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User-Submitted Article:

Illegal Immigration: Unlawful, Harmful & Sinful

[Notice: May contain some mature content.]


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Illegal Immigration: Unlawful, Harmful & Sinful

A Truly Catholic Analysis

By Legal US Citizen

Summary: Illegal immigration is unlawful, harmful & sinful.

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Reminder: While we must hate sin, we must simultaneously love sinners. Do not inflict or wish harm on anyone.

(FYI: Excerpts appearing in this article were quoted from Holy Scripture, MyCatholicSource.com, and assorted secular sources.)

No one in good faith can deny that illegal immigration is unlawful. Breaking just laws is illegal. It is wrong whether from a civil perspective or from a moral perspective. Most people already know it's wrong to break laws from a civil perspective. But it is also wrong from a religious perspective to violate just laws.

To begin with, our Lord instructs: "Render therefore to Caesar the things, that are Caesar's: and to God the things that are God's." (Luke 20:25)

Other passages in the New Testament likewise tell us to obey just laws...

"Be subject to every human institution for the Lord's sake, whether it be to the king as supreme or to governors as sent by him for the punishment of evildoers and the approval of those who do good." (1 Peter 2:13-14)

"Remind them to be under the control of magistrates and authorities, to be obedient, to be open to every good enterprise." (Titus 3:1)

"Let every person be subordinate to the higher authorities, for there is no authority except from God, and those that exist have been established by God. Therefore, whoever resists authority opposes what God has appointed, and those who oppose it will bring judgment upon themselves. For rulers are not a cause of fear to good conduct, but to evil. Do you wish to have no fear of authority? Then do what is good and you will receive approval from it, for it is a servant of God for your good. But if you do evil, be afraid, for it does not bear the sword without purpose; it is the servant of God to inflict wrath on the evildoer. Therefore, it is necessary to be subject not only because of the wrath but also because of conscience. This is why you also pay taxes, for the authorities are ministers of God, devoting themselves to this very thing. Pay to all their dues, taxes to whom taxes are due, toll to whom toll is due, respect to whom respect is due, honor to whom honor is due." (Romans 13:1-7)

Popes have also told us we must obey just laws...

"To despise legitimate authority, in whomsoever vested, is unlawful, as a rebellion against the divine will, and whoever resists that, rushes willfully to destruction. 'He that resisteth the power resisteth the ordinance of God, and they that resist, purchase to themselves damnation.' To cast aside obedience, and by popular violence to incite to revolt, is therefore treason, not against man only, but against God." (Pope Leo XIII, "Immortale Dei", 1885 A.D.)

"Take pains to impress on the Christian people a due obedience and subjection to rulers and governments. Do this by teaching, in accordance with the warning of the Apostle, that all authority comes from God. Whoever resists authority resists the ordering made by God Himself, consequently achieving his own condemnation; disobeying authority is always sinful except when an order is given which is opposed to the laws of God and the Church." (Pope Pius IX, "Qui Pluribus", 1846 A.D.)

"Therefore, warn your faithful that the very nature of human society obligates its members to obey its lawfully established authority; nothing in the precepts of the Lord on this subject, which are proclaimed in holy scripture, can be altered. For it is written: 'Be subject to every human institution for God's sake, to the king as supreme or to governors as sent by him to punish wrongdoers and to praise those who do right. For it is God's will that by doing right, you should put to silence the ignorance of foolish men. Be as free men, yet without using freedom as a pretext for evil, but be as servants of God' (I Pt. 2:13f). And again: 'Let every soul be subject to the higher authorities. For there is no authority except from God, and those that exist have been instituted by God. Therefore, he who resists authority resists what God has appointed, and those who resist will incur their own condemnation' (Rom. 13:1f)." (Pope Pius IX, "Nostis et Nobiscum", 1849 A.D.)

"We are taught most clearly that the obedience which men are obliged to render to the authorities established by God is an absolute precept which no one can violate, except if by chance something is commanded which runs counter to the laws of God or of the Church. 'Let everyone' says the Apostle, 'be subject to higher authorities, for there exists no authority except from God, and those who exist have been appointed by God. Therefore he who resists the authority resists the ordination of God...wherefore you must needs be subject not only because of the wrath, but also for conscience sake' (Rom. 13:1,2,5). Similarly St. Peter (1 Pt. 2:13) teaches all the faithful: 'Be subject to every human creature for God's sake, whether to the king as supreme, or to the governors sent through him ...' for (he says) such is the will of God, that by doing good you would silence the ignorance of foolish men.' By observing these admonitions the first Christians, even during the persecutions, deserved well of the Roman emperors themselves and of the security of the state. 'Christian soldiers,' says St. Augustine, 'served an infidel emperor: when it came to the subject of Christ, they recognized no one except Him who is in heaven. They distinguished between the eternal Lord and the temporal lord, but also were subject to the temporal lord because of the eternal Lord' (St. Aug. On Ps. 124). The holy Fathers have always taught this doctrine. The Catholic Church has taught it and continues to teach it." (Pope Gregory XVI, "Cum Primum", 1832 A.D.)

"Whence it will behoove citizens to submit themselves and to be obedient to rulers, as to God, not so much through fear of punishment as through respect for their majesty; nor for the sake of pleasing, but through conscience, as doing their duty. And by this means authority will remain far more firmly seated in its place. For the citizens, perceiving the force of this duty, would necessarily avoid dishonesty and contumacy, because they must be persuaded that they who resist State authority resist the divine will; that they who refuse honor to rulers refuse it to God Himself. This doctrine the Apostle Paul particularly inculcated on the Romans; to whom he wrote with so great authority and weight on the reverence to be entertained toward the higher powers, that it seems nothing could be prescribed more weightily: 'Let every soul be subject to higher powers, for there is no power but from God, and those that are, are ordained of God. Therefore he that resisteth the power resisteth the ordinance of God, and they that resist purchase to themselves damnation... wherefore be subject of necessity, not only for wrath, but also for conscience' sake.' And in agreement with this is the celebrated declaration of Peter, the Prince of the Apostles, on the same subject: 'Be ye subject, therefore, to every human creature for God's sake; whether it be to the king as excelling, or to governors, as sent by him for the punishment of evildoers, and for the praise of the good, for so is the will of God.'" (Pope Leo XIII, "Diuturnum", 1881 A.D.)

The idea that "It is lawful to refuse obedience to legitimate princes, and even to rebel against them" was formally condemned by Pope Pius IX in the Syllabus of Errors.

The great St. Thomas Aquinas confirms that "...justice requires that subjects obey their superiors, else the stability of human affairs would cease."

Those with thinking brains realize that control of a nation's borders is necessary to maintain a safe human society. Without such control, enemies could overrun the country and "the stability of human affairs would cease." That is why "every country" in the world - even the Vatican - necessarily regulates immigration. It's essential to the safety and well-being of the populace.

So just laws restricting immigration are not immoral, but rather protective of the citizenry, and therefore they must be obeyed.

I see no need for further analysis of this point: Illegal immigration is unlawful, both civilly and morally.

My second point is that illegal immigration is harmful to the United States. Extremely harmful. Most honest, informed adults already know this. Yet certain members of the Church would try to pretend otherwise. They are aided by the liberal media which conspires to keep truth from its audience.

To demonstrate my point, the following are some headlines which may not have received much attention in the liberal dominated media...

"Criminal Foreigners in Prison Cost American Taxpayers $1.4B Every Year"

"Border Patrol Official: Central Americans Entering U.S. With Contagious Health Conditions"

"Americans Billed $60B a Year To Educate Illegal Aliens, Anchor Babies"

"Illegal Immigrant Crime Costs American Taxpayers $16.1 Billion Every Year"

"Illegal Immigration Destroys American Schools, Hurts Kids The Most"

"Crimes by Illegal Immigrants Widespread Across U.S."

"CBO: Immigration Has 'Negative Effect on Wages'"

"Illegal Immigration Costs U.S. $113 Billion a Year, Study Finds"

"Illegal Alien Gang Violence Proliferating in U.S."

"Conviction data show illegal immigrants commit more crimes than native-born Americans: study"

"In 2019 Over 90% of Illegal Aliens Arrested in U.S. Had Criminal Convictions, Pending Charges"

"MS-13's wave of murder fueled by illegal immigrants"

"Record $135 billion a year for illegal immigration, average $8,075 each, $25,000 in NY"

"Sex & Modern Slavery: US-Mexico border is a human trafficking hub for sex trade and forced labor"

"Illegal Aliens Murder at a Much Higher Rate Than US Citizens Do"

"Most Illegal Immigrants in US Receive Government Benefits, Costing Taxpayers Billions: Experts"

"Illegal Immigrant Gangs Commit Most U.S. Crime"

"IRS Found 1.2 Million Cases of Identity Theft by Illegal Immigrants"

"Illegal Immigration Spreads Infectious Disease in U.S."

"Americans Billed $60B a Year to Educate Illegal Aliens, Anchor Babies"

"Massive illegal immigrant drug cartel ring busted"

"Illegal Immigrants Account for $10.7 Billion of Nation's Health Care Costs, Data Show"

"Illegal Immigrants Cause Public School Crisis"

"Untaxed: Foreign-born workers send $150 billion a year to their home country, says study"

"El Paso a Major Smuggling Route for Mexican Drugs, Illegal Aliens, & Islamic Terrorists"

"Sheriff reveals deadly realities of illegal immigration across US southern border"

"How Illegal Immigrant Activity Fuels America's Opioid Crisis"

"Smugglers Using Kidnapped Children to Get Migrants Into US Illegally"

"Illegal Immigrants Cost Texas $12.36 Billion A Year—10% Of State Budget"

"Report: Illegal immigration harms blacks, robs social services from legal Americans"

"Border Patrol Reportedly Transporting Covid-Sick Border-Crossers to U.S. Hospitals and Becoming Infected Themselves"

"Authorities find human trafficking tunnel at US-Mexican border"

"Illegal immigrants cited in theft of 39 million Social Security numbers"

"Study: Taxpayers in Low-Migration States pay $454M a Year For Illegal Aliens, Anchor Babies"

"Illegal Immigrant Urinating In Public Repeatedly Stabs Man Who Objected, Police Say"

"Thousands of Illegal Immigrants Live in Public Housing" (The article continues, "Untold thousands of illegal immigrants live in public housing at a time when hundreds of thousands of citizens and legal residents are stuck waiting years for a spot")

"Study: 14.3M Illegal Aliens Living in U.S., Costing Americans $132B a Year"

Illegal immigration brings much harm in its wake, for example consider the potential harm to...

* Healthcare

* Education

* Crime rates

* Wages

* Social services

* Labor market

* Insurance

* Housing costs

* Public health (e.g. from contagious diseases brought over by illegals)

Consider the additional crimes that illegal aliens have committed, such as...

* murders

* rapes

* assaults

* robberies

* arsons

* motor vehicle thefts

* DUIs

* forged documents

* stolen identities

* drug trafficking

* human trafficking

* human smuggling

* property damage

* voter fraud

Illegal aliens consume welfare, drive up housing, education & medical costs, take jobs away from others, commit crime, and even harm the environment (e.g. by driving cars that don't meet standards). They may take coveted spots away from others (e.g. jobs, housing, long term care, hospitals), and contribute to homelessness. They may not have auto insurance (driving up the cost for everyone else), they may drive without valid licenses (bringing danger to others), and they may lie to avoid being caught. Many have babies in hospitals at the expense of the American taxpayer. Some bring gang violence. Some bring drugs. Some commit horrific crimes. It harms national security and safety to allow unvetted persons into the country.

Illegals may also bring an assortment of quality of life issues upon American citizens...

* increased traffic (resulting in longer commutes which take more of our time, result in more traffic accidents, and cause more wear and tear of the roads)

* blight (including trash, graffiti, litter & uncleanliness)

* zoning violations (e.g. multiple families living together in small dwellings)

* longer lines at hospitals, doctor's offices, and government offices

* wasted time due to language differences (e.g. waiting for bilingual messages on phone recordings, sifting through written materials in foreign languages)

* health issues (e.g. due to contagious diseases illegals bring)

* safety issues (e.g. due to illegal water, power and sewage hookups, and due to an inability to read signs in English)

* miscommunications (e.g. people in the workforce who barely speak English)

* lost jobs, competition for jobs, inability to get a job (e.g. lost jobs due to influx of illegals, competition for jobs due to illegals' willingness to work for less pay, inability of American citizens to get a job in some sectors because they are not bilingual)

* financial burdens (e.g. due to increased insurance costs, due to wage losses, due to increased taxes as a result of services given to illegals, costs of foreign language accommodations - in court, voting, businesses, schools, and elsewhere)


* engage in lawlessness in order to stay

* lessen respect for the law

* disrespect America (some demand to receive more benefits at taxpayers' expense, some even fly flags of their home countries on our soil)

* set a bad example for their children

* place financial burdens on American taxpayers

* transfer "massive" amounts of wealth out of America

* drain law enforcement resources

* burden our criminal justice system

* compete with Americans for limited jobs, rentals, hospital beds, and government resources

* take away resources from veterans, the disabled, the elderly, and other U.S. citizens

* burden already scarce public resources (e.g. power, water)

They may take your money (e.g. taxes, increased insurance premiums, etc.), your time (e.g. jury duty, additional time waiting for the doctor, lost time in traffic, etc.), maybe your job or health (e.g. due to communicable diseases they bring), and maybe even your life. For example if emergency rooms are full of illegal aliens, ambulances may be turned away and the sick left to die. And, of course, there is always the danger of murder and terrorism due to illegal immigration.

Those not blind to truth can see that illegal aliens have caused great harm to American citizens. They have no right to enter this country illegally, or to steal from us, or to harm us. They have no right to demand things of us.

Even our Lord says those who don't enter by the door into the sheepfold are thieves and robbers...

"Amen, amen, I say to you: He that entereth not by the door into the sheepfold but climbeth up another way, the same is a thief and a robber." (John 10:1)

Illegals invading this country are not entering by the door (meaning following the legal path for immigrants). They do not obey our just immigration laws. Rather, they scoff at our laws and sneak in by "another way." This invasion of thieves has caused great harm to Americans.

I'd grant that many, or even most, illegal aliens probably have good intentions, but good intentions can't make a sinful act acceptable, nor can they make an illegal act legal. Whether illegals like it or not, they are lawbreakers. In fact, breaking the law is their first act on U.S. soil. And they continue to break the law as long as they remain here illegally. This cannot be good for them or for America.

And of course, illegal immigration is not a victimless crime. In addition to particular offenses committed by illegals directly against specific Americans, there is also the matter of illegals generally "stealing" from taxpayers. Plus, it is only common sense that if illegal aliens are willing to break one law, they are likely willing to break other laws. So illegals produce an undercurrent of lawlessness. Refer to the headlines above for more examples of ways Americans are victimized due to illegal immigration.

There is also the matter of illegal aliens' souls. As Catholics, we should be concerned about the souls of our fellow brothers and sisters. Persons living unlawfully in America should be reminded of Catholic precepts concerning necessary obedience. Recall the passages of Scripture above, especially the New Testament passage which says...

"Therefore, whoever resists authority opposes what God has appointed, and those who oppose it will bring judgment upon themselves." (Romans 13:2)

Besides resisting authority, essentially stealing from others (e.g. by utilizing services paid for by American citizens), teaching their children poor values (e.g. that it is acceptable to break the law), harming Americans (e.g. due to job losses, deflated wages, crime), illegal aliens may imperil their own lives by making a dangerous journey (especially in the case of women and children) and they may spend their days "living poorly in the shadows", possibly stealing others' identities and serially lying to avoid capture. The horrors associated with illegal entry into America are truly legion. As one headline announces, "Borrowed kids: DNA testing shows a third of those migrant 'families' aren't related"

The multitude of sins associated with illegal immigration is incalculable! And again, as Catholics, we should be concerned about the souls of our fellow brothers and sisters. For a proper Catholic perspective in these matters, let's dust off the old Baltimore Catechism...

"All persons must derive whatever lawful authority they posses from God Himself, from whom they receive it directly or indirectly. Therefore, to disobey our lawful superiors [in lawful matters] is to disobey God Himself, and hence such disobedience is always sinful."

"The fourth Commandment forbids all disobedience, contempt, and stubbornness towards our parents or lawful superiors."

"By contempt is meant willful disrespect for lawful authority, and by stubbornness is meant willful determination not to yield to lawful authority."

Considering these truths, how is it possible for illegal aliens in America to not be in a perpetual state of sin? Although they may gain some financial advantage by their illegal trespass into America, how can this be weighed against the harm to their souls? Recall Jesus' question...

"For what doth it profit a man, if he gain the whole world and suffer the loss of his own soul?" (Matthew 16:26)

Furthermore, illegal immigration harms American citizens, their brothers and sisters in Christ. Isn't it in direct opposition to the love of our neighbor that Jesus calls us to have? As the same catechism teaches...

"These two Commandments of the love of God and of our neighbor contain the whole law of God because all the other Commandments are given either to help us to keep these two, or to direct us how to shun what is opposed to them."

And again, illegal immigration - which involves disobedience, trespassing, lawbreaking - is bad for participants' souls. In light of Scripture passages mentioned above...

"Therefore, whoever resists authority opposes what God has appointed, and those who oppose it will bring judgment upon themselves." (Romans 13:2)

"Amen, amen, I say to you: He that entereth not by the door into the sheepfold but climbeth up another way, the same is a thief and a robber." (John 10:1)

How can someone think the behavior of illegal immigrants breaking the law and stealing their way into the U.S. - a country which already has the "most generous immigration policies in the world" - could be acceptable to God?

By contrast, the Lord praises the "poor in spirit" in the first Beatitude, for which the catechism explains...

"The first Beatitude means by the "poor in spirit" all persons, rich or poor, who would not offend God to posses or retain anything that this world can give; and who, when necessity or charity requires it, give willingly for the glory of God. It includes also those who humbly submit to their condition in life when it cannot be improved by lawful means."

Even though we sympathize with the plight of those in poverty that want to come to America, such persons are not entitled to do whatever they want in order to improve their condition in life. Rather they must use lawful means to accomplish their goals.

Some might argue that the land was originally "stolen" from Mexicans (even though America paid for it) and they are just "getting it back". The radical, far left has pushed this Reconquista (or "Plan of Aztlan") agenda for decades. But how can this revolutionary scheme excuse sinful disobedience or the victimization of Americans on the part of illegals? Remember what the Bible says...

"Therefore, whoever resists authority opposes what God has appointed, and those who oppose it will bring judgment upon themselves." (Romans 13:2)

Illegal aliens are clearly rejecting lawful authority in following these radical groups. The words subversive, seditious, and insurrection come to mind. They are also harming American citizens in many ways. Does any of this seem very Christian? Do these actions seem good for the soul?

If we really care about others' souls as we should, we must remind that God commands obedience to just laws. We should show how much better it would be for people to follow the laws instead of disobey them. We should show them how they would be happier, how they would be safer, how it would be better for their children and for all Americans. We should show them how it would be better for their own souls.

Why is it we don't see priests & bishops advising those who have "stolen" their way into America (and subsequently lie, steal, or cheat to remain here) to repent, confess, and right the wrong? Isn't it one of their primary jobs to endeavor that all people repent of their sins? Church leaders should remind illegal aliens that disobedience to just laws is offensive to God, that lying is a sin, and that forcibly burdening other taxpayers is wrong (uncharitable at best, and thievery at worst).

If someone refuses to repent of a grave sin but instead plans to continue in it, shouldn't absolution be refused? "A confessor who defers absolution because he does not believe the penitent well enough disposed, is not too severe; on the contrary, he is very charitable and acts as a good physician who tries all remedies, even those that are disagreeable and painful, to save the life of his patient." (Catechism of St. Pius X) If there was some other grave sin that someone wouldn't repent of and planned to continue, would a priest knowing these facts dare to give them absolution? As the same catechism states, a priest "must" refuse absolution in some cases: "Confessors not only may, but must defer or refuse absolution in certain cases so as not to profane the sacrament." (Catechism of St. Pius X) Yet have you ever heard of priests being unwilling to give absolution to unrepentant illegal aliens? Aren't you far more likely to hear priests chastising others for being opposed to illegal immigration, as if supporting disobedience towards just laws was somehow charitable? Even though the Bible states as follows...?

"Therefore, whoever resists authority opposes what God has appointed, and those who oppose it will bring judgment upon themselves." (Romans 13:2)

Those who fail to condemn others' sinful acts, such as breaking laws, lying, and harming others may become complicit in the wrongdoing. It is perhaps good for them to be reminded of the Catholic doctrine that people can be accessories to others sins by...

* consent

* concealment

* silence

* defending the ill done

* providing the sinner refuge from justice

Those who oppose proper consequences for persons breaking the law encourage more lawbreaking. Do they not therefore bear some of the guilt for the subsequent crimes?

Illegal immigration is a grave & widespread problem in the United States as the above headlines indicate, and it is very burdensome to taxpayers. In fact, it may cost American taxpayers significantly more per day to detain one illegal alien than the average American earns per day. And illegal immigrants don't come remotely close to reimbursing American citizens for the burdens they place on taxpayers. Not by a longshot. For some of the costs associated with illegal immigration, see above. As to the scope of the problem, consider these headlines...

"Border Patrol Agents Arrest Staggering Number of Illegal Aliens During 30-Hour Period"

"More Illegal Aliens Giving Birth To Anchor Babies in Los Angeles Than Total U.S. Births in 14 states"

"Yale, MIT study: 22 million, not 11 million, undocumented immigrants in US"

"Record number of undocumented immigrants flooded the southern border in May"

"More Than 10 Million Illegals in California Alone"

"L.A., Orange counties are home to 1 million immigrants who are in the country illegally, analysis shows"

"The Number of Illegals Caught at the Southwest Border Nearly Doubles, DHS Reports"

"Number of illegal immigrants in US may be twice what's reported: Yale-MIT study"

It doesn't matter if someone "overstays their visa" or crawls over a wall or through a tunnel to live illegally in America, it is still wrong both civilly and morally. And illegal aliens' continued residence in the U.S.A. may entail an assortment of lies and trickery to maintain.

Still more unfortunate, illegals generally do not strike me as being terribly repentant. In fact, some seem to feel "entitled." They may also fail to assimilate. According to one headline, even legal immigrants may not make a great effort to assimilate: "Majority of Foreign Refugees Can't Speak English After Five Years Living in U.S." These facts cannot help people in America to come together in harmony.

If we are honest, I do not think (unrepentant) illegal aliens are the type of people we want in this country. They are lawbreakers, they reject authority, and are essentially "thieves and robbers" taking advantage of our services & benefits. They apparently have no regard for border security or for the burdens they put on others. They may tell lies to remain in the country or to get jobs. They may cheat on their taxes or use someone else's identity. A certain amount of them use drugs and engage in violent crimes.

But don't we have a duty of charity towards them? Yes, but there is no obligation to allow people to invade our country or steal from us. Illegals are like people who "broke into our houses", not innocent persons seeking hospitality. When someone breaks into your house, you have a duty to protect your family, not be hospitable to the criminals. Of course we have a duty of hospitality towards our fellow man, but we aren't required to allow robbers to remain in our home and harm us. We are not required to hand over our children's resources to those breaking the law.

Don't be misled, you are not called to be welcoming to the robber or trespasser who has broken into your home, nor is it uncharitable to have a robber or trespasser removed and prosecuted after breaking into your home. We can't condone lawlessness. Certainly Catholics do not have any responsibility to allow robbers or trespassers to continue to reside in their homes - and if they did, they may be (sinfully) risking the safety of their loved ones and even their neighbors. This is not charity. For everyone's good, Catholics should embrace the concept of justice when someone commits a wrong (especially in cases where guilty persons are not sorry for their crimes and would do them again if they were able to).

We absolutely need to be charitable and hospitable, but allowing illegal immigration is actually not charitable or hospitable. It harms the illegal immigrants and the American citizenry (see above for examples of harm to both parties). The United States is already the "most generous country on earth" in terms of allowing immigration and it's not wrong to insist that our just laws be followed in order to immigrate here. God Himself requires that we obey proper authorities. Yet, illegals have no respect for our laws and by their actions teach their children to have no respect for our laws. Instead, they foster in their children an "entitlement mentality", a "gaming-the-system" approach, rather than nurturing humility and sorrow for their parents' misdeeds. How likely is it children formed in such an environment will become proper American citizens? Yes it is not fair to children when their parents are the ones who committed the misdeeds, but it is also not fair for others to bear the burden of the parents' wrongdoing. All children suffer for the crimes of their parents. There is no escaping this. We know, for example, that children suffer when a parent goes to jail, but criminals must go to jail, even despite the consequences to their innocent children. It is on the parents to not commit the crimes, not on others to shield strangers' children from all consequences of their parents' misdeeds. In fact, it may be good for children to see there are consequences for lawlessness. There certainly are grave consequences for unrepented crimes after death! We may not like to experience the consequences of our (or others') misdeeds, but it is necessary in order to right wrongs, and it is necessary in order for justice to prevail.

Promoting lawlessness with respect to America's just immigration statutes is not worthy of Catholics, be they lay people or our highest leaders. The victimizing of American citizens due to illegal immigration must stop. It is the duty of the government to protect us from these dangers and harms. It is the duty of the Church to speak honestly regarding the immorality of illegal immigration, not sanction the disobedience.

It is also charitable towards others to encourage persons who would break laws in pursuit of living in the U.S. to instead follow the proper paths and avoid all the evil that may follow if they instead choose to commit crime. This way we can all live in a law-abiding society and obey legitimate authority as God instructs.

And for those distracted by claims of racism, we must be honest that it is not "racist" to enforce immigration laws or to want all people to follow the law. This isn't about race at all. It's about basic law and order. And further proof that it's not racist to have immigration laws, consider the immigration related laws of the countries of origin of illegal immigrants. For example, consider that Mexico has its own southern border and they deport "more" immigrants from certain regions than the U.S. does. In fact, Mexican immigration laws may be "less lenient" than ours. That should shut down the racism argument for honest persons.

It is also not wrong to have walls - even the Vatican has walls! Scripture also speaks favorably concerning walls. Walls have been used throughout human history, clearly they are necessary!

Before concluding, let me at last reference the obvious distinction between legal and illegal immigration. This article does not concern legal immigration, but only illegal immigration. Legal immigration is the reason "all of us" are here (hopefully our ancestors followed the laws and came here legally). Legal immigration has bettered the United States and its citizens. Illegal immigration, by contrast, harms America and Americans.

There is a lawful way to enter this great country, and that's how it must invariably be done. We must insist upon it. When someone follows the laws, we can welcome them here with open arms. It is the path that is best for us and for them. And since God requires obedience to lawful authority, it seems safe to say this is the way that most pleases God.

Regarding persons who choose to break our immigration laws, I propose the following 10 items, in charity...

1. We must reject the liberals' push for amnesty (which is unfair to those who follow the laws, harms Americans, benefits the evil baby-killing Democratic party, and encourages more lawlessness).

2. We must not grant benefits (including education) to illegals. They should not receive rewards for breaking the law, and Americans should not be financially victimized having to pay for such rewards. Those who have received benefits in the past should be charged for them (or their home country should be billed).

3. We should encourage illegals to self-deport. This would be good for America and for their souls. If they want to return to America, they should first have to pay back what they have taken from this country and be placed at the end of the line. If they cannot afford to pay back what they owe, perhaps some form of community service could be implemented. Again, this is good for America and for their souls.

4. We need to end the ridiculous practice of birthright citizenship. Wise people have demonstrated that it is a misreading of our laws. It harms the American people and encourages more illegal immigration.

5. We must actively prohibit sanctuary cities. Such places constitute a betrayal of the American people.

6. We must require that our laws and regulations be uniformly enforced. This includes immigration laws and local regulations (illegals often enjoy advantages not available to American citizens, e.g. not having laws enforced against them). We must always insist that people enter the United States legally.

7. Criminal illegal aliens should pay heavy penalties (including the death penalty) for their crimes. This is required in justice and is preventative of future crimes. The costs associated with their punishments should be fully repaid by the criminals or by their home countries.

8. We should immediately deport illegal migrants and charge them (or their governments) for the cost of doing so. This goes for border crossers and those who overstay visas. Likewise, legitimate claims for asylum should be immediately addressed and handled (and those not qualified should be sent back at once).

9. We must increase and maintain border security (including the wall) to maintain our sovereignty. Let others know they don't have a chance to get in this country unlawfully. For those who advocate open borders, let them consider the numerous examples of harm resulting from porous borders which are readily available.

10. Stop pushing for amnesty for so-called Dreamers. Children of illegals should not be rewarded for the misdeeds of their parents, just like no one else's children would be rewarded if their parents were caught cheating and stealing. (Ask yourself, if your parents were caught stealing merchandise from a store do you think any sane, law-abiding person would support you keeping, free of charge, the stolen goods because it was not your fault? Do you think the shopkeeper should be forced to hand over subsequent free merchandise to you after your parents had been caught stealing from their store for years? How exactly would that be fair? Would it instill in the child respect for the law or that stealing is wrong?) Teach "dreamers" instead to follow the laws. They (or their parents) should pay back what they have unfairly received. They should pursue citizenship through lawful means, like their fellow countrymen must do. They should not be advantaged in any way by their parents' lawlessness.

We should also try to help make others' home countries places they would want to stay. This way they avoid the potentially tragic journey, keep strong ties to their own communities, and avoid a life "in the shadows". Americans have proven themselves immensely charitable over the years, so it seems likely that goodhearted individuals would support (on their own dime!) outreaches to other countries that would educate and help them make better use of their own resources. Those in power in the U.S. could also support positive political changes in other countries that would foster opportunity and reduce oppression. America had to build itself up "from nothing", so why not other countries as well?

It is time to end the victimization of Americans by illegal immigrants. Permitting illegal immigration is a grave failure of our leaders and we have suffered tremendously for it. Some have even lost their lives due to this issue. It is not fair to U.S. citizens, or to those migrants who come here legally, to tolerate (or even reward) illegal immigration. And as mapped out above, it is even bad for the souls of the illegal aliens. We must instead encourage people to enter this country the correct way (where we can vet migrants and better protect American citizens). It's the right thing to do, both for us and for them.

Signature ImageSignature: Legal US Citizen

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