July 16


Religious Superior; Assisted persecuted priests, assisted in religious education, holiness, miracles

St. Medard

June 8


Bishop & Confessor; Missionary labors, austerities (continued even in old age)

St. Mochta

August 19


Bishop; Founded a monastery. Disciple of St. Patrick.

St. Pothinus 

June 2


Bishop & Martyr; Courage

St. Sylvester Gozzolini

November 26


Abbot; Founded more than two dozen monasteries

St. Zosimus

March 30


Bishop & Abbot; Care of the poor, educating

St. Francis of Paola

April 2


Confessor; Penance, charity, humility, miracles, founder of religious order

St. Herman Joseph

April 7



St. Isaac of Constantinople

May 30


Hermit; Founded a monastery

St. Joannicius

November 4

92 (81-116)


St. Joseph Calasanctius

August 25


Confessor; Founder of the Poor Regular Clergy of the Pious Schools of the Mother of God, virtuous since youth, charity, prayer

St. Brendan the Elder

May 16


Abbot; Founded schools & monasteries

St. Lupus (Leu)

July 29


Bishop & Confessor; Pastoral zeal, prayer

St. Sabas (Sabbas)

December 5 


Abbot; Sanctity, humility, mortification, prayer

St. Thillo

(Theau, Tilloine, Tilman, Tillo)

January 7


Monk; Simplicity, devotion, austerities, missionary work

St. Amand

February 6


Bishop & Confessor; Bravery, preaching, raising a dead man to life, built churches, found monasteries

St. Anian (Agnan, Anianus)

November 17


Bishop & Confessor; Courage

St. Arsenius

July 19


Anchoret; Austerities, humility, fervor

St. Deicolus

January 18


Hermit; Founded a monastery

St. Euthymius

January 20


Abbot; Constant prayer, humility, miracles, spent sixty eight years in the desert, defender of the faith

St. Felician

January 24


Bishop & Martyr; Missionary work

St. Gall

October 16


Missionary, scholar

St. George Limniotes

August 24


Hermit & Martyr

St. Alexander

August 28


Patriarch; Wisdom, holiness, opposed Arianism

St. Atto

May 22



St. Benno of Meissen

June 16


Bishop; politics

St. Nilus the Younger

September 26


Abbot; Austerity, holiness, prophecy

St. Remigius

October 1


Bishop; Preaching. Called the "Apostle of the Franks"

St. Katharine Mary Drexel

March 3


Assisted the Indians and African-Americans, founded a religious order

St. Gregory Nazianzus the Elder

January 1


Bishop & Confessor; All his children became saints

St. Mochua (Cuan)

January 1


Abbot; "Model of perfection", founded many churches and monasteries

Top | Senior Saints

Age: 100+


Feast Day**

May have lived to age... (approx.)

Attributes may include...

St. Aldebrandus

May 1


Bishop; Preaching

St. Aper (Eyre)

September 15


Bishop; Austerity, devotion, miracles

St. Basil the Younger

March 26


Hermit; Survived attempted martyrdom, miracles, holiness

St. Dotto

April 9


Abbot; Founded monastery

St. John of Reomay

January 28

100 [120]

Abbot; Helped institute monastic state in France, miracles

St. Paul Aurelian (Pol)

March 12


Bishop & Confessor; Fervor, goodness, many conversions

St. Prior

June 17



St. Raymond of Pennafort

January 7


Confessor; Zeal, devotion, apostolic labors, sweetness, conversions, generosity to the poor, associate of St. Thomas Aquinas

St. Simon Stock

May 16 


Hermit; Mortification, virtue, miracles, prophecy, founded religious houses, given the Scapular by the Blessed Virgin Mary, instituted the Confraternity of the Scapular

St. Godrick

May 21


Hermit; Austerities, patience, humility, authored poetry

St. John the Silent

May 13


Bishop & Confessor; Austerity, love of silence, spiritual direction, sublime contemplation

St. Antony

January 17


Abbot; Humility, charity, prayer, virtues, visibly assaulted by Satan, miracles, many conversions, faithfulness from youth to extreme old age

St. Demetrius

October 9



St. Theodosius the Cenobiarch

January 11


Abbot; Opposition to heresy, zeal, preaching

St. Gilbert of Sempringham

February 4


Founder of religious order; Suffered from blindness in later years

St. Alexis Falconieri

February 17


Hermit; Marian visions, helped found the Servites

St. Bertin

September 5


Abbot; "Model of monastic perfection"

St. Paul the First Hermit

January 15


Hermit; Holy solicitude (ninety years of solicitude), miraculously fed each day by a raven

St. Alferius

April 12


Monk & Hermit; Attempted reform of monasteries

St. Amicus

November 3


Hermit & Monk

St. Keivin (Coemgen)

June 3


Bishop & Confessor; Founded a monastery

St. Simeon (Simon)

February 18


Bishop of Jerusalem & Martyr; Relative of the holy family; patient suffering, holiness

St. Narcissus

October 29


Became bishop at about 80 years old, strict discipline

Top | Senior Saints

"Old Age"


Feast Day**

May have lived to age... (approx.)

Attributes may include...

St. Albeus

September 12

"old age"

Bishop & Confessor; Charity, conversions, miracles, founded a monastery

St. Alipius

August 18

"old age"

Bishop & Confessor; Integrity, preaching, writing

St. Amphilochius

November 23

"old age"

Bishop & Confessor; Defender of the faith

St. Anna 

September 1

"old age"

Widow & Prophetess; Told of Jesus' Birth (in her old age)

St. Anne

July 26

"old age"

Mother of the Blessed Virgin Mary. According to tradition, Mary was born to her aged parents in answer to years of prayer.

St. Aphraates ("the Persian Sage")

April 7

"old age"

Anchoret; Sanctity, miracles

St. Apollonia 

February 9

"old age"

Virgin & Martyr; Courage

St. Asterius

October 30

"old age"

Bishop; Pastoral service, humility, charity, piety

St. Babolen

June 6

"old age"

Monk; Founded many churches & hospitals 

St. Barhadbesciabas

July 15

"old age"

Deacon & Martyr; Faithfulness from youth to old age, courage

St. Bertille

November 5

"old age"

Abbess; Fervor, humility, penitential life (even into old age)

The Blessed Virgin Mary


Believed to have lived on earth (before the Assumption) to a "very advanced age"

The Mother of God; Immaculately conceived, sinless, humble, obedient, perfect model of all virtues [Also see Mary, Our Mother section]

St. Boniface I

September 4

"old age"

Pope; Mildness, character, lover of peace

St. Botulph

June 17

"old age"

Abbot; Founded religious houses & schools of virtue

St. Ceada (Chad)

March 2

"old age"

Bishop and Confessor

St. Conon 

May 29

"old age"

Martyr; Courage

St. David (Dewi)

March 1

"old age"

Archbishop; Founded numerous monasteries, spiritual father of many saints

St. Deogratias

March 22

"old age"

Bishop & Confessor; Redeemed and cared for captives, regularly visited the sick (even in weak old-age)

St. Dionysius of Alexandria

November 17

"old age"

Archbishop & Confessor; Virtues, writings, teaching, surnamed "the Great" by St. Basil

St. Drostan

July 11

"old age"

Abbot; Of royal blood, became a recluse in his old age

St. Elizabeth

November 5

"old age"

Righteous Woman & Elderly Mother of St. John the Baptist. Cousin of the Blessed Virgin Mary

St. Eusebius

August 2

"old age"

Priest & Martyr; Zeal in invoking and preaching Christ

St. Felix of Nola

January 14

"old age"

Priest & Confessor; Conversions, miracles

St. Gatian

December 18

"old age"

Bishop & Confessor; Preaching, credited with nearly fifty years of zealous labor even amidst frequent sufferings and dangers

St. Gerard

October 3

"old age"

Abbot; Fervor, restored discipline in religious houses

St. Gregory of Langres

January 4

"old age"

Widower & Bishop; Conversion, pastoral labors, assiduous prayer, mortification, holiness

St. Gudwal (Gurval)

June 6

"old age"

Bishop & Confessor; Sanctity

St. Gybrian

May 8

"old age"

Priest; Long penitential & contemplative life, credited with assembling a community of fervent servants of God

St. Hegesippus

April 7

"old age"

Father of the Church; Church Historian 

St. Hippolytus

August 22

"old age"

Martyr; First antipope (he publicly repented and he was reconciled to the Church before his martyrdom)

St. Isadore of Scete

January 15

"old age"

Hermit, Priest; Meekness, continence, prayer and recollection

St. Joachim

July 26

"old age"

Father of the Blessed Virgin Mary. According to tradition, Mary was born to her aged parents in answer to years of prayer.

St. John

December 27

"old age"

Apostle & Evangelist; The beloved disciple of Christ. Was given the care of Jesus' mother Mary. Only Apostle to survive martyrdom.

St. Joseph 


"old age"

Foster Father of our Lord Jesus Christ, Spouse of the Blessed Virgin Mary

St. Kennocha of Scotland

March 13

"old age"

Virgin; Humility, meekness, modesty, devotion

St. Leo 

February 18

"old age"

Martyr; Courage

St. Lioba

September 28

"old age"

Abbess; "Model of Christian perfection"

St. Macarius of Alexandria (Macarius the Younger)

January 2

"old age"

Anchoret; Contemplation, penance, virtue, extraordinary austerities, miracles

St. Maglorius (Maelor)

October 24

"old age"

Bishop & Confessor; Apostolic labors, founded a monastery, miracles

St. Marcellus Akimetes

December 29

"old age"

Abbot; Good works

St. Maruthas

December 4

"old age"

Bishop & Confessor

St. Methodius

February 14

"old age"

Monk & "Apostle of the Slavs" (with St. Cyril)

St. Munde

April 15

"old age"

Abbot; Founded monasteries, "left behind him many great models of Christian perfection"

St. Nilus

November 12

"old age"

Anchoret & Confessor; Virtue, written works

St. Odo (Odo of Canterbury, Odo the Good)

July 4

"old age"

Archbishop; Holiness, pastoral work, miracles

St. Odulph (Odulf)

June 12

"old age"

Canon & Confessor; Piety, intelligence, meekness, labors, zeal, charity, prophecies, founded a monastery

St. Onuphrius

June 12

"old age"

Hermit; Prayers, solicitude, overcame grave temptations, spent sixty years "unknown to the world"

St. Paturnus of Avranches 

April 16

"old age"

Bishop & Confessor; Missionary work, conversions

St. Paul the Simple

March 7

"old age"

Anchoret; Extraordinary humility, cures

St. Phaebadius

April 25

"old age"

Bishop; Fought against heresies

St. Philip

May 3

"old age"


St. Philip of Heraclea

October 22

"old age"

Bishop & Martyr; Courage

St. Quirinus

June 4

"old age"

Bishop & Martyr; Courage

St. Remaclus

September 3

"old age"

Bishop & Confessor; Sanctity, missionary zeal, austerities (redoubled in old age), founded monastery

St. Sexburgh (Sexburga)

July 6

"old age"

Abbess & Widow; Sanctity

St. Sylvester

December 31

"old age"

Pope & Confessor; Credited with building the first St. Peter's Basilica as well as other great churches

St. Teilo

February 9

"old age"

Bishop & Confessor; Charity, courage, piety, learning, pastoral zeal, successful preaching

St. Thalelaeus the Hermit

February 27

"old age"

Hermit; Compunction, ascetical life, zeal, conversions, frequent weeping

St. Theodulus 

February 17

"old age"


St. Theophanes

March 12

"old age"

Abbot & Confessor; Founder of monasteries, defended use of icons, patient suffering

St. Tigernach

April 4

"old age"

Bishop; Founded abbey, continual prayer and contemplation. Lost his sight in old age

St. Titus

January 24

"old age"

Bishop & Disciple of St. Paul the Apostle

St. Willehad

November 8

"old age"

Bishop & Confessor; Devotion, austerities (not mitigated even in his old age)

St. Winoc (Winnoc)

November 6

"old age"

Abbot; Sanctity, miracles, service to others, founded monastery, manual labor

St. Winwaloe (Gwenno)

March 3

"old age"

Abbot; Austerities, piety, founded monastery

St. Wiro

May 8

"old age"

Bishop; Preaching, austerities, founded monastery

St. Zachariah

November 5

"old age"

Righteous Man & Elderly Father of St. John the Baptist

Top | Senior Saints

* Names, Locations, etc. may have alternate spellings/translations.

** Feast days may vary and are subject to change. Feast days may be based on the traditional calendar.

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Important Notice: We make no guarantee regarding any item herein. Ages may range from approx. 50 and over (or those thought to have attained "old age"). Note that dates, ages, etc. may be based on estimates. Individuals herein may not be formally canonized and may include saints or blesseds since the time of Christ. Information and listings herein are not comprehensive and may include details that are unverifiable, approximations, disputed, based on legends, etc. Attributes are not comprehensive and may not include individuals' most important / salient attributes. Feast days are subject to change / variation and those listed herein may be based on the traditional calendar. Names may be shortened, individuals may be known by other names, and other (non-sainted) individuals may have similar names. Cult may be approved only in limited areas. We do not guarantee the accuracy of any item herein. By using this site you agree to all terms. For more terms information, click here. Note: To report duplicates, or to report that that a blessed appears as "St." herein, or for other corrections/updates, click here.

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