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St. Francis Section: Pet Remembrances

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St. Francis of Assisi

St. Francis Section:

Pet Remembrances

Special Memories About Special Animal Friends

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User-Submitted Pet Remembrances...


Pet Name

Pet Type


Remembrance / Special Memory...

Location | Catholic Affiliation



July 5, 1994 - Sept 24, 2009

She was the most wonderful dog ever. I miss her with all my heart. She was my best friend for 15 years.

Summerville, SC | Catholic



Coming to my home playing with my dog

Ocala, Florida | Catholic




My boss' dog, he kept him company and was my boss' best friend

N/A | Catholic


Dog/Chow/Lab Mix


My dear sweet CC passed on. I will always remember her. She has left a void in my heart but her memory is with me forever. Hang with the Angels my sweet dove. Love U Mommy

Pueblo, CO | Catholic



February 1996 - May 20, 2013

Daisy use to like to sit on the window sill and sun herself. She also loved to lay by the backdoor to sun herself. She loved sitting on our laps and being rubbed. She loved sleeping with us. Daisy was also a cuddler and loved to be cuddled. She loved to headbutt you to get your attention if you weren't paying attention to her. She was a real talker. Daisy was the best kitty and was great company. She will be sorely missed.

Wilmington, MA | Catholic



1997 - 11/4/2011

My Ella-girl took her last breath yesterday. She was my best friend and I miss her terribly. I love you Ella. You'll be in my heart always, and I'm grateful to have known you and been loved by you.

N/A | Catholic

Fay Grey

Persian Cat


Was the first pet owned jointly by Barb and Steve. For many yrs. she filled their home, which she was in charge of, with much love. Although no longer with us, her loss is still felt.

New York | Catholic


Cat (half Siamese)


Kind of a snobby cat but was cuddly and sweet when he wanted food or a scratch, tongue like sandpaper

N/A | Catholic


Dog (German Shepherd)


The most faithful dog ever, a real protector, but not mean, most people loved him, even the mentally ill he visited - people came to groups just for him - a real winner, loved forever

N/A | Catholic

Fx. Lady

Dog (red Pomeranian)

6-10-96 thru 2006

She was the best little mother, had 3 litters, first 5 then 5 more than 4. She would do anything to take care of her pups. I loved her from the start she picked me licking all over. I love her dearly.

N/A | Catholic


Dog (Golden Retriever)

10/30/1993 - 3/24/2005

Harley was a very special dog. I took him to nursing homes as a therapy dog and he LOVED children. Thank you Harley for setting me on my path to G-d!

Philadelphia, PA | Catholic

Jack and Sparky


1989-1995 & 1995-2007

Two great dogs. They are missed every day.

N/A | Catholic

Lady Bridgette

Golden Retriever

1989 to 2001

Bridgette was the most loving of dogs. She loved to be with the family and was a wonderful mother to her puppies. She consoled me so much when my mother died. We would take our daily walks together during that sad time. She loved to be outdoors and was truly a "retriever", however, when she was "done", she would walk back to the truck to wait for my husband's return. I miss her terribly, but I feel I will see her again as she was a very special part of our family.

Virginia Beach, VA | Catholic



(d: Oct 1993)

This special little angel always knew when I needed him close and I wouldn't be here today if not for him. When the time does come for me I will not be afraid because not only will I be in the Lord's presence, I will also get to be with you again. Till then enjoy your well earned rewards "#1".

Canton, Ohio | Catholic



November 27, 2009-date of death

Missy was my baby and I will have a hard time going on without her. I suffer from an illness and she stayed by my side always. She was very special.

Malvern, Pa | Catholic





Mommie was a great listener and great protector. She was loving and very gentle. Mommie loved children and her stuffed rabbit. She had a large loving heart.

N/A | Catholic



July 13, 2013-passing

Nibbles, my beloved Dog, as were all of the pets I or my family have owned or were acquainted with shared a special bond with me; for when I was sad they were sad; when I was happy they were happy and when I was despondent and needed cheering up, they were always willing to oblige.

Worth, IL | Catholic


Dog (Beagle)

10-06-93 to


Nicholas was beautiful, loving and affectionate, and had a sweet disposition, right up to the moment he [passed]. He brought so much joy and love into my life and his little Beagle "sister" Holly misses him as much as Doggy Mommy does. I pray he's with my other dogs, Buddy and Barney, keeping God company. I love and miss you, my faithful friend. Be the good, sweet boy you've always been. I know you will.

Brea, California | Catholic

Nikko Nicoletti

Dog - American Eskimo Spitz


Nikko was a very special dog - he brought us many good laughs and left us with fond memories. He taught me about unconditional love, friendship and loyalty. In his passing, I felt the most unimaginable pain and sorrow - a grief I had never before known. In the weeks after his death, I thought I would never recover, but even after 14 wonderful years, his spirit lifted my soul and helped me to heal, finding some semblance of peace. He will forever be in my heart. I love you, Nikko.

Bayville, New York | Catholic

One Eyed Jack

Cat, Russian Blue

May 1998 - July 2009

Jack was adopted from the local animal control. He was going to be put down later in the day when I happened by his cage. He only had one eye with which he looked at me with such knowing. I was struck by his sweet nature. I spent my last 35 dollars to adopt him. We bonded instantly. He was gentle, loving and very affectionate. He was truly God's gift to me at a time when I really needed it. He died peacefully at the vets, I look for the day when I can be with him again. I miss him every day.

N/A | Catholic


Dog (husky / weimaraner)


He was a very loving and playful dog. Beautiful eyes and goofy personality. We will always love and miss him.

Wisconsin Rapids, Wi | Catholic




He kept flying off and did not always come when called, could fly even with wings cut

N/A | Catholic


Dog (Pitbull)


My sweet boy, "if love could have saved you, you would have lived forever" O Blessed Lord, thank you for giving me Pete, now with sorrow, I give him back to you.

KY | Catholic


Cat / Siamese

Sept 9 2007

She was a beautiful friend to me and my family we miss her dearly

Buffalo, NY | Catholic




The best sweetheart, cuddy, couch potato, never bit anyone - a real special pet remembered for ever

N/A | Catholic




A very special rescue. I was honored to care for him.

N/A | Catholic



Dec. 12, 1998 - Aug. 6, 2013

Sam, my beloved companion of 15 years gave me unconditional love and protection the entire time he was with me. I love and miss you Sam.

N/A | Catholic

Snickers & Mickey

Tabby Cats

1997-2009 & 1997-2011

My little healers. Helped me feel comfort & joy in my home.

Tucson, AZ | Catholic




My precious cat Snowball, you are missed dearly everyday. I will cherish the time we had with you and love you always. Rest in Peace my dear companion Snowball.

N/A | Catholic




Liked to dig flower beds

N/A | Catholic


Bird (Moluccan Cockatoo)


My first bird, visited many elderly and even a Catholic retirement home, taken into nuns' quarters with the nuns, the only bird I really bonded to, loved her dearly... slept with her, went to eat with her, took her everywhere, the only sweet bird I ever knew

N/A | Catholic


Calico Cat

05/02/90 to 10/28/08

Our sweet Whiskers was our pride and joy. She made us so happy, full of love in her heart. Always cuddled on me when she knew I didn't feel good. She was a very special gift from God. I miss her more than I can say. I haven't even been able to grieve for her. I need Whiskers soul* to be prayed for and to pray that she is with God.

[* Note from MCS: Job speaks of "the soul of every living thing" (Job 12:10), St. Thomas Aquinas says "animal is named from soul [Latin: anima]", Pope John Paul II says "animals possess a soul", and St. Augustine says, "For man consists of soul and body, but so do the beasts. There is no doubt that in the natural order the soul is superior to the body. But in the soul of man there is reason, which is not present in the beast."]

Seattle | Catholic


Cat / tuxedo

August, 1993 - May 30 2012

My sweet Willie girl took her last breath peacefully on May 30,2012. She was 19 years on this earth surrounded with people who loved her. Found as a kitten she fit in the palm of my hand as I brought her home to become one of the family. My children and later grandchildren enjoyed her loving companionship. We grew old together, and made it through the many rough times, thanks be to God. My sweet angel cat, we will miss you so! Until we meet again, our Lord willing, know that you are loved forever!

Broderick, California | Catholic

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