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User-Submitted Article:

Please Don't Do That!

Reasons Catholics Shouldn't Lend Their Support To Non-Catholic Efforts


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Please Don't Do That!

Reasons Catholics Shouldn't Lend Their Support To Non-Catholic Efforts

By Concerned Catholic

Summary: Reasons Catholics shouldn't lend their support to non-Catholic efforts, even for great causes

Keywords: Catholic, Activism, Charitable, Charity, Charities, Efforts, Causes, Pro-Life, Religious, Protestant, Salvation Army, Donate, Volunteer, Assist, Heresy, False Religions, Pan-Religious, Interdenominational, Ecumenism

I cringe every time I hear good Catholics supporting pro-life efforts or other charitable efforts of non-Catholics. I guess you could say it sickens me. I have debated this issue with others and find that those involved generally fail to put much thought into it. I decided to submit this article in order to help people think more about this issue.

Most Catholics almost seem shocked at first when I tell them they shouldn't donate to the "Salvation Army" (a Protestant organization that even rejects baptism) or join with Protestants in pro-life causes. They seem to think I'm missing some brain cells. Well, perhaps I am missing some brain cells, but certainly not over this issue. Let me explain.

Here are a few reasons Catholics should NOT join with or support non-Catholic efforts - even for a good (or even a great!) cause:

If you join or support religious-backed efforts of non-Catholics...

* You give credence to their false religion, even if that was not your intent (in terms of the consequences, your intent really doesn't matter - your actions are what matters... If you join them, you will be counted with them)

* You are directly (or indirectly) helping to propagate their heresies and errors (again, your intent really doesn't matter)

* You imply that their efforts are better than Catholic efforts [if not, why not join (or start) a Catholic effort instead?]

* You help to make their effort more successful, resulting in their receiving more free publicity and good will from the public (the more successful the effort is, the more publicity and good will they will receive)

* You may contribute to the appearance that the non-Catholic party is more active than Catholics [when in reality much of the participation may be from (misguided) Catholics]


* Support of non-Catholic religions advances religious indifferentism. Remember that it is a defined dogma of the faith that there is no salvation outside the Catholic Church+

* It is scandalous when Catholics give support to non-Catholic religions

* Any time or talent or money you choose to give to a non-Catholic effort will then be unavailable for you to give to a Catholic effort - it may be said that you "cheated the Church out of it"

* You risk making a "god" out of the cause [Are you willing to risk offending God to assist non-Catholic efforts? Do you even concern yourself with whether the organizing party's beliefs offend God - or do you just consider the desired end result? Remember that for an act to be good, both the ends AND the means must be good. It is NOT acceptable to give implicit agreement to evil (e.g. heresy), even for the best of reasons (e.g. saving the unborn). Ultimately, there is NO cause on earth related to any human suffering, injustice, etc. that is more important than God. God must be placed first. Always first. NEVER second.]

* Recipients of charity will give credit to the non-Catholic organization, and not to the Catholic Church - even if 99% of the work is done by Catholics. I am personally aware of a case in which the beneficiary of a charitable action joined the Catholic Church. They were "pre-disposed" to it out of gratitude for the favors received. Had Catholics involved in that effort instead contributed their funds to a non-Catholic charity, the recipient may have been "pre-disposed" to join the false religion associated with the charity. This is true even despite the fact that the donors may have all been Catholic. All the recipient knows about or cares about is the organization they receive from - not who gives to that organization.

* At some point or another, meetings, arrangements, etc. may take place at their "houses of worship", but remember that places of non-Catholic "worship" may rightly be called "temples of Satan". Would you enter if the facility was labeled with this moniker? Most likely not, but these places really are "temples of Satan" because they propagate lies - and Satan is the Father of Lies. Even if you never go to their facilities, they are still the headquarters for the group that you are assisting.

* Since they adhere to a false religion, their motives and reasons for doing things may be unacceptable or they may use unacceptable methods. They are also certain to tolerate various sins, or even to propagate them (e.g. contraception), because they may not see them as sins.

* If you participate in their activities, you may be prevented from acting or be criticized for acting or be looked down upon for acting "too Catholic" (e.g. praying your Rosary). You may be subjected to their non-Catholic prayers - even led by their so-called "pastors" (persons who abrogate to themselves some "rank" they have no right to - wolves, really, who propagate errors and further the loss of souls).

* The more time you spend with non-Catholics, the more chance you will pick up their errors - some may even been converted away from the Catholic Church! Do you really want to risk your own salvation over any cause, no matter how otherwise worthy? Don't think it won't's probably happened to many other good people.

* If the effort is successful, it will not matter if it was achieved with 1% Protestant and 99% Catholic participation - if it was started by a Protestant they will receive all the credit for it. As a result, they may receive publicity, public support, public backing, new members. They may even receive public or private funds. Your good works will be accounted as "theirs". All this because Catholics helped! Further, their "pastors" (again, wolves) may receive press coverage and therefore more opportunity to spread their poison to unsuspecting - and pre-disposed - persons.

Even if you don't directly accede to heresy, you still are helping to support heresy by lending your efforts to causes backed by heretics. It makes no difference if the cause is good or not - certainly the efforts themselves may be praiseworthy - Catholics should not assist non-Catholic religions "in any way, shape, or form". These religions are "spiritual poison"; most likely costing their members their souls. If they knew Catholics wouldn't help them out, at least of few of them might consider the reason for this and be led into the One True Church. But if you act as if all religions were the same, you may actually be encouraging heretics to stay in their errors - errors which cost souls. Also, you may help them spread their false religions (even if you did not mean to).

I think you are seriously mistaken if you expect God to reward or praise your efforts if you conduct them through His enemy (non-Catholic religions are in opposition to the only church established by Christ, the Catholic Church, and are therefore enemies of Christ). Would you praise those who supported your mortal enemies? Would you consider them friends? Then why would you expect God to do this?

As evidenced by numerous historical events, the saints would not have joined in with heretics even to advance a worthy goal if it would have lent credence to false religions. Rather, they would have been far more likely to convert the heretics over to the Catholic effort. We also know from history that the Apostle St. John wouldn't so much as remain in the same building as a heretic. St. John and St. Paul tell us to reject those who bring false doctrine, not to work with them to better the earth.

If you are still not convinced, please ask yourself: If this effort (or cause or organization) was clearly labeled "Satan's Warriors", complete with the image of the devil and the flames of hell, would you still be willing to participate with them or donate to their cause? But what if they "did really good work"? What if the other members were "well intentioned"? What if they "didn't mean to be" part of Satan's army? What if other Catholics joined in with them? Of course any right-thinking Catholic would not assist if the effort (or cause or organization) was clearly labeled "Satan's Warriors" even if the participants did "good work" or were "well intentioned" or "didn't mean to be" part of such a group. In fact, a good Catholic would most likely be repelled, possibly reaching for the Holy Water. Now, please realize that these non-Catholic religious organizations are, in substance, "Satan's warriors" with a much better label (or like Scripture says "masquerading as an angel of light" - see 2 Cor. 11:14). This is true even though the individuals themselves are probably well-intentioned and even if they do some "great work". Just like in life, if a person kills someone accidentally, that person is still dead - intention is not always what's most important. The person is still dead. And remember that spiritual evils are FAR worse than bodily evils.

Those in false religions are deceived by lies and Catholics can take no part in supporting and advancing (even indirectly) their false religions. The true Catholic religion established by Christ Himself cannot be put on the same level as false religions created by man (religions which are pleasing to the devil and an offense to God). Instead of joining their efforts, why not join Catholic efforts? If there are no Catholic efforts, why not start them? A fair assessment of history shows that it was Catholics who "invented charity".

I know this may not be the most popular position to take in our pluralistic society, but Catholicism isn't a popularity contest. All that matters is what's right and what's wrong. I will close with a reminder of some things Holy Scripture has to say about heresy. Scripture is quite clear that heresy shouldn't be supported.

Ti. 3:10-11 -- "After a first and second warning, break off contact with a heretic, realizing that such a person is perverted and sinful and stands self-condemned."

Gal 1:8-9 -- "But even if we or an angel from heaven should preach to you a gospel other than the one that we preached to you, let that one be accursed! As we have said before, and now I say again, if anyone preaches to you a gospel other than the one that you received, let that one be accursed!"

2 Jn. 1:10-11 -- "If anyone comes to you and does not bring this doctrine, do not receive him in your house or even greet him; for whoever greets him shares in his evil works."

Flee from heresy. Don't support it.

Signature ImageSignature: Concerned Catholic

+ Note: For more on religious indifferentism and the dogma of 'No Salvation Outside the Church', click here

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