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Catholic Seniors: Senior Saints (A-Z) (2)

Catholic Seniors Section | Senior Saints

St. Alphonsus Liguori

Senior Saints:

A-Z (2)

Sources: Butler's, Delaney, Various 

Important Notice: We make no guarantees regarding any item herein. Use of site is subject to our terms of use. For more terms information, see below and click here

St. Padre Pio of Pietrelcina

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E - F


Feast Day**

May have lived to age... (approx.)

Attributes may include...

St. Eberhard

June 22


Archbishop; Peacemaker

St. Ebrulf (Evroult)

December 29


Abbot & Confessor; Constancy in labor, patience in adversity, perfect resignation to the will of God, severe penance, built a monastery 

St. Edith Stein (Teresa Benedicta)

August 9


Convert, writer

St. Edmund of Abingdon

November 16


Archbishop; Teaching, preaching

St. Edward the Confessor

October 13


King; Piety

St. Egbert

April 24


Monk; Holiness, learning

St. Eligius (Eloi)

December 1


Bishop & Confessor; Generosity, virtue, wisdom, poverty, prayer

St. Elizabeth

November 5

"old age"

Righteous Woman & Elderly Mother of St. John the Baptist. Cousin of the Blessed Virgin Mary

St. Elizabeth

July 4


Queen of Portugal & Widow; Charity, love of peace

St. Elizabeth Des Anges

August 26


Teaching, care of the sick

St. Ephrem of Edessa (Ephraem the Syrian)

June 9


Doctor of the Church; Sanctity, writings

St. Epiphanius

January 21


Bishop; Sanctity, miracles

St. Epiphanius of Salamis

May 12


Bishop & Monk; Scholarship, austerities, written works

St. Ethbin (Egbin)

October 19


Abbot; Austerities, miracles

St. Ethelwold

August 1


Bishop & Monk; Restoration of monasticism

St. Eugendus

January 1


Abbot; Mortifications, almost continual prayer

St. Eugene de Mazenod

May 21


Bishop; Founder of religious congregation, pastoral work

St. Euphrasia Pelletier

April 24


Founded convent

St. Eusebius

August 2

"old age"

Priest & Martyr; Zeal in invoking and preaching Christ

St. Eustathius

July 16


Bishop; Writings, orthodoxy, opposed Arianism

St. Eustochia Calafato

January 2


Piety, assistance to the poor, penances, austerities

St. Euthymius

January 20


Abbot; Constant prayer, humility, miracles, spent sixty eight years in the desert, defender of the faith

St. Faro

October 28


Bishop & Confessor; Virtues, zealous labor for the salvation of souls

St. Faustus

September 28


Bishop; Defender of the Faith, writer

St. Felician

January 24


Bishop & Martyr; Missionary work

St. Felix

July 7


Bishop; Learning, virtue, eloquence

St. Felix of Cantalicio

May 18


Confessor; Purity, great austerities

St. Felix of Nola

January 14

"old age"

Priest & Confessor; Conversions, miracles

St. Felix of Thibiuca

October 24


Bishop and Martyr; Courage

St. Felix of Valois

November 20


Hermit & Co-Founder of the Trinitarians; Founded convent in his seventies

St. Ferdinand III

May 30


King of Castile, Spain; Fought against heresy, devotion to Mary

St. Finian of Clonard

December 12


Teacher; Built schools, churches, monasteries

St. Frances of Rome

March 9


Widow & Foundress of the Collatines; Humility, obedience, prophecy, conversation with her guardian angel

St. Frances Xavier Cabrini

November 13


Virgin; Founded orphanages, hospitals, schools, charitable organizations. First American citizen to be canonized.

St. Francis Borgia

October 10


Duke; Founded monasteries and charitable institutions, "second founder of the Jesuits"

St. Francis de Sales

January 24


Bishop & Doctor of the Church; Wisdom, founded schools, writings

St. Francis Jerome (Francis de Geronimo)

May 11



St. Francis Mary Croese

September 20


Lay brother; Miracles

St. Francis of Paola

April 2


Confessor; Penance, charity, humility, miracles, founder of religious order

St. Francis Solano

July 13


Confessor; Extraordinary humility and austerities, prayer, zeal, charity, sanctity, miracles

St. Francis Xavier Bianchi

January 31


Miracles, prophecy

St. Froilan

October 3


Bishop & Hermit; Founded monasteries

St. Fulbert

April 10


Bishop; Rebuilt cathedral, fought simony, directed cathedral school

St. Fulgentius

January 1


Bishop & Confessor; Virtues, mortifications

Top | Senior Saints

G - H


Feast Day**

May have lived to age... (approx.)

Attributes may include...

St. Galdinus

April 18


Cardinal; Rebuilt Milan

St. Gall

July 1


Bishop & Monk

St. Gall

October 16


Missionary, scholar

St. Gaspar Bertoni

June 12


Founded religious congregation, assisted the sick

St. Gatian

December 18

"old age"

Bishop & Confessor; Preaching, credited with nearly fifty years of zealous labor even amidst frequent sufferings and dangers

St. Gaucherius (Gaucher)

April 9


Hermit; Founded monastery

St. Genevieve

January 3



Virgin: Prayer, mortification

St. George Limniotes

August 24


Hermit & Martyr

St. Gerald

October 13


Count; Piety, assistance to the poor

St. Gerard

October 3

"old age"

Abbot; Fervor, restored discipline in religious houses

St. Gerard of Toul

April 23


Bishop; Piety, preaching

St. Germanus of Auxerre

July 31


Bishop; Poverty, austerities, fought against Pelagianism, founded schools

St. Germanus of Paris

May 28


Bishop; Great charity to the poor, labor for the conversion of sinners, miracles, prophecy, zeal, penitential life that continued even into his old age

St. Germerius

May 16


Founded churches and a monastery, assisted the poor

St. Gilbert of Sempringham

February 4


Founder of religious order; Suffered from blindness in later years

St. Gildas

January 29


Bishop & Hermit; Writing, wisdom

St. Godehard

May 4


Bishop & Abbot; Reform of monasteries, built churches and schools, assisted the sick & poor

St. Godrick

May 21


Hermit; Austerities, patience, humility, authored poetry

St. Gregory I the Great

September 3


Pope; Founded monasteries, restored discipline, charitable work, ransomed captives, protected papal primacy, preaching, writings

St. Gregory VII

May 25


Pope; Reforms, excommunicated King Henry

St. Gregory Barbarigo

June 17


Cardinal; Charities, learning, worked to end schism of the Greeks

St. Gregory Nazianzus the Elder

January 1


Bishop & Confessor; All his children became saints

St. Gregory Nazianzus the Younger

May 9


Doctor of the Church, Father of the Church, Theologian; Defender of the faith, sacred learning, eloquence

St. Gregory of Langres

January 4

"old age"

Widower & Bishop; Conversion, pastoral labors, assiduous prayer, mortification, holiness

St. Gregory of Nyssa

March 9


Bishop & Father of the Church; Theologian, writings

St. Gregory of Tours

November 17


Bishop; Historian, writings

St. Gregory of Utrecht

August 25


Abbot; Forgiveness

St. Gudwal (Gurval)

June 6

"old age"

Bishop & Confessor; Sanctity

St. Guibert

May 23


Hermit; Founded a monastery, missionary work

St. Guntramnus (Contran)

March 28


King and Confessor; Repentance, piety, generosity, protector of the oppressed, miracles

St. Gybrian

May 8

"old age"

Priest; Long penitential & contemplative life, credited with assembling a community of fervent servants of God

St. Hedwig

October 16


Duchess & Widow

St. Hegesippus

April 7

"old age"

Father of the Church; Church Historian 

St. Helen (Helena)

August 18


Empress; Mother of Constantine, perfect conversion (in her old age), found the Holy Cross (in her old age), charity to the poor, adornment of churches, humility, devotion, piety

St. Heliodorus

July 3


Bishop; Disciple of St. Jerome

St. Henry II

July 15


Emperor; Prudence, clemency, humility, prayer, protection of Christendom

St. Herman Joseph

April 7



St. Hilarion

October 21


Abbot; Austerities (which were redoubled in his old age) 

St. Hilary of Galatea

May 15


Abbot; Founded a Monastery

St. Hilda (Hild)

November 17


Abbess; Charity, prudence, meekness, virtues, peace

St. Hildegardis

September 17


Virgin & Abbess; Devotion, mortification, patience, heavenly visions

St. Hippolytus

August 22

"old age"

Martyr; First antipope (he publicly repented and he was reconciled to the Church before his martyrdom)

St. Honoratus

January 16


Bishop; Founded abbey

St. Honoratus of Vercelli

October 28



St. Hugh 

April 1


Bishop & Confessor; Love of heavenly things; penitential works, preaching

St. Hugh of Lincoln

November 17


Bishop & Confessor; Goodness, learning

St. Hugh the Great

April 29


Abbot & Papal Legate; Founded hospital

St. Humility

May 22


Abbess & Recluse; Austerity, founded convents

St. Hyacinth

August 17 


Confessor; Preaching, called "The apostle of the north"

St. Hyacintha Mariscotti

January 30


Austerities, penances, founded congregations, charity. Was converted by illness.

St. Hypatius

June 17


Hermit; Miracles, prophecies

Top | Senior Saints

I - J


Feast Day**

May have lived to age... (approx.)

Attributes may include...

St. Ignatius Delgado

July 12


Bishop & Martyr

St. Ignatius of Constantinople

October 23


Patriarch & Confessor; Pastoral zeal

St. Ignatius of Loyola

July 31


Confessor; Conversion, mortification, labors, wisdom, founder of the Jesuits, Spiritual Exercises

St. Ildephonsus

January 23


Bishop & Abbot

St. Innocent V

June 22


Pope; Preaching, theologian, assisted in the temporary ending of the Greek schism, mediation

St. Irenaeus of Lyons

June 28


Bishop & Theologian; Written works, opposed heresy

St. Isaac of Constantinople

May 30


Hermit; Founded a monastery

St. Isadore of Scete

January 15

"old age"

Hermit, Priest; Meekness, continence, prayer and recollection

St. Isidore of Seville

April 4


Bishop & Doctor of the Church; Learning, founded seminaries and schools, conversion, writings

St. Isidore the Farmer

May 15


Patron of Madrid; Sanctity, patience, assiduous labor

St. Ivo of Chartres

May 23


Bishop, teacher

St. James of La Marca of Ancona

November 28



Confessor; Austerities, zeal for the salvation of souls, long service (he spent 70 years of his life in a religious state)

St. Jane de Lestonnac

February 2


Widow; Founder of religious institute

St. Jane Delanoue

August 16


Service to the poor, founder of religious houses

St. Jane Frances de Chantal

August 18


Widow & Abbess; Foundress of a religious order and many convents

St. Jerome

September 30


Priest & Doctor of the Church; Biblical scholar, learning, translation of Holy Scripture, writings, defense of the Faith

St. Jerome Emiliani

February 8


Founder of hospitals, orphanages, and a religious order

St. Jerome of Werden

July 9


Martyr, missionary

St. Joachim

July 26

"old age"

Father of the Blessed Virgin Mary. According to tradition, Mary was born to her aged parents in answer to years of prayer.

St. Joan Antide Thouret

August 25


Founded a school, helped the poor & sick, protected priests from persecution, founded convents

St. Joannicius

November 4

92 (81-116)


St. John

December 27

"old age"

Apostle & Evangelist; The beloved disciple of Christ. Was given the care of Jesus' mother Mary. Only Apostle to survive martyrdom.

St. John Baptist de la Salle

April 7


Educator, founder of religious institute

St. John Baptist de Rossi

May 23


Missionary, helper to the needy, miracles

St. John Baptist Vianney (Cure of Ars)

August 4


Pastoral zeal

St. John Bosco

January 31


Founder of the Salesians, care of boys

St. John Capistrano

October 23



Confessor; Defense of Christendom, sanctity, many miracles

St. John Chrysostom

September 13


Doctor of the Church, theologian, preaching

St. John Climacus

March 30


Abbot; Writings, virtues

St. John Damascene

December 4


Doctor of the Church, Father of the Church; Writings

St. John de Brebeuf

October 19


Martyr; Missionary activity to the Indians, holiness, courage

St. John de Massias

September 18


Monk; Austerities, miracles, care for the poor

St. John de Ribera

January 6


Bishop; Served for more than forty years

St. John Eudes

August 19


Sacred Heart devotion, founding of seminaries

St. John Gualbert

July 12


Abbot; Forgiveness, founded a monastery, virtues, compassion, humility, charity, prophecies, cures, austerities

St. John Joseph Calosirto of the Cross

March 5


Confessor; Holiness austerities, miracles, supernatural gifts

St. John Kanty (Cantius)

December 23


Confessor; Charity towards the poor, poverty, austerities, professor of Sacred Scripture

St. John Leonardi

October 9


Care of sick and prisoners

St. John of Alvernia

August 13


Hermit; Mystical experiences, preaching, supernatural gifts

St. John of Avila

May 10


Missionary work, preaching, condemnation of evil, assistance to the poor. Was spiritual adviser to St. Teresa of Avila and other saints.

St. John of Egypt

March 27


Hermit; Humility, obedience, preaching, prophecy, miracles

St. John of God

March 8


Confessor; Fervent conversion, penance, desire for humiliation, care of the poor

St. John of Matha

February 8


Founder of the Trinitarians, ransomed Christian slaves

St. John of Reomay

January 28

100 [120]

Abbot; Helped institute monastic state in France, miracles

St. John of Salerno

August 9


Preaching, founded a friary, supernatural gifts

St. John the Almoner

January 23


Widower & Patriarch of Alexandria; Almsdeeds, piety, humility, propriety in church

St. John the Silent

May 13


Bishop & Confessor; Austerity, love of silence, spiritual direction, sublime contemplation

St. Joseph 


"old age"

Foster Father of our Lord Jesus Christ, Spouse of the Blessed Virgin Mary

St. Joseph Benedict Cottolengo

April 30


Care of the sick and poor, founder of charitable institutions

St. Joseph Calasanctius

August 25


Confessor; Founder of the Poor Regular Clergy of the Pious Schools of the Mother of God, virtuous since youth, charity, prayer

St. Joseph of Cupertino

September 18


Confessor; Humility, austerities, many miracles

St. Joseph of Leonessa

February 4


Confessor; Zealous apostolic labors; heroic suffering from cancer at the end of his life

St. Joseph of Palestine

(Count Joseph)

July 22


Conversion, zeal, built churches

St. Joseph Oriol

March 23


Miracles, prophecies

St. Joseph Pignatelli

November 11


Confessor; Holiness, "restorer of the Jesuits"

St. Juan Diego

December 9


Humble visionary of Our Lady of Guadalupe

St. Julia Billiart

April 8


Assisted persecuted priests, teaching, established convents

St. Juliana Falconieri

June 19


Virgin; Mortification, charity

St. Justin Martyr

June 1


Martyr; Missionary work, apologetics, opened school, writings

Top | Senior Saints

K - L


Feast Day**

May have lived to age... (approx.)

Attributes may include...

St. Katharine Mary Drexel

March 3


Assisted the Indians and African-Americans, founded a religious order

St. Keivin (Coemgen)

June 3


Bishop & Confessor; Founded a monastery

St. Kennocha of Scotland

March 13

"old age"

Virgin; Humility, meekness, modesty, devotion

St. Lambert of Maestricht

September 17


Bishop; Pastoral work, evangelization of pagans

St. Lambert Peloquin

May 26


Bishop; Miracles, learning

St. Landelinus

June 15


Hermit & Abbot; Conversion, holiness, founded a monastery and abbey

St. Laurence Justinian

September 5


Confessor & Patriarch of Venice; Virtues, great poverty, courage

St. Lawrence of Brindisi

July 21


Doctor of the Church; Holiness, military victory

St. Lawrence O'Tool

November 14


Bishop, monk, papal legate

St. Leander

February 27


Monk; Opposed Arianism

St. Leo 

February 18

"old age"

Martyr; Courage

St. Leo IX

April 19


Pope; Reforms, miracles, condemned simony, promoted clerical celibacy

St. Leonard of Port Maurice

November 27


Preaching, writings, successful missionary labors, mortifications, conversions, promoted devotions, erected many Stations of the Cross

St. Leopold

November 15


Founded monasteries, piety, charity

St. Lewis (Louis IX)

August 25


King of France; Zeal for the glory of God, service to the poor 

St. Lewis Bertrand

October 9


Confessor; Humility, prayer, fruitful preaching

St. Licinius

February 13


Confessor & Bishop; Valor, piety, penance

St. Lioba

September 28

"old age"

Abbess; "Model of Christian perfection"

St. Liphardus

June 3


Hermit & Abbot; Founded monastery

St. Louise de Marillac

March 15


Founder of orphanages and hospitals

St. Lucy Filippini

March 26


Founded schools, assistance to women

St. Ludmilla (Ludmilla, Lidmilla)

September 16


Duchess & Martyr; Convert, widowed

St. Luke the Evangelist

October 18


Evangelist (wrote third Gospel and the Acts of the Apostles)

St. Lupus (Leu)

July 29


Bishop & Confessor; Pastoral zeal, prayer

St. Lutgardis

June 16


Mystic; miracles, wisdom

Top | Senior Saints

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