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'Natural Family Planning' | NFP

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Death Penalty

Divorce | 'Remarriage'


Secret Societies



Homosexual 'Marriage'

The Rainbow



Gender Dysphoria

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Mixed Marriages

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Immodest Dress


Organ Donation

Airport Scans

9/11 | Nine Eleven | Nine-Eleven

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Rock 'n Roll | Rock 'n' Roll | Rock & Roll | Rock and Roll


'Career Women'


Racial Harmony

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Religious Indifferentism




Vaccine | Vaccines | Vaccination

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Illegal Immigration

False Apparitions

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Political Correctness | PC

John Paul II's Rosary Changes

Divine Mercy Devotion Controversy

'Theology of the Body'

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Please Note:

'Current issues' may refer to contemporary issues - often dating from approximately 1960 forward - which deal with the Church (or morals) or affect the Church (or morals) in some way. Remember that the Church is about 2,000 years old, so issues of 50+ years or more may be considered relatively 'current'.


Topic: Current Issues

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Please Note: Categorization of items below as 'secular' or 'Catholic' is subjective & done for convenience purposes. Items may be both secular and religious.

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'Climate Change' / 'Global Warming'

Contraception / NFP ('Natural Family Planning')

Death Penalty


Freemasonry / Secret Societies



Infertility / Sterility

Movie Reviews

Pro-Life (Incl. Abortion, Euthanasia, IVF, Sterilization, Etc.)

Sickness / Illness


» 25 Reasons To Reject Airport Full Body Scans (Guest Article, Plus Update: "Author was 'prophetic'")

» American Catholic Lawyers Association, Inc. Press Release on Obergefell v. Hodges (Guest Article, Used With Permission)

» 9/11 Was a 'Religious Event' (Catholic League Article, Used With Permission)

» Contraception: The Bacteria Devouring America's Soul (Judie Brown/ALL Article, Used With Permission)

» Movie Review: "Doubt" Anti-Catholic or Not? (Special Feature)

» Some Thoughts on Modesty / Immodest Dress

» Abortion

» Contraception

» Euthanasia

» The Myth of Overpopulation

» Organ Donation: Act of Charity or License to Kill? [Flier] 

» 'Exclusive Articles'...

15 Great Alternatives to Television

Against Superstitions

Against Swearing and Cursing

Against Tattoos

Are Near Death Experiences Fact or Fiction?

Great Reasons for Catholics to Homeschool

Keep Cell Phones, TV, Internet and Other Screens Away From Children

The Satanic Influence of Rock and Roll

Take Back the Rainbow

True Phobias Vs. False Phobias

We Need More Housewives

Why Catholics Should Not Do Yoga

Why Using Stem Cells From Aborted Babies is Wrong


» User-Submitted Articles...

Attention: Read This If You Love Your Children

A Challenge To Modern Women

The Cross of a Hysterectomy From a Catholic Perspective

Dereliction of Duty vs. True Heroes: Satan Still Goes After the Woman

Don't Be Afraid To Spank Your Children

Homeschooling Tips

How Catholics Harm The Pro-Life Cause & What Can Be Done: Using The Blessed Virgin As Our Guide

I Will Die Childless Thanks To NFP

Illegal Immigration: Unlawful, Harmful & Sinful

The Liberal Dilemma, Expressed in Formulas (Fun With Math: A Conservative's "Fun Way" to Estimate a Liberal's Behavior)

Machinations Of Our Mortal Enemy 

An Open Letter To Black People (or 'African Americans'): A Sincere Call To Racial Harmony

Please Don't Do That! Reasons Catholics Shouldn't Lend Their Support To Non-Catholic Efforts

Ten Common Annulment Myths

"Thanks to today's hardworking women"

Transgenderism: A Commonsense Catholic Approach

12 Reasons I Never Want An Electric Vehicle: Dangers of EV's to Drivers, Property, and the Public at Large

"The Worst Sin in the Entire World"

The Wrong Side of Goodbye / Many Tears Ago: Reflections on Abortion

Vaccination Myths


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Heresy & Schism

Kneeling / Genuflecting

'Luminous Mysteries'

Mixed Marriage


Novus Ordo Mass

Second Vatican Council

Traditional Catholic

Traditional Latin Mass


» Can Dogmas Change?

» Communion in the Hand: Why Not?

» Communion Under Both Species: Is it Required?

» The Cross Vs. The Crucifix

» Listing of Possible Dissenters

» Latin Mass & Catholic Tradition: Q & A [Incl. Catholic Tradition, Modernism / Novelties, The Traditional Liturgical Calendar, Traditionalists in a Modern World (Incl. Obedience, Religious Liberty, Ecumenism, Schism, and More...), The Tridentine Mass, and More...]

» Lay 'Eucharistic Ministers': Why Not?

» Marian Apparitions at Medjugorje: True or False?

» Mixed Marriages

» Overcoming Heresy, Schism, & Error

» Pope John Paul II's Rosary: The Luminous Mysteries

» Proper Behavior in Church

» Summary of Changes Since Vatican II: A Revolution in the Church?

» The Term 'Church'

» The Traditional Latin (Tridentine) Mass vs. the New (Novus Ordo) Mass (and Cautionary Statement Regarding "Illicit" Latin 'Tridentine' Masses)

» 'Traditionalist Testimonies'

» Top Reasons Why Women Can't Be Priests

» Vatican II and its Fruits

» Why Priestly Celibacy?

» For Religious Indifferentism Info., Try: Does it Really Matter if I'm Catholic or Not? / No Salvation Outside the Church

» Against Errors / Modernism (Papal Writings)

» Saint/Canonization Issues...

Saints Outside the Church?

'Doctor of the Church' Declaration: "St. Gregory of Narek"

Modern Canonization Concerns: Try Here and Here and Here

» The Comeback of the Latin Mass...

Status of the Latin 'Tridentine' Mass

Encouraging News for Traditionalists

'Traditionalist Testimonies'

What to Do / How You Can Help

How to Find a Latin 'Tridentine' Mass

Attending the Latin 'Tridentine' Mass for the First Time


» Vatican II Did Not Condemn Traditional Catholics or the Traditional Mass (Printable Flier)

» Summary of Changes Since Vatican II: A Revolution in the Church? Plus Companion Article: "Vatican II and its Fruits": Paperback & Kindle Book Versions (Catholic Controversy Series / Article Reprints)

» "The Traditional Latin ('Tridentine') Mass vs. the New (Novus Ordo) Mass" Plus Companion Article: "'Tridentine' Vs. Novus Ordo: Some Pictorial Comparisons": Paperback & E-book Versions (Catholic Controversy Series / Article Reprints)

» "Catholics And Ecumenism: Why Do Traditionalists Disapprove Of False Ecumenism? Doesn't This Go Against 'The Council' (Vatican II)?" Paperback & Kindle Book Versions (Catholic Controversy Series / Article Reprints)

» Holy Scripture Related Items...

How reliable is modern scholarship regarding Scripture?

Is it acceptable to say that inspiration of Holy Scripture is narrowed to certain parts of the Bible or regards only things of faith and morals?

Is it wrong to use a Protestant bible?

Modernism / Modernist Errors / Scripture (Q & A)

What did the First Vatican Council say about those who deny miracles which are contained in Scripture?

What does the 'attack on revelation' refer to?


» Amoris Laetitia: License to Sin & Profane? (Special Feature)

» Does the New Replica Disprove the Authenticity of the Shroud of Turin? (Guest Article) & Related Guest Commentary: The Shroud Debate

» Sacred Particles on the Floor, Lay Person's Crisis of Conscience: A Priority? (News Feature)

» Should the Feast of Christ the King Be Celebrated in October or November? (Peter Kwasniewski / Rorate-Caeli Blog Article, Used With Permission)

» 'Theology of the Body' (Q & A) [John Salza/ScriptureCatholic Article, Used With Permission]

» What Not To Pray For: Some Prayers Are An Abomination (News & Opinion Article)

» What's Up With The Recent Papal Canonizations? Questionable Canonizations: Politics & Agendas (Guest Article)

» Catholic Parenting Tips: 50 Tips for Raising a Joyful, Holy Catholic Family (A 'Exclusive Article')

» Parenting Tips (User-Submitted Tips)

» User-Submitted Articles...

"10 Commandments" According to the Ignorant & Misguided - PC & False Christianity: A Scriptural Response

42 Reasons Nuns Should Wear Habits

Actual Charity vs. the Appearance of Charity: False charity is NOT Christian!

All Clients That Had Abortions Feel Terrible

The Blessed Virgin Mary: The Perfect Role Model

"Great" Popes: When a Pope Should Be & Should Not Be Called Great

A Hidden Danger in Relaxed Pre-Mass Fasting

In Reality, There is No Such Thing as a Non-Catholic Christian

My Experience With Ten Years Of Traditional Latin Masses: 'What I like most about the Traditional Mass and what I miss least about the New Mass'

To Fast or Feast? Examining Friday Night Meals at the Parish

Today's Subtle Demonic Attack Against the Sacraments

Toxic Mercy: "Mercy" That Can Kill The Soul

A Traditional Catholic Traveler's Novus Ordo Survival Guide

Traditional Confession Vs. Modern 'Reconciliation': Pitfalls, Dangers & Drawbacks of the New Approach

'Tridentine' Latin Mass

What's Up With Faustina's Divine Mercy Devotion? Unanswered Questions & Things You May Not Know [Now Available in Paperback & Kindle Versions]

What's Up With Faustina's Divine Mercy Devotion (2)? Another Approach For Getting To The Truth [Now Available in Paperback & Kindle Versions]

What's Up With Faustina's Divine Mercy Devotion (3)? Some Additional Thoughts On Faustina's Divine Mercy Devotion [Now Available in Paperback & Kindle Versions]

Who is a Good Person?


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» Questions About Our Social Media Presence / Social Media ('Quick Help' Page)

» MCS Web Polls / Current Catholic Polls

» MCS Web Poll Archive

» Classic Encyclicals & Other Papal Documents [Incl. Communications / Entertainment, Economics / Government / Social Order / Liberty, Education, Errors / Modernism, Freemasonry / Secret Societies, The Holy Eucharist, Holy Mass / Sacred Liturgy, Marriage, The Mystical Body of Christ, Priests / Vocations, Problems / Afflictions / Evils, Religious Unity, Sacred Music, Scripture, United States, Etc.]

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» 'Quick Help' Pages...

Administration Of The Holy Eucharist By Laity

Alleged Marian Apparitions At Medjugorje - True Or False?

Amoris Laetitia

Are Canonizations Infallible?

Are Catholics 'Homophobic' Or 'Transphobic'?

Are Excess Taxes Acceptable?

Bishops'/Cardinals' Support For TLM

Can Catholics John The Masons?

Can Dogmas Change?

Can Priests Make Mass More Liberal Or Conservative?

Can The Church Change Its Laws?

Can The Church Create New Dogmas?

Can The Church Ever Be In A State Of Apostasy?

Canon Of The Mass

Catholic Perspective On Airport Body Scans

Catholic Perspective On Career Women

Catholic Perspective On 'Climate Change'/'Global Warming'

Catholic Perspective On Homosexuality

Catholic Perspective On Illegal Immigration

Catholic Perspective On Racial Relations

Catholic Perspective On Tattoos  

Catholic Perspective On Transgenderism

Catholic Perspective On Vaccines

Catholic Perspective On Yoga

Catholic Polls

Catholics Voting For Abortion-Supporting Politicians

Changes In Church In The Wake Of Vatican II

Changes To Mass In The Wake Of Vatican II

The Church Wasn't Broken & No One Should Have Tried To Fix It

Communion In The Hand Questions

Consequences Of Vatican II

Criticism Of Modern Exorcism


Current Issues

Deacons Have Too Large Of A Role?

Denial Of Holy Communion To Obstinate Public Sinners

Did The Second Vatican Council Define Any New Dogma?

Did Vatican II Ban The Traditional Latin Mass?

Did Vatican II Ban The Use Of Latin?

Differences Between The Traditional Latin Mass & The Novus Ordo Mass

Disturbed By Noise In Church

Division In Marriage Over TLM/NO

Does The Syllabus Of Errors Contain All Condemned Errors?

Does The Tabernacle Belong On The Altar?

Effectiveness Of Holy Water/New Rite

'Exclusive Articles'

Extra Ecclesiam Nulla Salus (Definition)

Faustina's 'Divine Mercy' Image

Harm/Dangers/Concerns Associated With 'Lay Ministers Of Holy Communion'

Has The Second Vatican Council Superceded The Other Councils?

Have We Experienced 'Big Tech Tyranny'/Censorship?

Homosexual 'Marriage' / Homosexuality / 'Gay Conversion Therapy'

How Have Popes Referred To Modernism?

How To Restore Availability Of TLM

Is Applause Appropriate In Church?

Is Cigarette Smoking Sinful?

Is Co-Ed Vacationing Acceptable?

Is Dislike Of The Sign Of Peace & Holding Hands At The Lord's Prayer Cause To Avoid Mass?

Is Exorcist Video Real?

Is It Appropriate For Women To Fight In The Military?

Is It Charitable To Tolerate Error?

Is It Necessary To Receive Holy Communion Under The Species Of Wine?

Is Overpopulation A Myth?

Is Rock & Roll Acceptable?

Is The Ancient Mass Still Lawfully Celebrated? How Can I Locate One?

Is The Church's Traditional Interpretation Of Holy Scripture Subject To Correction?

Is The Novus Ordo 'Legal'?

Is The Traditional Liturgical Calendar Still Used?

Is There A Patron Saint Of Tattooing?

Is There A Sign Of Peace Among The Laity At A Traditional Latin Mass?

Lack of Reverence In Church

Lamenting Traditional Catholic

Laywoman Administering Holy Eucharist To Homebound Catholics

Lex Orandi, Lex Credendi (Definition)

List Of Possible Dissenters

Looking For Catholic Movie Reviews, Book Reviews

'Luminous Mysteries' (Novel Pope John Paul II Rosary Mysteries)

Marian Apparitions: Authentic Or Not?

Misguided Lay Woman (Hospital Chaplain) Seeks To Dispense Sacraments

News Coverage

News Resources

Noise In Church After Mass

Novus Ordo (Definition)

'Ottaviani Intervention' (Definition)

Parent Prohibiting Children From Watching Movies

Parish Without Kneelers

Permanent Diaconate Not Encouraged

Pope Francis' 7/16/21 'Attack' On The TLM (+ Subsequent Updates)

Popularity / Appeal Of The Traditional Latin Mass

Post-Vatican II Funeral Rite

Pro-Life Resources

Q & A Resources

Reasons Laity Should Not Receive Holy Communion In The Hand

Receiving Communion Under The Species Of Bread Only

Reconciliation Rooms/Modern Confession

Removal Of Side Altars

Resources For The Traditional Latin Mass

Scandal (Definition)

Second Vatican Council (Vatican II)/Modernism


Short Novus Ordo Mass

Should Catholics Hold Hands At The Lord's Prayer In Mass?

Should Catholics Trust Apparitions?

Should Communicants Kneel For Holy Communion?

Should Communion Be Received On The Tongue?

Should Communion Be Received Under Both Species (Bread AND Wine)?

Should Females Be Allowed To Be Altar Servers?

Should Holy Communion Be Received Only From Priests?

Should Laity Take The Eucharist From The Tabernacle?

Should 'Lay Ministers' Distribute Holy Communion?

Should Nuns Wear Habits?

Should Sinners Ever Be Rebuked Publicly?

Should The Holy Eucharist Be Denied To Public Sinners?

'Sign of Peace' At Mass

Siri Thesis/Third Secret of Fatima


Statistics Before And After Vatican II

'Subtle Demonic Attack Against The Sacraments'

'Theology Of The Body'

Traditional Catholic Communities

Visitor Angry Regarding Priest Scandals

Visitor Charges Error Regarding Coverage of Novus Ordo

Visitor Concerned/Defends Novus Ordo

Visitor Criticism Of Vatican II Article

Visitor Is Tired Of Media Focusing On Bad Priests

Visitor Says Baptism Of Desire Is Modernist

Visitor Says Communion In The Hand Should Be Stopped

Visitor Says Pro-Latin Mass Arguments Are One-Sided

Visitor 'Shocked' By News Article Involving Mosque

Visitor Supports Homosexuality

Visitor Upset By Stance Against Communion In The Hand

Visitor Upset Over Improper Conduct & Dress At Mass

Was I Right To Refuse Holy Communion From 'Lay Minister' In Hospital?

Was Pope Paul VI The Second Pope In History To Create A New Rite Of Mass?

Were The Liturgical Reforms Of Pope Paul VI Similar To Those Of Other Popes?

What Are Some Benefits Of Latin? / Why Is It Good To Pray In Latin?

What Are Some Criticisms Of Certain Modern Bible Translations?

What Catholic Devotion Helps Fight Socialism/Communism?

What Is A 'Particular Characteristic' Of Communism?

What Is Modernism?

What Is The Catholic Position On Organ Donation?

What Is The Traditional Position Of The Church Regarding Cremation?

What Is The Worst Sin Today?

What Is 'Toxic Mercy'?

What To Do If A Traditional Latin Mass Is Not Available At Your Parish

Who Is The Most Important Role Model For Catholics Today?

Why Did We Leave The App Store?

Why Do Some Replace Crucifixes With Plain Crosses?

Why Does The Church Condemn IVF?

Why Doesn't The Priest Face The People In The Traditional Latin Mass?

Why Is It Said That Protestants "Feel At Home" In The New Mass?

Why Might Catholics Oppose Wearing Face Masks During A Pandemic?

Why So Much Criticism Of 1960's Novus Ordo Mass?

Why This Covid Fiasco?

Women / Covered Heads (Veils)


» More Reflections...

Adoration Facing the East



Against a Purely Secular Education

Against Applause / Noise in Church

Against Bodily Destruction

Against 'Cafeteria Catholicism'

Against Co-Education

Against Communion in the Hand

Against Cross Dressing

Against Divorce & 'Remarriage'

Against Human 'Progress' in Religion

Against Interfaith Gatherings

Against Joking by Priests

Against Mass in the Vernacular

Against Military Training of Girls

Against Modernism / Novelty

Against Religious Indifferentism

Against Sex-Education for Youths (Outside the Home)

Against Women Wearing Men's Clothing

All Laity Forbidden to Preach in Church

The Anathema is an Act of Love

Anglican Ordinations Declared Invalid

Artificial Fertilization

Artificial Reproduction

Attacks Against Life

Attacks on Scripture

Bad / Fallen Priests

Bands Forbidden in Church

Baptism of Aborted Fetuses

Beauty & Decorum in the House of God

Birth Control / Contraception


The Blessed Virgin Will Succor Us in Our Trials

Blessing of Heaven May Not Be Expected if Homage is Unworthy

Buying & Selling Justly

The Calling to Religious Life

The Catholic Church is Key to Happy Life

Catholic Citizens

Catholic News Section Reflections

Catholics Not Living Their Faith Will Be Swept Away

Causes of Society's Ills

Celibacy / Chastity

Cemeteries / Burial

Charity Begins at Home

The Church Cannot Be Overthrown

Church Dogmas Are Unchangeable

The Church in America

The Church is Not a Democracy

Church Talk Reflections

The Church's Tender Care for Minorities / Abolishing Slavery

The Church's Traditional Interpretation of Holy Scripture Is Not Subject To Correction

Christ's Promise to the Church Should Be Understood as Referring to the Church as a Whole, and Not to Certain Portions of It

Cinema / Motion Pictures

Clerical Dress / Appearance / Comportment

Communion of the Laity Under One Species


Confession of Venial Sins / Frequent Confession

Conversion / Repentance

The Corruption of the World Today

Current Issues

Danger of Democracy

Death & Dying

Denial of Eucharist to Public Sinners

Devil / Satan / Evil

Divine Providence

Duties & Responsibilities of Priests

Duties & Responsibilities of the Faithful Towards Priests

Duty to Profess / Defend the Faith

Duty to Reject Strange Doctrine

Each Child Has a Right to an Education in Harmony With Church Teaching

Eastward Direction For Worship

Ecclesiastical Funerals / Burial

Employing Means of Communication for the Benefit of the Faith


The Enemy Seeks to Destroy the Church and Corrupt the People


Evil / Satan


Failure to Oppose Error is to Approve of It

Fallen Members of the Church

False Opinions Influence & Pervert Actions

Fatima & Offensive Fashions

Femininity & The Virgin Mary


First Duty of the Flock When Shepherd Becomes a Wolf

Following the Crowd


Fostering Vocations

Fraternal Correction

Freemasonry / Secret Societies

Gainful Occupations

God's Mercy to Sinners / All Sins Can Be Forgiven

Good & Bad Persons in the Catholic Church

Gospel Doesn't Support False Tolerance

Grave Are the Consequences of Ignorance in Matters of Religion

The Hardships of Life

Heaven Cannot Be Entered Without the Keys

Heresy/Heretics & Schism/Schismatics

Holiness / Virtue / Purity

Holy Communion Should Be Denied to Those Who Obstinately Persist in Manifest Grave Sin

The Holy Eucharist Should Be Handled Only By Priests



Instructions / Social Remedies

A Just Society

The Last Days

The Latin Language

Legitimate / Illegitimate Children

Let the World Hear of the Rights of God

Liturgical Vestments / Those Who Want Black Excluded

Living Together Without the Sacrament of Matrimony

Loss of the Fear of God

A Man Unwilling to Work Should Not Partake

Marriage Between Catholics & Non-Catholics

Mass is a Sacrifice / The Mass & Calvary



Mixed Marriage

Modernist Writings

Modernists / Scripture

Necessity of Baptism

Necessity of Being Catholic For Salvation

Necessity of Prayer

Necessity of Providing Food & Water to the Sick

Necessity of Receiving the Holy Eucharist

No Greater Gift Than the Catholic Faith

No Peace When We Wander From God

No Salvation Outside the Church

Non-Association with Heretics / Schismatics

Not Introducing New Forms of Devotion

Nothing Contrary to Virtue Goes Unpunished

Novel Teachings Are Forbidden

Novelty & The Clergy

The Obligation of Confession

Obligation of Voting

One Should Not Be Open Minded to Error

One Who Calls Himself Catholic But is Actually No Longer Catholic

Our Age is Hostile to Justice & Truth

Our Solicitude & Our Duty to Correct / Rebuke

Pan-Christianity Condemned

Parental Responsibility for Catholic Education

Patience / Trials

Penance / Confession

People Tend to Be of Same Quality as Their Priests


Personal Interpretation of Scripture / Rejection of Truth

Popes as Preservers of Tradition / Against New Doctrines

Practices / Behaviors of the Saints

Prenatal Diagnosis / Testing

The Press

Primacy of Husband / Obedience of Wife

Private Interpretation / Twisting Scripture

Private Property

Proper / Improper Church Attire

Proper Role & Behavior of Women

Religious Liberty (Trad.)

Return of a Sinner

Reverence / Proper Behavior (Mass / Holy Eucharist)

Sacred Art

Sacred Music

Sacred Things Not to be Put to Repugnant / Inappropriate Uses

Sacred Vessels Not To Be Touched by Laity


Satan / Devil

Scandals in the Church / Bad Catholics

Separation of Church & State Condemned 

Silence in Church

Silent Canon / Silence


Sin / Repentance / Forgiveness

A Single Unrepented Mortal Sin Is Sufficient to Condemn a Soul to Hell for All Eternity

The Sinner Cannot Hide From God

Sins of Religious

Social Fruits of Catholicism



Some Limits of Infallibility

State of Things / Laments


Striving to Become a Saint

The Substance of the Sacraments is Unchangeable


Suicide (Life Issues Pg.)

Suicide (Sin & Vice Pg.)

The Tabernacle

Taking of (Innocent) Life is Forbidden



Those Admitted to the Choir

Those Not in the State of Grace May Not Receive Holy Communion

Those Not United to the Body of the Church Are Not Her Members or in Communion With Christ

Those Too Indulgent Betray Their Ministry

Those Who Leave the Church

Those Who Make Scripture Mean What They Want it to Mean

Those Who Mention Only Jesus' Clemency

Those Who Refuse to Have God as Their Father, Must Have Him as Their Master

Those Who Reject the Church Reject Christ

Those Who Say They Are Not Confided to Peter Confess That They Are Not Christ's Sheep

Those Who Sin Publicly

Tips for the Conversion of Sinners

Tradition / Traditions

Traditional Prohibition Regarding Concelebration

Traditional Teaching on Cremation

Trials & Tribulations

Trials / Persecutions / Sufferings of Saints

Truth / Error / Nature of Man

Truth is Unchanging

Unchangeableness of Dogmas 

Unity / Truth

Vanities of the World

Vernacular Translations / Faulty Translations


The Victory Will Be With God

War Has Been Declared Against Everything Supernatural

Warning Concerning Spiritualities Which Alienate People From the Church


We Have it in Our Power to Abide in Virtue

We Must Love God Even When Things Are Difficult

We Must Obey God

What Does it Profit to Gain the World and Lose One's Soul

What Jesus Says vs. What Protestantism Says

Who Are Truly Numbered Among the Members of the Church

Who Really is a Christian / Truly Following & Believing in Christ

Who Should / Should Not Participate in the Making of Sacred Art

Who to Shun / Papal Warnings

Why Evil is Allowed

Women Not Admitted to the Choir

Women's Head Covering

Women's Work in the Home


» Apologetics...

Are All Religions the Same / Are All Equally Good? / Does it Matter Which 'Church' One is in?

Are Anglican Orders Valid?

Are 'Old Catholics' Catholic?

Are You Greatly Scandalized at the Behavior of Some Inside the Catholic Church (Either Now or in the Past)? / Are You Offended By the Sins of Certain Catholics?

Are You Too Offended By Scandal (Or Some Personal Event) to Enter (or Return to) the Catholic Church?

Aren't All Christians Priests?

Can All Sin Be Forgiven?

Didn't the Crusades Authorized by the Catholic Church Kill Many People?

Do You Believe in Private Interpretation of the Bible?

Do You Believe in Reincarnation?

Do You Believe That Good Works Are Not Necessary to Salvation?

Do You Believe That the Bible is the Sole Rule of Faith?

Do You Believe That the Catholic Church Keeps or Has Kept the Bible From People?

Do You Believe There is No Such Thing as Heresy? That All Beliefs Are Equal?

Do You Believe There Will be a 'Rapture'?

Do You Deny that Jesus Established a Visible, Hierarchical Church?

Do You Reject Crucifixes?

Do You Reject Marian Objects Such as the Rosary and Scapular?

Do You Reject the Catholic Church's Teaching That the Mass is a Propitiatory Sacrifice? / Do You Believe the Action is a Mere 'Commemoration'?

Do You Reject the Catholic Church's Use of Sacramentals?

Do You Reject the Church's Claim of Infallibility Because Certain Priests or Bishops Have Behaved so Badly?

Do You Reject the Concept of an Eternal Hell?

Do You Reject the Concept of Authority in the Church? Do You Believe That Obedience is Not Due to Any Hierarchy in the Church?

Do You Reject the Concept of Confessing Sins to a Priest?

Do You Reject the Concept of Divinely Revealed Unwritten Tradition?

Do You Reject the Concept of Indulgences?

Do You Reject the Concept of Lengthy or Repetitive Prayers?

Do You Reject the Concept of Original Sin?

Do You Reject the Concept of Praying For the Dead?

Do You Reject the Concept of Praying to Saints?

Do You Reject the Concept of Virginity / Celibacy?

Do You Reject the Concept That There is a Certain Defined Body of Doctrine That You Must Believe?

Do You Reject the Deuterocanonical Books of the Old Testament?

Do You Reject the Practice of Honoring Saints and Venerating Their Images?

Do You Reject the Practice of Venerating Relics?

Do You Reject the Trinity?

Do You Reject Transubstantiation or That the Eucharist is Truly Christ's Flesh and Blood Under the Mere Appearance of Bread & Wine?

Do You Think Baptism Must Be Administered By Immersion?

Do You Think Religion is Just a "Crutch" For the Weak?

Do You Think Religious Truths Can Change Over Time?

Do You Think That Most People Are Saved?

Do You Think That the Catholic Church Has Erred in the Past so it Can't be Infallible? Or That the Pope Can't be Infallible Since Peter Denied Jesus? Or That the Bad Behavior of Some Popes Disproves Infallibility?

Do You Think the Catholic Church Has Changed Her Teachings Over Time? / Do You Want the Church to Change Her Teachings?

Does Your Non-Catholic 'Christian' Religion Sometimes (or Generally) Tolerate Contraception?

Does Your Non-Catholic 'Christian' Religion Sometimes (or Generally) Tolerate Divorce?

Does Your Non-Catholic 'Christian' Religion Sometimes (or Generally) Tolerate Homosexual Behavior?

Does Your Non-Catholic 'Christian' Religion Sometimes Tolerate Abortion (or Euthanasia)?

Doesn't the Catholic Church Have Many Things in its Past to be Ashamed About?

Don't Like the Idea That There Are 'Mysteries' in Religion?

Have You Left the Catholic Church? / Are You a Former Catholic?

Is it Necessary to Belong to the Catholic Church For Salvation?

Is Marriage Indissoluble Until Death?

Is the Catholic Church the Only True Church?

Shouldn't People be Accepted 'Just as They Are'?

Shouldn't the Catholic Church Be Condemned for the Inquisition?

What is the Primary Purpose of Marriage?

What is the Proper Role of a Wife?

What is the Relation Between Faith and Reason?

What is Truth? / How is Truth Recognized?

Why Does the Catholic Church Reject the Idea of Women 'Priests'?

Why Has the Catholic Church Traditionally Forbidden or Discouraged Mixed Marriages?

Why is the Church Called Holy Despite Her Sinful Members?


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A Revolution in the Church?

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* What Has Changed?

* What Hasn't Changed?

* Is it a 'Revolution'?

* Have the Changes Been Good?

* Does God Desire the Changes?

* Isn't the Church Allowed to Change?

Even popes have admitted a 'crisis' in the Church has occurred since the Second Vatican Council, yet we are also told that things are "better since the Council." However, facts don't lie.

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* More than a dozen pictorial comparisons of TLM & NO externals

* Well over 50 links for more information


* Brief Comparison of the Old & New Rites of Mass (overview)

* The Desire for the Traditional Mass - a Mere 'Preference'?

* Comparisons Between the Traditional Latin ('Tridentine') Mass vs. the New (Novus Ordo) Mass (400+ individual comparisons)

* Some Further Questions to Consider

* 'Tridentine' Vs. Novus Ordo: Some Pictorial Comparisons

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"I am convinced that the crisis in the Church that we are experiencing today is to a large extent due to the disintegration of the liturgy" (Cardinal Ratzinger, the future Pope Benedict XVI)

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Why Do Traditionalists Disapprove Of False Ecumenism? Doesn't This Go Against 'The Council' (Vatican II)?

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Is truth important to you?

How was a once forbidden devotion later allowed?

How much do you REALLY know about Faustina's Divine Mercy devotion?


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Setting The Record Straight About Luther

Important Things Catholics Should Know About The 'Reformer'

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This 'educational & fun' publication is useful for prayerful relaxation, educational recreation ('learn while you play'), becoming more familiar with Latin prayers & hundreds of Latin words, learning or memorizing Latin prayers, increasing Latin retention, and more...

We hope you will find this book to be both enjoyable, and an instructive tool with respect to Latin, the 'beautiful & majestic language of heaven' and 'official language of the Church' - a language 'consecrated' by the inscription on the Cross that helps to foster a universal bond in prayer with Catholics around the world.

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If you enjoy Latin, you may be glad to know that this full-sized (8.5" x 11"), tradition-minded publication features an assortment of activity types related to Latin (including: word searches, crosswords, coloring activities, challenges, fill-ins, spelling bee, quizzes, unscrambles, true/false, multiple choice, matching, cross-offs, circling, word associations, translation exercises, and more...), and treats of various topics (including: common Latin words, Latin language facts, Latin grammar, nouns & verbs, abbreviations, phrases/sayings/mottos, prefixes, cardinal numbers, grammatical gender, inflection, word roots, diacritics/accenting, pronunciation, Latin prayers/hymns, Scripture verses, Catholic phrases, and more...).

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