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Catholic Seniors: Senior Saints (A-Z)

Catholic Seniors Section | Senior Saints

St. Alphonsus Liguori

Senior Saints:

A - Z

Sources: Butler's, Delaney, Various 

Important Notice: We make no guarantees regarding any item herein. Use of site is subject to our terms of use. For more terms information, see below and click here

St. Padre Pio of Pietrelcina

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Feast Day**

May have lived to age... (approx.)

Attributes may include...

St. Abbo of Fleury

November 13


Abbot; Settled disputes, known for scholarly work

St. Abraham

March 16


Hermit; Prayers, penance, conversions

St. Abraham of Kratia

December 6


Bishop & Hermit

St. Acca

October 20


Bishop; Scholar

St. Acepsimas

March 14


Bishop & Martyr; Great courage

St. Adalard (Adelard)

January 2


Abbot & Confessor; Humility, virtue

St. Adamnan

September 23


Abbot; Worked to promote Roman practices in monasteries, piety, written works

St. Adelaide

December 16


Founded & restored monasteries, worked for the conversion of Slavs

St. Aelred

February 3


Abbot; Prayer, humility, fidelity

St. Agilus (Aile)

August 30


Abbot; Fervor, humility, penance

St. Agnes of Assisi

November 16


Abbess; Sister of St. Clare of Assisi, miracles

St. Agnes of Bohemia

March 6


Princess; Built a hospital, set up clinics and a friary and convent, entered religious life

St. Agobard

June 6


Bishop & Theologian; Holiness, charity

St. Agricola

March 17


Bishop; Austerities, beatified churches

St. Agricolus

September 2


Bishop; Preaching, assistance to the poor and sick

St. Alban Bartholomew Roe

October 25


Monk & Martyr; Convert, imprisoned for many years

St. Albert

April 7


Recluse; Prayer, penance

St. Albert of Jerusalem

September 25


Bishop; Mediated disputes, drafted first rule of the Carmelites

St. Albert the Great

November 15


Bishop, Teacher & Doctor of the Church; Learning, taught and befriended St. Thomas Aquinas, personal theologian to the Pope

St. Albeus

September 12

"old age"

Bishop & Confessor; Charity, conversions, miracles, founded a monastery

St. Aldebrandus

May 1


Bishop; Preaching

St. Aldegundis

January 30


Hermitess; Founded a convent

St. Aldericus

October 10


Bishop; Scholar

St. Aldhelm

May 25


Abbot & Bishop; Spirituality, scholarship, founded monasteries, writings

St. Aldric

January 7


Bishop; Built monasteries and churches, assisted the poor

St. Alexander

February 26


Bishop; Opposed Arianism, excommunicated Arius

St. Alexander

August 28


Patriarch; Wisdom, holiness, opposed Arianism

St. Alexander Sauli

October 11


Bishop; Preaching, reforms, miracles. Was spiritual advisor to St. Charles Borromeo and the future Pope Gregory XIV

St. Alexis Falconieri

February 17


Hermit; Marian visions, helped found the Servites

St. Alferius

April 12


Monk & Hermit; Attempted reform of monasteries

St. Alipius

August 18

"old age"

Bishop & Confessor; Integrity, preaching, writing

St. Alphege

April 19


Monk & Hermit; Attempted reform of monasteries

St. Alphonsus Liguori

August 1


Bishop & Doctor of the Church; Founder of the Redemptorists, heroic virtue

St. Alphonsus Rodriguez

October 31


Became a lay brother after the death of his wife and son. Known for holiness. Was devoted to the Immaculate Conception

St. Altman

August 8


Bishop & Abbot; Assisted the poor ("eliminated poverty"), austerities

St. Amand

February 6


Bishop & Confessor; Bravery, preaching, raising a dead man to life, built churches, found monasteries

St. Ambrose 

December 7


Bishop & Doctor of the Church; Defender of the Faith; miracles, writings

St. Ambrose Barlow

September 11


Convert, Priest & Martyr

St. Amicus

November 3


Hermit & Monk

St. Ammon (Amun)

October 4


Hermit; Great austerity, many miracles

St. Amphilochius

November 23

"old age"

Bishop & Confessor; Defender of the faith

St. Anastasius

October 16


Monk & Hermit

St. Andrew Avellino

November 10


Confessor; Heroic virtues, prophecy, miracles, founded convents

St. Andrew Bobola

May 16


Martyr; Missionary activity

St. Andrew Corsini

February 4


Bishop & Confessor; Austerities, care for the poor, miracles

St. Andrew Dotti

September 4


Hermit; Missionary work, prayer, penance, visions

St. Andrew of Crete

July 4


Archbishop; Preaching, music

St. Angadrisma

October 14


Abbess; Holiness, miracles

St. Angela Merici

January 27


Founded congregation for the religious education of girls, austerities, visions

St. Angilbert

February 18


Abbot; Established library, began practice of continuous chanting in abbey

St. Anian (Agnan, Anianus)

November 17


Bishop & Confessor; Courage

St. Anna 

September 1

"old age"

Widow & Prophetess; Told of Jesus' Birth (in her old age)

St. Anne

July 26

"old age"

Mother of the Blessed Virgin Mary. According to tradition, Mary was born to her aged parents in answer to years of prayer.

St. Anne (Susanna)

July 23



St. Anno

December 4


Archbishop; Established and reformed monasteries, assisted the poor

St. Ansegius

July 20


Abbot; Rehabilitated abbeys

St. Anselm

March 18


Bishop & Monk; Holiness, learning, fought against lay investiture

St. Anselm

April 21


Archbishop, Theologian & Doctor of the Church; Defended the Filioque at the Council of Bari, writings

St. Ansgar (Anskar)

February 3


Archbishop & Monk; Missionary work, preaching, austerity, miracles

St. Antoninus (Antoninus, "Little Antony")

May 10


Archbishop & Confessor; Sanctity, penance, writings, charity to the poor

St. Antony

January 17


Abbot; Humility, charity, prayer, virtues, visibly assaulted by Satan, miracles, many conversions, faithfulness from youth to extreme old age

St. Antony Cauleas

February 12


Confessor & Patriarch of Constantinople; Prayer, mortification

St. Antony Gianelli

June 7


Bishop; Preaching, founded a religious congregation

St. Anthony Mary Claret

October 24


Archbishop; Founder of Claretians, preaching, missionary work

St. Antony of Lerins

December 28


Monk; Holiness, miracles

St. Aper (Eyre)

September 15


Bishop; Austerity, devotion, miracles

St. Aphraates ("the Persian Sage")

April 7

"old age"

Anchoret; Sanctity, miracles

St. Apollinaris

October 8



St. Apollo

January 25


Hermit; Miracles, founded a community of monks at age 80

St. Apollonia 

February 9

"old age"

Virgin & Martyr; Courage

St. Aquilinus

October 19


Bishop; Assistance to the poor, miracles

St. Arsenius

July 19


Anchoret; Austerities, humility, fervor

St. Asterius

October 30

"old age"

Bishop; Pastoral service, humility, charity, piety

St. Athanasius 

May 2


Bishop & Doctor of the Church; Defender of the Faith, orthodoxy, virtue

St. Athanasius the Athonite

July 5



St. Atto

May 22



St. Augustine of Hippo

August 28


Bishop & Doctor of the Church; Conversion, writings

St. Austreberta

February 10


Abbess; Holiness, humility, miracles

St. Austregisilus

May 20


Abbot & Bishop

St. Babolen

June 6

"old age"

Monk; Founded many churches & hospitals 

St. Baithen

October 6


Abbot; Writings

St. Barbatus (Barbas)

February 19


Confessor; Sanctity

St. Bardo

June 15


Archbishop & Abbot; Austerities, assistance to the poor, opposed simony, supported clerical celibacy

St. Barhadbesciabas

July 15

"old age"

Deacon & Martyr; Faithfulness from youth to old age, courage

St. Basil

January 2


Archbishop & Doctor of the Church; Fought Arianism, preaching, helped the sick & poor, fought simony, holiness, writings

St. Basil the Younger

March 26


Hermit; Survived attempted martyrdom, miracles, holiness

St. Basolus (Basle)

November 26


Monk; Miracles

St. Bede the Venerable

May 27


Monk & Doctor of the Church; Learning, writings, scholarship

St. Benedict Biscop

January 12


Abbot; Founded abbey, mentor of St. Bede the Venerable

St. Benedict of Aniane

February 11


Directed and reformed monasteries

St. Benedict of Nursia

March 21


Abbot; Holiness, austerities, miracles, founded monasteries

St. Benedict the Moor

April 4


Holiness, miracles

St. Benno of Meissen

June 16


Bishop; politics

St. Bernard

January 23


Archbishop & Abbot; Founded monastery, holiness, discipline

St. Bernard of Clairvaux

August 20


Abbot & Doctor the Church; Defense of the Faith, devotion to the Blessed Virgin, learning, purity, mortification, assiduous meditation and prayer, writings, miracles

St. Bernard

of Montjoux

May 28


Established alpine hospices, assisted distressed travelers accompanied by a dog

St. Bernardino of Sienna

May 20


Confessor; Preaching, humility, miraculous cures

St. Bernardino Realino

July 2


Rector; Pastoral work, holiness

St. Berthold

July 27


Abbot; Founded hospital, preaching, holiness, austerities, care for the poor

St. Bertille

November 5

"old age"

Abbess; Fervor, humility, penitential life (even into old age)

St. Bertin

September 5


Abbot; "Model of monastic perfection"

St. Bertrand

June 30


Bishop; Assisted the poor, founded a monastery

The Blessed Virgin Mary


Believed to have lived on earth (before the Assumption) to a "very advanced age"

The Mother of God; Immaculately conceived, sinless, humble, obedient, perfect model of all virtues [Also see Mary, Our Mother section]

St. Bonaventure

July 14


Doctor of the Church; Virtue, great intellect, devotion, charity, virtues, "the greatest light and ornament of the holy order of St. Francis", called the "Seraphic Doctor"

St. Boniface I

September 4

"old age"

Pope; Mildness, character, lover of peace

St. Boniface

February 19



St. Boniface

June 5


Bishop & Missionary to Germany

St. Bonitus (Bonet)

January 15


Bishop & Confessor

St. Botulph

June 17

"old age"

Abbot; Founded religious houses & schools of virtue

St. Brendan the Elder

May 16


Abbot; Founded schools & monasteries

St. Bridget of Sweden (Birgit, Bridget, Brigit) 

October 8


Widow; Heroic virtue, piety, austerities, writings

St. Brieuc

May 1


Bishop & Confessor

St. Brigid (Bridget)

February 1


Abbess; Charity, compassion, miracles, founded a monastery. Was a friend of St. Patrick.

St. Bruno

July 18


Bishop & Scripture Scholar

Top | Senior Saints

C - D


Feast Day**

May have lived to age... (approx.)

Attributes may include...

St. Caesarius of Arles

August 27


Bishop; Fought Arianism, reformed a monastery, preaching, holiness, charity

St. Cajetan

August 7


Reforms, assistance to the poor

St. Camillus de Lellis

July 18


Confessor; Conversion, compunction, penance, purity, care for the sick (credited with being the first to use a red cross as a symbol for caring for the sick)

St. Canice (Kenneth)

October 11


Monk; Preaching, missionary work

St. Caspar del Bufalo

January 2


Missionary and charitable works, founded a missionary congregation

St. Catherine Dei Ricci

February 13


Prioress; Mystic, prayer, assistance to the poor

St. Catherine Laboure

November 28


Recipient of the revelation of the Miraculous Medal

St. Catherine of Bologna

March 9


Virgin & Abbess; Zeal for souls, heroic patience, written works

St. Catherine of Genoa

September 15


Widow; Service to the sick, austerities

St. Catherine of Sweden

March 24


Assistance to religious congregation. Daughter of St. Bridget of Sweden

St. Ceada (Chad)

March 2

"old age"

Bishop and Confessor

St. Ceolfrid

September 25


Monk & Abbot; Strictness, biblical scholarship

St. Chrodegang of Metz

March 6


Bishop; Defense of the Papacy, reforms, restored churches & monasteries, founder of famous choir school

St. Clare

August 12


Virgin & Abbess; Escaped from home to enter religious life; austerities, patient suffering, love of poverty, humility, prayer, foundress of the Poor Clares 

St. Clodulf (Cloud)

June 8


Bishop & Confessor; Zeal for the glory of God, love for people, compassion for the poor

St. Clotilda

June 3


Assisted in the conversion of her husband, King Clovis, assistance to the sick and poor

St. Colette

March 6


Virgin & Abbess; Humility, piety, sweetness, modesty, love of poverty

St. Colman of Lann Elo

September 26


Bishop & Abbot; Built a monastery

St. Colman of Lindisfarne

February 18


Bishop & Monk; Founded monasteries

St. Columba

June 9


Preaching, founded monasteries, evangelization

St. Columban

November 23


Abbot and Confessor; Poetry, founded monasteries

St. Conon 

May 29

"old age"

Martyr; Courage

St. Conrad Birndorfer

April 21


Marian devotion, charity, prophecy

St. Corbinian

September 8


Missionary work

St. Cumian

November 12


Abbot & Monk; Learning, founded monastery

St. Cyprian

September 16


Bishop & Martyr; Conversion, piety, charity, writings

St. Cyril of Alexandria

February 9


Doctor of the Church; Defender of the Faith

St. Cyril of Jerusalem

March 18


Bishop & Doctor of the Church; Pastoral labors, writings

St. Damasus

December 11


Pope & Confessor; Humility, compassion for the poor, learning, constancy in maintaining the purity of the faith, holy life

St. Daniel the Stylite

December 11


Confessor; Great austerities, ardor, humility, devotion, prophecies, spiritual direction, lived on a pillar

St. David (Dewi)

March 1

"old age"

Archbishop; Founded numerous monasteries, spiritual father of many saints

St. Deicolus

January 18


Hermit; Founded a monastery

St. Demetrius

October 9



St. Deogratias

March 22

"old age"

Bishop & Confessor; Redeemed and cared for captives, regularly visited the sick (even in weak old-age)

St. Didacus

November 13


Missionary work, miracles

St. Dionysius of Alexandria

November 17

"old age"

Archbishop & Confessor; Virtues, writings, teaching, surnamed "the Great" by St. Basil

St. Dominic

August 8


Confessor & Founder of the Dominicans; Apostolic labors, propagation of the Holy Rosary

St. Dominic (Loricatus)

October 13


Confessor; Rigorous penance (even in old age)

St. Dominic of Silos

December 20


Abbot; Reformed monastery, rescued Christian slaves, miracles

St. Dominic of Sora

January 22


Monk; Built monasteries

St. Dotto

April 9


Abbot; Founded monastery

St. Drostan

July 11

"old age"

Abbot; Of royal blood, became a recluse in his old age

St. Druon

April 16


Recluse; Piety, devotion, assiduous prayer and manual labor

St. Dunstan

May 19


Bishop & Abbot

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