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User-Submitted Article:

Two Dilemmas

Basic Laywoman's Perspective on Natural and Civil Law


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Two Dilemmas

Basic Laywoman's Perspective on Natural and Civil Law

By HJ Harrington

Summary: Reflections regarding two agonizing dilemmas in society today

Keywords: Civil Law, Natural Law, Catholic Church Teachings, Modern Society, America, U.S., Life, Pro-Life, Right to Life, 'Homosexual Marriage', Soul, Judgment

First of all I'm not trying to offend any parties here I'm just attempting humbly if not badly to make reflections regarding two agonizing dilemmas in society today. Yes, respectfully there are other pressing things like poverty and the economy. This is just commentary and layman observance only.

Now I'm going to be as objective as I can be. First I am a Catholic and probably not a good one either. I have only a layman understanding of the Civil Rights aspect although I respect all of our Civil Rights under the law and I also respect the Natural Law of the Catholic Church (The Catechism of the Catholic Church). People misunderstand the teachings of the Catholic Church in our modern world. Mostly disregarding this issue and why we apply it to everyday life including politics and society. In worldly terms people see the Church as interfering in their Civil Rights--this is not the case. One thing that is taught from the beginning at Genesis is that God gave us the freedom to choose. This choice isn't necessarily interpreted clearly by the Civil Rights movement today vs. the Natural Law argument.

My point is the Church understands and supports Natural Law, not that worldly law is disrespected, hence "Give unto Caesar what is Caesar's and give unto God what is God's." The Church is trying to preserve LIFE. I say this in all caps because in society according to the Church this word is very instrumental in our society whether we understand it totally or not on any plane.

The Church believes in an afterlife. She believes in a general judgment--this applies to the clergy/religious and the laypeople who participate. Yes, I know we have many who do not subscribe to this. Many find the Church interfering but the only problem is she has to preach this teaching in and out of season no matter what society thinks. Don't feel I'm qualified to state this, then please consult a theologian, thank you. This is why the worldly fight the Church's teaching on the present life and the afterlife. Possibly lack of understanding.

She also knows that Christ didn't come to change the law but to fulfill it; this also is a sticking point with some of the masses. The sad part of it is she is protecting these people as well, though they do not understand or acknowledge it from the natural viewpoint (This is why she is called Mother Church. What does a mother do? She protects.) America is under the individualistic approach (probably since she signed the Declaration and when she settled it as colonies when America was first discovered by proud and persecuted people) which clashes today with some beliefs.

They the Church, Religious and Laypeople alike know that if they do not state their case for the Natural Law they have to answer for it at the General Judgment that we and I believe in (Book of Life mentioned in Revelation for example). So you see to us when the world accuses us of bigotry and impeding marriage from people it isn't because were trying to stop someone's rights, it's because were trying to form our conscience and speak out against an injustice people don't necessarily fully comprehend to their advantage which to us is a spiritual and moral conscience in step with the Natural Law.

Most of we people (I'm a guilty American of this at times to) in modern society only see what is in it for me and what can I get now without having to work too hard for it or think about it in terms of the greater good. We know that Natural Family Planning+ is work as opposed to the Planned Parenthood way of life which is understood as the most simplest and easiest of supply and demand for subjugation of the population--NOW FORGET WHAT IT WILL DO TO SOCIETY, IT DOESN'T AFFECT ME AND WHO CARES IF IT WILL AFFECT SOMEONE DOWN THE ROAD I'M NOT THEIR KEEPER THEY ARE FREE TO MAKE UP THEIR OWN MINDS AS TO WHAT THEY WILL DO IN THE FUTURE. (NOTE: Did you know that Natural Family Planning+ is cost effective, very low cost as opposed to Planned Parenthood which needs millions of our dollars to supplement it. What does this tell you because maybe I'm ignorant or something maybe all of you can educate me on this one? (How many people could this help?) In other words I am an individual and I don't have to worry about someone else and how my actions affect another person I'm out for do, re, me.

My question is this, how does every individual affect the world selfishly or unselfishly, or do we just go about everyday life and take up space without it affecting anyone at all? The question is do we contribute something in our lifetime knowing or unknowing to society? Do the decisions we make now affect the future generations and how they will deal with society either negatively or positively? Do our actions today preserve the culture of tomorrow to be passed on for posterity of future generations? Does every individual count for something? These are hard questions we have to think about and look at in the long term.

I know people will say you have no right to the detriment of my soul or body, but I say back we in society are our brothers' and sisters' keepers. We do feel responsible for the souls we encounter even if we have nothing to help that person or feel powerless to change a situation. We feel our hands are tied whatever the case may be because of circumstances. The question is what are we capable of doing at the time in the simplest and safest terms in a real situation? Some would say, "How dare you, you're single - what do you know about everyday life and struggle". We all struggle everyday single, married, rich and poor alike.

Our Pope has been chosen as leader and keeper of the deposit of faith and handed down by Jesus through the seat of Peter be it Traditional or Oral. Some agree with this and some disagree--it doesn't matter. What matters is does he teach truths, that is the question - or does he teach lies? This is what the conscience has to determine. He feels he has a grave responsibility for everyone's soul in the world be it believer or non-believer because he knows as do the flock, he and they will stand before the Great Judge-Christ who will judge the living and the dead and his conscience and theirs will be read. He knows he answers for a billion plus souls under his care. Whether you believe this or not this is his responsibility and ours. He the Pope see Jesus in everyone--this is his vocation. Like his predecessors, he has a destiny and it's not made up.

What people don't realize is that in the Sacrifice of the Mass that we believe as Catholics, we know we walk with the Supreme Pontiff up this Calvary everyday. We and he do not force this on anyone - it's a choice we have to except or reject as our teaching. This we voice what we believe to be a truth of the Natural Law and the general care of the spirit and soul. Something I suspect at this time we don't fully understand or comprehend, if you want to get a little technical here theologically, scientifically, philosophically and creatively--please do. (After all I repeat I'm only a laywoman with an idea for an article.)

We know this of abortion as well. We as Catholics know if our conscience isn't well formed and shaped and we do nothing, we know that it is a strike against us for not attempting to try to do the just thing in this lifetime. The strike is against us at the General Judgment for not heeding the care of our brother or sister for what they do and what were asked to understand and answer to in the end. We don't have to be giants of learning - it's a simple understanding. (Keep in mind we are human and we do make mistakes.)

Yes, we forgive these actions among ourselves but we also must voice out against what is injustice in the Natural Law and these negative actions against it. We also worry that the person who was aborted may be detrimental to society on a philosophical, spiritual and scientific level and to us and to society in general--everyone does count whether we like it or not.

You can rip me and this article apart and you say to me, "I'm an agnostic, atheist or humanist and I don't plainly believe in anything like this or subscribe to your way of thinking." (Doesn't matter: He believes in all of us believe or not.) That's ok but remember when I voice my opinion for life I'm saying you count to in society and you do affect all or everywhere in the web of time and day-to-day life. You contribute to this world.

Many feel this way about a person who has Same Sex Attraction. We worry about him or she and what will happen to their spirit and soul. In the long run and into the afterlife not so much in worldly terms but on a spiritual plain that transcends ordinary means.

I'm sorry some of us don't see this love of truth we try to teach and understand. I'm sorry they only see bigotry and hatred from the Church and not a transcendence of the soul barring the understanding of the present world in terms of life. (Yes, the Church respects science and her achievements as long as they are ethical. What's wrong with that?)

We don't have all the answers but we try to have something to contribute through the teachings. My attempt was to contribute profoundness and understanding to some very hard decisions we all have to make. I hope I humbly achieved something good here. (Yes, I am very much an amateur writer here so feel free to criticize positively. If anything my spelling and grammar are atrocious. My hope was to humbly get some thinking across like Christ would have liked.)

Signature ImageSignature:

HJ Harrington, first time writer and poet, receptionist

My work can be seen at as Holly Jean/User

Please feel free to visit my work and comment there.

+ Reminder: NFP should not be used illicitly as birth control. For more information, click here

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