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'Traditionalist Testimonies'

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Latin Mass / Catholic Tradition Section

Traditional Latin ('Tridentine') Mass

'Traditionalist Testimonies'

How I Found the Traditional Mass, Why I Love the Traditional Mass, Praise of the Old Mass, The Old Mass vs. the New Mass, etc.

Important Notice: The following is provided for informational purposes only. We do not necessarily endorse or agree with any information / opinion / etc. herein. Items herein not verified. We make no guarantee regarding any item herein. We are not liable for any occurrence which may result from using this site. By using this site you agree to all terms. For more terms information, click here.

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'Traditionalist Testimonies'

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"[T]he Tridentine Mass is something which must be experienced, and only then will it become clear why, in an article written fifteen years after the introduction of the Novus Ordo Missae, the Tridentine Mass can be termed with perfect accuracy: 'the Mass that will not die.'" (Davies)

'Traditionalist Testimonies'

"I knew nothing but the Novus Ordo Mass all my life and then I found the Latin 'Tridentine' Mass. At first I didn't fully "get it", but once I did, I can see clearly how people would give up their lives for this Latin Mass. It is truly beyond words." (F.N.)

"I am relatively new to the Traditional Latin Mass. Now I know why some people who have gone to it for the first time leave in tears - tears of joy for having found it, and tears of sadness for what has been taken from them, their birthright." (S.D.)

"Just beautiful. Absolutely beautiful. God willing, I will never attend any other Mass." (M.L.)

"At first it was a little difficult since I didn't get everything (like when to kneel or stand). Thank God I didn't give up though. It is probably the biggest blessing in my entire life." (T.H.)

"For the first 30ish years of my life, I attended the New Mass. I have to admit that I attended mostly out of a sense of duty, not wanting to go to hell for missing Mass. Now that I have found the Traditional Mass, I am in love with it. Not only will I do anything I possibly can to attend only this Mass, sparing no expense or trouble, but I look forward to it each week. No longer is Mass merely an obligation, but it is now a true joy. There is nothing like it on this earth." (G.C.)

"I got so tired of abuse after abuse after abuse in the Novus Ordo Masses, but I didn't know there was anything else out there. Then I found the Traditional Latin Mass - the Tridentine Mass - and all that changed. The fixed rubrics protect the Mass from novelty and spare us from having to endure endless offenses - e.g. hand holding, lay 'ministers', Communion in the hand, prohibitions against kneeling, Protestant music, etc. I no longer leave the church upset!" (F.C.)

"The Latin Mass is AWESOME!!!" (T.L.)

"I recently heard someone say that the Old Mass made Protestants Catholic while the New Mass makes Catholics 'Protestant'. I don't think a truer statement could be found. It may not happen right away, but over time it seems that just about everyone who attends the New Mass adopts a somewhat Protestant mentality. And I only say "just about everyone" in case there are some who don't. I have yet to see this though." (P.M.)

"If I want to socialize, I'll go to a party. If I want to worship, I'll go to the Tridentine Mass. Mass is not the place for socializing. It seems that the Novus Ordo tries to combine the two, with a heavy emphasis on socializing and self-affirmation. Thank God I found the Tridentine Mass!" (H.E.)

"I can't tell you enough how much I love the traditional Latin Mass!" (H.S.F.)

"It is very hard to keep the faith when you have to attend the New Mass since so many things in the Mass tend to contradict the true faith (e.g. the removal of nearly all marks of respect for the Real Presence in the Holy Eucharist). I think that is why so few people believe in the Real Presence nowadays. The cure for this is the Traditional Latin Mass." (S.D.)

"I recently made the switch to the Tridentine Mass, which I travel 30 miles to and from every Sunday morning. This is the best thing I have ever attended, and my fellow parishioners have the utmost reverence for Jesus Christ in the Blessed Sacrament. My old parish did not have that at all... Deo gratias!" (C.R.W.)

"I have heard that the traditional Latin Mass is the 'most beautiful thing this side of heaven'. I second that." (D.G.)

"There is nothing else like it on earth." (B.F.)

"How can I explain wonder and majesty of the glorious 'Tridentine' Mass to someone who has never experienced it? I simply can't. You must go to it yourself and keep going to it. And do everything you can to always go to it. What a blessing from God!" (K.S.)

"People should know that the New Mass incorporates many of the changes made by the Protestant 'Reformers' in the sixteenth century when they were trying to turn Catholics into Protestants. It worked then, and it is working now. So many Catholics are unrecognizable as such. Many of them are closer to Protestant than Catholic. As a recent convert to 'Traditionalism', I can say this with some authority. I have become much more sensitive to the Protestant mentality than ever before and I see that the Novus Ordo Mass that I attended for so many years helped foster much of this mentality. It is important to realize that those who hate Catholics hate the Traditional Mass, whereas they like the New Mass. Sometimes it is good to learn from our enemies. If they hate it, it must be good! And they can't stand the traditional Latin Mass!" (W.K.)

"After I became a 'Traditionalist', I was once asked by a relative how I could understand the Mass since it was in Latin. I have to say that I can understand the Mass in Latin (a language which I do not know) far better than I can understand the Mass in English (a language which I do know). It may seem strange, but it's really true. I understand what occurs in the Latin 'Tridentine' Mass perfectly, even though I may not understand every single word that is spoken (of course, the Missal also contains English should it be necessary). On the other hand, for life of me, I can't understand many things that go on in the English Mass (the Novus Ordo Mass), even though I do understand each word that is spoken. For example, I do not understand how the priest turns his back on the Eucharist to shake people's hands. I do not understand how we are supposed to be offering worship to God when the whole Mass is directed towards our neighbor. I don't understand why the Mass, which is the re-presentation of Calvary, seems to be more like a party or a lesson in self affirmation. I don't understand why the New Mass removed nearly all references to sin, hell, judgment, etc. if its main purpose is to be a propitiatory sacrifice to God to atone for our sins. I could go on and on about the differences, but really it all boils down to not understanding the New Mass, even though I fully understand all the words spoken. The old Mass though, I understand perfectly, even if I don't understand every single word that is spoken. And not only that, but I have begun to even love the Latin language. It is really beautiful." (G.S.)

"I would like to paraphrase the great convert St. Augustine's remarks and apply them to the traditional Latin Mass: 'Too late have I loved thee! To late have I loved thee!' Never have I felt such love for a Mass as I do for the Traditional Mass. It is beyond all comparison." (C.N.)

"Nothing is better than the Tridentine Mass." (W.V.)

"Some people think the old and the new Mass are the same, except for the language. If they only knew the truth! There is a world of difference between them. The old Mass is so glorious, beautiful, orthodox, holy! I thank God that I have found this old Mass! I can't praise the old Mass enough." (H.Y.)

"I was born just before Vatican II, went to Catholic grade school & High School. I wasn't even really aware that the Mass had so recently changed until a few years ago. When I went to the Traditional Mass the first few times, I thought it was nice - but different. I felt a little uncomfortable not being able to understand the words. But there was a sense that this "old style" Mass felt more reverent, more Catholic. Still, I thought "maybe I'll come back every month or two." Each time I attended the stronger that "sense" grew. The people attending this Mass were more serious about their faith - and more knowledgeable. This really was an attraction for me because I just seemed to be going through the motions. As time went on, I felt far more uncomfortable when I went to a Novus Ordo [Mass] - And I had the privilege of being in parishes that were pretty reverent. Now, I'll pretty much do anything to attend the Tridentine [Mass]. At times, the closest Mass has been more than an hour away, but I consider that a small sacrifice for the holy, reverent, spiritually nourishing Mass that I'm so privileged to attend. My only regret is that I haven't had this all my life - I'm saddened that the Tridentine Mass as not been there to help me serve God better. I truly believe that anyone wanting to become a more dedicated Catholic should give the Tridentine Mass a chance. You'll never want to go back. Give your children the beautiful gift I didn't have." (D.T.T.)

"There's something very special about attending the same Mass that the saints and my ancestors attended. It just feels 'right'. The traditional Mass is nothing short of heavenly!" (F.J.)

"Now that I have found it, I try to get everyone I can to attend the traditional Mass. It's the best gift I could ever hope to give them." (A.S.)

"I was born in 1953 so for most of my childhood I had the privilege of attending the Latin Mass. When V2 arrived, I hated it! I believe that my fathers astounding business success was due to his participation in the true Mass." (C.A.U.)

"I went to a Latin Mass and my heart was filled with joy. The Mass was celebrated by a Benedictine priest with so much reverence that it made me cry. The priest was very reverent and did everything with a sweet care. I have been going to Latin Mass since. May God bless and bring many people to experience the beauty of the true Mass." (F.S.)


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