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Vatican II and its Fruits (Cont.)

Latin Mass / Catholic Tradition | Changes Since Vatican II

Empty Church

Vatican II and its Fruits (2)

Primary Sources Include: Davies, Amerio

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Desirable Direction

Direction After Vatican II*

Number of Religious Brothers 

Desire Increased

Greatly decreased since Vatican II.

Note: Before the Second Vatican Council, the number of religious brothers had seen a continual increase. Since the council, there has been a continual decrease. By 2002, there was a nearly 70% decrease in the ratio of brothers to Catholics (as compared to 1965). (Source: Jones)

Number of Religious Sisters 

Desire Increased

Greatly decreased since Vatican II.

Note: Before the Second Vatican Council, the number of religious sisters had seen a continual increase. Since the council, there has been a continual decrease. By 2002, there was a greater than 70% decrease in the ratio of sisters to Catholics (as compared to 1965). Of the remaining sisters, as many as 50% may be 70 years old or older. (Source: Jones)

Number of Seminarians

Desire Increased

Greatly decreased since Vatican II.

Note: "Previously full seminaries have been closed." As Davies mentions, "The official 1998 Catholic Directory for the U.S. reveals that the number of seminarians is now only 1,700, a decline of almost 97% from the 1965 figure of 48,992." 


Desire Increased

Greatly decreased since Vatican II.

Note: Not only might there be little obedience in the Church today, but those who are disobedient are generally not punished ("unless they are traditional Catholics or very flagrant liberals"). It has even been seen that liberals who are disobedient can be rewarded.

Obscuring of Truth

Desire Never

Greatly increased since Vatican II.

Note: There is so much obscuration of truth that many Catholics today have no idea what is true and what is not. Even an imprimatur may have little value.

Orthodoxy of Clergy

Desire High

Greatly reduced since Vatican II.

Note: It is not uncommon for the laity to encounter unorthodox priests. If they complain, their concerns are often disregarded.

Orthodoxy of the Faithful

Desire High

Greatly reduced since Vatican II.

Note: Many Catholics today are so unorthodox as to be thought to be Catholic 'only in name'. 

Papal Authority

Desire Strengthened

Greatly weakened since Vatican II.

Note: Papal authority has been weakened greatly by the adoption of collegiality. Recent years have also seen an apparent reluctance of popes to exercise their supreme authority. Many Catholics today act in open defiance of the pope, not excluding bishops and priests.

Papal Control Over Prelates

Desire High

Greatly harmed since Vatican II.

Note: It appears as though the pope has lost control over prelates in many areas. 

"Cardinal Seper admitted quite frankly that the American Bishops were defying Rome. I asked him why the Holy See was taking no action to discipline them, and he gave me the depressing reply that the Holy See no longer exercised effective control over the American hierarchy." (Davies)

"At the November 1978 meeting of the National Conference of Catholic Bishops of the U.S.A. (NCCB), a message was sent to the Holy See: Romanus Episcopus non habet iurisdictionem in hac republica - 'the Bishop of Rome hath not any jurisdiction in this republic.' The American Bishops did not express themselves quite so bluntly, but the message which they sent to the Pope was perfectly clear. The Bishops of the United States would only comply with papal legislation which met with their approval. If they did not approve of what the Pope commanded they would legislate for themselves." (Davies)

"In his editorial in the January 1983 issue of the Homiletic and Pastoral Review, its courageous and respected editor, Father Kenneth Baker, S.J., noted that Catholics in the United States are witnessing the rejection of the hierarchical Church founded by Jesus Christ, to be replaced by a Protestant American Church separate from Rome. The decision of the American Bishops at the 1978 November meeting to defy Rome in the matter of Communion under both kinds is just one of many instances which could be cited to prove the truth of Father Baker's allegation. It is a particularly appropriate example as the practice has, since the sixteenth century, been considered in the West as specifically Protestant. The imposition of Communion under both kinds was the first step taken by Thomas Cranmer in his campaign to destroy the faith of English Catholics by means of liturgical innovation." (Davies)

Priestless Parishes

Desire Never

Greatly increased since Vatican II.

Note: It is estimated that about 25% of all parishes will have no priest by 2020. (Source: Jones)

Priestly Dignity

Desire Increased

Greatly decreased since Vatican II.

Note: Many priests have lost the concept of gravity of conduct.

"What sad effects would not arise if that gravity of conduct which belongs to the priest, should be in any way lessened; if he should yield with lightness to the charm of every novelty; if he should deport himself with pretentious indocility towards his superiors; if he should lose that weight and measure in discussion which is so necessary, particularly in matters of faith and morals." (Pope Leo XIII, "Fin Dal Principio", 1902 A.D.)

"Let them, however, have it always present to their minds that the priest even in the midst of his people must preserve intact his august character as a minister of God, being as he is placed at the head of his brethren. Any manner whatever, in which he employs himself among the people, to the loss of the sacerdotal dignity, or with danger to the ecclesiastical duties and discipline, can only be warmly reproved." (Pope Leo XIII, "Fin Dal Principio", 1902 A.D.)

Priests' Abandonment of Ministry

Desire Never

Greatly increased since Vatican II.

Note: In the wake of the Second Vatican Council, thousands of priests left the priesthood.

Protection of Truth

Desire Strengthened

Greatly weakened since Vatican II.

Note: With the "lowering of the bastions" after the Second Vatican Council, many safeguards of truth have been lost. Reasons include: the imposition of the New Mass with reduced safeguards (click here), the withholding of the anathema, the toleration of error (e.g. ecumenism), etc. "This 'lowering of the bastions' occurred precisely at a time when the bastions should have been raised! The situation might be compared with that of a nation which is experiencing threats from all around - at such a critical time, would not a smart nation control its borders and strengthen its military? What would one think if such a nation threw open its borders and reduced their military? Would they not be asking for trouble?" ()

Religious Indifferentism

Desire Eliminated

Greatly increased since Vatican II.

Note: In contradiction to the Church's continual teaching, many Catholics today are so religiously indifferent as to believe that all 'basically good' persons will go to heaven, regardless of what religion they adhere to. Note: Click here for more on this topic.

Religious Life

Desire Growth

Greatly declined since Vatican II.

"All religious communities, great and small, male and female, contemplative, active or mixed, if not strictly decimated, have been reduced to a fraction of their former selves in the course of twenty five years." (Amerio)

Respect for the Holy Eucharist

Desire Increased

Greatly decreased since Vatican II.

Note: Sadly, in many areas of the Church today, there is very little respect for the Holy Eucharist. This dreadful state of affairs is further fostered by certain practices which are now tolerated / promoted in Mass (e.g. Communion in the Hand, use of 'lay ministers', sign of peace, etc.).

Respect for the Priesthood

Desire Increased

Greatly declined since Vatican II

Note:  Many of the faithful have lost the sense of the ministerial priesthood and have come to believe there is little difference between themselves and the priest. They increasingly encroach on his responsibilities, even to the possible loss of eternal souls (click here for an example). They have even called for the priesthood to be brought down more - they might advocate the elimination of celibacy, women priests, priestless 'liturgies', etc. Most of the faithful have taken to calling the priest by his first name (e.g. "Fr. Bob") instead of the more respectful form (e.g. Fr. Smith). Biblical instructions such as "With all your soul, fear God, revere his priests" (Sirach 7:29) and "...treat him as sacred, because I, the LORD, who have consecrated him, am sacred" (Lev. 21:8) may seem foreign to many Catholics nowadays.

"We are witnessing not simply a diminution in respect for the Blessed Sacrament, where such respect exists at all, but a diminution in respect for, and awareness of, the sacred character of the priesthood, where such respect and such awareness exist at all. Very few young Catholics today think of their priest primarily as another Christ, an alter Christus, a man who differs not simply in degree but in essence from the rest of the faithful, a man whose primary function is to enter the sanctuary and perform sacred rites which he alone can undertake." ()

Respect Shown for Sacred Things

Desire Increased

Greatly decreased since Vatican II.

Note: Many Catholics today may show very little respect for sacred things - they may enter the sanctuary, they may allow the Holy Eucharist to be placed in their hand (click here), they may fail to offer signs of respect to the priest, they may fail to kneel, etc.

Reverence of Laity in Church

Desire Increased

Widespread decrease since Vatican II.

Note: Many Catholics today not only fail to show reverence in church, but they may instead talk, walk around, socialize, greet others, etc., and make it almost impossible for others to pray. 

Reverence to the Blessed Sacrament

Desire Increased

Greatly decreased since Vatican II.

Note: It is heartbreaking to see that many Catholics today may show very little reverence to the Blessed Sacrament. Even priests may not show great reverence to the Blessed Sacrament. 

"No objective observer should deny that here has been a widespread decline in reverence toward the Blessed Sacrament since the Second Vatican Council." (Davies) 

Sacredness & Nobility of Mass

Desire Increased

Greatly decreased since Vatican II.

Note: With the introduction of the Novus Ordo Mass, the concepts of sacredness and nobility, seem almost to be "thrown out the door".

"Three characteristics of which Our predecessor [Pope St.] Pius X spoke should adorn all liturgical services: sacredness, which abhors any profane influence; nobility, which true and genuine arts should serve and foster; and universality, which, while safeguarding local and legitimate custom, reveals the Catholic unity of the Church." (Pope Pius XII, "Mediator Dei", 1947 A.D.)

Safety of a Catholic Higher Education

Desire Widespread

Greatly harmed since Vatican II.

Note: One can no longer be certain that 'Catholic Higher Education' is actually Catholic. As Archbishop Fulton Sheen has said, "I tell my relatives to send their teenagers to secular colleges where they will have to fight for their faith rather than to Catholic colleges where it will be stolen from them." 

Keep this information handy!

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Scandals in the Church

Desire Never

Greatly increased since Vatican II.

Note: In addition to being plagued with sexual abuse scandals, the Church has also suffered various other scandals (e.g. interfaith events, certain actions and statements of high ranking prelates, etc.)

Secularization of Religious Life

Desire Never

Greatly increased since Vatican II.

Note: Not only might those in religious life adopt the dress of secular persons, they may also adopt the activities and attitudes of the secular world. 

Sense of the Sacred

Desire Increased

Greatly decreased since Vatican II.

Note: There has been an 'almost total loss' of the sense of the sacred since the Second Vatican Council. A perfect example of this is the widespread practice of Communion in the hand by standing lay persons, who generally fail to check their hands afterwards for Sacred Particles, leaving them to fall to the floor or be wiped on kneelers, clothing, etc. (click here for more information on Communion in the hand).

Serious Eucharistic Abuses

Desire Never

Greatly increased since Vatican II.

Note: It is well known that there have been numerous and serious Eucharistic abuses since the Second Vatican Council, even requiring papal intervention. In some cases, the Mass has been invalid (no consecration occurred - e.g. due to invalid form, matter, intention). In other cases, the Blessed Sacrament has been validly consecrated, but then given over to non-Catholics and other unbelievers. It has also been treated with great irreverence, and even sacrilegiously. 


Desire Increased

Greatly decreased since Vatican II.

Note: "The Church has lost the sense of stability. Prior to Vatican II, there was great stability. Those who sought change were the ones who were looked at suspiciously. Now, the psychology has been shifted to accept change. It now almost seems as if nothing is free from change."

Subversion of Legitimate Papal Authority

Desire Never

Greatly increased since Vatican II.

Note: Even bishops have publicly & directly subverted legitimate papal authority.

Toleration of Abortion Among Catholics 

Desire Eliminated

Greatly increased since Vatican II.

Note: Despite the fact that abortion is a grave sin - and that that takes the life of an unbaptized child - many Catholics fail to accept that an intentional abortion is always a grave sin. In fact, one study showed that more than half of Catholics (falsely) thought one could have an abortion and "remain in good standing in the Church".

"The woman who destroys voluntarily a fetus incurs the pain of murder." (St. Basil the Great, Doctor of the Church)

"Can. 1398 A person who procures a completed abortion incurs a latae sententiae excommunication." (1983 Code of Canon Law)

"Among all the crimes which can be committed against life, procured abortion has characteristics making it particularly serious and deplorable." (Pope John Paul II)

"... infant children have no other means of salvation except baptism." (Catechism of the Council of Trent)

"The souls of those who die in mortal sin, or with original sin only, however, immediately descend to hell, yet to be punished with different punishments." (Council of Lyons II, Denzinger #464) [Note: Infants who die in the state of Original Sin only (that is, unbaptized infants), are traditionally believed to descend to the "upper regions of hell" where - although not suffering physical torments and are in a state of 'natural happiness' - are pained by being deprived by the loss of the Beatific Vision. Never has the Church recognized another means of salvation for such infants besides Baptism.]

"It (the Roman Church) teaches...that the souls...of those who die in mortal sin, or with only original sin descend immediately into hell; however, to be punished with different penalties and in different places." (Pope John XXII, Denzinger #493a).

"...the souls of those who depart [die] in actual mortal sin or in original sin only, descend immediately into hell but to undergo punishments of different kinds." (Council of Florence, Denzinger #693)

"'If anyone denies that infants newly born from their mothers' wombs are to be baptized,' even though they be born of baptized parents, 'or says they are baptized indeed for the remission of sins, but that they derive nothing of original sin from Adam, which must be expiated by the laver of regeneration' for the attainment of life everlasting, whence it follows, that in them the form of baptism for the remission of sins is understood to be not true, but false: let him be anathema. For what the Apostle has said: 'By one man sin entered into the world, and by sin death, and so death passed upon all men, in whom all have sinned' (Rom. 5:12), is not to be understood otherwise than as the Catholic Church spread everywhere has always understood it. For by reason of this rule of faith from a tradition of the apostles even infants, who could not as yet commit any sins of themselves, are for this reason truly baptized for the remission of sins, so that in them there may be washed away by regeneration, what they have contracted by generation, (see n. 102). 'For unless a man be born again of water and the Holy Ghost, he cannot enter into the kingdom of God' (Jn. 3:5)." (Council of Trent, Denzinger #791)

Unity in Language

Desire Increased

Greatly decreased since Vatican II.

Note: Despite the Second Vatican Council's desire to retain Latin: 

"The use of the Latin language, with due respect to particular law, is to be preserved in the Latin rites." (Second Vatican Council)

Latin has been almost completely abandoned, with a great many consequences. As Pope John XXIII, the pope who called the Second Vatican Council, has said:

"It will be quite clear from these considerations why the Roman Pontiffs have so often extolled the excellence and importance of Latin, and why they have prescribed its study and use by the secular and regular clergy, forecasting the dangers that would result from its neglect." (Pope John XXIII, "Veterum Sapientia", 1962 A.D.)

As predicted, the dangers that have resulted from its neglect have been great. Note: Click here for more information on the reasons for using Latin.

Unity in Teaching

Desire Increased

Greatly decreased since Vatican II.

Note: Previously, all Catholics were taught fixed truths. In the wake of Vatican II, Catholics may be taught all sorts of things from the orthodox to the heretical. Complaints often (usually?) have little to no effect.

Unity of Worship

Desire Increased

Greatly decreased since Vatican II.

Note: With the Novus Ordo Mass, unity of worship was discarded. In some parishes it seems that "anything goes". There have been inculturated liturgies, children's liturgies, clown Masses, polka Masses. Masses are said in a multitude of languages. Abuses and novelties abound. Some incorporate pagan rituals, Protestant music, etc. Suddenly, however, when it comes to reverence toward the Blessed Eucharist, some prelates harass the faithful in order to curtail acts / postures of piety, claiming that they want "unity" in worship.

Unorthodox Catechesis

Desire Never

Greatly increased since Vatican II.

Note: Many parishes offer unorthodox catechesis to their unsuspecting students. It is well known that many parents have had to remove their children from poisonous religious education programs.

Use of Contraception Among Catholics 

Desire Eliminated

Greatly increased since Vatican II.

Note: Despite the fact that this is a grave sin, many Catholics today use contraception. Of those who contracept and go to Mass, many (most?) receive Holy Communion.

Violation of the Legitimate Directives of Rome

Desire Eliminated

Greatly increased since Vatican II.

Note: Not only do lay persons violate the legitimate directives of Rome, but it is well known that many bishops also violate these directives.

* Items may not be willed by or directly caused by the Second Vatican Council (and may even be in contradiction to its decrees). Items may vary and information above may not be representative. All applicable items subject to change. We make no guarantee regarding any item herein.

Furthermore, the Church has been inflicted with various other troubles:

* "A mass apostasy" in various parts of the Church

* Widespread ignorance of the basic tenets the faith 

* Lack of realization of one's sinfulness and dependence on God

* A turning away from God and a turning towards man

* Increased thirst for novelty / forgetfulness that God is unchanging

* A new 'spirit of independence'

* Increased democratization in the Church 

* The rewarding (rather than correcting) of wayward prelates

* An "attempt to reduce the Sacramental priesthood into the universal priesthood and bring all to the same level"

* A seemingly unclear mission of the Church (a document even had to be issued recently that affirms that Jesus actually is necessary for salvation! Such things were never unclear in the past!)

* Profane elements entering into the church (secular music / art, constant talking, frequent distractions, etc.)

* Dramatic loss of reverence / respect by both priests and faithful

* Unheard of "necessity of circumspection" regarding documents issued even by high levels of the Church - "In our day, and it is one of the most obvious signs of the extraordinarily abnormal character of the current state of the Church, it is very often the case that the acts of the Holy See demand of us prudence and discernment." (Fr. Joseph de Sainte Marie, professor of theology)

* Increase of militant feminism in the Church - "No longer remote from the profane world but increasingly alienated from the 'folk Catholics' in the pews, liberated nuns have refused to make a formal break from the Church, for two reasons. First, they might not be able to continue their new 'ministries' without the support of bishops and the faithful. Second, while they have ceased to believe the articles of the Creed, they have not lost their apostolic spirit. They see themselves as 'change agents', engaged in a 'long march through the institutions' that will transform the Church to conform to their new vision." (Steichen)

* "Demotion" of the Eucharist (in many cases the Tabernacle is no longer even inside the church)

* Widespread abuse leading to Vatican surrenders - "Liberal clergy did not subscribe to this concept of unquestioning obedience. They soon discovered that they could do what they liked and the Vatican would surrender to a fait accompli." (Davies)

* Unprecedented crisis in religious orders

* Demotion of the priesthood in the eyes of the faithful

* Confusion of roles between priest & laity

* Abdication of bishops' authority to commissions

* Schisms leading thousands (or more) from the only true Church

* Frequent abuse of Sacraments

* Less Penance, yet more receive Holy Communion

* The sense of sin has been relativized

* Secularization and corruption of Catholic education

* Infiltration of the Church by progressives - "But the greatest source of secularist infiltration of the Church today is to be found in those progressives who have actually lost their faith and instead of leaving the Church have decided to 'reform' it. They are in love with the spirit of the world; they care more for the alleged progress of civilization than for the eternal welfare of individual persons, or the glorification of God. Here, the process of secularization reaches its climax. This is no longer a mistaken apologetic which leads people to accept the false norms of the world. It is more than a vulnerability to criticism based on a false scale of values. It is a total adherence to these false, worldly norms. It regards the Church as a mere human institution (which does not have an infallible magisterium), subject to an historical evolution in which one 'truth' can be replaced by another. This position declares that the Church does not possess absolute truth, but only strives to reach it gradually. Under the guise of propagating a Christianity that suits modern man, this 'reform' is an utter betrayal of Christ. Maritain has rightly said that the present crisis in the Church is the worst in history because today the heretics remain in the Church. But although this strange fact is especially disturbing, it should not discourage us: we must never forget that Judas Iscariot was not an outsider." (Von Hildebrand) 

* Distortion of Scripture / questioning the inspiration of Holy Scripture

* Inability to be certain even of books which contain an imprimatur - "The Imprimatur used to be a great guarantee, and especially the Index. But today we have to develop in ourselves a special awareness, a holy mistrust, for we not only live in a poisoned world, but in a devastated Church. In our present trial God requires of us this watchfulness, this holy fear of being infected. It would be a lack of humility to think that we were in no danger of being infected. It would be a false security rooted in pride if we were to think that we were immune. Each of us must become aware of this frailty, and understand that this special watchfulness is required of us by God in the trial which we are going through." (Von Hildebrand)

* Frequent demotion of the Church to a social service organization - "The true mission of the Church is not to improve the face of the world but to glorify God by the sanctification of men, and to secure their salvation. To shift the emphasis from eternity to the future, to devote all our energies to a happier earthly future for mankind, for progress toward a better world, to mobilize men for this ideal - to neglect the glorification of God, the sanctification of the individual, and his eternal blessedness - would not only deprive the Church of her raison d'etre (reason for being), but would condemn mankind to 'sit in the shadow of death.'" (Von Hildebrand)

* Catholics have lost sight that they are supposed to accept the Church as she is - as God made her, and instead seek to change things they don't like

* Evil books abound - and may even be distributed in parishes!

* Sense of being "open minded" to error - "It must be said once and for all: it is self-contradictory to be open-minded to error. It is like praising a susceptibility for disease as a particular sign of health. No, only the truth makes us free and lets us participate in real universality. It is a special sign of this freedom and universality, and of open-mindedness, to be immune to error, especially to philosophical and metaphysical error, and pre-eminently to heresy, to any teaching incompatible with the divine Revelation of Christ." (Von Hildebrand)

* "Lack of manliness" - Cardinal Newman sates: "Now I fear we lack altogether...firmness, manliness, godly severity. We are over-tender in dealing with sin and sinners. We are deficient in the jealous custody of the revealed Truths which Christ has left us. We allow men to speak against the Church, its ordinances, or its teaching, without remonstrating with them. We do not separate from heretics, nay, we object to the word as if uncharitable..." As an example of this lack of manliness, compare the following quotation of Pope Gregory XVI with the current, often emasculated, clergy:

"[T]he bitterness of the times in which Catholicism now finds itself oppresses Us with many sorrows. We mourn the pure spouse of the immaculate lamb, Jesus Christ, for it is pillaged by the attack of internal and external enemies and by the evils which oppress it and reduce it to this disgraceful captivity. We deplore with unending tears what is done by children shamefully straying from the bosom of a loving mother and uttering lies about her. May We not fail in spirit! May We not stifle Our apostolic voice in so serious a Catholic necessity! May We not allow the Lord's flock to be plundered and the [faithful] of Christ to be devoured by all the beasts of the field, while We put aside the strength, judgment, and virtue of the spirit of the Lord like dumb dogs unable to bark. Know therefore, venerable brothers, that We are prepared to endure anything which threatens Us. We shall not retreat until the Catholic Church is restored to the original freedom which totally belongs to its divine constitution and until the mouth of the slanderers is blocked up. We cannot do anything more than to arouse your constancy and virtue and to strongly exhort you to take up the cause of the Spirit of God and of the Church. You share in a part of the concern whose fullness is given to Us. It is your duty to protect the holy deposit of faith and sacred doctrine. It is your duty to drive every profane reform far away from the Church and to exert yourselves with your whole heart against those who try to infringe on the rights of this Holy See. Therefore, draw the sword of the spirit, which is the word of God. Preach as the apostle Paul impresses upon you in the person of Timothy his disciple. Stand firm in good times and in bad. Denounce, beseech, rebuke in all patience and teaching. Nothing should deter you from throwing yourselves into every [spiritual] conflict for the glory of God, for the protection of the Church, and for the salvation of the souls entrusted to your care. Meditate on Him who endured a similar opposition from sinners. If you fear the daring of the wicked, remember that the decision is made concerning the strength of the episcopacy and the divine power of governing the Church. So it only remains for you to remember the serious duties of your office and the difficult judgment which hangs over everyone in authority. The overseers of the house of Israel should especially meditate for a while at the feet of the Lord. We trust then that you will be aroused with zeal to help the Catholic religion and to protect it from the impious snares of its enemies" (Pope Gregory XVI, "Quo Graviora", 1833 A.D.)

* Adoption of the norms of the enemies - "Because these Catholics have adopted the norms of the enemies of the Church, because they see themselves through the eyes of those who hate the Church, they have a bad conscience. They therefore want to 'reform' the Church so that it will be acceptable by the standards of its enemies. They often consider this attitude a sign of open-mindedness, of unprejudiced objectivity. But this is a great self-delusion. In reality, they are interpreting their religious insecurity, the weakness of their faith in the divine revelation entrusted to the Church, and the attraction of worldly norms as a virtue, when it is only evidence of human frailty. This fear of the world, of public opinion, is the same attitude one could observe in National Socialist Germany. Many whom one would never have expected to yield to the Nazi ideology were gradually infected by it - even some theologians." (Von Hildebrand)

* Misleading information and error are spread from the pulpit - and there is corresponding inability by many lay Catholics to be certain that what a priest teaches from the pulpit is orthodox & truthful

* Theologians publicly question, cast doubt on, or openly deny Catholic doctrine

* Necessity of 'parish shopping' and 'priest shopping' to find one that is orthodox

* Less zeal for God and souls - "We see another symptom of this-worldliness in this decline of burning zeal for the glorification of God and the salvation of souls, and in the increase of zeal for the improvement of the world and for what is supposedly progress. This shift of emphasis which we find even with regard to zeal is united in a terrible trend to make the Christian Revelation harmless, bourgeois. This harmlessness... is, as Newman himself says, a perpetual danger. But today we find a twofold evil: harmlessness and loss of holy fear, as well as loss of burning zeal for supernatural things, have not only penetrated into the sanctuary of the Catholic Church - they even claim to be progress, to be a 'triumph of tolerance' to involve 'abandoning the ghetto', 'overcoming superstition', etc." (Von Hildebrand)

* Faithful Catholics who want to worship in the same way as past popes, saints, and their ancestors did are often ridiculed and are frequently denied their rights.

* Tradition-minded priests may be "browbeaten", harassed, "barely tolerated", and punished. They may be pressured to participate in practices which go against their consciences (e.g. Communion in the hand).

* Families are divided over doctrine and proper worship.

Click Here For More Information on Changes Since the Second Vatican Council

Click Here for More Information Regarding Changes to the Mass Since the Second Vatican Council

All in all, it is quite clear that much has been lost since the Second Vatican Council. It used to be that Catholics were united in belief and worship, they could go anywhere in the world and feel at home at Mass, prelates were orthodox, priests weren't afraid to talk about sin and hell and they didn't experiment with the liturgy, the Blessed Sacrament was treated with great reverence, our Blessed Mother was revered, Catholics obeyed the priests, bishops and the pope, teachers were orthodox, books with imprimaturs were 'safe', most Catholics knew and practiced their faith, lay persons didn't try to usurp priestly duties, dissenters were punished, the sense of sin was clear, people believed in the devil and knew that "the whole world is under the power of the evil one" (1 Jn. 5:19), priests were available, Mass - a solemn sacrifice - was focused on God and was not an occasion for socializing, self-affirmation, or entertainment, Masses were reverent, not manipulated, and kneeling & genuflection for our Lord was required, parishioners were well-dressed, modest, and had manners, all was orderly and respectful, fear of the Lord was fostered and pleasing God was paramount, Catholics rejected Protestant errors, heresy was anathematized, churches were beautiful, tabernacles were prominent. A Catholic Mass was uplifting and was distinctly different from Protestant services. The Church was not worldly. She was known to be divine and not subject to change to suit the "majority". Talk about the good 'ol days! 

Since the council, everything seems to be turned upside down - and "much of that is in the name of unity with those outside the Church". As a result, we have lost our own unity, our own traditions, and in some regards, our way. Masses have become "meals", priests may be unorthodox, Church publications contain errors (e.g. the translation errors in the Mass), people have lost their faith. We have wasted much time and countless funds fighting abuses that never should have happened. And, worst of all, potentially thousands of souls have been lost and God has been offended.

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"[T]hrough some crack, the smoke of Satan has penetrated the temple of God." (Pope Paul VI, 6/29/72)

"Is this the reform or the suicide of the Church?" (Fr. Kennedy)

"[T]he opening to the world has become a veritable invasion of the Church by worldly thinking. We have perhaps been too weak and imprudent." (Pope Paul VI)

"Change must be judged not so much for its own sake as for its content, its finality.. Is the new of today leading us to a really better Christianity?" (Pope Paul VI)

"If the Church were not Divine, the [Second Vatican] Council would have buried her." (Cardinal Siri)

"It was believed that after the council a sunny day in the Church's history would dawn, but instead there came a day of clouds, storms and darkness." (Pope Paul VI, 1972 A.D.)

"[The Second Vatican Council] was also followed by confusion, some decline, especially in the west, and pockets of collapse." (Cardinal Pell)

"Unless we are blind, we must even state bluntly that what we see looks less like the hoped-for regeneration of the Catholicism than its accelerated decomposition." (Fr. Louis Bouyer)

"The Church is in a disturbed period of self-criticism, or what would better be called self-demolition. It is an acute and complicated upheaval which nobody would have expected after the council. It is almost as if the Church were attacking herself." (Pope Paul VI, 1968 A.D.)

"The liturgical reform, welcomed with so much idealism and hope by many priests and lay people alike has turned out to be a liturgical destruction of startling proportions - a debacle worsening with each passing year. Instead of the hoped-for renewal of the Church and of Catholic life, we are now witnessing a dismantling of the traditional values and piety on which our faith rests." (Msgr. Gamber)  

"The results appear cruelly different from everyone's expectations, beginning with those of John XXIII and later of Paul VI. A new Catholic unity was expected; instead, there was a dissention that...went from self-criticism to self destruction... The balance, therefore, appears to be negative... It is undeniable that this period was decidedly unfavorable to the Catholic Church." (Cardinal Ratzinger, the future Pope Benedict XVI, 11/9/1984)

"The smoke of Satan has entered everywhere. Everywhere!" (Fr. Gabriele Amorth, chief exorcist in Rome) 

"The fruits of a tree must decide whether it be a good or a poor one (Lk. vi. 44). One should examine if there have been satisfactory results from abandoning the paths marked out by the Church, and so zealously kept to by our fathers in the faith." (Liturgical Year)

"We must admit realistically and with feelings of deep pain, that Christians today in large measure feel lost, confused, perplexed and even disappointed; ideas opposed to the truth which has been revealed and always taught are being scattered abroad in abundance; heresies, in the full and proper sense of the word, have been spread in the area of dogma and morals, creating doubts, confusions and rebellions; the liturgy has been tampered with; immersed in an intellectual and moral relativism and therefore in permissiveness, Christians are tempted by atheism, agnosticism, vaguely moral enlightenment and by a sociological Christianity devoid of defined dogmas or an objective morality." (Pope John Paul II, 1981 A.D.) 

"It must be lamented that, especially in the years following the post-conciliar liturgical reform, as a result of a misguided sense of creativity and adaptation there have been a number of abuses which have been a source of suffering for many. A certain reaction against 'formalism' has led some, especially in certain regions, to consider the 'forms' chosen by the Church's great liturgical tradition and her Magisterium as non-binding and to introduce unauthorized innovations which are often completely inappropriate." (Pope John Paul II, 2003 A.D.)

"With ever more ardent zeal and humility of heart, let us, our beloved sons and venerable brothers, never stop offering our prayers and petitions to God through Jesus Christ that His Church, driven by this most turbulent tempest, may recover from such great disasters, enjoy the most blessed peace and freedom throughout the world, and gain new and more splendid triumphs over her enemies. Let us pray that the errant be flooded with the light of His divine grace, may turn back from the path of error into the way of truth and justice and, experiencing the worthy fruit of repentance, may possess perpetual love and fear of His holy name." (Pope Pius IX, "Quanto Conficiamur Moerore", 1863 A.D.) 

"Turn your steps toward the utter ruins, toward the sanctuary devastated by the enemy. Your foes roared triumphantly in your shrine; they set up their own tokens of victory. They hacked away like foresters gathering boughs, swinging their axes in a thicket of trees. They smashed all your engraved work, pounded it with hammer and pick. They set your sanctuary on fire; the abode of your name they razed and profaned." (Ps. 74:3-7)

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