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Other New Testament Teachings (A-Z)

Scripture / Parables | Jesus' Teachings

Bible with Crucifix

Other New Testament Teachings (A-Z)

Important Notice: We make no guarantees regarding any item herein. Do not take items out of context. Do not inflict harm on yourself or others, break laws, take unsuitable/incautious or inappropriate/drastic actions, or take figurative items literally. Use of site is at your own risk and is subject to our terms of use. For more terms information, see below and click here

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Can't find something? Try the direct links, or use the "Find" feature on your browser (e.g. select Edit, then Find). For related scripture items, try the links below or return to the Scripture / Parables section

Note: The following includes various teachings from the New Testament outside the Gospels (including some teachings from Revelation). For Jesus' Teachings from the Gospels, click here. For scripture related to teachings about Jesus' Church, try the Non-Catholics sectionNote that subtle word differences may occur which affect the order of the following (i.e. live at peace vs. live in peace and wife vs. wives). Also note that teachings may fit in more than one category and text of the following may be shortened. We recommend reading these teachings in full context in an appropriate Catholic bible.  


Acknowledging Sin

Act on the Word

Act Properly

Act Reverently

Act With Love

Addressing One Another


Affliction (ROM 5)

Affliction (ROM 12)

All Things Work for Good

Anger (EPH 4:26-27)

Anger (EPH 4:31)

Anointing of the Sick

Answer to Prayer



Ask in Faith

Avoid Offending

Avoid Quarrels



Bad Company


Battling for God

Be Attentive to Message

Be Concerned For What is Noble

Be Content With What You Have

Be Courageous

Be Free as Slave of God

Be Holy

Be Humble

Be Obedient

Be on Guard

Be Prepared (1 THES)

Be Prepared (2 PT)

Be Reconciled to God

Be Strong

Be Subject to Authority (1 PT 2)

Be Subject to Authority (1 PT 5)

Be Subordinate to Authority

Be Thankful

Be Vigilant

Be Watchful

Be Zealous

Bear One Another's Burdens

Bearing Hardship For the Gospel

Bearing Trials

Behavior of Older & Younger Men and Women

Being Dead to Sin

Being Subordinate

Being Wise


Bless Those Who Persecute

The Body (1 COR)

The Body (2 COR)

The Body As a Temple of God

Born Anew

Bridling Tongue

Bringing Back a Sinner

Brothership Through Christ

Build Each Other Up

Build Up Faith

Build Up One Another



Call to a Holy Life

Call to Be Holy

Cast Worries Upon God


Children (EPH)

Children (COL)

Christ Died for All

Christ is Head of All Men

Christ's Church

Come to Jesus

Coming of the Lord

Common Ownership of Possessions

Compassion (EPH)

Compassion (COL)

Compassion (1 PT)

Compete for the Faith


Concern for That Which is Honorable

Confession of Sins

Conquering Evil

Conquering the World



Contempt for Youth

Continue Doing As Taught

Continue in the State You Are Called

Contribute to Holy Ones

Correcting One Another





The Damned



Deceitful Teaching


Deception by Empty Arguments

Denial of Jesus

Denial of the Father

Desire to Be Rich

Desire to Enter Our Heavenly Home

Destined to Gain Salvation

Deviation From the Faith

Devotion (1 TM)

Devotion (2 PT)

Die to Self

Discerning the Will of God


Disobedience (ROM)

Disobedience (2 COR)

Disobedience (2 THES)

Disobedience (HEB 3)

Disobedience (HEB 4)

The Disobedient

Disorderly Actions

Distortion of Scripture

Distortions of the Gospel


Do All For the Glory of God

Do All From the Heart for the Lord

Do All in the Name of the Lord

Do All Without Grumbling

Do Good

Do Not Associate With Immoral People

Do Not Be Prideful

Do Not Conform to This Age

Do Not Hinder One Another

Do Not Hold Self in Too High Esteem

Do Not Judge One Another (ROM)

Do Not Judge One Another (JMS)

Do Not Love Money

Do Not Reject the One Who Speaks

Do Not Repay Evil

Do Not Resist Authority

Do Not Return Evil for Evil

Do Not Speak Evil

Do Not Think Too Highly of Yourself

Doing Good

Draw Near to God

Draw Strength From the Lord



Encourage One Another

End Sin

End Times (1 TM)

End Times (2 TM)

Endurance (ROM)

Endurance (2 THES)

Endurance (2 PT)

Endure Affliction

Endure Everything

Endure Trials

Enemies of the Cross

Entering the Kingdom of God

Envy (GAL)

Envy (1 PT)


Eternal Life

Eternal Reward


Evil (1 THES)

Evil (3 JN)

Examine Your Work

Explain Reason for Your Hope



Faith (GAL)

Faith (1 TM)

Faith (HEB)

Faith Without Works


False Doctrines

False Prophets (2 PT)

False Prophets (1 JN)

False Teachers

False Teaching

Fathers (EPH)

Fathers (COL)

Fathers (HEB)


Fear of God

The First and Last Adam


Forgiveness (ACTS)

Forgiveness (2 COR)

Forgiveness (EPH)

Forgiveness (COL)

Foul Language

Free Persons as Slaves of Christ

Fruit of the Spirit



Gaining Christ


Gentleness (EPH)

Gentleness (COL)

Gentleness (2 TM)

Gifts Are From Above

Gifts of the Spirit

Give Thanks

Glory and Love of Christ

God Encourages

God is Light

God is Not Mocked

God Sees All

God Will Not Forsake

God Wills All to Be Saved

God Wills All to Know Truth

God's Co-Workers

God's Encouragement

God's Generosity

God's Grace

God's Love

God's Peace

God's Spirit

God's Wisdom


Good Works (TI 3:8)

Good Works (TI 3:14)

The Gospel

Grace of God



Gratitude to God




Hate Evil


Have Same Attitude As Jesus

Healing Through Jesus

Hearing the Word


Heretics Condemned



Holy Eucharist - See "Eucharist"

Honest Work


Honor and Love

Hope (ROM 5)

Hope (ROM 12)

Hope (HEB)

Hope For Those Who Have Passed On

Hospitality (ROM)

Hospitality (HEB)

Hospitality (1 PT)

Humble Yourself

Humility (EPH)

Humility (PHIL)

Humility (COL)

Humility (1 PT 5:5)

Humility (1 PT 5:6)

Husband (1 COR 7)

Husband (1 COR 11)

Husbands (EPH)

Husbands (COL)

Husbands (1 PT)



The Ill-Treated

Imitate God

Imitate the Faith of the Leaders


Immoral and Impure People

Immoral People

Immorality (1 COR 5)

Immorality (1 COR 10)

Immorality and Impurity (EPH)

Immorality and Impurity (1 THES)

Impart Truth Without Deviation

Imperishable Inheritance

Independence From Material Goods





Jesus as Judge

Jesus is a Merciful High Priest

Jesus is Before All

Jesus is the Head of the Church

Jesus is the Same Forever

Jesus is the Savior of the World

Jesus' Suffering

Jesus Will Judge All

Judgment (1 COR)

Judgment (2 COR)

Judgment (1 PT)

Judgment (JUDE)

Judgment (RV)

Judgment and Mercy

Judgment of God

Judgment of Others (ROM 2)

Judgment of Others (ROM 14)

Judgment of Others (JMS)



Keep Focused

Keep From Evil

Keep From Worldly Desires

Keep in Love of God

Keep the Commandment

Keep the Commandments

Keeping the Whole Law

Kindness (EPH)

Kindness (PHIL)

Kindness (COL)

Knowledge (1 COR)

Knowledge (2 PT)



Lack of Faith

The Law

Leave No Room for Devil


Life Comes Through Jesus

Life is Uncertain

Life Through Christ

Live and Die for the Lord

Live at Peace

Live by the Spirit

Live in Love

Live in Peace

Live Soberly

Live Wisely

Live Worthily

Living According to the Spirit

Living for God in Christ

Living in the Light of the Lord

Looking Out for Others

The Lord Helps

The Lord's Patience

Love (ROM)

Love (1 COR 12-13)

Love (1 COR 16)

Love (EPH)

Love (COL)

Love (1 THES)

Love (HEB)

Love (1 PT 1)

Love (1 PT 3)

Love (1 PT 4)

Love (2 PT)

Love (1 JN 3)

Love (1 JN 4)

Love (2 JN)

Love and Serve One Another

Love of God (1 COR)

Love of God (1 JN)

Love of the World

Love One Another

The Lowly



Maintaining Good Conduct

Malice (EPH)

Malice (1 PT)

Many Parts of the Body of Christ

Marital Responsibilities


Members of Christ

Members of the Household of God

Men (1 COR)

Men (TI)

Mend Your Ways


Mercy Through Jesus

Minding Own Affairs

More Blessed to Give Than Receive

Mutual Charity

Myths (1 TM 1)

Myths (1 TM 4)



New Heaven and Earth (2 PT)

New Heaven & Earth (RV)

No Knowledge of God

No One Can Separate Us From God's Love

Not Doing the Right Thing



Obedience (ROM)

Obedience (TI)

Obedience of Faith

Obey Leaders

Obey Parents (EPH)

Obey Parents (COL)

Obeying God


Observance of the Law


Offer Self to God

One God and One Lord

Origin of Temptation

Origin of the Gospel


Owe Nothing



Patience (COL)

Patience (1 THES)

Patience (JMS)

Pay Debts

Peace (1 THES)

Peace (HEB)

Peace (JMS)

Peace of Christ

Peace Through Christ


People Will Stop Listing to the Truth

Perfect Love

Perfect Perseverance

Perfecting Holiness

Persecution of Jesus' Followers


Perseverance (2 TM)

Perseverance (HEB)

Perseverance (JMS)

Perseverance in Temptation

Persevere in Prayer

Please Our Neighbors

Praise God


Prayer (ROM)

Prayer (1 TM)

Prayer (JMS)

Prayer (1 PT)

Prayer (1 JN)

Prayer & Thanksgiving (PHIL)

Prayer & Thanksgiving (COL)

Present Yourself Acceptably


Proclaim the Word

Proclaiming the Messiah

Profane and Idle Talk

Proper Behavior & Appearance in Church

Prophetic Message is Reliable

Prophetic Utterances

Providing for Relatives


Punishment (2 THES)

Punishment (2 PT)

Punishment of Wrongdoer

Pure Religion

Pursue Righteousness

Pursuing Resurrection After Death

Put to Death Sinful Earthly Actions & Desires

Put Up With the Weak



Quenching of Spirit

Quick to Hear



Ransom Through Jesus

Reap What You Sow

Refrain From Drunkenness

Refrain From Evil

Refrain From Immorality and Impurity

Regard All People the Same

Regard No One According to the Flesh

Reject Works of Darkness


Rejoice in Hope

Rejoice in the Lord

Rejoice With Those Who Rejoice

Rejoicing After Suffering For Jesus


Religion in Vain

Remain Faithful

Remain in the Lord

Remain Steadfast

Repayment for Good

Repentance (ACTS 2)

Repentance (ACTS 3)

Repentance (2 COR)

Repentance (2 PT)

Resist the Devil


Respect for Authority

Respect for Others

The Resurrected Body

Resurrection of the Dead

Retain What is Good

Return of Jesus (RV)



The Rich (1 TM)

The Rich (JMS)

Richness Through Jesus

The Righteous

Righteousness (1 JN 2)

Righteousness (1 JN 3)




Salvation Through Jesus

Save Others

Saved By Grace

Saved Through Jesus

Scripture (ROM)

Scripture (2 TM)

Scripture Prophecy Not a Matter of Personal Interpretation

Seek Peace

Seek What is Above

Seek What is Good

Seek What is to Come

Seeking Own Advantage


Selfish Ambition

Separate From Unbelievers


Serve the Lord (ROM)

Serve the Lord (EPH)

Set Hopes on Grace

Share With Instructor

Share With Others

Sharing of Resources

Showing Partiality


Sin (ROM 2)

Sin (ROM 6)

Sin (EPH)

Sin (1 TM)

Sin (JMS)

Sin (1 JN 2)

Sin (1 JN 3)

Sin (1 JN 5)

Sin Brings Death


Slander (TI)

Slander (1 PT)

Slow to Speak


Speak Graciously

Speak the Truth

Speaking Honestly

Spend Life on Will of God

Spirit of Deceit

Spirit of Truth

Spiritual Gifts

Spiritual Sacrifices

Stand Firm

Stand Firm Against the Devil

Standing Secure

Stop Sinning

Straying From the Truth

Strengthened By Grace

Subject to Human Institutions

Submit to God

Suffering (JMS)

Suffering (1 PT 2)

Suffering (1 PT 5)

Suffering for Christ (2 COR)

Suffering for Christ (1 PT)

Suffering for Righteousness

Suffering of Today is Nothing Compared to Future Glory

Supplement Faith with Virtue





Teach and Admonish

Test All and Retain Good

Test Yourself

Thanksgiving to God

Those in Good Spirits

Those Who Are Wise

Those Who Cause Divisions

Those Who Create Dissension and Obstacles

Those Who Deny Jesus

Those Who Do Not Believe that Jesus is the Son of God

Those Who Do Not Love (1 JN 3)

Those Who Do Not Love (1 JN 4)

Those Who Do Not Love the Lord

Those Who Don't Remain in the Teaching of Christ

Those Who Hate

Those Who Have Survived Time of Distress (RV)

Those Who Live According to the Flesh

Those Who Love God

Those Who Love the World

Those Who Possess Jesus Have Eternal Life

Those Who Waver


The Tongue

Train Yourself

Tranquil Life

Treat All Alike

Treatment of Enemies

Treatment of Heretics

Treatment of Older & Younger Men and Women and Widows

Treatment of Those in the Church Who Preach

Treatment of Those Who Cause Pain

Trial of Faith

Trials (1 COR)

Trials (1 PT)

Trials and Perseverance

Turn Away From Former Way of Life

Turn From Evil

Turning Away From Heavenly Warnings

Turning From the Faith



Understand the Will of the Lord

United in Faith

Unity (ROM)

Unity (EPH)

Unity (PHIL)

Unity (1 PT)

Unity of Faith

Unjust Suffering

Unjust Will Not Inherit the Kingdom of God


Unwillingness to Work

Use Gifts Received From God to Serve Others

Use of Gifts



Victor Over the World




Walk By Faith

Walking in Darkness

We Are a New Creation in Christ

We Are Reconciled Through Jesus

We Are Saved Due to God's Mercy

We Are Saved Through Jesus

We Are to Bear Image of the Heavenly One

We Must Render An Account

We Will Be Like Him

We Will Conquer


Weep With Those Who Weep

What Awaits Those Who Love God

What is Not From Faith is Sin

What to Think About

Who is Begotten by God

The Wicked


Wife (1 COR 7)

Wife (1 COR 11)

Wisdom (1 COR)

Wisdom (JMS 1)

Wisdom (JMS 3)

The Wisdom of God

Wives (EPH)

Wives (COL)

Wives (1 PT)

Women (1 COR)

Women (TI)

Women's Adornment and Conduct

Word of God (COL)

The Word of God (HEB)


Work Out Salvation With Fear and Trembling

The Works of the Flesh



Wrath of God

Wrath of God on the Disobedient

Wrath of God Upon the Disobedient





Youthful Desires




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