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Bible with Crucifix

Topical Scripture: Alphabetical

Important Notice: We make no guarantees regarding any item herein. Do not take items out of context. Do not inflict harm on yourself or others, break laws, take unsuitable/incautious or inappropriate/drastic actions, or take figurative items literally. Use of site is at your own risk and is subject to our terms of use. For more terms information, see below and click here

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abandon [L5]

absolution - see: Confession, forgiveness, Sacraments

admonish [D9]

adopt / adoption [A]

adultery / adulterer [A]

afflict / afflicted / affliction [A1]

afraid [F6]

after death [A]

aid / assist / avail [H11a]

almsgiving [A]

ambitious / ambition [A]

angels [A2]

anger / anger of God [A3]

animals - see "Scripture for Animal Lovers" [St. Francis Section]

Anointing of the Sick (Sacrament) [S2]

anxiety / anxious [A]

apostasy [H12a]

apostles - see "The Apostles" [Scripture / Parables Section]

Ark of the Covenant / Ark of the Commandments / Ark of the Lord [A4]

ascension of Christ [A]

ashamed [S12]

asleep [S20]

astray [H12a]

atheists (links) [A]

atonement for sin [A]

authority [A5]

avarice / avaricious [A]

avenge [R]

awe / awesome [A6]



baby / babies [B]

Baptism [B1]

barren [B]

Beatitudes - see "The Beatitudes" [Scripture / Parables Section]

beautiful / beauty [L8]

beauty [B]

beelzebub [D7a]

belief / believe / believer [B2]

beloved [L7a]

beseech [B]

Bible [B3]

birth / born [B4]

birth control - see "contraception"

blasphemy [B]

bless / blessed / blessing [B5a]

book [B]

book of life [B]

bow / bow down [B6]

bride / bridegroom [B]

business [B]



calm [C]

canticle of Mary [C]

canticle of Zechariah [C]

celibacy / chastity / chaste [C1]

change [C2]

charity / charitable [C]

chastise [D9]

cherub / cherubim [C]

child / children [C3a]

childless / childlessness [C]

Christ - see "Jesus (links)"

Christ's Passion [J] 

Christian behavior towards others [E1a]

church [C4]

command / commandments [C5a] 

Communion, Holy (Sacrament) [E]

communion of the saints [S4]

companions [E1a]

compassion / compassionate [P7]

conceal [H13a]

concupiscence (links) [C]

confess / confession of sins [C]

confessing of sins [F10]

Confession (Reconciliation / Penance) [S2] 

confidence / confident [C6]

Confirmation (Sacrament) [S2]

consecrate / consecrated / consecrating [C7]

console / consolation / comfort [C8]

contempt / contemptible / contemptuous [C9]

contraception [C]

convert / conversion [C10]

correct [D9]

corrupt / corrupted / corruption [C11]

courage [F12]

covet / covetous [C]

coward / cowardly [C]

cross dress [C]

cry - see "tears / weep / wept / wail"

cure [H4]

cursing [O]

cussing - see "obscenities"



dead / death [D1a]

deceive / deception [D2]

deeds / works [D3a]

defend / defense [P19]

defile / defiled / defilement [D4]

defraud [F]

depression [D]

descendent [D5]

desert / desolate [L5]

desire / desires / desired / desirable [D6]

despair [D]

destruction of evil [D]

detest / detested / detestable [H3]

devil / demon [D7a]

dignity / dignified [D]

disbelief [D8]

discipline [D9]

discouragement / discouraged [D]

disgrace / disgraced / disgraceful [D10]

dishonest / dishonesty [D11]

dishonor / dishonored [D12]

disloyal [L]

disobey / disobedience [D]

disorder / disordered / disorderly [D]

divination [H18]

divine [D13]

divorce [D]

doctrine / doctrines [D]

doubt [D]



ecumenism / fellowship [E1a]

elderly - see "Scripture for Seniors" [Catholic Seniors Section]

encourage / encouraged / encouragement [E]

endurance [E]

enmity with God [H10a]

entrust [T12]

envy [E]

error [H12a]

esteem [H16]

eternal life / eternity [E2]

eternal punishment / eternal destruction [H10a] 

Eucharist, Holy [E]

evil [E3a]

evil spirit [D7a]

excommunication [E4]

Extreme Unction (Anointing of the Sick) [S2]



fair / fairly / fairness [F]

faith / faithful [F1a]

fall down / fell down [B6]

fallen away loved ones [F2]

false / falsely / falsehood [H12a]

false doctrines - see "heresy"

false witness [L3]

family [F3]

fast / fasting [F4]

Father / fathers / fatherhood [F5a]

fear [F6]

fear of God / fear of the Lord [F7]

fellowship [E1a]

female [W9a]

fertile [B]

financial [F8]

flattery / flattering [F]

fool / foolish [F9]

forgive / forgiveness [F10]

fornication [F]

forsake / forsaken [F11]

fortitude [F12]

fortune telling [F]

foul language [O]

fraud / defraud [F]

friends / friendship [F13]

fruitless [F]

frustration / frustrate [F]

fury / furious [F14]



Gehenna [H10a] 

generous / generosity [G]

gentile [H7a]

gentle / gentleness [G]

gift / gifts [G1]

glad / gladly / gladness [G2]

glory / glorify / glorified / glorious [G3a]  

glutton / gluttony / glutted [G]

God [G4a]

God's faithfulness [G]

God's house / dwelling [L6a]

God's Will - see "Will of God"

good / goodness [G5a]

Gospel [B3]

gossip [G]

grace (before meals) [G]

grace / graced / graceful [G6]  

gracious / graciously [G7]

gratitude / grateful [G]

great / greatly / greater / greatness [G8a]

greed / greedy [G9]

grief [G10]

groom - see "bride / bridegroom"

guide / guided / guidance [G11]

guilt / guilty [G12]



hallowed [H]

happy / happiness [H1]

hardness of heart [H2]

hate / hatred / hateful [H3]

heal / healing [H4]

health [H5]

hearken [H]

heart / hearts [H6a]

heathen [H7a]

Heaven / heaven / heavens / heavenly [H8a]

hedonism [H]

heed / heeds / heeded [H9]

Hell [H10a] 

help / helper [H11a]

heresy / heretic [H12a]

hid / hide / hiding / hidden [H13a]

hinder [F]

holy / holiness [H14a]

Holy Communion (Sacrament) [E]

Holy Eucharist (Sacrament) [E]

Holy Orders (Sacrament) [S2] 

Holy Sacrifice of the Mass - see "Mass (links)"

Holy Scripture [B3]

Holy Spirit [S27a]

holy water - see "sacramentals"

homosexuality [H]

honest / honesty [H15]

honor / honors / honored / honorable [H16]

hope / hopes / hoped [H17]

horoscopes [H18]

hospitable / hospitality [H]

House of God / House of the Lord [L6a]

human [H19]

humble / humbled / humbly / humility [H20]

humiliate / humiliation [H]

hurt [H21]

husband [H22]



icons - see "sacramentals"

idolater / idolatry / idolatrous [I]

ignorant [S]

ignorant / ignorance [I]

ill / illness [S16]

images [S1]

immodest / impure [I]

immoral / immorality [I]

impatience [I]

impenitent [I]

impiety / impious [I]

impoverish [P]

incorrupt [U]

incurable [I]

infants [B]

infertile [B]

ingrate [I]

iniquity / iniquities / injustice [I1]

injury / injuries [I]

innocent / innocence [I2]

integrity [I]



jealousy [E]

jealousy of God [J]

Jesus (links) [J]

Jesus' Last Supper Prayer [J]

Jesus' Passion (from Gospels) [J]

Jesus' second coming [S8] 

joy / joyful / joyous [J1]

judge / judges / judged [J2]

judgment [J3a]

just [J4]

justice [J5]



kind / kindness / kindly [K1]

kingdom / kingdom of God [K2a]

kneel / knelt [K]

knowledge [K3]



labor / laborer [L1]

landmarks [L]

law / lawful [L2a]

lawlessness [L]

lazy [S]

lewd / lewdness [L]

lie / liar [L3]

lily / lilies [L]

listen / listened [L4a]

lonely / left alone [L5]

Lord - see "Jesus (links)" 

Lord's Day [L]

Lord's house / dwelling [L6a]

Lord's Prayer [O]

love / love of God / loving / loved [L7a]

lovely [L8]

loyal [L]

lust / lusted / lustful [L]



man / men / mankind [M1a]

marriage / married / marry [M2]

Mary (mother of Jesus) - see "Marian Scripture References" [Mary, Our Mother Section]

Mary, canticle of [C]

Mass (links) [M]

Matrimony (Sacrament) [S2]

meek [M]

Melchizedek [M]

merchant [B]

mercy / merciful / merciless [M3a]

Messiah (NT) [M4]

mild / mildness [M]

miracles - see "Jesus' Miracles & Signs" [Scripture / Parables Section]

miscarriage [M]

misdeeds [S18a]

miser [M]

misery / miserable [M]

misfortune [M]

mock / mocked / mockery [M5]

modest / modesty [M]

monetary [F8]

mortal sin [M]

mortify / mortification [M]

mother / mothers [M6a]

mourn / mourning [M7]

murder / murderer [M8]

mysterious / mystery [M9]



name of Jesus / name of the Lord / name of God [N1a]

necromancy [H18]

need / needs / needy [N2]

non-believers - see: disbelief / unbelief, doubt

not entering the kingdom of heaven / not finding life [H10a] 

nurture [N]



obey / obedience [O1]

obscenities [O]

obstacle / obstacles [O]

obstinate [S29]

offspring [D5]

old age - see "Scripture for Seniors" [Catholic Seniors Section]

oppress / oppressor / oppression [O2]

ordination - see "Holy Orders (Sacrament)"

original sin [O]

Our Father prayer [O]

overconfident [C6]



pagan [H7a]

pain / pained / painful [P1]

parables "Jesus' Parables" [Scripture / Parables Section]

Paraclete - see Holy Spirit

parent / parents [P2]

passion / passions [P]

passion of Christ [J]

patient / patience [P3]

peace / peaceful / peaceable [P4a]

penalty [P]

penance [A]

Penance (Sacrament) [S2]

Pentecost [P]

perfect / perfection [P5]

persecute / persecutor [P6]

persevere / persevered / perseverance [P]

pets - see "Scripture for Animal Lovers" [St. Francis Section]  

piety / pious [P]

pity [P7]

poor [P8]

pope (chief bishop, successor to Peter) [P9]

poverty [P]

praise / praises / praised [P10a]

pray / prayed / prayer [P11a]

prayer, Jesus' Last Supper [J]

prayer, Our Father (Lord's Prayer) [O]

pregnant [P12]

prepare / prepared [P13]

pride / proud [P14]

priest / priestly / priesthood [P15a]

profane [P16]

profanities - see "foul language"

prophecies - see "Fulfilled Prophecies of the Bible" [Scripture/Parables Section]

prosper / prosperity / prosperous [P17]

prostrate [P18]

protect / protection [P19]

provide / provided [P20]

provoke / provoked [P21]

punish / punishment / unpunished [P22]

pure / purify / purity [P23]

purgatory [The final purification, after death, of imperfectly purified souls, before they attain Heaven] [P24]



quarrels [Q]

quiet [S17]



Real Presence - see "Mass (links)"

Reconciliation (Sacrament) [S2]

refuge [R1]

rejoice [R2]

relics [S1]

rely on God / reliance on God [R]

remnant [R3]

repent / repentance [R4]

reprimand [R]

reproach [D9]

rescue / rescued [R5]

resound [S25]

respect / respected [R]

responsible / responsibilities [R]

rest / rested [R6]

resurrection [R7]

retirement / retire [R] 

return to the Lord [C10]

revenge [R]

revere / revered [R]

revered [V]

reverence / honor to God [R8]

reward / recompense [R9]

rich / riches [R10a]

righteous / righteousness [R11]

Rosary (links) [R]



Sabbath - see: commands, Lord's Day

sacramentals [S1]

Sacraments [S2]

sacred [S3]

Sacrifice of the Mass, Holy - see "Mass (links)"

sad / sadness / saddened [S]

saints [S4]

sanctify / sanctified [S5]

sanctuary [S6]

satan [D7a]

save / saved / saving / savior / salvation [S7a]

scapular - see "sacramentals"

Scripture [B3]

second coming of Jesus [S8]

secret / secrets / secretly [S9]

self-control [S]

selfish / selfishness [S]

seniors - see "Scripture for Seniors" [Catholic Seniors Section]

separate / separated [S10]

separate from community of believers [E4]

separation, marital [S]

seraphim [C]

serve / serves / served [S11]

shame / shameful / shameless [S12]

share / shares / shared [S13]

shepherd (of people) / sheep (people as) [S14]

short / shortly [S15]

sick / sickness [S16]

Sick, Anointing of the (Sacrament) [S2]

silence / silent [S17]

sin / sins / sinned / sinful / sinner [S18a]

sincere / sincerely / sincerity [S19]

sleep / slept / slumber [S20]

slothful [S]

sodomy - see "homosexuality"

solemn / sober [S21]

Son of Man / Son of God (New Testament references) [S22]

soothsayers [H18]

sorrow / sorrowful [S23]

sorrows of Jesus (links) [S]

soul [S24]

sound / soundness [S25]

speak / speaks / speaking / spoke / spoken / speech [S26a]

spiritual / spirits / spirit / Holy Spirit [S27a]

statues - see "sacramentals"

steal / stolen [T5]

sterile [S]

steward / stewardship [S]

stray [H12a]

strength / strengthen / strong [S28a]

stubborn [S29]

stupid / ignorant [S]

suffer / suffered / suffering [S30]

sung / song / sang / sing / singer [S31]

sustain / support / supported / supporter [S32]  

swearing [O]

sympathy / sympathize [S]



talk [T]

taste / tasted [T]

tattoo [T]

teach / teacher / taught [T1a]

tears [T2]

temple [L6a]

tempt / temptation [T]

terror / terrors [T3]

thanks / thanksgiving / thankful [T4]

thief / thieves / theft [T5]

those who reject truth [H12a]

tongue / tongues [T6]

tradition / traditions [T]

treasure / treasures / treasured [T7]

tremble [T8]

tribulation / trials [T9]

Trinity [One God in Three Distinct Persons] [T10]

trouble / troubled / troubling [T11]

true [H15]

trust / trustworthy [T12]

trust in God / trust in the Lord [T13]

truth [T14]

turn to the Lord [C10]



unbelief / unbeliever [D8]

unborn [U]

unchanging [U]

unchaste / unchastity [U]

undefiled [U]

understand / understanding [U1a]

unfair / unfairly [U]

unfaithful [U]

ungrateful [I]

universe / universal [U]

unjust / unjustly [I1]

unlawful [L]

unpunished [P22]

upright / uprightly [U]



vain / vanity [F]

venerable [V]

vengeance [V]

vestments [V]

virgin [C1]

virtue / virtues / virtuous [V]



wariness of false doctrines [E4]

warn / warning / warned [W1]

watch / watchful [W2]

weak / weakness [W3]

wealth [R10a]

wedding / wedded / wedlock [W]

weep / wept / wail [T2]

well-being [H5]

wicked / wickedness [E3a]

widow - see "Scripture for Seniors" [Catholic Seniors Section]

wife / wives [W4a]

Will of God [W5]

wisdom [W6]

wise / wisely [W7]

with child [P12]

woe / woes [W8]

woman / women [W9a]

womb [W10]

wonderful [W]

Word of God [B3] 

work [W11a]

works, deeds [D3a]

worry [W]

worship [W12a]

wound [H21]

wrath [W13a]

wrong / wrongdoing [W14]

wrongdoing [S18a]





youth / youthful / young [Y1]



Zechariah, canticle of [C]


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My Crucifix (Click For More Information)

My Crucifix

For the iPad®, iPhone®,

and iPod touch®...

My Crucifix - Available on the App Store (click to download)

For the iPad®...

My Crucifix for iPad - Available on the App Store (click to download)

Catholic Bible References (Click For More Information)

Catholic Bible References - Available on the App Store (click to download)

Catholic Bible References for Android - Available on Google Play (click to download)

Catholic Bible References for Android - Available at Amazon Appstore for Android (click to download)

iStations / Stations of the Cross (Click For More Information)

iStations - Available on the App Store (click to download)

iStations for Android - Available on Google Play (click to download)

iStations for Android - Available at Amazon Appstore for Android (click to download)

Saints4U (Click For More Information)

Saints4U - Available on the App Store (click to download)

Saints4U for Android - Available on Google Play (click to download)

Saints4U for Android - Available at Amazon Appstore for Android (click to download)

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Speedy Dial! (Click For More Information)

Speedy Dial! - Available on the App Store (click to download)

Speedy Dial! for Android - Available on Google Play (click to download)

Speedy Dial! for Android - Available at Amazon Appstore for Android (click to download)

Just Checkin' In (Click For More Information)

Just Checkin' In - Available on the App Store (click to download)

Just Checkin' In for Android - Available on Google Play (click to download)

Just Checkin' In for Android - Available at Amazon Appstore for Android (click to download)

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